December 27, 2013

Mairunovich [Chapters 67-68 ]

“Moshi moshi [Hello], can you hear me? In the end, which one is my fated person?”
And, today is the day when Tenyuu will go steady Momo. Sulking Mairu rests her head on the bed. And, her cellphone rings. It is a message from Fuyu – ‘Operation Success’ Mairu is puzzled. Just when Tenyuu is getting ready to go out, his cellphone rings. It is a message from Momo. She is apologizing because after thinking about it properly this week, she felt that it would be better for them not to go steady because after all, she already betrayed him.

It would also lead to her inability to calmly decide [about] her and Tenyuu, [regarding] age and surrounding. Narration: “If it is the earlier me, I would definitely run away.” At the park, Mairu exclaims, fake email. Flashing a v-sign, Fuyu says, ‘Yes’ He explains that early in the morning, he pretended to have some urgent matter that he ran to the photo studio.

Then, he took the opportunity to steal Momo’s cellphone. He sent Tenyuu a ‘In the end, I cannot go steady with you. I’m truly sorry’ type of email. *Mairu is freaking out* I copied Momo-san’s tone and it’s quite perfect. After all, I’m her assistant. *holding up his camera* Furthermore, Tenyuu, he would also give this up...

...It totally won’t feel strange even if it is the second time for it is also human nature. *Mairu is speechless* Next, I’ll go to the office. Steal Tenyuu’s cellphone then use the settings to reject Momo-san’s emails and phone calls. This way, it is covered up. Mission Comp-lete” Uneasy Mairu asks if it is alright doing this kind of thing.

Holding down his camera, Fuyu says that there’s totally no problem because doesn’t Tenyuu look very hurt. “This way, he can be free.” Mairu tensely convinces herself that is right, and possibly, it is the best way since Tenyuu won’t feel guilty and he can leave from Momo’s side.

“And it is also a fact [that] Momo-san used divorce and tears to get sympathy. Using such despicable methods. We can also do that a bit.. Yes. *recalls all sorts of memories with Tenyuu* I’m going to deceive Tenyuu?” Fuyu says okay, it is almost time for him to go to Tenyuu’s work place. Mairu darkly says, “No, no, no, In the end, this kind of thing won’t do!!”
Fuyu is puzzled as he calls out to her name. Mairu quickly tries to call Tenyu on his cellphone but a voice recorder said that the phone she’s calling has no signal or out of coverage area. Fuyu is aghast when Mairu exclaims that she couldn’t contact Tenyuu. She prepares to go to Tenyuu’s work place. Fuyu tells her to wait, if the truth is exposed, won’t Tenyuu and Momo go steady. “Even if it is like that, is it okay--!”

While Tenyuu is working on his computer, he is surprised by loud knocks and multiple ringing of his doorbell. Tenyuu opens the door and asks who it is. He is surprised to see gloomy Mairu who kept on apologizing to him. She tells him that it was Fuyu who sent that email to him and he pretended to be Momo. She apologizes that it is a deceit.

Tenyuu asks why he would do such a thing. Mairu tells him that she talked with Fuyu and mentioned a lot of things about him [Tenyuu] and it is her fault, sorry!! “--..but, I still have something important that I want to tell you.. Regarding Momo-san, do not use ‘divorce’ and ‘responsibility’ to go and decide [on it]! *Tenyuu looks surprised* Because this is love, please use ‘like or not like’ to go decide [on it]!! That way, I also can give my best in supporting you!!”

After a pause, Tenyuu says that he didn’t imagine that one day, he will be receiving Mairu’s romance suggestion[/advice]. This made Mairu apologize again. Tenyuu says that it is okay, she is right. He tells her that he’ll go to Momo’s place for a while. He walks past her. Mairu thinks that meant that he and Momo..but, in the end, it is something that Tenyuu would decide. Mairu calls out to him and says good luck[/gambatte]. Tenyuu goes back to hug her.

While Mairu is surprised, Tenyuu tells her that she always say that he is her god. “Actually, it is the opposite. After I was abandoned by Momo-san, I have no way of believing in love or even other people at that time. I saw how you, Mairu, kept on striving hard for love even if you were betrayed...

...Honestly, the one who is saved is me. Mairu, you are my god. *lets go of her and smiles* Thank you!” Tenyuu runs off. She recalls her note that she absolutely won’t like him WITHOUT ANY INHIBITIONS, ‘she will give her best to support him’, and ‘good luck!’ Mairu starts crying and thinks, “STUPID MAIRU.”
At Momo’s place, she is looking at Tenyuu’s photos on the table. She is surprised by a knock. She looks at the side to see Tenyuu, coming in. While catching his breath, Tenyuu apologizes for coming late. He tells her that he got done in by Fuyu’s doing. Momo is puzzled over the mention of Fuyu. Tenyuu says that it is alright, even if at that time, he thought that it is a bit fishy since Fuyu wrote it quite forcefully and it isn’t quite feminine that instead, it made him think that it is unnatural. “..but..after reading the email, when I sensed the possibility that the person who sent is fake..I’m..a bit relieved..” 

Momo just looks at him. Tenyuu notices his pictures on the table. He looks at it and asks if it is taken at the aquarium. Momo says yes, she just finished developing it. Tenyuu says that no wonder she’s a professional, and the distribution of light has a ‘Momo-san’ feeling to it, how amazing. Momo touches his shoulder and says that she’s happy that he came to her place. 

Tenyuu looks at her then looks down. He looks at her again and asks if she had sensed it, their smiles are very awkward. “Since the day when we met again, not once did we smile from our heart.. *flustered* We are tightly bounded..I, by ‘responsibility’ and you, Momo-san, by ‘regret’.. Just like this..I felt that basically love is out of the question.”

After a pause, Momo asks if he came here today is for him to properly reject her. Tenyuu says, “..I’m sorry. I cannot go steady with you. I’m sorry.” Flustered Momo says that it is such an unspeakable [hard to talk about] issue yet he unexpectedly run there to tell it to her. “Until now, you’re so nice. ..I understand. I understand. I’m sorry for making you do a lot of things for me...

...I would no longer shamelessly entangle[/bother] you again. I assure you. Even if we meet at the shooting place, I will also act as an adult towards you, leave that to me! *Tenyuu tries to call out her name* Ah! Don’t you have a shooting tonight? Quickly go. Maehara-san will be angry- *smiles and wave* Good work. [/Thanks for your trouble]” After looking surprised, Tenyuu greets her back ‘good work’ and he’ll go ahead.
After the door closed, Momo takes her cellphone and calls someone. “..ah. Sorry, are you working right now? Is it alright? Yes- actually it is not something important. *holds Tenyuu’s pictures on the table* It has been such a long time since I have heard your voice so I want to listen for a while- *throws pictures in the wastebasket* Huh--? *tears forming on her eyes* Is it very strange wanting to hear the voice of one’s ex-husband? Next time, let’s go eat together..”

Narration: “Love has a lot of forms. *dorky looking guy* [<- I don’t quite remember this guy, probably the one who first like Mairu when she became beautiful] Already at that time.. one can say that, I was totally, totally mistaken about what love is.. It is because it is the first time that an opposite sex would have interest in me, it made me so excited that I couldn’t act rationally. I’m truly am an idiot. *picture of [I think] Narutarou* Towards him, it is like like like...

...Truly surpassing like, but that kind of thing happened.. Because I truly like him so no matter what it is, the me [then] thought that we can overcome, but I was mistaken. Even if I really like him, there are unforgiveable things. It is the first time I knew that. *picture of ?? [guy I don’t know ^^;]* Right now, thinking about it again, in the end, this person, speaking one-sidedly, is a pure adult. Cannot let others ruin one’s own rhythm. Can be said that he wants a light relaxing love..

...Even if I couldn’t quite understand.. but from the start, perhaps, he and I are not compatible. *picture of Mirai* ..he is truly a good person. In this world, there is no second one like him. Such a nice person. Obviously, I was purely liked by him but my feelings wavered. In my heart, I thought that he only has to properly love me, [and] this love would definitely properly go on. I’m too shallow. In the end, everyone is mistaken so it’s over.” The note = “My ideal type, the person who makes me feel ‘won’t do except for him’.”
And, the school lunch break bell rings. Walking behind the school building, Mairu carries her bento. She thinks that she complacently complained [over] a pile [of stuff]..carelessly thought of a lot..obviously, among those, she’s the problem so it ended..especially with Mirai-chan. “He obviously didn’t do anything wrong.. I’m truly sorry.. *glances at the ground*

...this place, it is where I was tricked and then, I fell down this hole. So painful. So dark. *walking* Even if it’s quite humiliating, if I didn’t fall down, I also won’t be able to become good friends with Tenyuu..” Then, she suddenly slips down and falls down a hole. She overhears some girls wondering where the hole they dug up a couple of days ago is, and it is because they didn’t put a mark so they basically won’t know.

The hole is right behind them. Mairu is in disbelief that after almost a year, she had fallen down a hole again. She also thinks that she’s quite amazing [for doing this once a year]. She looks up and thinks, “..before, after I climbed up, upon seeing me crying, Tenyuu took the initiative to talk with me. ... Right now, no one is already around.”

To her surprise, Tenyuu pulls her up. He asks her what she is doing. She asks back what he is doing. He tells her that it is because he has something to tell her, so he secretly went to school. [<- ah, wasn’t he studying there or he graduated? ^^;]

He lets out a laugh and says that for her to fall down a hole twice, in the end, she’s truly amazing. Mairu thinks that early on, she already knew, after going back [home], she’s going to re-write that paper. Mairu blurts out, “I like you, Tenyuu.” Tenyuu looks surprised. The note says, “My ideal type. Kumada Tenyuu.”
Comment: Based on Mairu’s narration, I give her my admiration for not giving up on love after all those failed loves. I thought it is just a couple of failed ones and she even counted that first one ^^; So, this is a story of how a very unlucky and inexperienced girl on love wherein she either makes the mistakes, or the other party does.

In a way, it is a bit realistic when things don’t work out just because of love, and it isn’t the ‘first and last’ type of love relationship story. It isn’t exactly a waste since she learns from those failed loves with hopes of finding the ‘fated one’ for her. And, the latest ‘potential partner’ is Tenyuu. She went against her decision to remain friends and ends up, confessing to him out of the blue. What would Tenyuu’s answer be?

Anyway, it seems that thanks to Mairu, he did the right thing with Momo. What’s up with that woman? I thought she was sincere even if she is doing those despicable things but she immediately calls her ex-husband. Hehe, guess I’m gullible as Mairu in dealing with that kind of person. ^^; In a way, it does seem like she is fickle or perhaps, like what was mentioned before, she’s doesn’t want to be alone.

Because of her regrets and mistakes, she ends up losing both her husband and Tenyuu. I won’t be surprised though if she would try to patch up with her ex-husband again. ^^;; I feel like face-palming when both Mairu and Tenyuu are mentioning about Fuyu’s participation with the ‘fake email’. Are they idiots or what? Especially Tenyuu. I mean, if Momo is a vengeful type, Fuyu stands to lose his part time job for unauthorized use of his boss’ cellphone. ^^;

Well, it turns out that Fuyu was the one who managed to do something to temporarily stop the ‘planned going steady again’ but Mairu doesn’t want it done in such a way. And, she ends up doing what she should have done in the first place. ^^; Good for her to do the right thing even if the possible outcome might not be favorable for her. Scans by 工作室

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