December 23, 2013

From Five to Nine [Chapter 39 - PARTY PARTY. Is This Last Chance?]

Junko recalled how Takane insisted and said those words. Flashback: Takane asked Junko if she’s free on Saturday, and if there’s something up, please decline it! Pointing to the boxes at the side, Junko said that he’s making an unreasonable request for she still has to tidy up those luggage[/things] after house moving. “Except for Saturday, I don’t have any other time to tidy it up.”

Sparkling Takane explained that this Saturday, he only has morning service so he can stay with her the whole day. “This is once a blue moon! And thinking about it in detail, it wasn’t easy for our feelings to be interconnected yet we can only just meet at school and at night! Isn’t that so lonely. It’s also okay to tidy it up next time. *holds on to Junko* How about the two of us eating together..”

Slightly blushing, Junko closed her eyes and said, geez, he always says such embarrassing things. She suggested that while tidying up, she’ll cook something. Takane looked stunned. Then, he commented that it turns out that she can cook. Junko angrily asked what’s up with that pause, and if it’s home cooking, she can do that even if she isn’t an expert on it and she has to depend on a recipe book but up to that difficulty, she can..

This made Takane happy. Sparkling Takane slightly covered his face with his sleeve and said, “..LOVE..I felt such a deep love.. I really anticipate that, and before the day itself, I’ll go on a hunger strike.” Aghast Junko told him not to be like that, and don’t make things more difficult, also, that’s gross. But..

At Junko’s place, Takane called up Junko who is in the middle of cooking. He apologized that unexpectedly, there is a very important [Buddhist] memorial service that he has to do, so today and tomorrow, he won’t be able to be with her. Thinking that she’s a mature woman, Junko angrily smiled and said that it cannot be helped, because there is a memorial service, good luck[/gambatte]!!

There are notes that she had prepared some of the dishes ahead of time and her cookbook is about cooking for one’s boyfriend in 15 minutes. Takane said that it’s great that she can understand but it is really quite regrettable.. “Could it be that you personally prepared a grand meal..” Removing her apron, Junko said that it is okay, it’s alright for on contrary, she didn’t do any special preparation. 

Takane said that’s good, but then, he feels that like this, she’ll feel quite lonely.. Junko exclaimed that she never said those words. Takane told her that once it is over, he’ll go over to her place and see her for a while. Junko tells him that there’s no need for that because early in the morning tomorrow, she will become very busy.
Just when Takane is about to protest, Amane took his phone and told Junko not to worry about the situation on their side because even if it’s very busy, there is no lack of helpers. “That is because grandma had once again gathered a huge amount of parishioner’s bride candidates to help out in preparing. Would you come over and also compete [against them]? But then, even if you come, grandma won’t let you come in. Hahaha.”

While Junko is frowning, Takane scolded Amane to give back the phone and don’t say unnecessary things. Amane asked Takane if it is okay for him to keep on being indifferent[/careless]~~ Holding his phone, Takane told his younger brother that it is enough for him to talk up to this point. Takane is surprised when Junko told him that someone invited her to a party where ZEXY [Masako] and Momoe-sensei would also be going. 

Takane started to warn Junko not to wear any excessively exposing clothes and do not pretend to be quite enticing [/provocative] that guys would gather around her. “You must be home at 8pm!! You’re not allowed to take a shortcut! Do you hear me!” Junko said, geez, she’s not red riding hood. End flashback.

While sitting with the dark haired guy, Junko wonders if she isn’t uneasy, isn’t [he?] already an adult and he went to work. She also clearly knows that the grandmother is her enemy and she fundamentally doesn’t feel uneasy or perhaps lonely. Junko nervously asks the guy where they met before. “Sorry, I totally don’t remember.”

The man smiles and says that he is Seimiya Makoto, the head [person-in-charge] of ELA’s main office’s school affairs. Junko is surprised by this. Makoto says that, this is the first time they met face to face like this and he is her proctor when she took the entry exam [<- to work in the US]. Not long ago, he is an official staff for that exam which she flunked. 

Junko mutters so it is that time. Junko thinks that she didn’t ‘flunked’ but ‘made to flunk’ but then, she cannot clearly say it. Makoto tells her that was really regrettable, at that time, he has always been eyeing on her. Blushing Junko thinks that this guy, really a good eye[/taste]. Junko says about that, she is also very confident but then, it is really unfortunate. 

Makoto says that it is very unfortunate. “You’re very frustrated right? Obviously, your boyfriend hindered and made you flunk. Do you plan on giving up this way, and then, marry to become a fulltime housewife? *Junko looks flustered and speechless* Exceeding my expectation, you’re really such a boring woman. How disappointing.” 

Junko got angry over this for what’s up with this guy, he’s so rude!! Junko asks him how he knew that it was her boyfriend who hindered her. Scratching his head, Makoto says that he already said that he works at the main office so he investigated it a bit because this failure thing of hers isn’t natural. “I’ve asked Arthur and he said that your boyfriend is a monk. Weren’t you going to marry -> immediately resign? Why would this kind of person become an official staff?”
Junko is surprised that he knew Arthur. Makoto tells her that while he was studying, Arthur is his kouhai. Junko says out loud her disbelief that he and Arthur are friends since Arthur is mature and earnest. Makoto is puzzled over that kind of description regarding Arthur. “But..forget it..compared to that, did you hear my question?”

Standing up, Junko says that she’s going to look for her friend. “That is my private affair and it has nothing to do with you. Let me say again, I never said marriage or perhaps, resignation.” To her surprise, Makoto asks her to come over to his side. “Would you want to come over to the main office and join the teaching team? I’ll recommend you. The job is about planning and directing the main office’s education research. But, the condition is you cannot resign for at least, within three years.”

Just then, still sitting on the sofa with Arthur resting on her lap, Momoe spots Junko. “Sitting at that sofa.. *sparkles* Isn’t it Junko-sensei♡♡  That’s great. She hasn’t left yet. Junko-sensei, save me-- I’m over here- Please let me escape from this place-..huh.. *looks at Makoto* That person..” Momoe mutters, “Who he is.. making a hit on her?”

Looking at the side, Arthur says that he doesn’t think he is making a hit on her. Momoe is surprised that Arthur is awake. Putting his hand on his head, Arthur says that he is Seimiya Makoto, one of his roommates. He tells her that Makoto is the friend whom he told her is working at ELA’s main office. Flustered Momoe exclaims that he startled her and since he’s awake, get up [from her]. Arthur tells her, “Shh-- Not so loud.. my head hurts..”

Worried Momoe asks if he is okay since his drinking liquor capacity (is very poor). Arthur says that his head hurts so please let him stay [like this] for a while. Momoe relents and lets him. Arthur thinks that of course that is a lie. “What kind of expression should I show.. *continues to cover face with hand* How humiliating. ~~~~. Unexpectedly quite losing [my] self-control. It’s truly so abnormal..”

Arthur asks Momoe if he said any strange things while he was drunk. After a pause, Momoe says that he went on to have a bit of enthusiastic speech about liking tiny breasts. Arthur says, “Oh My God! Please forget I said those words because I also helped you keep your secret.” Momoe giggles and replies, “Isn’t this very good? It feels quite straightforward and very much like a kid. Compared to the previous perfect prince, I like more, this kind[/side] of you (and I’m also not afraid).”

Her smile freezes when Arthur suddenly sits up. Becoming confused, she says “’s not right..” Arthur smiles and says, “’ve smiled. This is the first time you smiled while you’re at my side. Yes!” Momoe thinks, “Ah- ..really an angel. *blushes and looks tense* that kind of destructive power that can make a person’s body numb that one cannot budge.”
Gesturing to her face, Arthur asks, “..can I touch your hair?” Momoe asks that didn’t he say that he’s not feeling well[/in a bad mood]. With his calmness [mode] revived, Arthur says that he is already okay. Looking aghast, Momoe mutters that he deceived her again. Arthur says that he really got up because she said that she likes him.

Thinking that she will be eaten, Momoe tells him that he’s drunk and even if he doesn’t tell that kind of lie, she also won’t think that he’s very scary. Touching the tip of her hair, Arthur says that if one isn’t scared, then one won’t worry. “It’s okay to just let nature take its course [/for it to happen naturally] because I’m not a bit anxious. *Momoe tensely looks at him* I’ll match your pace and steadily progress. We can try doing it slowly at every step.”

Somewhat timid Momoe says that he definitely thinks that she’s a beginner [beginning student] that he’s looking down on her. Shaking his head, Arthur says, “No, no. because I’m a teacher. The most expert in teaching people (even if I think she’s very interesting. *glum look* I already prepared my heart for a long fight.. At least, I should first get her a bit far away from that ojisan).” 

Momoe says, “..okay. Then, first of all, *sprarkles* from what should [we] start.” This has taken Arthur aback. Momoe says, “Wrong! I’m saying that with my pacing trying to establish a romantic relationship with you, from where should [we] start.. *Arthur still looks stunned* [Is it] Strange? *flustered* From the start the topic always revolves around it not?”

Also flustered, Arthur says, “No! You’re not mistaken and it is about this.” Momoe is relieved that she wasn’t mistaken. Somewhat nervous, Arthur looks away and thinks that he didn’t think that she would unexpectedly quite freely [/frankly] agree. After sighing in relief, Momoe says that’s good. “Even if I’m a bit nervous but if it progress according to my pace, I feel, as if I can do it. Then, start from where.”

Arthur looks tense for his calmness mode has already collapsed [again]. While muttering, ‘from where- that-”, Arthur thinks that it feels that this general direction deviates [from what he expected?]. Just then, a glasses guy calls out to him and says that some people say that the cute girl at the side of the cashier is invited by him [/Arthur to the party] so help introduce him [to her].

Happy that he is saved, Arthur tells Tobey that he came in time and he’ll help him introduce-- Since Tobey is looking at Momoe, Arthur introduces Momoe to Arthur, the last one of his roommates. Tobey greets her and apologizes for intruding. He asks Momoe if she is the talked about, fake girlfriend of Arthur. Arthur glances at Momoe who is flustered and tense. He says, “..No, ever since from the start, it is already not ‘fake’.”
Then, Arthur asks who that girl at the cashier is. It turns out to be Masako. A guy comments that she’s cute and he wants to invite her to drink with him. The other guys tell him to wait, they invited her first. Masako is quite delighted for that’s right, she fundamentally should be in demand even if she totally don’t understand the English that they’re saying.

While the two guys are fighting over Masako, she thinks that she wants to quickly find a translator = either Junko or Momoe. She wonders if they haven’t arrived yet so she’ll send a message to ask.. Then, she notices some women laughing at the side. Masako wonders what kind of guy is it, whom those mixed blood models are surrounding, and for him to be that popular, he ought to be similar to Arthur-sensei.

To her surprise, It is Renji. Renji sees her. He smiles and gestures to her. Masako exclaims how come he’s here. Renji says that there’s no special reason and it is because he’s free that they [girls] invited him to the party and he came along. “And, when I’ve arrived, I’ve notice that Arthur-sensei is also here- And also, Momoe-sensei.” 

Masako turns around and sees the two [<- probably happened earlier when Arthur is touching Momoe’s hair] and says that it turns out that the rumor is true that those two are going steady. She comments that the mood is quite good. Renji agrees. Irked Masako grabs Renji and starts to call him STUPID, he mustn’t be seen by those two since he’s still a minor.

While they are sitting on the floor, Renji says that it is alright since he didn’t drink nor take drugs. Masako calls him stupid again for that’s not the important thing here. Renji tells her that only Yuki knows about their relationship. Masako complains that he’s troublesome since this is a rare marriage partner hunt[/blind date]. 

Renji holds her hand. He looks away and Masako looks at her held hand. She tells him to let go. Renji asks her why would she suddenly stop contacting him and she also doesn’t go to his house after that day, when she is obviously dumped by glasses and she ought to be quite idle. Masako says that she’s not idle, and he ought to clearly know that she’s very much in demand. “Looking[/choosing] for a new fiancé is quite hard.” 

Renji says it is very easy, if she just marry him. Masako says that it is impossible because for her to marry a high schooler, that is laughable when others heard it. “Also, you obviously don’t quite like me. .. I already doesn’t want to hear that kind of words. Anyway, during the time while you couldn’t contact me, you still continue to accept [women] one after another- and went to bed [with those women.]” 

Renji says that nevertheless, it’s wrong [/abnormal if he] didn’t sleep with [other women]. Masako says that she hates THAT SIDE of him. Renji tells her that it is quite good because she still likes glasses and doesn’t like him. Masako asks what baffling thing he is talking about. He tells her that generally, foever, no one would die and also, disappear from his side. 

Masako scowls when Renji holds her hand tighter. To her surprise, he pulls her to him and says no, she’s responsible for him [since] she is the one who hauled him out of this sticky predicament. “I am a shinigami that when possessed, one cannot leave.” Then, he gives Masako a kiss. Narration: “It seems that the curtain is just about to be pulled open for these three at the party.”
Comment: Ah..Arthur and Momoe are so cute ^^ I love their interaction and how they can catch each other off guard that they sometimes blurt out their real thoughts ^^ Amusingly, if we were to believe Arthur, these two are the ones who are going steady for the longest time than the others..even if they seemed to be the ones that progressed ever so slowly = not yet going steady.

Actually, Arthur seems to underestimate Momoe for he was only thinking of getting Nogami away from Momoe and she went ahead to ask where they should start. Hehe, so much for the self-proclaimed teacher/expert. =P Luckily for him, they were interrupted that he can use that opportunity to think of something before he goes back to Momoe.

And, there is another glasses guy who is interested in Masako. From their conversation, it seems to be another possible ‘marriage for convenience’ for Masako wherein they have their reasons for marrying and that is except for love..or so they claim. Renji claims that a loveless marriage can free his ‘curse’ and, for Masako, well, he’s good looking, rich and probably, great in bed. =P

Of course, Masako still thinks of appearances as to what people would say, since he’s a high schooler and probably, as she thinks, he doesn’t love her. Hm..I think Renji does though he probably won’t admit it because of his ‘curse’ and just use the ‘you have to be responsible for me’ thing. It would probably be only a matter of time before Masako relents and, well, Renji just make the kiss do the talking =P

And, well, she is attracted to least, good enough for sex while she’s together with Satoshi. And, I think the ‘last chance’ mentioned at the cover refers to Junko. It turns out that Makoto is interested in getting Junko to work at the main office. It will be her last chance to do what she wants career-wise. It does make me think, in her case, if love is enough to live a happy life after marriage.

If she were to do what Takane wanted = marry and be a housewife, she would be giving up her career she really loves. Well, that isn’t the main problem, the other one would be Takane’s grandmother. Living under one roof with a spouse’s relative/s who hates you, can make one’s life hell. Because of Takane’s occupation, I don’t think that they can just live separately except if he gives it up. 

Iirc, that was issue was slightly bypassed before since he didn’t say that he will give it up. I don’t know if what she told Makoto is true, about not marrying or resigning yet, just to tell him off. In a way, for this couple, aside from the opposing relative, their main problem is their occupations = who will give up and sacrifice their own occupation for their lover. Scans by 深雪

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  1. Thanks for the update! Momoe and Arthur make a fun unpredictable pair. Something tells me that there is going to be more to Makoto than just offering Junko a job. He is playing the "jerk" game to perfection and definitely has caught a little interest from her. The job offer is only bait. Whether he is a legitimate rival or just a troublemaker it looks like rough seas ahead for Takane. -RC

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup ^^ You think so? I thought that what Satoshi offered to Junko is better than Makoto in the romance department and he already gave her a bad impression so I'm not sure if that is really a problem for Junko..except for the job thing.

      But maybe you are right, he might be indeed a 'jerk' and would cause trouble for the least, make things spicier with him as a love rival than 'nice guy' Satoshi. =P

    2. I always saw Satoshi as basically "friend zoned", no attraction there other than a one time way to get back at Takane. With Makoto, there is at least the initial attraction. Quoting the summary "Blushing Junko thinks that this guy, really a good eye[/taste]". Either way, definitely more drama in the forecast. :-) -rc

    3. Ah..true. Hehe, I guess I'm really not entertaining thoughts of him being a 'love rival', so I thought of it as something like an ego boost for Junko since he is attracted to her..well, at least, her brains. =P

      That's right ^^

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    1. Yup ^-^

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