November 26, 2013

Sleeping Beauty [Chapter 5]

Cover page: “Following the real memories’ tracks, has started my journey..” Shiki tells Yuki that her real name is Matsuhima Saki, one of those female high schoolers who were missing that year. Stunned Yuki asks what he is talking about. Shiki quickly hugs her tight and tells her that except for that, do not think of the other things again. “You are my family.” Yuki exclaims what he is talking about and she doesn’t understand but, she isn’t.. “Please tell me the truth! If I’m Matsushima Saki then I’m Kaze’s girlfriend, right!? Then, weren’t he and my family always been looking for me!?” Shiki tells her that he also thinks that like this is very cruel to her parents and Eiji but forget about that. “I want you to properly live on as Mizuhara Yuki. I’m going to resign from my work at the hospital. You’ll also quit school. There is an overseas hospital that has invited me to go. There’s no need to worry at all for this family still has some inheritance. *Yuki looks shock* We can start a new life together. Afterwards, you can resume your studies and search for a new love. From now on, you are Mizuhara Yuki.” Trembling Yuki mutters what he is saying, she totally do not understand.. Taking out some pills from his pocket, Shiki tells her that she hasn’t rest up well so there’s a problem with her thinking so drink this medicine first and properly sleep. Yuki takes the medicine for she doesn’t want to think. “I only want to deeply sleep--..” Later on, Yuki wakes up and wonders what time it is. She goes out and calls out to her brother. At the kitchen, preparing some food, Shiki asks if she is awake and does she want to drink some soup. Sitting on the sofa while hugging a cushion, Yuki says that she wants to drink some warm water. She asks him how long she has been sleeping. Shiki says that he doesn’t know because he went to the hospital so didn’t she wake up even once during that time. Shiki has crushed some sleeping pills with a mortal and pestle. After Yuki ate and drank, she passed out on the sofa. Shiki glances at her and calls someone that he wants to go on official leave. After some time, wearing dark suits, Eiji and Yuuya went to Yuki’s house. Yuuya pushes the intercom and greets Shiki that he is the Tachibana who met with him at the hospital before. “Yuki-chan isn’t answering her phone and emails. I’m somewhat worried so I’ve come to visit before..” Shiki says that Yuki’s condition isn’t quite good so she is still resting. He asks them to please leave for today.
At Kousuke’s funeral, Yuuya tells Eiji that after Kousuke committed suicide, he would ask her to come to the funeral, at that time, makes him [Shiki] think that he’s awful. “I like Yuki-chan. It is possible that quite lately after a lot of things had happened, I have a deep understanding that she is very important to me. I plan to confess to her in the near future. Actually, I felt that I should tell this first to you, Eiji..” After looking surprised, Eiji smiles and says, “Isn’t that quite good. She looks bewildered but her inner being is very strong. Yuuya, you’re also taking a big step forward and for that, I’ll cheer [gambatte] for you.” The scene changes to Yuki waking up. While feeling dizzy, she takes her cellphone to find that it has no battery charge. After plugging it in, she is surprised that two days had passed since Kousuke’s funeral. Yuuya and Maiko had sent her emails and she totally didn’t notice it. She plans to reply later on. Then, she blushes for Eiji had also emailed her and he’s worried about her. Still shaking, Yuki goes to the kitchen and drinks a juice pack. She feels fatigued and very tired. She wonders if it is because she slept for a long time. “Brother isn’t at home. Is he on duty today? *getting ready to throw the juice pack in the trash can and is surprised to find some empty blister packs of medicine in the trash* ..are these sleeping pills.. Why are there so many..? Did I drink them all? I totally had no impression.. *nervous* Did I accidentally drank them..? Did my brother made me take those sleeping pills..!? ..why? *scared* Could it be.. my brother abducted Saki and Erika..? Made Saki into his younger sister? What of Erika? Where is Erika now? I cannot stay at brother’s side. *dressed up and packed a big bag* I have to be alone in a quiet place. I need to think over a lot of things. *holds head* I’m still somewhat dizzy.. But, I have to go.. I must recall what happened during the disappearance..! If I recover my memories, I’ll know the truth. I’ll definitely fill up this [blank] space. Who is Matsushima Saki? Who is Mizuhara Yuki? Three years ago, Mizuhara Yuki already existed because I only have to search the internet and I can find a lot of her pictures while she is moonlighting as a model. If I’m truly am Saki, where is the real Yuki? ..but, am I really Saki..? But, I practically have no memories--..? *arrives at Saki and the others’ high school* I’ve investigated it a bit. This ought to be the high school where Saki went.. I thought that upon arriving here and looking around, I would be able to remember something.. I don’t feel anything at all..”
Eiji calls out to her. He asks why she is here and is she alright. She tells him that she’s already okay. She apologizes for not being able to go to Kousuke’s funeral. Relieved Eiji says that it is a first priority to take care of one’s body so there’s no need to force herself. Yuki somewhat blushes. She asks him why he is here. Gesturing to the school, Eiji says that because of what happened to Kousuke, their homeroom teacher is very worried about them so he went to see the teacher. “I’ve told him that Yuuya and I are fine.. And you, why do you come here?” Yuki says that there are a lot of things in her mind that she couldn’t let go. “The school and the street where  you guys go. Also, about Saki-san.” Eiji’s hand twitches and asks, “Saki..?” With a serious look [/what I call Saki mode], Yuki says that she wants to see some things with her own eyes and no matter what, she wants to. Eiji looks surprised and mesmerized by her. After a pause, Eiji says that since they were the ones who involved her, he’ll show her around. While walking down the stairs [from the school probably], Eiji says that except for the station, everything else is countryside. “Yuuya and I always eat at that restaurant. Saki and Erika really likes the gelato there.. If our club activity ends up quite late, they would always wait for us there.” Yuki looks at the place and the shrine that Eiji is showing to her. She thinks, “He didn’t ask anything. He’ll say something about the past at one side, and introduce me [to the place] on the other side. It is possible that this kindness is what Saki like about him..” Looking out, Eiji tells her that Erika appears to be outstanding and has a straightforward nature. “Since elementary, Saki, her intimate friend, would always suppress Erika’s tendency to shoot her mouth off.. Those two really complement each other. Saki is honest and serious. She has a kind nature, a mature girl’s demeanor, calm and steady. In short, she makes us think that possibly in her heart, Erika is like a younger sister to her. And, her younger brother and I are not bad at all..” [<- probably get along with each other] Yuki looks flustered for her chest aches and it’s quite sad.. “Is it because I’m Saki..? Or..” They pass by the station and arrive at a house. Yuki asks this place is? Eiji tells her that it is Saki’s home. He glances at Yuki’s slightly surprised expression.
A young man calls out to Eiji. Eiji greets Kouichi [guesswork from 浩一]. He says that it has been a long time and did he come from his club. Kouichi happily informs him that he is their soccer club’s goal keeper. “What’s up? Isn’t your house near the central [center of the city/town]? Want to come and sit in? Dad isn’t home yet but mom and [younger] sis are here. They’ll definitely be happy to see you.” Eiji declines the invitation because he’s with someone. After seeing Yuki, Kouichi says that she’s so cute. “Your girlfriend!?” While Yuki blushes, Eiji says that she isn’t. Looking serious, Eiji asks if the police had contacted them. Kouichi says that they were told that Erika’s notebook has been found and it be a help for the stalled search. Eiji tells him that if there is any news from Yuuya, he’ll contact them. Sadly smiling, Kouichi says ya. Yuki calls out to Kouichi and asks if his family is okay. Kouichi says that they are doing quite well. Eiji apologizes for suddenly going there and goodbye. Kouichi says okay. He calls out to Eiji and tells him not to force himself. Eiji smiles and says that he knows. While walking back to the station, Yuki sadly thinks that she attempted to fill [this] Saki missing space. “How were Kaze-kun and my family able to pass those years.. Whether visiting the school or meeting with a family member, I still couldn’t remember anything. *teary-eyed* I also-- couldn't fill up this space--..” At the train station, Eiji holds out his cellphone to her and asks if she wants to look at the picture. Yuki sees a picture of a girl. Eiji says that it is Saki. Yuki thinks that this is me. Yuki asks him if she can see other pictures. He says okay. While looking the cellphone, Yuki thinks that Saki has thick black hair and not quite beautiful, an ordinary girl. “It feels that she isn’t quite a match with Kaze-kun. Is this me..? It doesn’t feel real..” She sees a picture of young Eiji smiling and flashing a v-sign while hugging smiling Saki, and another picture of Eiji smiling as blushing Saki looks at him. She tells Eiji that she has never seen him smile that way. Leaning closer to her, Eiji asks huh? Yuki tells him, “Look. In this picture. The Kaze-kun here. *looks at Eiji and smiles* Really so cute.” Eiji blushes and his heart beat when Yuki’s smiling expression reminds him of Saki’s. He quickly looks away and says, is that so? Yuki thinks that even if she saw Saki’s picture, she still couldn’t remember anything. “But that smiling face, I felt that it is very familiar.”
While sitting on the bench [probably waiting for the train], Yuki’s cellphone is ringing. She says that it is her brother. Eiji asks what it is, is he angry. Yuki says no, he just said that if she had enough fun alone, come back again, she should eat properly and he’ll wait for her at home. Yuki thinks that her brother isn’t a bad person and he is sincerely concerned about her. “I can see that a little bit upon recalling these past three years. Even if he did plastic surgery on me without permission, and made me because his own younger sister, but right now, I still couldn’t hate him.” Eiji asks why he mentioned ‘alone’. Yuki says that things are a bit complicated.. “I want to be alone and properly think of things alone so I went out. I want to stay at a hotel for 2-3 days. I apologize for my brother’s cold attitude towards you guys earlier. He is just being overly protective.” Eiji says that her brother really cares for her so he understands why her brother doesn’t want them to have anything to do with her. Yuki says, “I don’t want to. I want to keep in touch[/be connected] with Kaze-kun.” This made Eiji somewhat flustered and surprised. He tells her that today, it seems that she isn’t the same as before. Serious Yuki glances at him. Eiji looks away and says no, forget it, this has nothing to do with him, sorry. Yuki thinks that she couldn’t remember anything but she only naturally feels this thing of him being at her side. Holding Eiji’s wrist, Yuki says that perhaps, it is truly not the same as in the past. Eiji is surprised when Yuki kisses him on the lips. While still holding his wrist, Yuki tells him, “I want to be with you, Kaze-kun. Want closely connected together.” Freaking out, Eiji backs away and asks if she knows what she is talking about. “You are Yuuya’s..” Looking at Eiji, Yuki wonders if the Saki at the bottom of her heart is making her do this or.. Blushing Eiji looks away and tells her not to stare at him. Holding his wrists, Yuki says that there’s no relation between her and Yuuya. “..I always say where I stand. If you don’t want to, please run away.” Eiji closes his eyes when Yuki kisses him again. Then, they had a deep kiss. After looking at each other, they kiss again. Narration: “It seems as if this space that couldn’t be filled up is overflowing and filling up my chest..” Blurb: “Love that begins to stir up, outlines a new truth..”
Comment: Saki, is that you? Hehe, Yuki doesn’t seem to be the aggressive type. =P And, that will form the love triangle and I think Eiji is the one who will have a headache from it since it is like he is betraying Yuuya. What’s nice about this chapter is that the themes of ‘fate’ and ‘even if you look different and I forgot about things, there is still a connection and love between us’ seem quite believable. Of all possible days and time, they meet each other there. Somehow, I think Eiji is feeling something from Yuki early on so he would casually tell her all those things and show her around. It seems that he is checking her reaction when he showed her Saki’s house. Apparently, going to where Saki lived and meeting her younger brother aren’t enough to jog her memory. It is only their picture with Eiji’s smile. It did cross my mind what if she went to her house, meet her other family members..would she still not recall anything? I guess it might be rude and awkward for Eiji to suddenly get some female stranger, who gives an impression of being his girlfriend, into his missing girlfriend’s home to meet her family. I wonder if the two will continue things at a hotel =P Now for the other stuff, I guess Yuki isn’t inclined to tell Eiji and the others who she really is because she has no way of backing up her claims. Well, of course, they can have a DNA test on her. So, most probably, she would want to find out what happened that night and to Erika and not let the suspects know she is alive. I wonder if Eiji has figured it out yet or he is feeling some Saki vibes from Yuki. I also wonder if what Eiji is somewhat feeling from Yuki is the same with Yuuya. Could it be that Yuuya has also fallen for Saki before? From what was mentioned about Erika, I get a feeling that the abduction was her indirect fault somehow. Saki is an ordinary girl and Erika looks prettier so if it is based on appearance, Erika would have been the main target. Also, it is mentioned that Erika is somewhat outspoken so could it be that she said some things to the abductors and this is their revenge? Saki being the protective one and being the constant companion just got involved in it? Also, it seems that there are two girls whose whereabouts are unknown. It makes me think that the skeleton Yuki found could either be Erika’s or the real Yuki’s. Because of Yuki’s changed impression of Shiki in the latter part, it makes me wonder if Shiki’s real younger sister really did get into an accident and somehow, he stumbled upon injured Yuki and made her into ‘Yuki’. For someone to do that, isn’t that quite a desperate move..and it makes me think the person is mentally unstable. I guess Yuki is lucky that when she woke up again, her brother isn’t around. He is probably making arrangements for them to go abroad or something. I wonder if that is carelessness on Yuki’s part or as Yuki thinks, Shiki is just being overprotective so he is doing those things without malice. For now, he is letting her be probably banking on she won’t remember anything anyway. Even if Yuki thinks of Shiki means no harm, she would be gutsy to go back to that place because I think Shiki seems to be hiding something because he already told her who she really is but he clams up about the rest and even wants them to immediately leave abroad. It is still possible that he is one of the abductors but he went easy on her during that time because of this ‘make her into Yuki’ plan. Or perhaps, he knows that the culprits are powerful and influential? Scans by 深雪

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