August 20, 2013

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 25]

Cover page: “Running for two years! Please continue to support Makoto’s romance♥ Because I have everyone. Because of you. So I was able to become stronger-” After school dismissal, Uki is surprised that Makoto has already left and it’s quite early. She wonders out loud what’s up with Makoto when she also unexpectedly went home first yesterday. Nanami says that Makoto is like a jizo. Uki asks Iriya if he knows something. Holding a piece of paper, Iriya says that he doesn’t. The paper is a note from Makoto thanking him for the scrunchies which she’ll use as a protective charm and she’ll do her best[/gambatte]. At Watase’s school, a teacher calls out to Watase if he had consulted it with his family regarding cancelling the special qualification. Watase says that he hasn’t. The teacher says that it might be hard to tell them but it is almost the deadline of drawing a conclusion to this. Watase says, yes. By the gate, he sees Makoto. After greeting, Makoto has a difficult time saying something because even if she ran there suddenly, she doesn’t know how she should say it. She touches the scrunchie on her wrist and recalls Toyoda asking her to ask Watase about that issue. Deciding to probe about it first, Makoto says that she heard that he injured his foot and the school is also worried about him, not knowing what to do.. Then, Makoto loses steam on how to say it properly. Watase mutters that Toyoda said unnecessary things. After sighing, Watase tells her not to worry for this also has nothing to do with her. “Also the thing at that time, I only want to make you perplexed a bit, so forget about it. That’s all, bye-bye.” He leaves stunned-puzzled Makoto. She wonders what’s going on, what is that about making her perplexed, and could it be that she was mistaken about it again, all by herself, but then, it feels a bit strange. “And I felt that like this, I couldn’t approve of it. It is how he just told me to treat that as if it didn’t happen and forget about it. It made me feel that I’m running away again..”
At school, Uki brings some food and suggests that they eat together for lunch since it has been a long time that they haven’t properly talked and she doesn’t have practice this noon. Just when Makoto is saying yes, her cellphone is ringing. It is Toyoda. She tells the others to eat first as she answers the phone outside her classroom. Toyoda asks her if she knows where Watase is because since yesterday, he didn’t answer his emails or phone calls. “He also didn’t come to school today. Afterwards, I’ve heard that he had earlier told the teacher that he’s going to quit school. Then, I don’t know where he went. What to do. What if Watase is thinking of some bad thing..” Makoto worries about what that bad thing is. She tells Toyoda to calm down and first look for him separately. After Makoto hangs up the phone, Iriya sees her and asks why she looks nervous. Makoto tells him about Watase. At the streets, Makoto tells Iriya that Toyoda would be looking for him near the school. She will look for Watase at his old address. Iriya says okay, and just call if something happens. Iriya asks which Junior High did they go, the third or the fourth. Makoto says the third. Iriya says okay, there’s no problem, they’ll definitely find him soon. Teary-eyed Makoto says yes. She wonders where Watase went and what is he thinking. At Third Junior High, Watase is sitting on a bench while watching a soccer match. Iriya finds him and thinks that he’s here. He sends a message to Makoto that he found Watase. Then, he approaches Watase and greets him, hi. Watase remembers that he is with Makoto at that time. He asks what’s up. Iriya tells him that before asking him that, shouldn’t he first contact them first for his girlfriend and Makoto seems to be quite worried about him trying to commit suicide. Watase asks if he ever thought of committing suicide. Iriya says that he had been tightly pulled by death but he didn’t have a situation on wanting to die. Watase mutters what’s up with that. Then, Makoto arrives but Iriya gestures for her to be quiet and stop right there. Watase says that his parents divorced so he got into a predicament of having to transfer school. “I also got rejected by the girl I like. I thought that it is okay for me to just strive hard in club activity. Then, I was told- I can no longer run. With all this, I thought of just dying and it’s over. Geez, it would be good if I can only return to that time..”
Makoto thinks that from what he said, it seems like that thing isn’t only about her. Watase is startled and Makoto is shock when Iriya bluntly tells Watase that he cannot return to the past. “I’m also saying people would obviously always go forward that they cannot just conveniently go back to the past.” Watase asks what he knows. “I didn’t do any bad thing- I shouldn’t be punished.” Iriya answers, “You’re really quite relaxed, making yourself into ‘pitiful me’. ..let me say sorry first but until when do you plan to keep on continuing this kind of situation.” Watase is surprised by that. Then, a soccer ball flies up high and hits Makoto’s head. Ouch. The guys are surprised to see that. Returning the ball, Watase angrily scolds the players as to where they are kicking the ball. The player apologizes. Bewildered Iriya asks Makoto if she is alright. Makoto apologizes to Watase for eavesdropping. “I’m sorry. *Watase is asking what she is apologizing for* I always wanted to apologize to you.. During junior high, I really don’t have a bit of self-confidence. I always got compared to my sister. I really hate myself and because of this, I have hurt you.. (until now, I’ve realized that at that time, if I had a bit of courage, would she still do such a mean thing) *crying* I’m sorry, Watase-kun.” As Iriya helps Makoto stand up, Watase says, “ the end, you’ve changed. Is the change because that guy is beside you? *Makoto tries to say something* It’s alright. It started when we’ve met the past few days.’s really good. I can also change, right..” Teary-eyed Makoto says he can change. “Watase-kun, you also has one at your side, a person who’ll say strive hard together. Of course, if there is anything I can do, I’ll also help!!” After a pause, Watase says then, he has something that he wants a favor of. Makoto says okay, what it is. Watase tells her to let him finish what he was saying before. “I want to properly end this thing. *closes eyes and opens them again* ..‘I like you, please go steady with me’.” Makoto looks at him and it is like they went back to that time. Teary-eyed Makoto smiles and bows. She says, “I’m really sorry.” Watase smiles and answers, “..ya, thank you.” Breathing hard from running, Toyoda arrives and starts hitting Watase for being stupid and making her really worried. Watase smiles and hugs her to comfort her. As Makoto slightly smiles at the couple, Iriya says, “..let’s go.” And, Makoto walks forward with Iriya.
Comment: And, that concludes Makoto’s ‘regret’ on what had happened with Watase. It is nice that they finally ended that ‘what if’ scenario hence they can move on. It is also thanks to Iriya who bluntly yet subtly reprimand Watase to quit the ‘pity me’ act. I guess he is basing that from what he had experienced before. It seems that Watase isn’t really a ‘love rival’. I wonder if Watase would really quit school..and perhaps transfer to their school? If Watase’s role is over, I wonder why he is on the front cover of the colored spread with the whole cast. Anyway, since that issue is done with, perhaps, Iriya can continue his ‘abruptly interrupted’ confession to Makoto ^^ Scans by allwink

Quote of the day:
The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward. ~ Steve Maraboli


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