August 9, 2013

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 47]

Cover page: “This thing of having [a] friend beside, it’s unrivalled.” Tweet, tweet, a bird flies in the sky. Miwako wakes up from the bright light and reaches for her eyeglasses. Sitting up while wearing them, she calls out to her mother that she said so many times already that when she’s sleeping, do not open the window screen. Then, she is surprised for she is not in her room. Where is this place? Someone calls out if she is awake then she should quickly go home. Shinya goes downstairs and tells her that since her ability to hold alcohol is bad, she shouldn’t drink too much for it is quite unsightly. This horrifies Miwako. As Shinya opens the refrigerator to get a drink, trembling Miwako timidly apologizes for she totally don’t remember and how much did she lost control of herself.. Shinya asks if she forgot, well, forget it, she’ll be happier not knowing it. Miwako is totally speechless. Flashback: Soichiro bade Shinya and Miwako goodbye to Soichiro who rode a taxi away. Shinya hailed another taxi and told Miwako that luckily she’s a girl so she can go first. Miwako said that she doesn’t want to. This surprised Shinya. He sighed and asked what she wants to do. He told her that starting tomorrow, he has a tour [dress] rehearsal to prepare for and he’s going home. Miwako asked what a brazen woman would do during this time. Shinya said that he detests honors students-type. “Upon encountering something[/failing], honors student would only have this tendency to handle things. In this world, it isn’t that simple. Other person’s success doesn’t indicate that one can also have the same kind of success. You’re passed 25 and still haven’t realized this, I think it is not quite reassuring.” [<- I think Shinya is saying that like an honor student – if one fails, they try to just copy/imitate what the other does in terms of studying, to also succeed/pass the test. This is in the context of Miwako wanting to copy Mari for Aki to like her, too.] Miwako muttered, but to keep on continuing like this right now is absolutely no good. She walked away unsteadily and continued to mutter that because it is seven years already and there is no change. Shinya called out to her where she is going. The taxi driver asked Shinya if he is riding or not. Shinya glanced at Miwako who bumped into a guy. The man held on drunk Miwako’s shoulder and apologized. He asked her if she is alright, then he tried to make a move on her. Shinya watched and muttered that she already lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong guy. End flashback. Puzzled Miwako asks why she is here. While drinking, Shinya quietly watches Miwako who tries to remember.
Flashback: In the taxi, Miwako is sobbing. She told Shinya that she is stalking Aki and in her chase, she also worked at Record Company. Shinya told her that he already heard that so many times already. “Quickly tell me where you live, or else, I have no way of sending you home, okay?” Miwako repeated that she has been chasing after Aki that she came here and honestly, she doesn’t know whether or not, she likes music.. Shinya ignored her and took out his phone. He asked her if Shun knows. While waiting for Shun to answer, Miwako told him that she is quite moved by today’s MST and it can be said that it is the first time she was moved aside from Aki’s music. “ turns out that I truly like music..” Shinya hanged up the phone since Shun isn’t answering. Shinya tells the driver to head towards Naka-Meguro. End flashback. Shinya tells tense Miwako, “You’re asking me why you are here? Who knows, why you are here.” At Aki’s place, Shun is listening to some music and Aki quietly looks at Shun. After the song ends, Aki asks how it is. Shun lamely asks what about it. “I can see your tail wagging behind you.” Aki was eagerly anticipating Shun to quickly praise him. Somewhat dejected, Aki asks if he doesn’t like it. Shun says not really, it is a good song and even if it is a good song, but he won’t sing this song. Aki is dumbstruck. Then, slightly embarrassed, he admits that he didn’t write it for Shun. Shun is getting impatient. Taking out his cigarette, Shun says is that it, that’s what he has to say after calling on the phone the great famous Crude Play lead singer so early in the morning before the nationwide tour [dress] rehearsal. Aki says that he didn’t call for Crude Play’s lead singer, but rather, his friend. Shun says, “Then as your friend, let me tell you. Tell you sincerely. Don’t give me that, in order to get the girl, you’ve squat around in the house to write music!! *kicks Aki’s chair* There are still other things you can do!!” Aki looks surprised and innocently asks, other things? “It’s because she doesn’t want to sing my songs so I’m working hard to think of a song that will make her want to sing.” Shun tells him that he wants to confirm something first. “For you, what is Riko? A singer? Or a girlfriend?” Looking away, Aki blushes and says, “..girlfriend.” Shun says that there are other things that he can do. To Shun’s irritation, Aki asks what, he really doesn’t understand. Shun angrily shouts, “For instance, telling her ‘I like you! Like, kissing!! Like going to bed with her!!” Blushing really red, Aki shouts, no no no no, out of the question!!! Shun angrily shouts how come, it is out of the question.
Aki timidly says that from the start, it truly totally doesn’t matter because he doesn’t like her but right now.. Shun asks what it is. Blushing Aki says that it is just feel..that it will scare her...and all sorts of stuff..if he were really to do it. Shun goes huh. Aki says that generally what Shun said is true, because he is a sultry* wolf. [*dual-personality; translated as ‘man-show’, too. It refers to people who look plain, cold or even dull outside, but inside they are volatile, charismatic, hot and sexy.] Shun tells Aki not to call him a sultry wolf. “Anyway, you went to Mari’s side and stayed for a night, without getting in touch..I’m afraid that right now, Riko is crying.” At the train, Riko is laughing out loud. Embarrassed Yuu says that it isn’t that funny for yesterday, he was quite depressed after his father told him that. Still laughing, Riko says that it is because Soichiro did tell them that ‘I’ll support you guys throughout your life’. Yuu asks what Sou has to say to that. Sou didn’t reply. Wiping a tear, Riko reminds them that if it is not three of them together, she herself won’t do it. This made Yuu smile for he is relieved. Then, they hear a click sound. Sou looks at the side to see some girls waving at them and saying that they got the picture. Riko calls out, “About that- I’m sorry [but]!” The girls are surprised. Riko goes to them that Yuu tries to call out to Riko not to go. Riko tells the girl, “Please delete that picture you just took. *girl looks flustered* Can you take one more picture, I don’t want it to show only half side of my face!” Sou chimes in that he also wants another picture because from that angle, he definitely looks fat. Yuu sweatdrops for their reaction is quite strange. As the girl takes a picture again, Riko happily exclaims, say cheese. At the side, jealous Reiko is watching. She recalls watching Riko and Shinya together on the television looking quite chummy when Shinya patted her head, and the positive reviews on Twitter. Reiko continues to glare at Riko who is thanking the girl for the picture and buying her CD. Riko is relieved for she can smile. “I’m smiling.” Back at Aki’s place, Aki gets the ‘the phone you are calling is currently not being answered please listen to the beep and..’ Aki nervously asks Shun what to do for Riko won’t answer his call. Shun tells him that in the end, she’s angry but then this is also inevitable. Aki says that he will immediately go to her school. “~~no. That will just cause trouble for her. Some people would recklessly write,  ‘MUSH&Co.’s lead singer is head over heels in love’.”
Shun says, “Nope..Let me say, do you know? Today is the first day of the nationwide tour rehearsal. What is your role?” Aki says producer. Shun asks then, what should he do. Aki says oversee the rehearsal. Shun tells him then, quickly go with him to the rehearsal venue At the venue, Shinya is about to drink when he is surprised to see Shun and Aki. They greet each other good morning. Shun asks where Kaoru and Teppei are. Shinya says that they ought to be coming soon. Shun asks if Shinya called him yesterday. He apologizes for not being able to call back and what’s up. Shinya says that it is nothing. Then, he pauses before saying that Nagahama Miwako was drunk and passed out so in the end, he brought her to his house. Shun looks surprised and made a side glance at Shinya. He comments that’s quite a disaster. Shinya casually says not really and when she opened her eyes, that reaction is actually quite interesting. Shun is surprised when Aki gives him a cup of hot coffee. He asks what it is. Aki says it is nothing. After a pause, Shun says that for him, Crude Play is first place, and this tour rehearsal is of utmost importance. “Honestly speaking, I don’t care about other things and on contrary, *looks at Aki* I’m more concerned over our producer whether how much effort he would put into work.” Shun proudly glances at flustered Aki. Then, Aki playfully punches Shun. At school, Riko returns call to Aki but she receives a message, ‘the phone your calling is either turned off or out of coverage area..’ At the venue/studio, Aki tells Shinya if there is no problem if he put strength in this area. Shinya asks if he is telling him to play with all his strength but then, it will drown [/fall on] Kaoru’s guitar. This surprises Kaoru. Devil mode Aki glances at Karou. Aki sincerely gives Kaoru a thumbs up and says, ‘gambatte’.[/do your best] Everyone looks surprised-nervous. Kaoru mutters that Aki is being reckless. [<- something like changing things] The staff members are snickering. Aki tells them to start from the chorus. Teppei taps the drumsticks and they start rehearsing. At school, Yuu goes in the club room to ask Riko what is the plan for today when he sees Riko looking at her cellphone. Riko glances at him and she’s crying. Riko shouts for him not to look, stupid. This surprises Yuu. Riko turns away and says that they go to that side, she’s okay. She tells him that since yesterday, something is a bit off because her mood isn’t stable. As Riko wipes her tears, Yuu asks if he’ll call Sou over. Riko nods. As Yuu is about to open the door, he stops and walks over to Riko. Riko is surprised when Yuu holds up his hand and says, “I’m also okay if it is just to help you wipe your tears.” Blurb: “Go, Yuu-chan!! Finally, confessing!?”
Comment: Shinya is really not into ‘acting nice’. He seems to be the type ‘what you see is what you get’. I guess it is because he is a loner type and those types are usually quite observant of people. Just because Miwako is a woman, he doesn’t treat her special nice when he’s not interested in her. In a way, this is good for it doesn’t cause any misunderstandings, I guess. Though, it would seem that he is ‘mean’. He let her sleep on the sofa and when she wakes up, he wants her to leave immediately. It is quite different from his treatment of Riko. I laughed when he said that it would be better for Miwako not to know what happened. ^^; Her reactions are quite priceless and she’s very lucky that it is Shinya whom is with her. Apparently that night, Aki had unintentionally dumped Miwako though she thought that Aki chose Mari. It is indeed pathetic that she would want to be like Mari so that Aki would like her..that is probably Shinya’s kindness of not wanting to let her know what she is doing while she’s drunk. And, it seems that Shinya doesn’t like saying the obvious as to why she is at his place or say, how annoying she is to keep on talking about chasing Aki when he tried to ask her where she lives. It did made me wonder if Miwako would indeed move on from Aki..then, would Mari be the one not able to move on? Or, is it possible, both can move on? Because of Shinya’s vague statements to both Miwako and Shun, I wonder if the mangaka is planning to move him to another triangle between Shun and Miwako. I do wonder if there was some other intention for him to tell that to Shun. Is it to irritate Shun because he didn’t pick up the phone and it caused him inconvenience? I think Shinya knows Shun likes Miwako since he was the one with him in that side story. I’m not sure if Aki knows, too but mostly likely, he does. Apparently, Shun is Aki’s love adviser. The song seems to be more on ‘serenading’ Riko rather than for recording. Well, it is confirmed that Aki does like Riko now as a girlfriend rather than a singer. And, from Aki’s reaction, it is a ‘want to treasure her’ type that he doesn’t want to do lover-type stuff with Riko..okay, that can be interpreted differently. ^^; Shun has to point it out to Aki that Riko would most probably be crying and angry since he spend the night with Mari. Aki obviously was too focused on writing the song to make her sing rather than calling her earlier. ^^;; Well, since Aki has work, that is his priority as far as Shun is concerned, and he is worried over a possible scandal/gossip with Riko, the reconciliation is put aside. Riko manages to keep up her smiles while outside. It is amusing that they want a better picture but apparently, she’s the only one who doesn’t believe that the guys would be dropped from the next contract. Yuu is easily swayed but I think that Sou knows there is some truth to it. In a way, it is possible that Soichiro won’t drop them much like he didn’t drop the other members of CP. That is if it is okay with them to live a ‘lie’ since they aren’t actually performing but pretending to be performing really well. Of course, their future is in trouble if things didn’t work out in the long run and that is all they have..say, Mari? Anyway, Yuu seems to be going for another crack at letting Riko know of his feelings. If he gets rejected, I think Shibaken will take over his role. Scans by 红莲 & allwink汉化组

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  1. This can go in so many different directions from here. It makes you wonder! But I enjoy this as it's not boring :)

    1. I like how the plot line keeps changing directions and keeps you guessing. So many of these stories are predictable it's a refreshing change.


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