June 2, 2013

Short Summaries: Hibi Chouchou 30, Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi 25, and Last Game 20

[Free Talk: Every week, I plan to write short spoilers/summary of various manga that I have been reading/browsing but because of various reasons, I cannot write full summaries. Actually, it is supposed to be just a few lines but I got carried away again. ^^; I plan to move some other series like Kedamono Kareshi here. I’m trying to trim down the full summary series since I’m starting to have symptoms of over-computer use. ^^; Anyway, this is a trial thing so let’s see how it goes.]

Hibi Chouchou 30: After Suiren asks what it would be like if [they] go steady. Kawasumi asks back what is going steady like. This stuns Suiren that Kawasumi asks if she also doesn’t know. With these thoughts, Suiren arrives home. They let go of their hands and bid each other goodbye. Then, there is a cute scene of Kawasumi kept on turning around to see Suiren standing to watch him leave even if he told her to go inside. Suiren laments that he didn’t go in her house again. Suiren wonders about going steady that night, would they be happier? The next morning, Suiren’s father arrives home and comments that she looks different. Suiren’s mother says that it is because she made friends. The parents are happy that they sent her to a co-ed school that is until they learned from her that she has someone she likes. =P The parents have mixed feelings whether they should be happy or worry about this especially the father who is leaving [for work?] again soon. They want to go see the guy at the cultural festival but Suiren dissuades them from doing that. But, she mentions that he always walks her home. After the festival, Kawasumi walks Suiren home. She thinks that she doesn’t have to mention this to him because her parents are just going to have a look at him. Just as Kawasumi is about to say goodbye, Suiren’s parents appear behind Suiren and introduce themselves to Kawasumi. They happily invite him into their house. Comment: Hehe, the next chapter would be fun since it is like ‘meet the parents’ type of scenario. The interaction between Suiren’s parents is quite fun..a contrast of being overprotective yet do not want to be too strict. Scans by allwink.
Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi 25: Natsuki thinks that Nishina still likes Aki. He doesn’t think it is a good idea for Koharu to confront him so how about they make a scenario of Aki being taken away by some frivolous guy. During the barbecue, Natsuki is serving Aki food. He shows some special concern to her with the hopes that Nishina would become jealous. While eating, Koharu is wondering if Aki can convey her feelings and why would Nishina hide his feelings. She waves her barbecue stick over her frustration over not knowing the whole story. And, she hits Touya’s shirt with her barbecue. Soon, Koharu is washing Touya’s shirt and apologizes for what happened. Touya blushes a little when Koharu happily gives it to him and tells him that she cleaned the shirt. He grabs the shirt and tells her not to be so happy over making someone’s shirt dirty. Koharu starts to ask him about always going to Aki’s house and does he know someone else who always go there. To her shock, Touya asks if she is asking him about Aki and Nishina’s going steady. Chasing after him, Koharu asks if he knew. He says of course, since it is so obvious. She asks him why they broke up. Touya says that he doesn’t know since he isn’t interested because romantic love-whatever is boring to death. Koharu is taken aback over his comment. Looking at the washed shirt, Touya is having this certain feeling.. After the barbecue, their plan seems to have failed since Nishina acted normal and maybe because Natsuki is acting like a friend = no touching. Natsuki tells Koharu not to say nonsense things for his hand only belongs to her. While washing the dishes, Koharu is troubled this mutual love but couldn’t express. Natsuki hugs her and says that is why he likes her and he also doesn’t understand but then, adults are troublesome creatures. While Nishina is petting Snow, Aki feels like giving up and decides to just secretly like him. To cheer her up, Koharu suggests that they go shopping. Later, Natsuki informs Nishima about this. He also tells Nishima about doing it with Aki and it was just for fun so how is he going to dump her. Nishima’s expression changed as he faces Natsuki. Soon, Aki is dressed up nicely and Koharu fixed her hair. Koharu made her look younger instead of her usual ‘mature’ look she does to make her a match with Nishima. While walking back, some guys try to flirt with them. Back at the house, Natsuki tells him that he is just kidding so Nishima is jealous so why won’t he be honest about liking her. Nishima won’t answer. Then, Natsuki gets a phone call from Koharu that they need help. Comment: So, Touya is showing signs of falling in love but unfortunately, it will be unrequited. For now, it seems that he’s the only without a pair = ‘tragic other guy’. The next chapter seems to be a bit predictable with Nishina and Natsuki most probably saving the girls and of course, Nishina probably confessing his true feelings. It would be nice though if the girls can handle things on their own. Okay, it would be interesting if the girls actually trick the guys as part of ‘make Nishina confess’. Wait..is it possible that Touya is somewhere nearby there? Scans by 工作室
Last Game 20: [I’ll be using the surnames because it seems that in the two English scanlations, the names are different ^^;] Yanagi is quite excited over going to the amusement park even if he has gone through them within and outside the country. He’s excited over haunted house, roller coaster and Ferris Wheel. He screams in fright when Kujou calls out to him. She tells him that she made bento box for everyone to eat. He asks if she put in tofu steak. She is clueless so he shouts that he ate it during high school at her place, and it was delicious. Just when she is about to tell him that she’ll make it next time, Tachibana [guesswork surname from ] greets them and mentions about the nice weather. She also brought a bento box in a huge bag and wants Yanagi to taste it. Kujou looks surprise and Tachibana glances at her. President arrives and mentions about also wants to taste it. The others also arrive. Just as Yanagi and others get in the car, Kujou feels strange. At the amusement park, president has prepared a perfect plan for them to do within the day but Yanagi tears the paper up and says that this plan is flawed for it makes the girls keep on walking nonstop without rest. President says how about haunted house, roller coaster and Ferris Wheel. It’s a deal ^^ Soon, they are trying out some animal ears hairband. Yanagi touches Kujou’s bear[?] ears which makes Tachibana jealous. After some kiddie rides, it is the haunted house. Tachibana emotes that she’s scared but to her shock, Yanagi is asking Kujou if she is okay with the haunted house. Kujou says that she doesn’t know for she hasn’t gone in before. Yanagi casually tells her to hold his hand if she’s scared. To his dismay, Kujou thinks that he’s the one who is scared. Then, Tachibana gets in between them to say that it is already their turn to go inside. Yanagi hopes that Kujou would cling to him. Tachibana hopes to cling on to Yanagi. President hopes Tachibana would cling on him. When the creepy ghost appears, it is president clinging on to Yanagi. ^^; Tachibana is dismayed and Kujou offers her hand if she’s scared. Outside, president apologizes to Yanagi but next is the roller coaster. They notice that Souma looks uneasy so they start to tease him about it.
After riding it, Souma is in tears. It made Yanagi and Fujimoto apologize to him. To their surprise, even Kujou is crying. Yanagi tells Kujou to say if she’s afraid. She tells him that it has been a long time so she forgot. Just when he is saying that there are things she isn’t good at, Kujou suddenly holds his hand. This surprises Yanagi that Kujou lets go and apologizes for he said to hold his hand if she’s afraid. The two are a bit embarrassed as Yanagi says that he indeed told her that. Tachibana is jealous. While she and Souma rest for a while, Kujou tells the others to go ahead and have fun. Fujimoto leaves with her boyfriend[?]. Tachibana wants to go with Yanagi but he refuses, though he’ll buy drinks for the two. Tachibana clings on to him and says she wants to go with him. Tachibana glances back and smiles. Souma finds that irritating for she is inciting him to make a move [at Kujou] and she just wants to use him. He doesn’t want to get pulled in by that. He looks at Kujou still looking at Yanagi and Tachibana. Souma covers her eyes that he is surprised over what he is doing..he doesn’t want her to have that lonely expression. He grabs her hand and just says that it is almost noon so how about finding a good place for the others and they’ll just inform the others about it. At the picnic place, Kujou asks if he isn’t feeling well. Souma says no, but rather, she looks unwell. Kujou becomes depressed and tells him that seeing those two together makes her feel fretful. She thinks that she is so fretful because that should be her place [beside Yanagi]. She shakes her head over what she is thinking and apologizes for complaining to Souma. Souma tells her that it is alright. Smiling, she comments that he’s nice even if he insist he’s not. Souma is moved by this. He thinks that he doesn’t want to get involved. Soon, Yanagi and others are trying to find where Kujou and Souma are.. Then, Yanagi and Tachibana see that Souma is about to touch Kujou’s face. Comment: Kujou is still slowly realizing her feelings and Souma is making his move. Tachibana is still failing at her advances. There’s only a little progress between Kujou and Yanagi. Well, there is still the bento thing and Ferris Wheel so a lot can still happen. ^^ Scans by 红莲汉

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