May 31, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 11]

Himari holds up her hand and asks Keita what are the specifics first of this ‘listen to everything you say’. To her shock, Keita tells her to pretend to be his girlfriend for a whole day. Himari hesitates but Keita threatens to expose her candid picture taking. Himari freezes and asks instead why. Standing up, Keita tells her that lately, his ex-girlfriend during junior high kept on saying about ‘wanting to see you again’ and ‘wanting to reunite with you’ that it is quite annoying so he is going to take advantage of her and make her pretend as his girlfriend. To her surprise, Keita tells her that if she cannot make his ex-girlfriend didn’t totally give up on this, then he is going to expose that she is a pervert girl who takes candid pictures. At the busy street, Himari is standing uneasily. She is wearing a long haired wig and very sexy dress that she isn’t used to. She recalls Keita telling her that in order for it not to be found out, they are going out separately and just meet on later on. Also, he is going to decide on her clothes on that day. End Flashback. Himari wants to go home when Keita calls her stupid for waiting at the wrong entrance. Himari apologizes. She regrets doing those candid shots but it is her fault so she must bear with this. Keita looks at from her head to foot and asks what’s up with this [kind of get-up]. Himari angrily says that he was the one who decided on all of this so that she won’t be recognized. Keita complains that there are only 10 minutes left before they meet up with his ex-girlfriend. Himari shouts that if he is so unsatisfied then why doesn’t he just find someone else to do it. Keita holds her chin and threatens her again about exposing her deed so Himari becomes timid again. Keita turns around and says that they should go. He tells her that she doesn’t have to speak, just follow him from behind. To her irritation, Keita kept on walking when she is having a hard time walking on high heels. She bumps into Keita who reprimands her. She tells him her problem so Keita decides to hold her hands as they walk. Himari blushes over this and tries to insist on walking by her own that Keita angrily says that wasn’t she supposed to listen to everything he says today. Himari thinks that this is her first time to hold hands. She sees herself and Keita on the glass window and thinks that they look like lovers in other people’s eyes. He is also no longer pulling her but matching his steps with hers so it turns out that he has this side to him.
At the restaurant, Keita tells a beautiful long haired girl name Kobori Reimi [guesswork from 小堀玲美] that this is the girl whom he is currently going steady with. While thinking that she is different from what she imagined, Himari nervously greets her. Keita tells Reimi that since he is going steady with this girl, so there’s no way he can reunited with her. Reimi says that she isn’t bothered by that at all for she understands more about him than this girl. She looks at shock Himari. Reimi says that she is with Keita during junior high and she is always with him when he was upset about his mother. They mutually understand each other so she always felt that they are the best compatible.. Keita interrupts by telling her not to always say about there’s something when there’s none. Reimi is startled by that and Himari looks tense. Keita asks her how is she and that college guy. He tells her that she says about reuniting but only forget, she’s the one who first betrayed him. Both girls look tense. Reimi exclaims that she has broken up with that guy a long time ago and from the start, she didn’t go steady with that guy because she really likes Keita. Keita tells her not to say those kinds of words. While the two argue, Himari feels uneasy over this intense quarrel that she couldn’t stay there since it is a fighting scene. She sheepishly tells them that she’s going to the toilet. Keita grabs her arm and angrily asks where she is going. Himari timidly apologizes. She thinks that she cannot keep up the pretense in this kind of situation. Reimi looks at Himari and asks if she is truly Keita’s girlfriend. Himari is nervous for could it be that she was found out.
Comment: We are back to pretend girlfriend bit. ^^; I suddenly thought that Keita’s threat could just be a bluff because he had erased the evidence. It would be his word against hers. Hm..well, Himari seems bad at lying. ^^;; Even if we are with another girlfriend causing trouble, it does seem that Keita had feelings with Reimi. Does he still like her now? Or, this is just his way of getting back at her for the hurt she caused him before? Since he has to bring a fake girlfriend though I’m not sure if it is going to be effective since Reimi is the persistent type who doesn’t care if he has a girlfriend or not. It does seem that Keita tend to treat girls badly which might be indirectly influenced by his mother. I wonder if it is better for Keita to just keep on stopping Reimi’s advances instead of using Himari as a fake girlfriend since that is doomed to fail with Himari bad at acting the part. From this scene, it seems like Himari is just props who is just there to listen at them, when those two should just have a long talk with each other. It makes me also wonder if Keita will do something drastic to prove that she is his a kiss?, especially since he isn’t exactly acting romantic with Himari. After 11 chapters, the series theme is on bullying + plans sometime backfire, step-siblings, and pretend girlfriend. The characters are not that interesting. I don’t know where the plot is heading either, though cliffhangers are good. Hopefully, it becomes a bit better soon. I’m curious though, there are a lot of people checking this series out based on the number of hits, what do you think of it? Scans by allwink

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