January 2, 2013

Suki-tte Ii na yo [Chapters 40]

[Free Talk: Once again, this is just a teaser so, consider this as a fan service for those who read this series. For the details, just wait for the English scanlations and full summaries by bxsmanga. There might be some mistakes so I hope I got the important stuff right since I just browse this from where I started to summarize and I only read a few chapters at the beginning. ^^; Continuing from the last chapter..]

Mei felt so embarrassed that she always closed her eyes but nevertheless, she felt the warmth of Yamato’s hand. And, after it is over, it made her feel quite embarrassed. Mei is covering herself with the blanket. Blushing Yamato calls her name. Mei thinks that in shoujo manga, the couple would not think of anything throughout and after it, they would be very happy and laugh together. Actually midway, she has no way of thinking of the aftermath and after it ended, in one breath, one returns to reality. She is so embarrassed that she doesn’t know what kind of expression to show Yamato. To her surprise, Yamato asks if she regrets it because she doesn’t look happy. Mei scolds him why would she regret and explains that it is because she doesn’t know what kind of expression to show. He hugs her and tells her that it is okay for her to show any kind of expression. She asks if she is strange because it is her first time. Yamato recalls some girl. He hugs her tighter and says that he likes her more, can’t he? Mei says not.. Then, they notice that Mei’s cat is looking at them. They wonder if it is hungry or wants to go to the toilet. They decide that it is time for Mei to go home. While walking, Yamato tells her that he is very happy that they are together because she got a fever last year and she can’t go out. He also tells her that he wants to be with her this year’s winter vacation, New Year’s Eve and New Year. Mei says okay. She thinks that this isn’t the same as last year’s. By the train tracks, Mei will walk on ahead to her house so Yamato tells her to send him a message once she arrives home. She arrives home and her mother happily asks if she had fun at the Christmas party with everyone. Mei says yes. Her mother goes to prepare the bath. The cat quickly jumps down and goes to its food. Mei writes a message to Yamato that she has arrived home. Yamato writes back that is good and he is quite lonely that he quickly wants to see her. At the bathtub, Mei thinks that she doesn’t regret it and that must be her most embarrassing expression since her birth and it is the first time being seen by Yamato. But, Yamato.. She recalls him with some other girl [iirc, first one whom he had sex?; Aiko?] Mei tells herself that it is useless to think too much over it and it won’t erase the fact. And even if she is very happy, it is also good thing for Aiko. After taking a bath, she has a message from Asami who greets her a Merry Christmas. She asks if Mei is still lovey-dovey with Yamato and how about they go out and gossip tomorrow. Aiko also wants to know what happened. At his kitchen, Yamato gets a message from Mei that she will have ginger baths everyday in order not to catch a cold. Yamato happily smiles over this. His younger sister asks him what’s with that smile on his face. He says that it is nothing. His younger sister thinks that it’s quite gross. She asks if Mei likes that cake. Yamato is a bit speechless when she says out loud over planning to open a cake shop in the future because she likes to make sweets. Then, she starts to scold Yamato over how to clean up the dishes.

The next day, Mei meets up with her friends. Asami asks if she was surprised that they’ve left. Mei says that it is alright. At a cafe, it seems to be Aiko’s idea for them to leave for there is no progress between Mei and Yamato even if they are going steady so it is no good if everyone is there. Aiko asks about Asami and Kenji. It seems that Asami is excited over the party since Mei can come that both wear reindeer suits to the party. Aiko teases Asami over wearing the reindeer horns that Asami teases her back about holding hands with Masashi. Mei smiles at them. They ask her about Mei and Mei admits that they’ve done it. Her friends couldn’t believe it. They started to ask questions about it over how it happened, is she wearing nice underwear, contraception, etc. They ask if Yamato initiated it. To their surprise, Mei tells them that Yamato is just sitting and she’s the one.. Aiko asks if she attacked him. Asami says that Aiko is overly excited. Mei tells them that no matter when, Yamato would communicate with her if something happens to her and when she thinks of it in detail, she would just accumulate her love with Yamato and she wasn’t able to convey it to him so making Yamato lonely. Before Aiko told her that if she doesn’t take the initiative to do her own thing, there won’t be an outcome and she wondered if it is really like that. When Yamato prepared that album for her as a gift, she doesn’t prepare anything, and she’s very happy. Asami gushes over knowing about that for Yamato has always been doing it, and she’s happy with that gift. Aiko spoils it to Asami that if it is Kenji, it would absolutely be no good. Mei continues that afterwards, she went and touched Yamato. While Aiko smiles on in approval, Asami holds Mei’s hand and says that’s good. After Asami left, Aiko teases Mei over doing the seducing. Aiko says that she is at ease because she is a bit bothered over telling her that she having sex with Yamato. She is troubled that it is because of that, things between Mei and Yamato always couldn’t progress. She apologizes over that thing before and she’s quite happy that Mei remembered what she said before. Aiko hugs Mei and says that she did her best in changing. Then, there is a scene of a guy seeing a cover of a magazine of a model [I think from the last arc] at a convenient store. Soon, there are scenes of Mei with her female friends, Yamato and family inviting Mei since Yamato’s sister baked,..and after all that eating, Mei is horrified that she gained weight. Then, there is a scene of the guy [from convenient store earlier] meeting with the model[?] at the gym. After some teasing, it seems that they’ll have a thing between them soon. While Mei is jogging, there is a narration about deciding to do one’s best, and even if there is no success, keep on moving forward. Then, Asami tells everyone that they are going to the hatsumode [first shrine visit] tomorrow. While there’s a New Year countdown, Mei and Yamato are on the phone. He tells her that this year, he’ll be under her care [/yoroshiku]. Mei greets him back, yoroshiku. In the last scene, everyone meets up to go to the shrine.

Comment: So, I think that caps this arc. And it is a pretty nice one. Holiday seasons with family [in the case of Mei], friends and lover ^^ Fitting for this season which coincides with our actual time ^^  Scans by 離境漢化組.

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