December 29, 2012

Skip Beat! [Chapter 196]

The Chinese scans are out so here is a brief speedy summary.

Kyouko recalls watching some romantic scene on the television with Shou when she was young. It is a scene wherein the woman is stripping the guy. She seems to be using this as her ‘basis’ for what she did with Ren but she is already at her limit. Cain asks her if this is called a hickey, for it is more like a bite mark. There is a huge teeth mark on Cain’s neck. =P While Kyouko is freaking out for she didn’t know how to make a hickey, Setsuka says that it is because he said that he wants a mark that would stay throughout his life. Kyouko is really freaking out for she is even on top of Ren but she is determined to perfectly do the acting until the end. Cain points to his chest and wants the mark placed there. While Setsuka asks if it is okay for her to also bite there, Kyouko continues to freak out that it should be at a place that cannot be scene. He tells her that rather than bite, just continuously suck at the same place. And, he pretty much told her how to do a hickey. Setsuka says okay then bends down on his chest. Kyouko is thinking that Ren is pretty much a playboy that is why he looks quite calm. Setsuka can’t seem to quite do it so she just asks him what’s with the desire to monopolize when earlier on, she is already his. He says yes, but. Setsuka says that it is not bad about wanting the other party to confirm it. She says that if it is somewhere cannot  but better if it is at a place that can be seen then how about here.. She sucks[/kiss] his neck where she bit him. Ren’s expression softens. Setsuka tells him to remember that no matter what happens, she’s the only one who can understand him, and no matter when, her heart is with him. Recalling how she shatters the glass within Kuon, Ren says yes, he won’t forget, he won’t forget again. He tells her that doing this thing which is unlike him, he won’t do anything that will make her disappointed in him again. Always until the end, ‘your me’ and today on, she can forever look at him like this.

Setsuka has a girly expression and says, yes. Ren is surprised by that. Kyouko panics a bit for she should have a cool expression like Setsuka. After she manages to go into Setsuka mode, Ren flips her over so that he’s on top. Kyouko is totally freaking out but manage to maintain her Setsuka mode. Apparently, Ren also wants to mark her with a ‘proof of promise’ near her upper chest. Setsuka immediately grabs his face to stop him. Cain asks why. Setsuka seems to be angry that he learned to do it with some other woman. She stands up from the bed and starts to leave. Cain asks her where she is going. She claims that she can’t make him the other party so she is going to take a stroll and find some other guy as her stepping stone [to learn the hickey]. Cain immediately stops her from leaving. She asks him why he is angry when she is just joking. She is just going to buy something. He continues to stop her from going out. She tells him that they have no breakfast so Ren offers to be the one to buy. He drags Kyouko back and tells her to take a bath and take care of those teeth skin. Before going, he gestures for her to go in the bathroom. While getting her clothes from the closet, Kyouko stops. In the elevator, Ren wonders why he felt quite uneasy over Kyouko going out when it is just acting. He couldn’t believe at how moved he was by her and the things that she did. Looking at the elevator mirror, Ren thinks that it has been a long time since he started acting wherein his feelings has been controlled by the other. Kuon says the first time is when they came to Japan. Ren says yes. Kuon says that he wants to happily act with Kyouko. Ren says, me, too. Kuon says that he no longer wants to disappoint Kyouko. Ren says yes. The two think that it isn’t the same anymore, they now have the same feeling. No matter who it is, they don’t want to lose in acting. Ren touches Kuon’s hand through the mirror. Next chapter on Feb 5th in Japan.
Comment: As expected, what connects Ren and Kuon is Kyouko so with this, I guess Kyouko had successfully pulled Ren/Kuon out of the dark. I think she would be very happy later on if she knew that she just helped her beloved Corn. ^^ But for her to pause like that after he left..I wonder what she could be thinking. Would she fear getting closer to him than she should or finally accept that she does have feelings for him? That tender girly expression she had shows that she unconsciously did that as Kyouko, not as Setsuka. I guess it is more or less okay for Kyouko to do those things but she won't allow Ren to do it to her =P Well, she might lose her composure if he did. Since it will be a more combo Ren-Kuon acting later on, I wonder if Ren's acting will be more magnificent later on. Maybe with this, he will be more confident with Kyouko rather than easily shaken by Shou's provocations. Scans by 红莲汉化组.