June 13, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 7-8]

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Chapter 7: At Hakuyou’s palace, Reishou is busy reprimanding his underlings that he already told them to quickly deal with the things in the central east seat of government [/palace] yet what have they been doing. They are not permitted to once again to delay things. The officers can only timidly bow their head and say that they will quickly address it. Sitting at the side, Looking tense, Yuulin just watches him. Then, their eyes met. Reishou smiles at her which made Yuulin blush. Yuulin thinks that this is bad because it seems that it [/this condition] is quite serious.. At the harem, Reishou bends his head down a bit and calls out to Yuulin. Startled, Yuulin blushes really red and exclaims that he came. Reishou smiles and says that he did. He apologizes for startling her. Yuulin brushes it off by apologizing too and saying that it is because the mood from the government affairs office has not yet gone away. She laughs and says that it was obviously just an act yet she is so afraid. “I’m so useless.” Reishou sadly smiles and apologizes again. He says that he didn’t mean to frighten her. Seeing him looking dejected, flustered Yuulin answers back that it is because her training is inadequate. Yuulin is really frustrated at how nervous [<- heart beating fast] she becomes whenever Reishou is just acting that ‘Wolf king’. Reishou just quietly looks at her. Later on, Yuulin goes to Jun to ask him to give her more work. Yuulin tells him that she feels that she is wasting a lot of time while staying at the harem so she wants to do something. Yuulin thinks that if she kept herself busy, she won’t be thinking of unnecessary things. Jun says that how one gracefully uses one’s excess time is also one of the princess’ skills. “But, it seems that isn’t your obligation.” Yuulin felt a sharp pain in her chest upon hearing that. Jun smiles and says that there is still a job that is suitable for her. Soon, Yuulin is wearing a maid’s outfit. Yuulin asks if he wanted her to clean the forbidden areas of the harem. Jun happily says yes for there are some portions of the harem that aren’t used and there is a lot of dust that has accumulated already. He had always wanted someone to go clean those places up. Jun tells her that she can disguise herself anyway she pleases and do not let Reishou know of this since he will be unhappy about it. While Yuulin is busy dusting and cleaning, she thinks that the sentence Jun said earlier irritated her yet this kind of work actually calms her feelings. “There’s no need to put on a fake smile. There’s no need to mind etiquette rules. This is a decent, down-to-earth kind of work! Yes, I just verified that I’m not suitable as a princess..!”

She then hears some noise and someone shouting what’s happening since it is noisy. She turns around to see a short old man. While wondering who he is, Yuulin tells the old man that, this place here is forbidden. The old man points at her and asks how could she not know him, he’s Chou Gen, the caretaker of the harem. Gen angrily complains that during the past king’s time, there are a lot of gorgeous and graceful princesses adorned in every corner of the harem but now, there’s only just a cleaning maid. Gen sadly says that the harem is also desolated and there’s only one princess. “Even if he’s called Wolf King, it’s actually just an empty name.” While wondering who that old man is, Yuulin asks if that is so, but compared to a squanderer [bum-type], Reishou gives one a more favorable impression. Gen asks her if she knows the king. Thinking that she should answer as a maid, Yuulin replies that she has only seen him. Yuulin feels uneasy when Gen looks at her from different directions. To her surprise, Gen suggests that Yuulin go try and attract [/seduce] Reishou. Yuulin sternly looks at Gen and asks, “Ha? What are you talking about?” Gen tells her that he isn’t saying that she’ll do it for free. Yuulin is surprised as Gen shows her a string of money and bags of money which he put on the table. With a smile, Gen tells her that he’ll give that money to her, so go settle things with the Wolf King. Yuulin goes into shock and exclaims what his problem is. She shouts for him to take back the money but Gen has already run away. Later on, Reishou calls out to her and Yuulin exclaims in surprise. She remembers that Reishou came [to her room]. Reishou muses out loud that it seems that gramps had come back into the harem. He tells her that before Yuulin came to the palace, gramps wasn’t feeling well that he was still recuperating then. He says that since he is well already, he ought to have come back. He also tells her that gramps is there ever since before since he’s the harem’s caretaker. “Even if is he a bit weird but I respect him.” Yuulin thinks so that’s it. She notices that Reishou is smiling while looking at her. This made Yuulin remember about Gen telling her to attract Reishou. Reishou is puzzled when Yuulin suddenly blushes really red and shouts in panic as to how she can do that kind of thing. Fired up, she thinks that she only have to return the money so that she can sever her relationship with Gen. [<- she still wasn’t able to return the money] Reishou looks at her and somewhat worriedly thinks that something is a bit wrong with her and is she always like this normally.

And, as a maid, Yuulin continues to chase after Gen to return the money as she shouts that she cannot do it but Gen just runs too fast for her. Gen looks back at her from the window and asks why she can’t do it. He tells her that the entire harem belongs to His Majesty including herself and speaking of that, she can fully enjoy lots of glorious and splendid type of riches. [<- I think Gen is telling her the benefits of getting Reishou.] Yuulin tells him that those things don’t matter to her and she doesn’t suit [this place]. She places the money on the table and shouts for Gen to please take them back. Yuulin goes back to work. She thinks that no matter how long she worked as a temporary bride, she still cannot become a qualified princess. Carrying her bucket, she thinks that she still has to go to a place where people pass by in order to change the water. Just then, she hears someone saying that it will be done as he wished. She looks up to see that Reishou is passing by. Yuulin panics as she wonders why he is there. Remembering Jun telling her not to let Reishou know about her side job, Yuulin quickly kneels down and bow while covering her face with her sleeves. She keeps on thinking for Reishou to quickly pass by. Reishou looks at her and asks if she is a new servant. Since Yuulin is too tense, she stutters that she is. Reishou tells her not to be that afraid of him. She wonders if she has already been exposed. “Quickly, leave already!” Reishou orders her to stand and lift her head up. Yuulin stands up but she keeps on hiding her face with her sleeves. Reishou asks why she is covering her face. Yuulin sweatdrops and wonders why he is paying too much attention on a cleaning maid. Reishou tells her that on contrary, if she kept on covering her face, it makes one curious. Yuulin starts to become really tense as she remembers Gen telling her that the harem and she herself belong to Reishou. Thinking that isn’t what she wanted [<- what Gen told her], Yuulin stutters that she is afraid that her face would frighten him. Reishou holds her wrists down to pull away hands from her face. He says, “Very interesting, you’ll disobey a command, right? [Dare to] disobey the ‘cold-hearted Wolf King’?” Seeing Reishou in wolf mode, Yuulin tensely says that it isn’t so. As her heart is beating really fast, Reishou asks, “What..is this a new game? *smiles* ..Yuulin.” Yuulin is flustered-shock that Reishou is fooling around with her. She asks how he knew. Holding her glasses, Reishou comments that the glasses are a decoration [<- no grade?]. He asks her if it is because of this, that she has been acting fishy lately. “What are you doing?”

Really embarrassed, Yuulin stutters that this is work. Reishou leans toward her and asks, “--work? As a princess, you’re dressed up like this while working?” Yuulin blushes and thinks, “—it’s here again.. It’s this again, using acting..half serious and half pretending while teasing me, making me afraid and anxious. Making my heart beat in chaos.” Teary-eyed, Yuulin says, “—I'm originally not any kind of princess. This kind of get-up is more like my true self. If you want to get a real princess, then please hire someone like that.” Reishou looks at her in surprise as she quickly turns to leave. She thinks, “I cannot help it that he’s making me run around in circles. [He’s] making my heart beat irregularly and violently.” While dark-looking Yuulin is cleaning, Gen asks her what happened that she looks as if she is going to die. He is surprised when she turns to face him. She sadly says, “—I’ve simply utterly failed..” She thinks, “See..wanting me to attract His Majesty is something that is essentially impossible for me to do..” Gen says is that so, then His Majesty is really lonely. “A harem should be a place that can console the king’s heart. I’m very worried about him since he still couldn’t relax even if he is here. I’ve wished that there would be at least one person who can become a place where he can be at ease. *sigh* It’s so difficult..” Feeling a sharp pain, Yuulin becomes teary-eyed and thinks, “What this person is saying is the duty of a real ‘princess’. I clearly know this. But, why does my heart hurts this much?” She is surprised when Reishou suddenly carries her. While carrying puzzled Yuulin, Reishou calls out to Gen. Gen nervously greets him. In wolf mode, Reishou says, “—you, didn’t tell her any strange things, right.” Nervous Gen tells him nothing..nothing at all. Reishou says that’s good. Still carrying Yuulin, Reishou turns around and starts walking out of the room. Looking frightened, Yuulin tells him to put her down but Reishou didn’t listen to her pleas. While Yuulin tries to reaches out, Gen just waves goodbye to her. After they left, Gen sits on the chair and says that Reishou is still quite scary that he almost hurt his back again. “But, it seems..that princess, is doing quite well..” [<- or not bad at all.]

Looking aghast, Yuulin continues to ask Reishou to put her down. She looks really nervous as she wonders what to do since Reishou is really angry. She is surprised when Reishou asks, “Hiding from me about your workload increase, you really want to finish up paying your loan quickly, right? Do you hate the ‘Wolf King’ that much?” Flustered, Yuulin shouts that it isn’t so, she didn’t thought of that. She thinks that it is because she’s always trembling in fear that is why he thinks that way. Reishou holds her in front of him and says, “That also doesn’t matter. *looking sad* It doesn’t matter that you’re scared of me. –but, do not hide in places that I do not know. I only want you.” Yuulin looks surprised at him and thinks that this Reishou isn’t angry nor scary. “It’s only the face of a fragile Wolf King.” Later on, Yuulin looks shock as Gen sighs and says that he is just testing that so-called temporary princess that four eyes has brought in. Yuulin sweatdrops and realizes that Gen knew who she is from the very start. Gen angrily reprimands Jun for hiring a temporary princess. “What the hell are you treating the divine harem for! I’m just not around for the time being and you suddenly just did things on your own, you four eyes!” Scowling, Jun mutters that he has his own problems. He tells Gen that if he is unhappy with Yuulin’s work then just fire and send her away. Gen glares at Yuulin who looks frightened. Then, Gen says that if her performance is good, His Majesty can also get some comfort [from her]. “Do your job well.” Gen leaves puzzled Yuulin who wonders if he is misunderstanding something. “I’m still not in the least bit like a princess.” Afterwards, Reishou happily tells maid Yuulin that she looks really happy. Yuulin exclaims, “But of course! This is my true self!” She thinks that he has told him that it is okay if she just be her true self. Blushing, she tells him, “I will also do my best in acting as a princess. Definitely soon..I won’t be that afraid again.” Her heart beats loudly when Reishou smiles and says that he’ll anticipate it. She thinks, “..one day..one day, I’ll be able to do it..no longer afraid nor nervous..[I’ll] become the me who’ll be able to console you.” While Reishou is smiling at her, Yuulin turns away from him and continues to clean. She angrily curses that it is still far off [for that to happen]. Reishou just keeps on smiling. In the end, while she is cleaning, Gen is pestering her by asking what the arrangement between her and Reishou is. Looking tired, Yuulin says that there’s no arrangement. Gen tells her not to hide it from him. Yuulin thinks that she’s starting to get entangled into this.

Chapter 8: It is once again another tense atmosphere at the government affairs building. “As the king’s temporary bride, I, Tei Yuulin, am currently in what one may call as a ‘glaring competition’ with the king’s temporary assistant, Ryu Houen.” While Yuulin and Houen are busy in angrily glaring each other off, one of the officers nervously tells Reishou that they have data about new techniques in planting wheat which could increase its yield. Looking at the two, Reishou says that’s good work. He then calls out to Houen who is surprised. He orders Houen to quickly summarize a report about it. Houen bows and says that he will. Yuulin is also startled when Reishou calls her. He smiles at her and says that she looks tired so how about going back to the harem to rest. “When I go there, I want you to meet me with a really cheerful smile.” Yuulin blushes over this and says, yes. Frowning Houen and others look at her. While walking with her female escort, Yuulin thinks that even if Reishou said it tactfully, but she is being driven away. Holding some documents, Houen sees her and makes a remark that since she is heading back to the harem, won’t it be very nice if she’ll always stay deep within and not go out at all. Yuulin just puts on a smile and tells him that she’ll be heading back first for today so goodbye. They exchange glares. Yuulin mentally gets angry at him that he would her as the princess a glare. At the harem, Reishou happily says that it seems that as day passes by, their situation [Yuulin and Houen] gets worse to worst that everyone are becoming scared of them. Yuulin angrily shouts that she cannot help it since Houen kept on glaring at her. Jun sighs and says that Houen had already asked him thrice for Yuulin to stop coming and going to the government affairs building. Jun asks Reishou what to do about it. “Before you said that ‘because [I’m] too busy to go to the harem, bring the princess to stay at the government affairs building so that [I can] keep watch on her for her safety’ but right now, being busy at work isn’t at its peak anymore, can the princess go back to her normal life..” In pleading puppy mode, Reishou says, “But, if Yuulin isn’t around, I’m not that enthusiastic to work. I find administrative work boring..”

To Yuulin’s shock, Jun tells her to just do her best and endure [Houen]. Reishou muses out loud that Houen is a big help to him and he doesn’t want to lose him and he was one of the first who’ll talk with [/accept] him as the Wolf King. Yuulin darkly thinks that Houen who doesn’t know Reishou’s puppy mode, yet he admires Wolf King and is very much satisfied with Reishou. Yuulin tells Reishou not to mind that for this is work related so she’ll resolve it on her own. Reishou tries to protest but Yuulin tells him that she is just hated and she isn’t in any mortal danger so, there ought to be a way to handle it. After a pause, Reishou tells her that if there’s any problem, she should quickly inform him about it. Yuulin smiles and says that it is alright. Yuulin thinks that she should not depend on Reishou regarding this matter and just treat it as work just like how a princess ought to do. Yuulin decides to do it one step at a time. The next day, Yuulin smiles and greets Houen a good morning. She is delighted that he greeted her back until Houen tartly tells her that even if she smiled radiantly at him, it won’t benefit her in any way. With a frozen smile, Yuulin says is that so and she doesn’t like doing things that have no effect. Glaring at him, Yuulin angrily asks, “--But, do you think you’ll score a goal by speaking sarcastically to the princess?” The two other officers with Houen look tense. Later, Yuulin laments that she couldn’t do it because she has to retreat when she’s provoked since her status isn’t that high. Later on, while doing her maid side job work, Yuulin angrily mutters that in the end, she wasn’t able to disrupt him from work. [<- he’s too busy to talk?] “Ah- geez! What’s up with that guy, as if he’s some amazing kind of guy! No matter what is said, I’m still the princess!” Gen tells her that she doesn’t even have a little bit of persuasiveness. While eating a meat bun, Gen tells her that Houen’s father is Minister Ryu and he was a very capable man since former generation of the late king. “So in reality, their family clan’s influence is really great. Then, on the other hand, your only advantage is that you are doted on by His Majesty yet you are a princess with a small role. [The words are a bit small but I think Gen is saying that she is a newcomer] You’re a princess who can be fired at any time. So, fundamentally, you’re really insignificant. Yet, you want to be strong.”

Yuulin looks really angry. Gen looks at her with a smile and says, “If you’re that frustrated, I have a way for you.” Somewhat unbelieving, Yuulin asks what it is. Sparkling, Gen slaps her back and exclaims, “Of course, it is to quickly get His Majesty into the palm of your hand and give birth to a prince! If everything goes smoothly, you’ll be the ‘next king’s mother’!” Yuulin gloomily tells him not to bring up that kind of plan. Gen asks why not for isn’t it a good idea and she could also write off her debt. Yuulin tells him that she doesn’t want to become that kind of person. Gen smiles and tells her that it is a position that everyone is envious of. “No matter what it is, if you only desire it, you’ll get it--” Later on, while Yuulin is walking with her female escort, she remembers Gen happily shouting ‘heir, heir’. =P She sighs and gloomily thinks that Gen didn’t tell her clearly about the risks and he’s only playing around with her by strongly telling her the advantages. “It’s absolutely a trap..I shouldn’t be at ease with gramps.” Then, she meets up with Reishou who is also walking at the hallway. While waving his hand to dismiss his cohorts, he tells Yuulin that it’s already quite late. Yuulin apologizes and says that it is because she’s engrossed in chatting with Gen. Reishou smiles and asks if she heard anything interesting. Yuulin blushes. Just when he is about to touch her, Reishou is surprised when Yuulin suddenly exclaims that it’s nothing. Reishou calls out her name [<- you’re acting suspicious] but Yuulin insists that it is nothing. She says that she just said a few days ago that she’ll ‘do her best not to be afraid of him’ and right now, she is doing her best. Yuulin wonders why her heart is beating so fast. After a pause, Reishou puts on a smile and says, “Is that so.” Yuulin continues to blush then looks away thinking that it is just an act..she tries to convince herself it is an act. “It’s the same right now. He is very strict with the officers but towards the princess, he really pampers but, that isn’t what I want--” Houen sees them and he scowls in disapproval.

While walking, Yuulin thinks that even if she said that she’ll deal with this on her own but at this time, she still ought to talk with the person himself. “We should discuss between ourselves regarding our viewpoints until we’re satisfied. Then I’ll--” She stops when she overhears someone in the room praising Houen about being dependable [because of his family] for everyone is very troubled because of Yuulin’s presence but just thinking of how His Majesty would stare at them, they would cower in fear. Yuulin thinks that she shouldn’t eavesdrop and it seems that Houen has many supporters. She is about to leave when Houen asks if this has anything to do with his family. “When the master is walking in the wrong path, isn’t it the officer’s duty to advise him in order to straighten him up? Before you people praise me, shouldn’t you be ashamed of ourselves for not doing your duty to the fullest.? I have nothing good to talk about, with you people.” Everyone looks tense and embarrassed as Houen stands to leave the room. Yuulin is surprised upon learning that Houen treats anyone like that..very blunt. She then notices that Houen has seen her. Houen tells her that everywhere, there are groups of people who’ll flatter influential officers. “Those people want to use other people’s power [/influence] in order to intimidate other people [with their powerful connections]. His Majesty is very intelligent so he won’t let that kind of person stay by his side forever. ..don’t let the success get over your head. Pampering you is just momentary hallucination. By yourself, you fundamentally do not have anything that ought to be doted on. [<- if you’re not the princess, you’re nothing] It’s for the best that you remember this a bit.” Houen then leaves a stunned Yuulin. Yuulin thinks that cold stare of Houen meant ‘I’m not the same with you’. “..you’re wrong, I just came here to work..from the very start, I wasn’t doted on. The ‘Wolf King’ that Ryu Houen sees is actually the hallucination--” While she is in deep thought, Reishou passes by. He sees her then, approaches her. He asks her what’s up. Yuulin snaps out of it and says it is nothing. She wonders what this feeling she is experiencing. “I’m very envious of him who believes in the ‘Wolf King’ no matter what the circumstance is.” Noticing her expression, Reishou asks again if something happened. Yuulin continues to say that it is nothing. Reishou asks if it is Houen and did he say anything to her. Looking tense and flustered, Yuulin denies it.

After a pause, Reishou says, “—it is because you said that it is alright so I prioritized in taking him into account, but..if you are hurt [by him], that is all together a different matter. What do you want me to do? ..Yuulin.” Yuulin looks surprised as she looks at him. She thinks that from his voice, it seems that she is being doted on/pampered. “It seems like he is saying, if I only ask for it and rely on him..no matter what it is, I can have it.” While Reishou is holding her hair, Yuulin says, “--Your Majesty.” Later on, two officers who were with Houen are putting some documents inside some empty water jugs. One of them angrily says that just because Houen got special treatment from the king that he could say that it has nothing to do with his family. “He thought that everything is all because he depended on his own strength. The son of [an official of the] Ryu family is still quite arrogant.” The other person asks if it is alright to do that since that is the report that His Majesty personally.. The officer says that if there is anyone to blame, it should be the one who just carelessly left that important documents where others can get it. “We are just hiding it so it ought to be alright. We’ll just make him commit a mistake so that he’ll be reprimanded by His Majesty once in a while. Ha ha ha” They didn’t notice that Yuulin overheard them. Yuulin goes in the room and asks what they are doing. The officers look tense as they call out to her and say that they just wanted to pull off a prank. “Wasn’t Ryu Houen’s attitude also troubling you, Your Highness? Ah yes, it’s really good that Your Highness is with His Majesty--” Yuulin darkly says that each and everyone are all like that. The two officers look tense and puzzled. Meanwhile, Reishou is walking through the hallway while being followed by Houen. Houen tells Reishou, “And so, Your Majesty--” Reishou just tells him not to bother with it. Houen insists that Reishou ought to know clearly that there is a limit to a person’s desires. “Before Her Highness’ desires start to become too excessive and inflated, you should hinder her. Your Majesty has always been firm with other people but why right now--” He stops when he and Reishou notice Yuulin, together with the two officers, standing near the patio of the room in front of them. Yuulin darkly tells the two officers to kneel before her. The scared officers timidly say yes. They think that this is bad because Yuulin got angry and they will be in deep trouble if His Majesty learns of this. They kneel down and somewhat bowing at her. Yuulin angrily stares at them and screams her head off, “That not right--! It’s not kneeling then sit, it’s sitting with your body straight!” [<- I think she wants them to sit straight as she lectures them and not bowing because of her status] The two scared officers freak out and exclaim, “Yes--!” Reishou and Houen just look speechless over it.

Yuulin says, “..Ryu Houen is indeed very irritating. This one bit is of course, a fact. ..but, if one is to observe in detail as to what’s going on in the government affairs office, I can also see that he is a very outstanding guy. When he’s provoking me, he would also only insist on his own viewpoint. *Houen looks surprised* He doesn’t show off his family’s power, and what is this!? You guys are talking about him behind his back--” The offiers look scared and aghast. Yuulin remembers Reishou telling her that Houen is a big help and he doesn’t want to lose him. Yuulin thinks, “—that’s right, I’m very envious of him. Because he depended on his own strength to win His Majesty’s trust [and confidence]--” Yuulin angrily shouts, “You guys listen up! Right now, I’m in a fight with Ryu Houen. Don’t you guys interfere from here on and just be good and watch me [resolve this]!” Houen and the two horrified officers look surprised. Reishou smiles as he remembers what happened earlier. Flashback: After Reishou asked her what she would want him to do, Yuulin looked shock and flustered. She exclaimed for him not to spoil her. “I do not want acquire your help..What I want is to lend some strength to you.” End flashback. Yuulin continues to lecture the two that in a fight, what’s really fundamental is manners [/courtesy; fight fairly]. “Remember that, okay!” The two say, “Yes!” Reishou somewhat smiles and tells Houen not to worry. “Look at her like that, not depending on me. Considerably not bad, right? My princess.” Houen just looks surprised-speechless at Reishou. Later on, Yuulin is surprised when Houen apologizes to her. “Since you sincerely and earnestly serves His Majesty, then what I said before isn’t appropriate, ..I’m really sorry.” Surprised Yuulin just says, “Ah, ya.” She wonders why he is suddenly conceding. Houen’s face sours and he exclaims, “But, regarding my dissatisfaction about you, that hasn’t changed at all.” After a pause, Yuulin says, “Really..” She wonders which is which really. Before leaving, Houen says, “When His Majesty is by your side, he would show an expression that I never knew [existed]. ..it really infuriates me.” Later on, Yuulin serves tea to Reishou. Yuulin tells him that even if Houen infuriates her but he is really frank and straightforward, and she also doesn’t feel that he’s really that irritating. Reishou looks at her then after a long pause, he says, “..maybe I ought make Ryu Houen resign?” [<- hehe, eliminating a potential rival] Yuulin goes into shock and exclaims, “..Ha?! Why do you suddenly say so, Your Majesty!” Narration: “—In spite of being envious of someone else, I still want to depend on myself, one step at a time, in getting closer to you.”

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