June 30, 2022

Free Talk: SB 下一站巨星 307

 The chapter starts with visiting Lory doing some chit chat with Yuki regarding the agency of Lory’s son which seemed to have dispatched a US film crew. I guess this is part of their practice before the real thing. Ah, practice filming in English and US ways of doing things?

After Yuki made some misunderstanding regarding who inherited what qualities from Lory, Lory used that opportunity to comment on Yuki being not good in handling Lory/Leo-type of characters being stubborn-easy going and cosplayer, and invite him to eat to which Yuki cannot refused due to ethics. Hm, I wonder if this would be of some importance later on.


Meanwhile, Ren and Yashiro learned that Kyouko is joining the mock shooting as a villainess. Then, they talk about Kanae being aloof/unsociable and in order for her not to be isolated with English speaking people in the US, she’ll have Kyouko to take care of her.

I do wonder about Kanae being homesick due to working in US since she is, to me, a professional and would focus on work like how she is now. But, I guess people would have more rapport/chemistry = good working environment if everyone is sociable and friendly, and it helps to have someone familiar in an unfamiliar environment.

Perhaps, it is like a Love Me mission for Kyouko like what she did with Ren before. A bit repetitive though. In a way, I’m guessing that it is also some sort of alibi to get Kyouko to go with them to the US while her role for PR isn’t set in stone yet.

Something like, at least she is already in US and Leo can somehow immediately get to cast her if he got his way. Apparently, Kyouko is already free since she’ll be finished shooting her parts in the drama, and the drama is on pause so even Koga can join them.


Then, luckily for Ren, Murasame interrupted them before Yashiro can tease Ren over why Ren knows Kyouko’s schedule. Then, there’s another short chit-chat with Murasame regarding Kyouko’s job as personal assistant, and fanboying about Kuu.

And, I guess for now, it is better not to let Kyouko know that she is a PA = BFF since she has to play the villain against Kanae’s role. I guess if Kyouko let herself be affected by that means she isn’t in that level yet as a professional actress. Haha, and it means that she can control her emotions more if it is with Ren than Kanae. ^^


  1. I was busy as of late and has forgotten there's new chapter already lol. Thanks for the review Kat.

    Well first off, if his son is Maria's father, it kind of catching off guard to hear that he has similar eccentricity as Lorry (he looked rather refined during the thank you/grateful party). Anyway, it's kinda weird to see how uncomfortable Kuresaki look around Lorry, and then Lorry just casually mention it to him lol. I guess he doesn't joke when he says Leo is not his friend, seeing Lorry must have invoking his image of Leo's cosplaying.

    Hmm although she looks unsocial, Kanae does have quite some bond with her family right? Add to the fact that she's not fluent in English to begin with, I think it will bound to happen. Having someone close to her around will definitely help. Anyway, I don't think it will be the same as with Ren, in which she would have more freedom this time around.

    Hehe true, just as Kurasaki did for the mock shot ^^.

    It's kinda funny how Yashiro still get excited over that kind of thing, he's not so much fun when he feign serious attitude about it lol. Wonder if he would have a gf someday ^^

    This is kind of interesting, but you know she passed with flying colors with Shou (albeit with some early setback) so I don't doubt Kyouko can pull it off again with Kanae or Ren. But I can understand that if she were to hear about it shortly before action, she would definitely lost focus (as happened with Momiji's audition lol).

    1. You're welcome, Junior ^^

      Ya, Lory's so blunt. Hehe, one is already difficult to handle and was considered 'not a friend', what more if friend? Like, there would be no restraint anymore? ^^;

      I see. The thing is, Kanae isn't exactly alone. She has other Japanese actors and/or crews with her but she doesn't want to/can't socialize with them hence a need for someone she's close with. It gives me some sort of 'prima donna' feels to it.

      I suddenly wondered if the Love Me staff are being paid for the stuff that they do or it is on training basis = no payment. ^^;

      Lol, if ever, I don't think we'll get to see Yashiro having a gf in the series.


    2. Eh You're right, but Kanae doesn't seem to be socializing much with others. Still it's true being in a Japanese environment should help.

      Hmm some Love Me works definitely got them paid, such as Bo. I do wonder though if they get fee for 'miscelanous works' (such as sub manager, and all) as people would be content by just giving them stamps. Hmm. anyway I think by being part of LME, they should have some kind of salary, so they can concentrate on getting stamps :D

    3. True but as I mentioned, there are other Japanese actors there so the Japanese environment is there. What happened is like wanting a close friend with her during the trip. I recalled someone telling me about a rich girl wanting to study abroad and the parents sent her personal maid with her so that she'll be at ease. It seems to be like that.

      In a way, it gives me a dependent vibe in contrast to how Kanae was portrayed before. Basically, it would be nicer to use a better reason for Kyouko to join them. Well, that's just me. ^^;

      I think it is only the first jig as Bou as sub is the Love me work but afterwards, she was hired. Ah, that's right the stamps. Well, I do hope they get paid like perhaps depending on the missions they took? I wondered because I recalled stories of training/intern nurses here having to pay the hospitals for their training/experiences and they don't get any salary, allowances or anything. Well, that was before the pandemic. Well, even during, health workers are not properly compensated that they are going abroad as soon as they can.

    4. I see. Yeah since Kanae hasn't got a manager, Kyouko is the closest person she got that fits that bill. And it's just convenient since she happens to know Kuresaki from her previous work so having her around won't feel that weird, or if she ended up getting involved.

      Truthfully I never think about it until you ask the question over their salary. Hmm, I think it would be different with those training nurses you mention, maybe they had to pay because they yet to join the hospital and maybe experience is an essential thing for new nurses to get a job somewhere. Meanwhile Love-Me is part of LME already, I would find it weird if they have to pay to be there (although they might not get salary since iirc Kyouko is under Talent Department while Kanae is under Talent Department from which they might get their respective salaries, while Chiori is from another agency altogether). Also considering their initial 2 members were kind of forced to join...

    5. Yup.

      True, it is different since they have to pay for the training/experience and work for free. Usually, interns in other industries don't have to pay since the interns are working for free, others are generous with allowances.

      Now that I think of it, maybe the 'payment' is the acting classes that they got at the start? Yes, they have their respective departments though I usually thought that actors get paid only when they have projects. During the first few[?] months, when they still don't have acting gigs, were all of that free/no salary? So, they still have to do their part time jobs or was it because the money isn't enough.

      Anyway, I'm just discussing and suddenly wondered how it is in real life. ^^

    6. Eh I thought agency would provide them with regular income outside their jobs. Although it can be argue being with LME is already beneficial since they would have connection to job that other people outside agency would find hard to get into. Anyway, the author never talk about it either, so we should just accept that they have enough salary to make a living by one way or another ^^. Both are viable to some extent I guess, since iirc Kanae was still doing her street acting in her early Love-Me days as well, so there is indeed chance they didn't get paid by default. I heard in some industry it can indeed be rough for a start-up, so I guess not getting paid is also a possibility.

    7. Ya.

      Indeed and they have to get other jobs for income especially if their acting jobs are small and there are no continuous offer.

  2. I don't think Kyouko is going to be affected, we both know she can love her enemy and treat them with love during an act so the opposite is also a given. I am looking forward to a comedy and return of the beagles and Sho and comedy madness in U.S.
    I am sure this is all to prepare for the arc about Ren's past and him overcoming his problems. I think it is safe to say we can see the ending coming up with the way the plot is going.

    1. Hehe, is that so? I think she would need extra focus if it is with Kanae because from previous scenarios, she goes super happy over little things with Kanae and super sad = easily blackmailed over a friendship chain. I actually think Kanae>Ren so it should be a bit difficult = take more time to concentrate/get in role.

      Yup, hopefully it happens within this year or at least, it's starting before the year ends ^^

      Indeed, I hope so. Somehow, it just gives me the feeling that the author is dragging things out as she still thinks how to proceed with the anticipated US trip with possibly big reveal ^^

    2. I used to think she is dragging it out but when you go back and read the story in a continues way you notice that every page and every bit of dragging is needed, so in that sense I respect her and try not to question it. Last thing I want is another rushed ending like TCP.
      It's just a matter of how much she has grown as an actress. I think she now can get into a role and stay focused in her role easily. I think this started happening as she started accepting the bully role thing. What I really want to see for her is a romance of some other type of movie/drama.

    3. I see. Before, not so much but there are some seemingly unnecessary stuff but I guess it is for comedy and dramatization monologue types. Though lately, it seems to be a lot of dialogue and not much is happening. At times, there is 'leading on/hints' but then, it doesn't materialize like say Shou's parent coming. Perhaps, that can be used later on like Ren's white gift.

      The fewer pages and once a month release doesn't help. In a way, it is dragging like that since I'm slight losing interest because it is taking a long time for the big reveal. Before, it seems to be going somewhere soon or at least, the arc is fun but lately, something is off for me like that's it. Haha, but then, perhaps, it is just this arc ^^;

      I think she's getting there. Currently, she is the 'other woman' of a love triangle in Lotus. In real life, well, based on most kdrama casting, if it is a breakthrough role, she will soon be cast as a lead actress.

    4. I guess sensei did mention this will be a slow paced and long story at the beginning. It is understandable that many lose interest or leave it alone for a while and come back to it. Considering sensei's health and age I hope we get to see the ending, thats all I am asking for.

      I wonder when we get Kyouko's big role, I hope she gets the romance type and nails it soon. I do think there will be a jump in time after this arc. I am guessing this arc has a lot of development because it is basically Ren's last hurdle before him and then it'll be a little fluff to show how good of an actress Kyouko becomes. Then there will be a big reveal of who Bo is when is super famous maybe and she may talk about how Bo helped her as an actress to grow and then we will have her win awards and then marry Ren. I would also love to their children. On the side I want to find/see Kyouko's father as well but I am not sure if that will happen. But I was thinking if she becomes famous, her dad might approach her and then try to apologize but that is probably not happening.

    5. I agree especially since there are other long series author who takes long hiatus or sometimes drop it. Actually, it is because of that, I hope there would be less dragging so that we can see its ending. Also, the pandemic had also affected things.

      Ren's arc - past and resolution with take some years, I think with this pacing and number of pages. Do you think the big reveal will happen within that arc? If it isn't Ren who'll reveal who he is, it will be longer because of the possible drama coming out from the secret identity.

      As you mentioned, so many things we would want to see/read but right now, we are in a mock practice with the plot of the author's previous series wherein they are showing how good they all are. Hm...now that I mention it, I guess it is because there's no conflict and it is more on information dump.

      About the father, I agree but then, he doesn't know he has a daughter, right? Maybe a possible meeting but they don't know each other?

    6. I don't think the big reveal will be in this Arc, maybe to Kyouko but not to the world.
      I think in this arc, which will take everyone to U.S. Ren's past issues will be resolved but he will not go back home, he will go back to Japan to become famous. He wanted to cast away his father's shadow so I think for him it is not just the issues with Rick and Cedric that need to be resolved but also his complex. So I think it will be, he will resolve it partially, go back to Japan, time-lapse, Kyouko and Kanae become famous, Ren becomes famous and then there is the big reveal.Or something of the sort.
      He does not not. I was thinking, it would be something like Kyouko becoming famous and talking about it on an interview and then the father showing up or something.

      On the PR plot, I think there is still room to figure out where sensei wants to go, I think the general plot will be like TCP but maybe with some historical elements. Considering both CTP and what Kanae auditioned for are fantasy and not time restricted there is a chance there is something that would also resemble her audition in the movie.

    7. Hehe, by big reveal, I only mean to Kyouko, not the world. ^^;; Actually, now that you mentioned it, would they just make Ren retire/disappear or inform the public of his true identity? If it were me, it is better not to inform the public because fans would feel betrayed that they 'fell in love' with a 'fake identity'. In a way, isn't it a bit of a scandal?

      Ah, isn't he already famous in Japan? For me, I think he would start getting jobs in US but then, again, there is the issue about his identity. Would he start all over again in the US with his own identity or still use Ren's?

      About casting away father's shadow, wasn't that already resolved after Dark Moon? Then, he had already somewhat resolved his issues/accepting Kuon after Tragic Marker?

      I see, that's possible.

      Ah, well, I guess we'll know soon which is which ^^

    8. I thought it would be like a double interview with Ren explaining why he did what he did and how he fell in love with Kyouko and Kyouko talking about her journey and how she fell in love with Ren and all, so big romantic love story exclusive type of thing before they marry.
      He is trying to be as famous of his dad before revealing who he is because he does not want his fame to be under the shadow of his dad.Not for Ren, not yet, if it was, he would not tell Kyouko that when the time comes he will go back to the start and that is when he wants to start dating her. Dark Moon and Tragic Maker were more about Rick rather than Kuon right?
      yes 10 more days and we should have something ^^

    9. Ah, I see. For me, that might be problematic since he might need to explain about Cedric/bullying when young. Not wanting to be under the shadow of one's father doesn't seem to warrant to create a fake identity. As I mentioned, I don't think the public would react positively with all that since it boils down to him lying = everything about Ren/him is fake. Of course, hard care fans would be more forgiving ^^

      For me, not really, it was just hints about Rick but more on Ren/Kuon. When Ren bid goodbye to his father and he managed to finish Dark Moon without any issues, I think he had already resolved that issue. As for Tragic Marker, I think his time with Kyouko in Hawaii was a breakthrough to accept Kuon that he was thinking of telling her the truth when the opportunity comes again.

      Haha, that part really got me waiting for nothing for years. ^^; And Kyouko has even started to wonder what's Ren's real name.

    10. I think Kyouko is simply resprcting Ren's wish and waiting for him to tell her everything.

      Dark moon was all about Rick's death right? Because he did not deserve to live since Rick died and he believed he was responsible. which sort of coincided with Tragic Maker where he his taruma of being called a murderer was triggered. Dark Moon was also to help Ren understand love which he had never experienced.

      Kuon on the other hand, even before Rick died had issues with the shadow of his father and having grown up in the adult movie industry with the addition of Cedric and other people's bully, which is what I think is going to be addressed in this arc. I think the whole purpose of this arc is for Ren to cast away and resolve all those complex feelings and resolve all his issues. I think he will come out the same way his dad did, saying he wanted to be able to prove his talent and his ability by doing so and then he can retire his stage name, so it will be fine ^^

    11. Ah, yes. What I meant was, I thought we were getting close to some progress since she got curious to that point and Ren was ready to tell her about his secret. And, after many years, there's nothing about it anymore. Like, even the mention of Shou's mother/parents coming then nothing. The White Day gift was finally mentioned after many chapters/few years?

      Yes, and as I mentioned, it also covered being under the shadow of a famous father like with the director of Dark Moon. Wasn't it mentioned that his acting was comparable or better than Kuon's? So, I assumed that he already got over that. Tragic Marker also mentioned that and regarding accepting Kuon/dark side. That is why I think he is ready to face Cedric/past which is this/upcoming arc.

      I think upon the release of Tragic Marker, his talent would be proven already. I recall uncle Tiger was also preparing for Ren's comeback to the US so I assumed that Ren is already at the top in Japan and it is time to go international/US. In a way, for me those complex feelings and issues were already addressed/mostly addressed in those arc. I think it would be hard to face Cedric if those issues aren't somehow address and he was how he was/no development/resolution since then.

      For me, retiring/changing a stage name is okay but building a fake persona wherein many fans fall for him for that fake persona/like him is different. In a way, it is like betrayal of trust and destroying an image.

      Oh wait, if we talk about that, are we presuming that when he goes back to Kuon, he will keep up Ren's fake personality? I recall that gentleman act is fake. If that's how it is, yes, there's no problem if he is just going to change his stage name. Hm...doesn't that involve paparazzi researching about his past including childhood and rebellious teen period if they knew his real name?

      For me, for less hassle, I think it is better to keep the Ren stage name. Before, it might be problematic not to have an English name..hehe, perhaps in SB timeline. Nowadays, it is no problem especially with Koreans being popular and they didn't bother having Western names. What do you think?

  3. Hmmm, they may have been resolved inside Ren but he still needs to prove to the world that he is not under his father's shadow, just like director Otaga who proved it Kuon needs to do the same but his father is a much bigger mountain to climb considering he is internationally known and is one of the best, so Ren needs to get there before he reveals his identity.

    I think Shou's parents are on the sidelines of the story so sensei might not bring it over or maybe it will be something like a side story in the book and not show in the magazine at all. And about Kyouko's interest, I think it is there but she simply is not prying because that is her personality.

    I don't think it is a persona. Ren's attitude resembles his fathers and I think had he not gone dark this would be how he was as a person so it is more of a name reveal and not a personality thing. I don't know how much of his past is going to be public though? I think that will not be known, and Rick's death is an accident so there is a chance it is not tied to him at all.

    Hmmm, both Ren and Kuon are Japanese names right? I don't think that will be an issue.

    By the way new chapter is out.

    1. Ah, I see. I was assuming that it was enough that he did it in Japan since his father was originally also recognized there.

      Most likely. I do have a personal issue regarding revelations though ^^; If it takes too long, I ended up not caring anymore. ^^;; As I mentioned, I know she isn't prying. What I meant was I thought something is going to happen soon since it was mentioned but it has been years in real life.

      I assume that it is also a personality thing because of what Ren mentioned before. This Ren is a gentleman so I would act so and so. Ren is also more restraint and avoid anything romantic-implied but Kuon can become lover boy and flirty. Ren most likely won't get violent/restraint again but Kuon would immediately/impulsive. Perhaps, some traits overlaps.

      Oh, that's right. Hehe, I was thinking of his father. ^^;; In other translations, it is Cool not Kuu.

      Thanks for the info ^^

    2. Didn't Rick tease Kuon that he was not good with girls and did not know how to flirt with them and that was why they broke up with him? Instead of Kuon being a flirt it was like he was dating a lot of girls who would breakup because they did not feel loved by him. That trait is shared with Ren too right? even Lory mentioned it.
      I think we should simply wait and see, I know it is very slow but I am sure sensei has plans and we know she is very good at building up and creating a smooth story. The only issue is the time since its a monthly manga. I think only when you go back and read continuously you'll get the details and why issue was placed where and the flow makes sense.

    3. Hehe, flirt = emperor of the night like what he did with Kyouko during practice, stealing a kiss in Guam. Didn't Kyouko assumed he was a playboy because of the former one?

      Yup, indeed. Well, lately, I'm getting my stories fix from kdramas ^^;;

    4. Kdramas are addictive, though I personally prefer Jdramas. Well I think that is Kyouko's impression not Ren's personality ^^

    5. Hehe, I see. I used to watch Jdramas and well, Kdramas had vastly improved...less tragic endings ^^;

      Ah, is that so.

      By the way, when you mentioned the chapter is out, it is the raws not the English scanlation, right? I don't see it yet.