June 9, 2022

Free Talk: SB 下一站巨星 306

 Apparently, this is a rehearsal type of shoot/mock shooting. It just makes me wonder if they do this in real life. I mean, why practice some other drama/shooting and not the one that they will shoot. Isn’t it just a waste of time and talent? If this is an audition shoot, it would be understandable.  

The mock shoot Crisis List is based on the author’s previous series. Since Kyouko will play the octopus villainess, doesn’t that mean she has to flirt around with Koga later on. ^^; This part makes me think that the shooting is some sort of test/audition for Kyouko using the lack of actors playing the multiple roles as an excuse.


At first, Murasame caught Kyouko being mesmerized by Ren’s acting then later on, she’s ‘hating’ him over his scandal. It makes me wonder if one can actually really do that. Still be awed by an actor even if one was disappointed by a scandal. Usually the ‘image’ is destroyed and it isn’t the same before. For loyal fans, they tend to be forgiving of the scandal which is contrary to Kyouko’s reaction.

Aside from Murasame being in this arc because of the possible Heel reveal, based on this chapter, there might be a Kuu connection, too. Murasame still haven’t realized that Kyouko is Setsuka even if she was overly friendly with him on their first meeting.

Anyway, so far, I’m still disconnected with this part of the story like, what’s the point = will this lead to any plot progress/character development? Is it just practice acting for everyone involved and a reason for Kyouko to join? It is a bit dragging = no progress. Hopefully, there is something else to it soon. ^^


  1. what, it really just a mock shoot? I feel like betrayed cause Kyouko's custome was so badass with those chains and claws. (I haven't read TCP btw so I'll skip any reference there for now. :D). Anyway, I would really be very disappointed if it completely has nothing to do with PR.

    Hmm I wonder if Kyouko can continue fooling Koga. I feel like sooner or later he would notice there's something different between her and Ren. And imagine if Heel sibling reveal would coincide with Koga's suspicion timing ^^.

  2. Apparently so. I think that's the reason why Kanae's audition 'scenery' is different from this one. Still, i find it weird for them to practice something of different genre or something different from PR. Maybe as a someone mentioned in the previous post, it is somewhat to promote the author's previous series.

    Somehow, I'm thinking that this is just like hinting stuff but nothing really substantial seems to be happening = the author is buying time as she figure things out? ^^; It somewhat feels that way to me but hopefully, I'm wrong and there is something more to this.

    Actually, if Ren joins her in it/the act in some way, they can keep on fooling Koga. Something like the opposite of the Heel siblings. =P

    1. There must be some merit of showing that, and I don't buy the author do it just for TCP. It is way too serious, I mean if just doing mock shooting, you don't have to dress up as well as Koga (who dyed his hair) or Kanae (with her short hair). And all the more reason cause the cast (or maybe select important ones) were personally scouted by Leonard personally, so it's safe to say he has enough confident in his choice (unless he feels otherwise).

      hehe true. It takes two to tango. Also Ren is already experienced poker face unlike Kyouko who still have her habit to go over the moon over certain stuff. Still I'm kinda excited for a BJ reveal, for various reasons ^^. I think it makes good advertisement for PR too, although how Murasame would react if he finds out is something that I'm looking forward to lol.

    2. Hehe, actually, one can. I mean Ren has been dye-ing his hair just for going abroad and even a video for his parents. So, I assume that it is no big deal to dye in this series. Kanae's short hair is most likely just a wig unless short hair is required for PR. True, there should be a reason for it. Maybe practice or something...nevertheless, I still find it weird to do that.

      Or, maybe it doesn't really matter since it is like 'fun and game'-of some sort and Lory, iirc, is paying for it all. It isn't even a proper show if ever because the limited cast is doing all of the roles in the story as mentioned by Yuki -> why he is telling Kyouko to do that role.

      Haha, true. By the way, do you remember if they will reveal his identity before or after the film showing? Before like, during press con/promotions, they will reveal who he is. Maybe it is better if it is after like more people will watch when they learned that it is Ren.

      Hm...makes good ad for PR. That's true and it makes me wonder if it can cause some friction with Cedric later on since he is PR's lead, right? I get the impression based on the flashbacks that he doesn't want someone else upstaging him and can do dangerous things to get rid of that person. Now that I think of it, it makes me wonder if if it's Kimiko's nature to do the same or she copied him since he's her crush. ^^

    3. it's beyond weird to me tbh lol. And that custom of Kyouko is even more suspicious, I mean would you prepare such peculiar custom for no reason but a mock shot of something that is not relevant for anything? Well I don't deny it's possible if Lorry is involved though (who knows what he has in his arsenal). But I kinda agree with you that it's hard to take it seriously/ hype if it was the case..

      Hmm if we talk about Dark Breath, I'd say in the middle of its showing? Maybe but I just think I'd want the movie to create some impression on its own, and then suddenly drop the reveal bomb to spike audience curiousity and interest.

      Hmm I don't think it will affect Cedric's standing that much,since Dark Breath is a Japanese project right? If anything, it would only affect Japanese audience, unless Dark Breath has such an impact overseas.

      Hmm would you let that side shown to others tho? I think Cedric should care much about his image. And considering Erika's successfully threaten Kimiko using him suggest that they were not that close so she still need to protect his image in his eyes. Well I don't mean Cedric couldn't do such things, but suggesting that Kimiko copied him is a bit of stretch. They just birds of same feather, which maybe makes it more scary ^^

    4. Lol, true, if Lory is involved. Indeed, l actually thought that they are going to practice for PR since that should be the most logical thing to do.

      Oh, it's already showing. True...I guess it is hard to guess because in real life, I seriously doubt/never heard of such kind of a gimmick/promotion. Actually, I'm not sure how the other actors would feel when they learn about it. Yes, surprise, etc...but won't feeling angry for like being tricked be part of it even if the director/pd did asked Ren to pretend to be a jerk?

      One can't say, actually. It is like some Japanese/foreign films that made it global though I'm not sure if the actor made a big impact, too. It is more on the story itself. But then, this is fiction so it can happen like the big reveal happened during the filming of PR, so there is a lot of buzz about it for Ren.

      I'm thinking that Cedric won't be happy even if it doesn't affect his standing because I got the impression that he wants to be the center of attention and 'destroy' who are a threat. Like before, as Kuon, Ren didn't actually make a name for himself. Yet, Cedric is quite obsessed to destroy him even as they are got older. And, once Cedric figures out who Ren really is. I think it can get ugly, assuming Cedric is still the same as before or worse.

      Now that you mention it, how many people know of that side? In usual shows, the bad guy tend to show that side to close friends though I'm not sure how close Kimiko is to him. I'm just wondering if as you mentioned that it is already innate for Kimiko to be like that or she became like that after she went to the US. Before with Ren, it is more on twisting truths which is already quite scary but doesn't seem to be the type who'll toss the rival off a building or go for hit and run. ^^;

      Ah, I just realized that maybe she was that desperate because whoever will be in Lotus might catch the eye of Leo through Yuki and perhaps, she knew that Leo is in charge of PR wherein Cedric is in it. What do you think?

    5. I think Murasame would at least feel weird facing Ren from now on, he might even go on to revere him as he did Kuu (his acting so real even in real life etc.) The thing that is most curious is actually the 'kiss mark'. It was surprisingly not talked much during dark breath (I just trust Muse's ability to hide it when he turns into Ren). But when the reveal come, heh wonder where Kyouko gonna hide then. Or maybe not? The crew might now suspect that Kana-san was the one who did it to Ren lol.

      Hmm true there were that type of villain. He might still feel the threat if he were to know Ren is Kuon. But what is interesting about Cedric vs Ren is actually where Kyouko would fit into their rivalry. Would Cedric get a peek of Kyouko of the past that Ren has met and got interested in her as result. Or she would be just a deer caught in elephant struggle (unlikely). I think Cedric would have some kind of interest in her. That would make their fights better hehehe.

      Hmm considering how much she put emphasis on getting a role in it, you maybe right. She has been basing herself abroad, so suddenly going back home just to get into a drama for unspecific role is really weird, unless she has some strong reason to do so. Getting into a historical drama, playing in a traditional Japanese woman, perfect way to build an image. I'm not sure Momiji is that kind of character though (cause it's clear that Kyouko caught Leonard's attention by her agile fighting scene, and convincing dying scene ~ not by being a yamato nadeshiko), Kimiko did try for the female lead as well but failed (I assumed miserably). Kinda scary though if she thought so thoroughly as in factoring Yuki's relationship with Leonard (still possible but wow, very calculative of her).

    6. Hehe, true. Would his reaction be more than that if he found out that Ren is Kuu's son? ^^

      That's possible though I wonder if the author will still bother to show that to us - staff suspecting it to be Kana. I think they would be more curious with who is Setsuka after all, they saw the two flirting,etc in front of them. =P

      It is hard to predict. I was thinking that it would be more of a career-type rivalry rather than a love one. I mean, wasn't the love one already Shou's role? I did wonder why the author didn't make Shou's career acting. So perhaps, the rivalry is split between romance-Shou and career-Cedric. That is why I'm thinking Kimiko might be the connect for Cedric since Kyouko didn't get her 'revenge' on her before.

      Also, I'm not sure if things will focus on Ren with Kyouko with more of a supporting role at times but logically, I think it would be like that since it will be all about Ren. Ah, basically like previous arcs when he is the focus.

      About being caught in the struggle, it would depend when Kyouko knows more about Ren/their past. If they are already shooting and she doesn't know, then she will be caught. I suddenly wonder how she'll know it? Who'll tell her? Will it be Ren? Before or during the shoot? Before or when they're in US?

      I suddenly thought it would be fun if somehow Shou and Beagle also get involved. Haha

      Yup. Maybe getting the Momiji is the consolation or at least be in that project and ah, get rid of the lead while shooting if she's the second choice? Ah wait. I'm suddenly confused. How can she fail miserably for the female lead when it was still auditioned when the Momiji role is also being auditioned at the same time? Why didn't she try again after getting rid of the winner before? If she wasn't the second placer, why bother getting rid of the winner? Out of being a sore loser? Is it because she doesn't have a chance with Kanae and the new actress who got the role are around?

      Yup, I'm thinking she is that type of character. I think a formidable villain for Kyouko, don't you think so?

    7. oh yeah, I was under impression that since BJ's identity would be revealed, then so is Setsuka, while maybe people not care much for her. Also she doesn't appear on the movie and Lorry has said that she won't get credited for the role.

      Ah I see that would make sense. I was too narrowly thinking that Kyouko would piqued Cedric interest in that way. I think I like your way better, and putting Kyouko against Kimiko in paralel with Ren against Cedric.

      Well in Tsukigomori both got their share of screentime so I guess it would be like that? Unless Kyouko's role is too much into supporting that there's not much to do.

      Hehe it might be time for the Consultant Bo for Kyouko to secretly learn about Ren's past. I was kinda intrigued by the fact that Kyouko still haven't told Ren her identity as Bo (although in fairness also Ren never reveal that he's Kuon neither). I think the author still want to use Bo at least once more for this purpose, but whether it would be for Kyouko to learn Ren's past, I'm not sure. The other way, well, is for Ren to tell her himself I guess. Cause Lorry wouldn't do that and neither would Kuu nor Sarah. Ah there's still Tina. Well, I personally think Ren would be the one who tell her about everything.

      Eh now that you said it, it was kind of weird. She only resorted to violence for Momiji roles. But I guess, there were more better Chidori candidates than her, that's why she was not so desperate as she was for Momiji, since she practically had no other roles to get.

      Hmm if not for Erika's holding the footage of her crazed actions, I'd say so. Though if we think again, do you think they really would let Kyouko fell there. Now, I'm not so sure. She was bound and drugged, and it is easy to tell that someone meant her harm, which with the cameras will lead to her being convicted anyway. Seriously though, she feels more like a mafia than an actress lol.

    8. Well, I think those who would care/curious would only be the staff/ppl directly involved behind the scenes.

      Yup. Actually, if it is non-romance type, Cedric can use Kyouko as a 'weak point' against Kyouko. Haha, I'm thinking shounen type but then, Kyouko isn't exactly a damsel in distress type. Also, I recall Cedric is into the perfect Jap girl right? And, he gives importance to rank/race, etc so I'm wondering if he would find Kyouko his type.

      Well, apparently, she had a different task as a reason to go with them...for now.

      True. Well, for less issues, it is best that it would be Ren who'll tell her. But if one wants to prolong things, it has to be someone else for extra drama. ^^

      Possibly because she's desperate after failing to get the Chidori role? Sorry, I was mistaken earlier thinking that Erika was going for the Chidori role so Kimiko tried to get rid of her. ^^;

      True. Haha, speaking of mafia, wasn't Cedric like that with Ren before, too? Lol, he even has a gang/goons for hire.

  3. I thought the mock shoot started because people got excited because Kyouko was helping Kanae with her english and then everyone wanted to join in and it became something this big. The shooting staff were provided by Lory I believe, or there was something of that sort in this chapter or previous one. I think the love hate thing is more of admiring his skill and hating him as an idol type of thing so I think both are possible in this case.

    1. Yes, that is what happened and I hope that there is of some importance to it connected to PR/plot and not just as some sort of 'audition' for Kyouko, 'practice' for Kanae and others and perhaps, 'fun' for others. ^^;

    2. OMG the new chapter is out and as we all thought Kyouko is going to America but on the basis of giving Kanae full support ^^

    3. Apparently so, though I think there should be more to it since Leo was interested in her. It's like an 'alibi' for her to join.

    4. I wonder. I think the role that she is now playing in Japan has someone but they are not available in Japan... maybe Leo will see the mock and switch the actor to Kyouko depending on how the acting of this scene goes?

    5. So, you think this drama has a connection/is PR?

      Since technically, it isn't an audition, I think it would be unfair to whoever got the role just to be switch over this mock drama after getting that formal invitation/you passed card. Haha, okay, that is under the assumption that Leo is the type of director who has word of honor. ^^;

      But Leo already saw Kyouko in action during the Lotus shoot and wanted her. Wasn't he already convinced before?

    6. Well the shoots and what they are doing in Japan will be part of the movie right? Or are they just practice runs? My thought was they were a combination of both since PR will be filmed in both countries (mainly U.S. but some parts in Japan) if not they would not ask her to stand in for the person who was going to Film the scene.
      Well Leo wants Kyouko but Yuki thinks they have enough people around. There is a high chance they end up using her as filler crew and such just like what they are doing now. It is more of a how much of big role she gets to play that will be shown on the screen. We know there are a lot of things she does that is never shown on the screen

    7. From my understanding, it is the latter. In the Chinese scans, iirc, Yuki said that the actors are limited and they are just playing all sorts of roles like Murasame is both the policeman lead and a villain Allan. At that time, they need more so Kyouko was called in to fill a role. If it is like that, I don't think it is a movie for public viewing. Maybe, private or for fun?

      The title is also Crisis List. Wasn't PR the title of their project or it was a code name? Basically, I think it is a totally different movie because the genre that Kanae auditioned for is totally different from this one. Is PR some hodgepodge type of movie combination of past and future? Oh well, I guess we'll know for sure in the future chapters but for now, that is what I thought.

      What they are doing now is really carefree that I'm not sure if it is like that in big budget project with Western counterparts. I mean, you don't just give a big villain role to someone who just so happen to be in the site or show how low-budget you are that an actor has to play multiple roles.

      If ever, the filler [like soldiers who are canon fodder] if not cast would be so small but hopefully, with big impact for Kyouko to be recognized by others. A small role would be nice though rather than filler say like the companion of Kanae's role...change the kid's role to an adult.

      Yes, and based on what Leo saw, it should be based on something dramatic + action. I mean usually, in casting, I assume that Leo saw that and thought of something wherein he can put her in the project. Like, I want that in my film.

      Lol, so I'm kind of imagining that this practice is also part of buying time to get the writer to redo the script to fit in another role for Kyouko. ^^;

    8. Isn't what they are doing tied to the English practice that everyone decided to join in as part of the rehearsals?
      Also, isn't Kanae's character a girl in boys disguise, there is a lot of speculation that this movie is based on TCP but I am not sure, there is also a chance that the scene they used for Kanae to act in had nothing to do with the movie itself but it was just to test her acting.
      I was wondering if the character was going to be CG so they did not have a specific person for it. I guess we will see how it goes

    9. You're right about the character being boy in disguise, but everything else doesn't make sense to me. If it is practice, why call it mock practice? What's the logic of them practicing all sorts of roles instead of their specific role for the project. Haha, I guess they are all superhuman actors that can do multiple roles - memorize the script of all the characters and be in character instantly ^^; I assume that it is a practice as they go since they are casting characters on the spot. ^^;; At most, I'm thinking that they are working with the English staff from Lory's son so that they get used to working in a Western-type setting?

      Hm...aside from the girl in boy's disguise, there predicament is different, actually. I actually liked the audition part more than this one because it is more compelling. Hehe, perhaps, I'm just disappointed that it would be like TCP instead of what was auditioned. ^^;; It actually fit the 'fairy tale dialogue' title since it is set in feudal times/royalty.

      Based on the scenes so far, yes, it is based on TCP. They are filming the climax of the series. The fight between the octopus villainess and the lead is pretty awesome.

      Even if it is CG, someone has to play it. If ever, the CG would be the weapons.

  4. I have found cute that there are “flashback” of Tokyo Crazy Paradise (the author’s other series). Like Kyoko playing Freiya will be really interesting. She will definitely be able to demonstrate her skills. Ahah.

    (I’d recommend the series too by the way)

    All of that makes me wonder though, if it’s not a way around to cast her in - Leonard did say that he wanted her.

    Totally going off tangent here - maybe they didn’t prepare everything for the cast, but they are just using the materials that is already in the studio to do a chemistry rehearsal.

    Again Leonard seemed to have tested them all with different costumes and different scenes.

    Long story short, we’ll see what happens. Ahah.

    1. I did read the series so hesitated at first from reading SB due to TCP's ending like what if SB ending is like that, too? ^^;

      Yes, it seems to be a reason to cast her. Maybe even as an extra with an important role. Like, get her to US while Leo tries to fit in a role/get the writer to make a role for her.

      It's possible but I thought it should be at least the same genre. The scenario that Kanae auditioned is different from this one. It's like past vs future. If they want to practice especially in English, I assume that they should use the language proper for that time period <- for Kanae's sake. Well, that is assuming that audition scenario is PR. ^^;

      Ya, and that's why it's weird. They are suppose to be in a certain project, not some drama contest to test their acting abilities - different costumes/scenes. Oh well, maybe we can assume this to be some sort of 'training arc' ^^;