This blog is created as an archive for my main blog, tatsukida.pitas.com on June 13, 2011. Aside for it to be easier for readers to find past summaries with the use of tags, I had a feeling that since pitas has been down and inaccessible sometimes that maybe a back-up is necessary..just in case. I only put up the summaries here that weren’t English scanlated by the time this was created. And, soon enough, around December 27, 2012, pitas ‘died’. orz After a few days, they mentioned that they are moving to a new server in a day or so..and that became a couple of months. Now, around early March 2013, they got the main page up but the archives and login page are still down. The pitas owner apologized for the downtime and even suggested to go to a new web host. Okay.. so they are going to take their time, huh? ^^; Well, it seems that it is permanently down.

Anyway, thank God, that I did create this archive blog which is formerly named as Past Dreams of ADoD. Now, it is A Dreamer on Drugs 2. Well, that is because I’m starting to have doubts if pitas will ever be up and currently, it is no longer an archive blog since I’ve started posting summaries here. Well, I’m thankful enough that the main page is up so that I can mention where I’m currently posting the summaries. If for a few days, there had been no posts here, tagboard or at pitas (if it is up) for a few days, it might be due to computer, internet or health problems. And, if there has been nothing for a long time, think of the worst. =P

What I Posts:
I usually write about the manga that I'm currently reading. At times, I write about the anime I watched. Since it is hard to share and talk my thoughts about certain manga series when people don't know about it, I tend to summarize them from Chinese scanlations so beware, this blog is filled with spoilers and they are not 100% perfect. I'm partly doing this to improve my Chinese. ^^ Feel free to point out my mistakes. ^^ Occasionally, I would blog about myself and other misc. things.

1. If you're going to post any of the content here on other sites, please credit and it would be nice to put a link back to this site.
2. Do not hotlink the images because of the limited bandwidth. I have been forced to put the ‘blog name’ on some of the pictures because I found a blog posting the full summaries of some series and claiming it as their own.
3. Some images are gone because imageshack suddenly decided to have a limit of 500 images, and I had 2000+ images in it. ^^; Then, lately in 2013, they decided to limit it by data storage size. I still have a lot of free space but I’ve already deleted some of them to accommodate the 500. orz The pictures in the other image servers [Imgur and Postimage.org] have to be browsed at least once per 6 months..so if they are gone, that’s the reason for it. I used to solely depend on photobucket but it cannot handle the bandwidth before at pitas. Recently, it is only at Imgur and Photobucket.
4. The summaries on this blog are solely dependent on Chinese scanlations that are mostly found at www.17kk.cc, dm5 or any other Chinese manga sites so, if the Chinese groups suddenly drop a series, that’s it. We’ll have to wait for the English scanlations or other summary sites.
5. I no longer accept recommendations for summaries since I already have a lot that I'm currently doing and want to do. Sorry about that. I do occasionally accept one chapter request.

When posting at the tagboard, I’ll automatically ban those:
a. use 'Kat' as your name on the tagboard because I'll think you did it with malicious intent.
b. flood the tagboard with the same post, more than three times.
c. Posting advertisements totally not related to this blog.
d. Doing a self-monologue/conversation using different usernames but it is actually just one person.
e. Random comments like blogwalking, nice site, etc since they are mostly from spam bots. I do check the IP address’ ‘record’ first before banning. I made a mistake of letting them be before, and I’m been spammed ever since. ^^;