July 1, 2022

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 113

 This series is really a feel good series wherein everyone isn’t innately bad and they do change for the better. Wow, grandma Doujima is being supportive that she’s going with her grandchildren to the Nationals. She is even concerned about Tokise especially Chika regarding the rumors.

Thinking about it, it is really a blessing in disguise that she didn’t take over the Houdzuki because they are now doing it with their own school. I’m sure that they’ll have more students soon if Tokise wins the Nationals. Perhaps, Keishi can do more teaching later on once they are already more stable.


Practice is going smoothly with Natsu’s adlib/fill-in. It is amusing how Suzuka subtlety get them to go on a higher level by massaging the egos of the four to not know what is Natsu’s adlib since they’ll just know how to play with it on the performance itself.

Later on, Tomo and others shows us the effect of the rumors regarding Chika. Meeting the person and everything to the point of being a crush then everything changes upon knowing that person is the one in the scandal. In a way, one doesn’t really know the truth if one didn’t really interact and know them like Ousuke.

Ousuke is really a big help in breaking the ice and putting in a good little reprimand in the guise of conversing with the Tokise about rumors from strangers. It’s really nice to have competitors who are like this since he isn’t using the rumor to affect Tokise’s performance later on. He’s quite fair and square.


In a way, Ousuke and others aren’t dumb enough to believe it because they have met Tokise. And, didn’t the others wonder why Chika can still play even with that kind of rumor? Tokise isn’t exactly some big shot school that can pull strings for them to get in. Hm...I wonder if Uzuki going there later on will also be for clearing Chika’s name.

Well, later on, the group did some bonding time to help the newbies going on stage for the first time and soon, they re-group with the Doujima-s for more practice and fine-tuning. Hm...something more ought to happen for Natsu to have a really amazing adlib for the performance itself. ^^

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