May 27, 2022

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 112

 The send-off to the finals makes me feel that this is the final arc. There is the contrast with now and their previous send-off to the prelims with Kurata. The principal and vice even took time to see them off. ^^ It has been a big development for vice principal from trying to destroy them, to being supportive of them, to the point of crying when the group bow to them.

We got a cute moment between Chika and Satowa while on the plane ^^ Satowa got lovey dovey moments ahead of Hiro who can only just fangirl over Takezou’s cuteness over his excitement over planes. Hopefully, her turn will come soon. It is also nice how Michi and Natsu can talk easily with each other about their families and have gotten close with each other that Natsu is even open to staying at Michi’s house.


We got a glimpse of how the rumors affected people in regards on how they will be treated here. The young man is very warm and accommodating but his father isn’t because of the rumors. And, we got a glimpse of the competitors. Two which we have already met and a new one. I wonder how the author will deal with Chibana, I mean, will it be the same with Himesaka?

Apparently, that girl has no clue/haven’t heard of Tokize’s performance. Iirc, Ichiei has that is why their adviser had to take steps to change their arrangement/style. Well, that girl will be in for a surprise later on. And, I guess the effects of the rumor will be shown when Tokize has to deal with Chibana.