April 27, 2022

Free Talk: SB 下一站巨星 305

 Starting the chapter like that really got me confused and disoriented as I wonder what am I reading. Because of the setting and the clothes, does it mean that it isn’t feudal type/Western-Eastern past-fantasy but a space futuristic setting? If so, it does seem weird for Ren to have that kind of sword.

And for Ren to have that kind of outfit, is that for fan service? During the acting, some of Kanae’s reactions made me wonder if she is Kyouko ^^; From the looks of it, it is a love triangle. Based on this scene, I’m not impressed with this project. I’m actually more interested in Kanae’s scenario audition. ^^;


Koga seems to have become the ‘Shou’ in the story. Shou as in rival who is trying to be better than Ren who doesn’t actually care about the ‘competition’ ^^;; I’m surprised that Murasame is in the project, too. I think it is for the big reveal as to who BJ is/know who the Heel siblings are.

Apparently, Kanae hasn’t perfected her English and it seems that Emilia actress isn’t good in English either. I’m really wondering about the wisdom of hiring actors who aren’t good in the language. Is that usually okay since it is just a handicap that can be overcome later on? I mean, they can learn it anyway and they couldn’t find any other better actors who can speak English?

Since it is all in English, the target audience is Western audience. Well, maybe if it is a movie/film, the script would be shorter for each actor and well, it seems to be an ensemble. I mean, Kanae doesn’t have a long dialogue and well, lots of action scenes can prolong the film. ^^ We haven’t seen the US actors yet and they are most likely the opponents of this cast.

So, what is Kyouko’s role/duty here? She is in Love Me uniform. Is it just to help Kanae with her English? Or, is it because this is just practice for the ‘accepted’ actors. Leo’s plan for her isn’t in motion yet. After all, he hasn’t formally talked with her about anything related to the project.


I guess the last part is about how Kyouko helped Kanae with all this and she is some sort of magus according to the English scanlation though I prefer for it to be a fairy since Kyouko is into that and based on the drawing. Maybe something related to what Chiori thought of Kyouko as an immortal butterfly. Lol, commonality is wings.

Still, I feel that there is some sort of disconnect in that last part since Kanae doesn’t seem to be the type who’ll compare Kyouko to fantasy-type things. I always felt that Kanae is a ‘realist’-type of person. Though perhaps, the author just wanted to add that for future implications or the title of the arc.


  1. wow just when I thought of coming here I'm greeted by this. kinda surprised, but in a nice way ^^

    hee so Koga and Ren kind of living their role in the movie lol. Also the fact that Murasame is in there is quite interesting, though if we cut his conflict with BJ out, yeah he's just another side character. I don't think he can smell Heel siblings off Ren nor Kyouko ^^.

    Hmm theoretically you maybe able to speak quite fluently of particular sentences if you try hard, but it's more like trying to play a piece of music using an instrument you never play before. It's gonna be awkward and it's bound to affect the acting. I start to question why Kuresaki so insisted on Kanae's getting part in the Project.

    So Kyouko has not been invited into the cast yet, this may mean my speculation about her replacing someone less likely (or maybe she will still get in as a minor character - there were some cases where actors/ actress impressed so much in a minor supporting role that it got them a bigger gig later on). I'm more curious as in what kind of support she can give Kanae in this situation though, as just morale support won't help Kanae much in her English.

    But maybe as you say, since the movie would be an action movie with ensemble cast, there won't be much for Kanae to talk in English. It would definitely work in her favor, but still Heisenberg looked like a troubled character which means she will still have fair share of dialogue ahead of her. But maybe this suit Lorry's purpose for her training? Cause he was aiming to take Love-Me members out of their comfort zone to improve them in one way or another.

    Anyway I better check out the chapter before coming here again for more comments ^^. Thanks again for the summary, Kat.

    1. ^^

      Yup, and I think he'll be pretty shocked. Actually, I think more with Kyouko like her transformation to Natsu. I'm thinking if it weren't for the pink uniform, Kyouko probably won't stand out at all.

      Yes, I agree. Well, if they have plenty more time before the actual filming and she's a fast learner, most likely, it can be pulled off.

      Maybe Leo went back to the US to make arrangement for her insertion/replacing someone? So, there's no mention about it for now. I agree with minor character getting a big gig especially if that minor character is 'special'/stands out.

      Actually, that got me confused. Her character here has short hair while the audition scenario is long hair and even the outfit is different. It is totally different auras that it makes me think that it isn't the same role. Heisen is more elegant and poise like how Kanae is but here, she's like Kyouko based on the reaction and the impression is somewhat of a boyish-type especially due to the hair.

      Yes, indeed, it is about going out their comfort zone.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. Ah yes, I have seen the chapter and it seems there's more to it since actually the whole Japanese crew were joining the English training (including Ren and Koga who were supposedly fluent lol). It will definitely helps her better (I like how Lorry just forced his way in though. I didn't read the detail about how he got involved, but he sure has his way.)

      Hmm I start to lean more on your idea about special part written for Kyouko especially. Though maybe we can have more clear picture of PR before that. Like right now, besides Heisenberg and the pieces of dialogue we were shown, we basically know nothing about it. This is kinda new, since in previous projects, we have always got the big picture before we enter the acting scenes. I think I can understand now that you said you haven't been impressed by the Project. But we have only seen maybe just tip of the iceberg that is PR. Let's just hope it will get better.

      hmm I don't think you need go to casting with the character appearance already. Granted there are some roles where it is essential, but it seems not to be the case for Heisenberg? But it is weird cause Cedric like Yamato Nadeshiko (whose image was associated with long black hair elegant woman or something in previous chapters). Is that part of Heisenberg's perk of a fighter though? Maybe she found having short hair more comfortable in combat.

    3. Yes, they are in English training. He overheard the two girls training and the others wanting to join. He wanted to help them and/or maybe he just want to do some cosplay fun =P

      I'm not impressed if it is this plot/acting scene scenario but if it was the audition scenario, it is okay.

      Indeed. Well, for practical reasons, it should be short hair but for image, it is long hair to have an aura of elegance. Hehe, I mean in games and other fantasy stuff. ^^

  2. Hello! The Japanese casts of the project in this chapter were actually doing mock acting to make them more fluent in English since most of them (except Ren and Koga of course) couldn’t speak fluent English. And they used the ‘foreign film’ based on Nakamura-sensei’s previous work Tokyo Crazy Paradise (sensei said to avoid copyrights), but the characters’ names were original. So it’s safe to say it’s not the story used in the Route Project.

    1. Ah, so it is just some practice but that clash between Ren and Koga is similar to Ren's audition. Also, Kanae's role here is different from PR. Isn't it better that they practice their roles in the same genre or at least make their roles similar to what was auditioned?

      I see. Copyrights stuff is quite weird though...she's the author of TCP so it shouldn't be a violation, right? It is published in the same magazine, too, iirc. I guess there are some other stuff regarding copyrights than who is the author. ^^; I would understand though if she just wants to allude it to TCP.

    2. Oh don’t worry about it, it has nothing to do with TCP’s work since it also serialized on Hanayume. ^^ What I meant about copyrights stuff before was if she used some real western movies’s scenes from our world instead, so she used TCP as a ‘western movie’ reference for the characters to practice their English.

      As for the reason whether they got the roles in TCP similar to the ones in the project or not, it’s not yet explained in this chapter nor on sensei’s side note, but I suspect Kuresaki or Lory were involved with this.

      Interestingly, on the newest The Hanayume published last month, there’s a hint on sensei’s one page drawing of Ren dressed like his role’s in TCP, and a mysterious female character behind him who looks like Kyoko and dressed like a female assassin. Sensei said that she will appear in the main story soon, implying the eventual role given to Kyoko.

    3. Ah, I see.

      Yes, they are involved so I'm puzzled over the choice of 'drama?' scenario that they are practicing if we were to compare it to Kanae's audition. Aside from the possible different usage of English though I haven't watch much lately, like I assume it is traditional vs modern, the genre and Kanae's role are quite opposites.

      His outfit here is indeed like TCP, iirc, I mean the antagonist. I was actually wondering why would he dress that way. Is that fanservice? If her role is an assassin, I can understand why Leo wanted her. Since it seems like a modern role, perhaps a femme fetale type? Upgrade of Setsuka? Then, perhaps more TCP vibes during the major last fight. Well, hopefully something cool like Tsubasa's fight with the flirty villainess with tentacles.

  3. This might help, the scene that they are reenacting from Tokyo Crazy Paradise (TCP) is: chapter 86 or volume 15, chapter 4.

    1. Thanks for the info ^-^

    2. Seeing the raws for 306, it is really going to be TCP inspired. Saw octopus villainess again ^^

    3. Yes!!!

      I can't wait.

      Like you discussed with someone else in this thread, it makes sense for the author to do TCP; it's her work and she does not have to worry about ownership . And it promotes her previous work, so good/smart on her.