March 26, 2022

Free Talk: SB 下一站巨星 304

 Contrary to what I thought, it turned out that Kanae is indeed frustrated with her English. She wasn’t able to use the proper words to convey what she wanted to express. And because of that, she cried for real which the ‘judges’ assumed to be acting – she assumed that is. Maybe Yuki and Leo noticed but still decided that she can pull it off later on.

I’m not sure if it is a real issue if she seemed to have just shown real frustration which is likely the same frustration her character is experiencing. Is that bad for an actor? I have read/heard actors saying that they think of a sad thing which can cause them to cry in their roles. So, technically, is that bad acting because it is because of their own experience that they are crying and not because of ‘being in the role’?

If the ‘judges’ didn’t notice it, would the audience notice it? In a way, it is like an issue that only Kanae thinks is a problem. I’m not sure about the filming but is this drama/film going to rely on a lot of ad lib from the actors rather than on the script? And, judging from Ren’s audition, it seems so. Then, it can be a bit of a problem for Kanae because she isn’t fluent in English.


Kanae’s mentality as an actress is on a higher level since she isn’t afraid that her bad acting will give her bad reputation that might affect her career but more on it will pull down the quality of the film/drama. In turn, it can pull down ratings and it can cause poor reviews.

It is like everything is perfect except for this actor’s acting that is causing the viewers to not enjoy the film/drama than they should. Perhaps, the acting is a distraction. Though I don’t think it would be up to that extent because Kanae can indeed act and I’m sure she can pull it off with practice. It isn’t like they are doing it with just one shooting + ad lib like that audition.

I guess more or less, it is an issue of going into the role due to some language barrier. Hehe, basically, I’m not exactly convinced or rather couldn’t quite imagine how it can be an actual issue during the filming. Don’t co-actors practice a bit with each other, and then film the ‘perfect scene’ later on + some ad lib when ‘in the role’ to make it better?

Like, now that Kanae realize the issue with her audition, can’t she do it again/do it better next time? Or, maybe she just didn’t have this kind of issue before and everything is just ‘one take’ and it’s done? Kyouko didn’t seem that distress over the issue but more distressed that Kanae is distressed over it.


From what I understand in that last scene, Kyouko’s solution is to encourage by saying they’ll do ‘this’ together. Of course, she probably didn’t realize that she will most likely be also be part of this project = they’ll literally do this project together rather than perhaps, ‘this’ = their acting career/going over this high mountain of an obstacle.

On a side note, I suddenly wondered if Kimiko is in this project, too. Like, is Koga’s role a lead-type? Hehe, just wondering if it be Cedric-Kimiko, Ren-Kyouko and Koga-Kanae ensemble type of project. As I’ve always mentioned, I think Kyouko still has some unfinished business with Kimiko. And, the title, hehe, Kyouko will love this arc ^^


  1. Thanks Kat, as always it is best when I read your notes and summaries ^^

    My thought was that they were pleased with Kanae's acting, even if it was tears. I think she delivered what they were looking for. i don't think they thought it was her lack of ability to act. On the other hand, Kanae has been acting mostly superficial. I think she is a great actor but she has no depth of character. I think she realizes that this project is different and that's why she was frustrated during the audition. My thought was that this is where she is realizing her shortcoming as an actor and how skill cannot cover lack of character depth, so I think by doing this project she will grow a lot. I think she realizes she cannot fake it (something similar happened to Ren and love acting during Dark Moon, but he found his depth in acting).
    I am not sure if Kyouko is going to be part of route project but maybe she will be. I don't think Kimiko will be part of anything as she was threatened last time she was anywhere near acting but maybe she has moved to the U.S. and they have an encounter there? but that is simply a thought.

    1. Thanks for reading, El4n1 ^-^

      That's a good point. ^^ It makes me wonder if it also affects the audience like the audience can 'feel' if it's superficial or not.

      I actually wondered if she did delievered because in that scene, perhaps, Yuki is glum as usual then looked at glum Leo before saying anything. Perhaps something like Ren's audition? But with Kyouko, they really looked impressed..or rather, Leo was. So, I'm thinking was it like 'that will do' or 'she can pull it off later on' or 'no other actors can pull this part anyway'. ^^;

      I think she will be. Didn't Leo wanted to borrow her and would find a part for her?

      Yes, that's what I meant. I think it will be filmed in the US. After all, the cast are going to the US, mentioning stuff about Ren's past including Tina, etc. Based on that talk about Cedric before, I don't think he'll go to Japan to film.

    2. My thought was, her feeling of despair was what Leo was looking for, so he was pleased with her thinking she can pull off the character. Yuki on the other hand knows how good she is because he deliberately did not give her the Momiji role to add her to Route project.

      I think the reason there is a buzz about Kyouko that made Leo curious is because she is a talent and everyone knows how particular Yuki is with they have to be actresses and actors and such. I think everyone wants to know who broke his barrier and resolve to make him cast her for his movie, and of course Kyouko delivered perfect acting which impressed Leo. Now Leo wants her too. I think Kyouko is building reputation behind the scene with directors and producers and that will be the thing that will boost her popularity and push her to the top eventually.

      Maybe it is one of those that will be filmed in both countries? Considering they are building a big Japanese group and I am sure there will be a big American group as well

    3. Ah, that's a good point. But about not getting the role, I thought that it was because she wasn't suitable for it rather than she's good but he wants her in a different project. ^^;

      Yes, she's building that reputation but wasn't Leo curious because of Kyouko's role itself being a female ninja? When they first met, iirc, he wasn't remotely interested until Yuki mentioned her role.

      Yes though I guess it depends on the project itself because I got the impression that it has a feudal setting based on Kanae's audition. I'm thinking that it might be a fiction/fantasy-type and not exactly US and Jap historical project.

    4. My thought on it was the other way, I thought Yuki did not use her because he wanted to use her in the route project which was more important to him.

      True but I am assuming there is a little bit of both, considering a lot of people have been talking and and there are a lot of rumors behind the scenes.

      Well even for fantasy type of movies sometimes they use more than one country to portray the different environments and cities and places but it is a big unknown at this point as to what type of movie it is.

    5. I see. If it is like that, it kind of feels 'not right'. I mean why would he decide for Kanae which project she would want to be in. Like, doesn't she have a choice? Of course, in real life, what you mentioned happens.

      Ah, while on the set at that time? Yes.


  2. oh well that is surprising as well. I had only grazed the chapter in one peek and I didn't expect that she actually had doubt over her ability to talk in English. It is indeed not easy for someone to be fluent in a foreign language in such a short time, and if she were to perform while having to think about what she's saying, I guess that would affect her acting.

    I'm not sure if anything Kyouko does would help to fix the problem in a short notice, maybe they can take it to another level to have Kanae perform as a fluent English speaker while performing for the drama. It looks a long stretch though :D.

    Anyway, Leonard should know about her circumstances I think, since Kanae is someone that Kuresaki himself proposed. If anything, Kuresaki should have some confident that Kanae can perform (which include speaking) to a acceptable degree at the very least.

    There is real possibility that Kimiko is involved in the Project indeed. She's been in the USA for a while and surely she's not idling there. Also her 'image change' feels fit for Yamato Nadeshiko they seek for the Project. Anyway, I wonder if her chasing Cedric is more of her seeking a foothold in the entertainment industry. After all she did have bit history with Ren.

    1. Indeed, Junior. Hm...I suddenly wondered if her role is a lead one. Like would a producer/director give the main role to someone who just learned the language in short time?

      Indeed. I'm thinking that Kanae is a fast learner so she can easily memorize the script, learn what it meant and deliver. I'm pretty sure it won't be ad lib like the audition.


      Yup. It seems highly likely that's her goal. It does help one's popularity if one is the bf/gf of a famous celebrity/actor.

    2. I don't think so. But you know there's history of actrees/ actors that take a role which require specific skills and hid the fact that they didn't actually have the skill by the time they were cast into the role. And while I'm skeptical that language could be learnt in few months, I have seen advertisement (albeit I can't confirm it's credibility) where people seemed to be able to talk in fluent English in short time. Anyway, Kyouko would again be involved big time, and as you said they might even be on set together, so I think Kanae should be fine.

      hehe true. It seems she's not going away from the story just yet, that Kimiko ^^.

    3. Ah, good point. Maybe there is still a long time gap before the shooting starts since they are still in casting. That is assuming that this is a big budget-type wherein lots of logistics, costumes and stuff are needed first before the shooting starts. Kanae can learn/memorize her script by then. That made me wonder if Ren's past would be insert at that time before the shooting starts.

      I also think so. I found it odd that it wasn't Kyouko who 'taught' her a lesson like she usually does with other bullies.

    4. Hmm probably more of prelude like what happened during Dark Moon car chase accident. I feel like there need to be something big, to open the door into the past (like Saena's public denial of ever having child which lead to Kyouko's past). Well, I'm not saying it can't happen (like there is Tina, and Ren might get to confront Cedric even before shooting begin), but it feels like the true epicenter would be during the filming (similar to Dark Breath).

    5. Ah, I see. For Tina, maybe a chance encounter. I'm not too sure Ren would confront Cedric. Hehe, I'm still wondering if Cedric would recognize him with eye color and hair color changed. ^^;

    6. Hehe ikr. I'm truely looking forward to PR now, and also of how Kyouko would get in there. I'm sure Leonard would not just put her in cause she caught his eyes. Though few chapters ahead might be more about Kanae and how Kyouko would help her solve her imminent problems.

    7. What do you mean by 'Leonard would not just put her in cause she caught his eyes'? Hehe, I thought that was the main reason. Is there any other reason?

      Few chapters...that could mean months of wait for us. I'm curious though does the long wait/slow pacing affect your anticipation for what might happen? Before it doesn't but lately, it does for me. Fewer pages and not much happening per chapter.

    8. I mean he would test her, just like he did to other cast. While I do agree that Kyouko has terrific performance in both her stage combat and her dramatic dying scene, I think Leonard may still want to test her in his own way.

      Ah yes. I also skipped some chapters in the past several times already ^^, in favor of reading a more whole story later. How long have you been doing this reviews, Kat? I should say though, coming here to read reviews and then talk some things about current story/ development is fun in some ways.

    9. I see. Well, I think Kyouko's case is different from the other cast. I got the impression that instead of auditioning the actors to know whether or not they are suitable to the role, for Kyouko it is the opposite, he is going to make a role to fit her based on that scene/what he saw. He is already telling Yuki that he wants to borrow even if Yuki told him that he is 'already full'/all the roles have been cast.

      A very long time already. I used to do summaries when the English scanlations are late. I think it is around Dark Moon.


    10. Hmm.. if Kyouko is a true blue big name artist, it might be possible Leonard would go to such extent to accommodate her into the Project. But as good as she is, she is still an upstart. I do agree that his look when watching Kyouko is a bit excessive though (like someone obsessed in something kind of look lol). I think rather than creating a role for Kyouko, he has already have the role just yet to find a suitable actress.

      I see that's indeed quite some time. It has long affected me, the rate of one chapter per month is too slow ( we used to have 2 per months, but that time feels like ages ago now ). I'll just give the author benefit of doubt about the lack of progress that she's working hard seeking inspiration to deliver quality story ^^.

    11. ah btw I mean actrees. I sometimes got it confused with artist lol.

    12. Hm...but if there is already a role why would Yuki say that Leo's side is full? Doesn't that mean he might bump someone off for Kyouko? But you are right, I think the script ought to be done already and accommodating Kyouko for a new part = rewriting the script and that it would cause delays.

      My impression is Leo is impatient type like I must have this girl in my project at all cost = not wait for some other project and perhaps as you mentioned have an idea as to which role he'll put her in. I'm not sure if Leo is the type who like to discover and make unknown actors famous/look for fresh talent-stuff.

      Indeed. I think it also doesn't help that the chapter is shorter now, less 10 pages [usually a chapter is 30 pages] and it doesn't have much content. Like this chapter, it is just one scene of talking. I checked the previous chapters at around 100+, there are usually 2-3 scenes in one chapter.

      I guess one should at least be happy/content with that because for other series, long series can cause authors to just take a break for years. ^^;

    13. Hmm probably. Like Leonard feels the actress that he previously got was not good enough or something like that. Say it's not gonna be Kanae right?

      Ah that actually reminds me of Kuu you know, when Lory assigned Kyouko as his 'maid'. And I think, there's a pride in getting involved in someone's growth. You can boast that, I was part of his/ her success somewhere along the way kind of thing lol. Anyway, Kuu nailed it when he said seeing a rough gems makes you eager to polish it and see how good it may become.

      yeah there are noticeably less text also, somehow panels are getting bigger. Well if that is a way to give the author bit of breathing room for her work, I don't mind. Like you said, it's still better than having a hiatus with no guarantee when the series will continue.

    14. Well, in other shoujo, if you want to prolong a series, it would be Kanae but I think that the author is going for Kanae's development/love me mission and Ren's past-set up, it seems unlikely. So, I'm kind of guessing that perhaps if Kimiko is going to be back in the storyline, it will be her. As consolation, perhaps Kimiko will be given a smaller role. That's the scenario I can think of if Kyouko is going to replace someone in the project.

      Yes, that's right. It is something like that. Who knows, maybe Kyouko might become Leo's 'favorite' actress for his projects. I recall that there are some directors/producers who love to cast/work with a certain actor multiple times.


    15. lol poor Kimiko. But I guess you're right she still owes Kyouko a round 2.

      Hehe ikr? I wanted to mention it in my previous comment too. PR is shaping up to be a really big milestone in Kyouko's career now.

    16. Yup ^^ Wasn't it mentioned that she has something to do with Cedric so I think that might also be a hint that she'll reappear.

      Indeed ^^