March 16, 2022

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 111

 Tsukaji is quite a responsible journalist that he would want to clarify the misunderstanding. Komaki’s philosophy though is good or bad publicity is still publicity. Somehow, I wonder if that won’t affect Tokize’s chances of winning.

I mean in real life, the judges might not just rate the performance itself but also think about the possible effect/backlash of making a ‘delinquent’ group win. Something more like their reputation if they make such a group win. That is if the sentiments against Tokize is still strong.


Well, apparently, Ichiei is having some difficulties with their new arrangement. Doing it like that is really such a risky move. In a way, it is a contrast with Tokize. Tokize is more about unity-harmony while Ichiei is more on competing against itself/among the members to make amazing music .

The finals arc will be a long one since there will be three other groups involved and it will definitely include more backstories though we already have some from Meiryou and a bit of Eidai before. Since it will be an intense completion, hopefully, as I mentioned above, they’ll judge Tokize based on the performance and not their reputation.


Tokize’s practice has immensely improved so with some minor ironing of the performance and they’ll all good to go. It is true what they say that when you experienced something, it is easier to notice and advice others on what to do when they have the same predicament. Chika had realized what might be causing Natsu’s slump.

It’s quite nice of Chika to still be open to deal with anything related to Uzuki that he’ll took the initiative to make Momoya tell him what’s the problem with Uzuki and even meet up with Uzuki. I’m curious though about the hoodie thing. Is that for real like depressed people don’t realize it is hot in summer or they just wear it since they felt like ‘hiding’?

It is also interesting to point out as to how alone Uzuki is. I mean, where are his parents? And, Chika is once again using his own experience to help Uzuki by telling him to regret and atone for what he did, but don’t stay sad for the rest of one’s life.


For a while there, I thought Uzuki is Atsumu. ^^; The EQ level seemed to be pretty much the same. In a way, like Momoya mentioned, he had a lot of pent up emotions. And, I guess it is because he doesn’t have anyone who can give him good advice. In a way, he knows what he did/Abiko’s advice is wrong but since he is desperate, he probably thought that if that can bring Chika back, why not.

So, in this Nationals, ‘I’ will be Uzuki’s healing song. The last part is nice when Chika is pretty much saying ‘be yourself’ when telling Uzuki to speak as he usually does. And, I guess the others spied on him because they are also worried in case something bad happens. It’s always nice to have others there for support.

Natsu even showed up for Uzuki after that talk with Chika. In a way, I guess it is because they are still brothers and Natsu can empathize with him. I recall there was a bit of guilt from Natsu since he could have done something more to help Uzuki before. Perhaps, it is because Uzuki is actually a lost kid but acted tough to protect himself so it seemed that he is fine.

So, I guess this is the final chapter for this arc and it is time for the finals tournament arc in the next chapter ^^

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