January 7, 2022

Free Talk: SB 下一站巨星 301

 The egg benedict looks delicious. I think that Ren is going to guest at a variety show that wants to somehow showcase his cooking skills and perhaps, some PR. After all, it is plus points for girls if the guy celebrity can cook. Of course, in Ren’s case, there is a need to pretend eating the food.

Ren is dropping so many hints to Kyouko about wanting her to eat the food with him but she manages to counter reason all that he mentioned from is it delicious to how to eat it.

It somehow reminds me of the time when Kyouko is doing the same thing to Shou to make him stay...stay for some pudding so that they can spend time together. It makes me wonder if it never occurred to Kyouko because Ren isn’t Shou/hasn’t connect much romance with Ren yet/delayed reactions or as Ren is implying, she became a ‘Love Me member’ – because of what happened with Shou.


About the blushing part + deepening bonds, the Chinese translation is different. In Chinese, it is about deepening bonds is important but she doesn’t know how to deal with improving the relationship between men and women which included the phone call. So, I’m assuming that Kyouko is having a bit of difficulty when it comes to a mutual relationship?

I’m guessing that since it was one-sided before with more on fangirling with Shou, Kyouko finds it easier to just keep on giving. But now, she finds it a bit awkward when the other party is doing romantic-related stuff with her. She’s just isn’t used to it yet.


In the first one, it is about Ren wanting her to stay using eating as an excuse. The second one, a bit aloof reaction when Ren is trying to clear the misunderstanding regarding the dating gossip. She might be aloof since she already knows the inside story but perhaps, she belatedly realized the implication of Ren going out of his way to clear the misunderstanding.

As for the last part, it is more on making Kyouko know that Yashiro knows or had already guessed what transpired between them. Then perhaps, she’ll realize that it was deliberate that Yashiro made them have a date that night ^^ I do wonder though if there’s no paparazzi-type of reporters hanging around Ren’s house. ^^;


  1. Thanks for the summary ^^

    I found Kyouko's reaction very cute, it is cute how dense she is when it comes to herself being the subject of someone's love compared to how she acts when she is in-love. The parallel you draw with how she tricked Sho is true, I am sure if she was her old self she would do something similar for Ren but she can't seem to click when Ren is doing it to her.

    Chapter 302 is out by the way, the raws looked longer with a lot more conversation so lets see how it goes.

    1. Thanks for reading, El4n1 ^-^

      Indeed. ^^

      Let's wait for it then ^^

    2. The translation is on Den manga website I believe. I also saw it in a few other websites ^^

    3. Where is this den manga?

  2. guess you're better now that this finally come out :D.

    Nice summary btw, I don't read into the chapter that much since I don't read much shoujo, and I got to appreciate the chapter more. Especially the part of how Kyouko is now receiving Ren's attention and that she is not accustomed to being 'treated with love'. Which kinda reminded me of time when she acted as Kuon, and she had such moment with Kuu as well.

    yeah, there should be people who saw them together imo, but Kyouko is still Ren's junior, though if they met up more times in such fashion, suspicion will eventually grow. I think at this point it should be relatively safe still, unless it's Kanna-san who saw. She would definitely draw two-and-two together of who Ren's actual lover is.

    Ah yes Yashiro has been involved in Ren and Kyouko's relationship since the very beginning that I really wish he would stay managing both, even if they become international actor/ actress :D

    1. Yes, Junior ^^

      Thanks ^^ Yup, in a way, it's a bit sad, don't you think?

      Ah yes, that's possible. I'm not sure how conservative Japanese are but there is a tendency to think that there is more to it if a girl goes to a guy's house and vice-versa + they're alone. I think Kanna won't expose it even if she knew. I'm thinking more of the possibility of it being exposed to the public. Though, I'm not sure the author will go for that plot direction.

      It's possible...hm...I suddenly wondered if managers would eventually have their own agencies. I got the impression that Yashiro is still at the 'start' since he was managing Ren full time [1 person only] until recently. So, I'm thinking if in the future, he'll have his own agency or something. Something like career growth rather than just continuing to full-time manage the two. ^^

    2. Haha yeah, Kyouko's love life has been a sad one. Left by Kuon, betrayed by Shou, problematic family situation. I sure hope her relationship with Ren will be enduring happy ever after, or at least it will be like that at the end.

      I see, but even then Kyouko has already been to Ren's apartment several times already by now. If any gossip would start, it would have started long time ago. Though it might just need one too many such visit for media to start sniffing things out. Yeah, I don't think Kanna will deliberately spread it, since she has her own agenda with the false relationship. But in this case, the fewer who know the better.

      Oh that would be nice. That surely will be next step forward for Yashiro. Speaking of which, we never got his background story neither. Very little were told about him, and we have always seen him as capable confidant of Ren. Like many things that Lorry does, I doubt Yashiro is a coincidence. He must have some credibility to be assigned for Ren's job. Hopefully the author will tell a story about him someday.

    3. oh by the way, 302 is out :D. Looking forward to another insightful summary of yours, Kat ^^

    4. Haha, in shoujo and with this kind of story, it is definite. At times, I think of it as fairy tale themed so, yes, definitely a happy ending.

      Yes, and there's hot topic on his love life lately. Sometimes, well, really nosy ones, would want to take pictures for publication so they might stalk him = expecting him with Kanna. Though, I'm not sure how nosy Japanese paparazzi are = wanting more pictures and gossip news about it. Yup, it is better if fewer knew. Oh, I suddenly remembered Shou. Would he reveal it once he knew? Though I wonder what kind of reaction would he have.

      Yes, nothing much about him. Maybe later on as a side story ah when the story is finished or maybe she can fit it in if relevant to the storyine.

      Ya, I saw it. I have only read a few pages and thought that I should wait for the Chinese for cross-checking the translation. There are some stuff that I actually don't understand/cannot make sense in the English last chapter. ^^;;

    5. Hmm I'm not too concerned about Shou at this point. It's clear Kyouko is not going back to him, and messing with Kyouko's love life like that is not going to be beneficial for his career neither. About paparazi tho, yeah that would be the primary concern. I'm assuming they would be accepting the fact that Kyouko is Ren's junior for now, though suspicion can grow anytime from slightest hint (these journalist' nose is sharper than dogs in sniffing gossip - Ren's pendant was just one good example).

      Ah I see. Will be looking forward to 302, hopefully the cn scanlation will come out soon.

    6. Yes, but I don't mean that part. ^^; I meant revealing to the public/paparazzi about the two to kind of ruin the two or perhaps more on Ren. Though I'm not sure he'll stoop that low but then, there was that dare thing about going back to Kyoto and be a maid, iirc if she falls for Ren. Of course, it can easily be thwarted by saying Ren isn't Ren.

      Indeed though if Ren and others are going to US soon, I guess that kind of possible issue will be gone. I mean, they won't chase them up to the US, right?

      Yup, hopefully soon ^^

    7. Revealing it would akin to just admitting himself as a jerk (which will not help his reputation at all), and tbh I'd rather him not since I have, as Kyouko also seen him as of late, seen him in better light after all that happened, especially after Saena episode (excluding the kiss xP). Also Kyouko is not going back to Kyoto just for a promise with him (like Ren would allow her to :P). It's more probably that she just go back to see his family and serve for a day at the inn if he so insist (eventually she will go back there since they were practically her family with how Saena-san treated her back in the day).

      Hmm you think so? Like even if Ren's going soon, Kyouko might still need time to build her career in Japan for a while. Don't you think she will be on focus more as Ren's lover? We still need to see how far this lover episode will go. The author can just make it a peaceful journey with people gradually forgetting the rumors over the years, but if not there's bound to be a bumpy road ahead for Kyouko. Ah, but what do you think of her prospect going to US together with Ren? If they got spotlight in PR, it might be possible that she would gather interest in international scene.

    8. Well, yes, that's right...most likely not but then, I'm thinking of it more on trying to ruin Ren. Hehe, perhaps like imply that Ren is two-timing with Kana and Kyouko?

      Ah, speaking of that, weren't his parents/mother suppose to visit her in Tokyo? I wonder if that already happened behind the scenes.

      Ah, I mean the arc might be going to US soon to deal with the big reveal of Ren's past and most likely, real identity. Temporarily. Ren might go there soon but it depends on his role in PR. Would he outshine Cedric that he would be offered lead roles? I think he is already at his peak in Japan.

      I actually assume that it would be more on this kind of scenario. He works in US to build his projects/career in US while she in Japan. And, afterwards, be together since currently, career is the priority. Shoujos love this 'long distance relationship arc' at the end of the series then finally, time skip to when they achieve something/graduate, reunion and the end.

      And yes, once Ren goes to US, they'll forget the rumors.

      Maybe not immediately since Kyouko is just starting out. She might work on both like small roles in US and bigger roles in Japan. I think that's how it usually goes if she got the spotlight.

    9. hmm it is in his character (Shou) to try to compete with Ren, but really the key here is how he view his career. I guess he might go for it if it won't affect his career much, it's just I don't like it if he does it lol. The playboy just won't go away that way, and with the story is moving Ren-centric, it's just unnecessary intermezzo.

      Ah, maybe the author will have a half chapter or something for that. Tbh I'm eager to see how they would punish Shou :D It may also work as a way to dismiss their earlier bet, cause I can imagine them against it.

      He won't outshine Cedric right away imo, unless he come with Kuon revelation. I think I'll just go conservative and say that Cedric, no matter how good Ren acts, will still be the highlight in PR at the very least.

      Ah yeah, I don't consider this. You have always talked about this LDR being part of Shoujo and I keep forgetting it lol. Hmm do you think the author would spend some time focusing on Kyouko's work while Ren is away? Also interesting is whether Ren will revive Kuon's playboy nature when he's away :D. It feels a waste if the author will just skip everything to the end.

      Ah that make sense. She's bound for more roles in Japan anyway, probably more in actions because of how convincing her Momiji is. Anyway, Hollywood presents different challenge than any local scenes would, if possible I would love to see how Kyouko would deal with it for a bit.

    10. I'm thinking like he has crab mentality + a sore loser. He can do it without affecting his career like an anonymous tip to the paparazzi. Perhaps, well, maybe for more evil antagonist, hope that can of scandal can somehow break up the two. Haha...is that farfetched? Hehe, true. It would just prolong things so quite unlikely to happen.

      How they would punish Shou...who is 'they'? Kyouko and Ren? I think just by being together is punishment for Shou. His parents? I'm not sure they'll punish him...maybe just scolding. Possible though Kyouko might want to keep her promise. Hehe, she seems to be the type and doesn't want to trouble others.

      I see. I guess it also depends on the role. Sometimes, even if it is a side character, the role can be quite good and suitable = make an unknown person popular. Actually, wasn't it like Ren is better than Cedric that is why he was bullied when they were young? Or, Ren is just a threat? But to go to that extreme and do that to Ren. Ah, PR is a movie, right?

      I'm not sure with this author especially given her pacing. For other shoujo, it is usually condensed in a few pages like what guy is doing, what girl is doing, then time skip to the finale. I'm guessing that it is because it is uneventful unless the author wants to show the anxiety and issues to deal with long distance relationship.

      I guess it depends on what else can the author show in terms of her work. Usually, she just focuses on how Kyouko got the role then the rest would be intertwined with the next story line. So, are there other ways of getting the role aside from what was shown already?

      Yes. Actually, I suddenly thought that she has no romantic lead role yet. I wonder if the author will depict that. I mean, issues like kissing some other guy? Though I guess Momiji is the closest to it for now...it is a one-sided love though.

    11. Ah I don't think he would do that lol, it's just so not his character. He is a playboy, but not schemer.

      I mean his parents xD. It was only after I post it that I realized the sentence would be confusing but there is just no edit option lol. Haha, but she has learnt to find a leeway in things, so it doesn't necessarily mean she will do it for him (Shou). Also if Kuon abandon his identity as Ren, the whole thing might just be considered invalid, as you suggested before.

      Yeah, I know there were cases where some lesser role gained more popularity in a show. I just think since Cedric is extremely popular figure, he will still be the most talked point, but it is still probable that Ren would get spotlight for himself (he should be Japanese leading actor in PR). It is also interesting that you bring his issue with Cedric forward, but we still don't know how the peace-loving Kuon turned into a barbaric one or what kind of rivalry does he and Cedric had.

      Yea, I think PR is a movie.

      Somehow I think Skip Beat would feel weird if it's focused on anxiety and issues of LDR lol.

      I think at this point it's more about what roles she's getting, rather than how. She must have got more offers and now she can have more liberty to choose which roles she's getting. Which can definitely include a romantic/ princess role. Anyway I expect Yashiro to be more influential in helping her to filter which job to do. Speaking of Yashiro, I wonder how Kyouko would act around him now that she knows that he knows lol.

    12. Haha, he isn't? ^^; Maybe something more lower...childish antics like that promise?

      Yup. Well, it would be nice if she resolved it herself without Ren's identity reveal. ^^

      I cannot say actually if he is the Japanese leading actor. Wasn't Koga the first one to be scouted? Hmm...now that you mention that, isn't Kanae's role a Western-type role based on that scenario and the name? Maybe this is a fantasy film.

      Haha, true. It can actually be boring...depending on how it is handled like what would be the issues tackled. Actually, currently, I think it is slightly like that already since she only meets with Ren if they are somehow in the same related work. Otherwise, it is purely work. I think the author alternates work and romance arcs.

      Ah, something like how to choose roles?

      Hehe, maybe be professional, too? But inside, getting embarrassed and everything?

    13. Hmm maybe I'd prefer childish Shou over a schemer Shou xD. I just can't take him as serious schemer, that scene where he was chased away by Lorry's henchman is still vivid in my memory lol.

      Ah indeed Heisenberg. True, we don't know about PR yet, whether there would be opposing factions or whether Cedric and Ren would end up in opposing side. well whether or not Ren will shine more, I think will down to the author. So far, whether it is Ren or Kyouko have been able to bring their A game to the shooting and at times surpassing their directors' expectation on their roles. It is highly possible Ren will outshine Cedric that way - This joint project is afterall a rare occasion. I had think PR would be spicing up for future real clash between the two, but it may as well be that PR is the clash after all.

      Ah true, because they are not officially dating I guess the situation is a bit similar since they can't be together as much as they want.

      Yes. It is about time for her to be more respected as an actress and given bit more freedom to improvise on her role I think. I actually love the getting role part of SB (especially the part how she won Momiji role was very interesting). but maybe PR would be the last time the author go in detail about Kyouko's preparation for a character.

      Hehe I think Kyouko never saw Yashiro as someone she can really talk things to, you know? I think so far she only talked her private life with Kanae. So it would be nice for her to have someone else she can talk to, one that she can feel safe when telling private stories. Well maybe it won't be that far, but at least she has one more person to talk to if she has problem with her relationship with Ren.

    14. Haha, true. Something like a comedic character.

      Indeed. So, I wonder when and how the Ren flashback will be inserted, even Tina since she isn't in showbiz, right? Maybe like accidentally meeting with Kyouko?


      True and what kind of role would it be.

      True but I'm not sure. Ren isn't telling much to Yashiro either. Yashiro is pretty much guessing things with him as evident in the earlier volumes. I guess if it is much later on..like they become friends-type along with being professional-type. In a way, it is like 'love at first sight' with Kanae ever since Kyouko found out that she will be in Love Me with her. =P