January 14, 2022

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 108-109

 It’s really great that Tetsuki informed the adults about what is going to happen/what might happen so that when it happens, Chika can easily clear his name. In a way, perhaps, Tetsuki learned how to deal with this better after what happened with Chika before.

And, it really helps that the adults here would listen, care and help out because after all, they could have just done nothing. Satowa’s video is also a great help since it is evidence to what had happened. In the end, it worked out well as they are still in the Nationals.

Unlike what happened before, Chika is no longer alone. He even got reprimanded for trying to sacrifice himself for everyone. Indeed, like what Takezou ‘mentioned’, Chika is more important than the koto club and the koto. 


Chapter 109 is more on bonding and how they are getting closer as a group. Momoya is lowering his guard more and got teased. Well, Atsumu assimilated quite fast. The girls are getting along well and leveled up to talk about romance ^^ On a side note, Chika and Atsumu’s sleeping positions are quite amusing.

As for the confession, I wonder if it really meant romantic love there because with everyone saying ‘love Chika’ to cover for Satowa, Chika might think it is friendship-type of love/like. I guess we’ll know for sure in the next chapter. Still, technically, it is a ‘love confession’ ^^


  1. I totally love how Momoya has grown up as an individual and warmed up to the others. It really is heartwarming the way he slowly changed as he allowed himself to care about the other members. He always detached himself from other people, always a bystander or temporary support (when it came to music bands).
    Always fast to quit at the first conflict or misunderstanding. Probably a way of protecting himself. And yet he still kept trying to join a music club. I think a part of him wanted to find a place where he fit, people who didn't give up on him so easily (even when he would give up quickly on them). I think he needed someone to held onto him and the koto club has proved that perseverance. They made Momoya want things for himself and actually make decisions, they forced him to take a stance when it came to the club. Thanks to that he finally allowed himself to feel part of the group. A place where he can belong somehow.

    1. Indeed, kira. ^^

      In a way, it is indeed a two-way thing and it wouldn't turn out this way if it is one-sided. ^^