January 2, 2022

Free Talk: Belated Happy New Year Greetings

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you guys had a wonderful celebration during the holidays. ^^

Sorry for no updates. Well, you see I spend two days enjoying the family trip and spend the rest in bed. ^^; Half-way through the trip, I had a fever and lbm. I somewhat feared that it is the dreaded covid but then my blood oxygen is still high and I haven’t loss my sense of smell and taste.

Well, brother insisted that I got tested along with my mother when we got home. Haha, and we ended up positive. I am still in state of denial that it is covid since miraculously, the symptoms are mild given my poor health and I only got one dose of the vaccine. The fever actually vanished when I got confined. I did hear from the news that the symptoms mentioned are the common symptoms during this surge we are currently having.

Nevertheless, the doctors checked everything like blood clots, heart, lungs, etc that might have been affected by covid and we got this very expensive medicine to shorten and stop the progression of the disease which was supposed to work in a span of three days.

My mom stayed only for a day while I stayed on and spend New Year in the hospital. The stay isn’t that bad since I managed on my own without a companion, a first in my life actually, and the room is new like a modern hotel. And, I just got home yesterday.

I’m still under home quarantine for 2 more weeks because apparently, being under immunosuppressant drugs tend to lengthen the infectious time compared to the normal. My mom is doing well. My sis and bro-in-law whom we have infected got well faster than us probably due to their getting their booster shots already and being healthier. So, I’m trying not to overexert for fast recovery and I’ll see if I can put up a commentary this coming week.

Once again, Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy new year and I wish you well and a good recovery. Covid is no joke.

  2. Happy new year. Get well soon!
    Have been checking your blog since a decade and just makes me happy to always find you here updating

    1. Happy New Year, too, Pluto. ^-^ Thanks ^^


  3. Oh hope you get well soon, Kat. I have been having toothache myself (bad timing since it's time when all those cakes and cookies are, heck they might have been the cause lol), here's wishing for fast recovery for us.

    Anyway, Happy New Year and best wishes for year ahead!

    1. Thanks, Junior ^-^

      Oh...hehe, well, holidays tend to have a lot of that kind of foods ^^ Hope you get well soon, too ^^

      Indeed and same to you, too, Happy New Year!! ^^