March 3, 2022

Free Talk: SB 下一站巨星 303

First of all, I’m getting confused with Kanae and Saena’s drawings. ^^;; I have to pause and wonder who Kyouko is talking with. Anyway, since this is based on the English scanlation, I don’t know if I missed it but did Kyouko ever told Ren about her issue or did they walked down the stairs? If not, then it will be delegated to flashbacks later on, I guess.

So, apparently, the issue was about overlapping her own previous love life issue with that of Momiji’s. And, for her to stalk Ren during shopping is to somehow confirm to herself that Ren is still alive which is vice-versa to her character. For some reason though, I wonder if that is a premonition to the future like something life-threatening incident since we are dealing with Ren’s past soon. 


I wonder why Kanae is writing notes. Is it for future reference for future romantic roles or she is like, being a detective? Kanae is like a protective sister yet respects Kyouko’s reason why they aren’t going steady. And, about Kyouko’s need for preparation, is that about being qualified to be in a relationship? Or, also partly dealing with showbiz issues/gossips?

Her analogy seems quite drastic though. A sunny day that suddenly turned into snowy. It makes me think of those who go into a relationship and learn while going through it to those who probably, ah, read lots of romance and stuff to know more or less how to be in a relationship? Something like learn how to cook first before getting married?

And regarding the last part, it seems that Kanae has a problem with her new project which has something to do with preparation. She is already prepared regarding the language so I guess the issue is most likely the role itself. I think she can act out almost any role except romance. Or there is a new condition in the ProjR card that was sent to her?


  1. Ah now that you mentioned it, she does looked a bit like Sanae (though you can still tell since Sanae has usually bitter expression).

    Yeah, it doesn't tell us how it went with Ren. We would perhaps know bit more from Ren's perspective later on, though considering Kyouko's answer, most likely she'd taken the dare anyway. It's not like Ren never carried her before.

    I don't think it's premonition. It's just she was too in sync with Momiji at that specific moment. Their convo is bit confusing to me though. Does Kanae know about the confession?

    Regarding Kanae's gloom, I kinda think she has some reservation about leaving Japan for the Project? With a family like hers it might have been quite different thing to go abroad and live on her own.

    1. Hehe, the scowl, right?

      True, it's not the first time.

      Yes, it is because she is in sync. I'm just wondering if it is a premonition as to what would happen to the story later on like some near death situation because we will deal with Ren's past soon. I'm saying that since the bully has no qualms in injuring an enemy that might lead to death. Same with Kimiko if she re-appears.

      I assume she knows the confession but not know how it happened. I mean I think Kanae would have a different reaction if she knew Ren chased Kyouko down to the parking level elevator and corner her inside the said elevator. =P

      Ah, but I assumed that she knew that it will be filmed abroad. After all, she is learning English.

    2. Hmm, I'm not sure, but it do can happen. I mean they often say woman's got sharp intuition after all. Considering the stake in PR, something big might happen indeed.

      =D true. Kanae would be beyond shocked if she were to know.

      Hmm, I think she's not sure whether she would get a part or not until after the audition? But it is also very possible that she'd have some worry about a romantic role, similar to how Ren was struggling with Katsuki in Dark Moon.

    3. Ya and if PR is an action-adventure genre, 'accidents' can be made to happen by an antagonist in the story.

      Indeed. She has the same reaction/expression after the audition, right? = that can be interpreted as something bad happened. Maybe the author is just trolling us over nothing just for a cliffhanger ^^;

    4. Or perhaps an encounter with Tina that triggered another collapse similar to Dark Moon..

      Hehe I hope it will bring a major development for Kanae. Amamiya has got her therapy going I think with the comedy show, so that left Kanae. I still like the idea that PR would be her growth platform :)

    5. I think that will depend if Tina still blames Ren for what happened. But then, I assume that Ren has somewhat 'stabilized' so it won't be a collapse like before.

      Yes, hopefully ^^

    6. Hehe so You think Cedric will be the eye of the storm this time around. I don't really mind tbh, for him to take the main stage, that would mean we would get to hear about Kuon's background story hehehe. I'm so looking forward to it :D

    7. Ya, when PR starts filming.

      Yes...and probably a whole arc/1 year in our time to tell it ala flashback...assuming that it will be like the Saena arc.

    8. ah btw Kat, the new chapter is out, and it seems Kanae talks about what is bothering her that she made that expression. Am looking forward to 304 summary now xD

    9. Thanks for the info ^^ Had been busy and keep forgetting to check. ^^;

      It's up now ^^

  2. hmmm, I thought the notebook and taking note was to make the impression of an interview or rather integration session in a room rather than it being a real thing. As is Kanae being the detective getting out a confession out of Kyouko.

    On the easy going hiker getting into blizzard is probably more about the grudges and how it terrifies her how much Ren can impact her emotions, I think there has been similar theme going throughout the manga since the beginning, like when he unlocked all the locks on her heart box. I think she is trying make her heart stronger to be able to stand along Ren without going back to the idiot she was, like when she was in-love with Sho.

    I think from the beginning Kanae and Saena looked like each other, Saena having an older and colder vibe was what was their difference. The way I can tell their difference is that Saena has her hair tied up always and Kanae mostly has her hair down ^^

    I think there is a hint to why Kanae is not excited about the role in what Kyouko says about being able to climb mount Everest. It might be for one reason or another Kanae does not think she is qualified for the role or that she is not connecting with the role even though she perfectly performed it during audition. There is also a possibility that the role portrays her weakness which was what led her into Love Me section, as in this would be sort of like the worst kind of rehab. From what we know of the plot, her role is about someone who has been sacrificing herself for her family and county, first to disguise as a man to fight and then to return to being a woman and marrying. I think we will get more into her reaction and her issue with the role later.

    I don't know if we will get an answer on what happened at the staircase in a normal chapter. It might come as a side chapter when the book is released next or maybe a side chapter later in the magazine.

    1. Yes. It just gives me an impression of 'taking notes' or like some reporter wanting to make notes for a gossip column. ^^; It is also because of the topic which is romance.

      Ah, I see. Hm...isn't that like protecting her demons from becoming extinct, too? ^^;

      Hehe, is that so. Aside from the hair...that forehead, I think the author is making Kanae have a more mature look.

      Yes. I had recalled that she seems to have that kind of reaction right after the audition. Hm...thinking about it now, is it possible that like Kyouko, she is 'in role' = emotional distress type over her character's predicament?

      Hehe, I see. I guess it is better to have low expectation regarding that since it usually takes a long time to happen like what is Ren's white day gift = took a long time for us to find out. I actually anticipated the visit of Shou's mother but that never materialize...maybe a side story or until it can be incorporated into the plot.