October 24, 2021

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 34 - Backpack Friend]

Yumi greets everyone. “Let’s start the terrifying lesson. It is spring. It’s quite envious to see sparkling first grade students carrying a brand new schoolbag. *looks at a couple of girls with their backpacks* Hee hee This story revolves around a backpack.”

In a class, the teacher tells the students to remember to show the data [form] to their family. A twin ponytailed girl [Uchiki Koto guesswork from 内木小燈] looks at the new different bright colored backpacks of her classmates. Then, someone shouts, 45,000 yen!?
A rich looking girl [Hanakura 花倉] holds up her flower designed bag and says that her grandpa bought it for her. “In the end, a new bag is the best♪” Koto looks glum over her old bag. Hers is an old bag that’s no longer used by a female relative.

She recalls her relative telling her that no matter what, she wants Koto to use this bag. “It will definitely change your elementary life into a happy one.”

A boy [Daikoku 大黑] points at Koto’s bag and says that Koto’s bag is so lousy. Hanakura snickers and mutters how pitiful, so dirty. Koto thinks that her sister [relative] is a big liar, she isn’t a bit happy.
After school dismissal and everyone left, Koto wipes her bag with a handkerchief and mutters that it isn’t dirty or lousy. “I don’t want to become all alone...”

On the second day, the teacher asks everyone if they bought their math kit. While the others take out their kits, Koto turned pale. She had forgotten to bring it.  

Then, she hears a noise in her bag. Puzzled Koto opened her bag and is surprised to see her math kit inside. She mutters that it turns out that she brought it...
When the teacher calls out to her, she immediately takes it out. The bag makes some sounds. Koto returned home. Her mother tells her to quickly do her homework. Koto says okay but thinks that it is really annoying. Opening her math book, she wonders why she has this kind of homework.

To her surprise, her math workbook is answered. Koto exclaims that she obviously didn’t do it, how can it be... She looks into the bag and sees a couple of eyes [/lights] staring back at her. This made her back away from the bag. She looks again and she sees her books in the bag. She wonders what was that a while ago...

In school, the teacher asks if any student can answer the math problem on the board. Koto wonders what was that yesterday, there is definitely something inside the bag, and their eyes met. The teacher asks anyone to raise their hand if they know. Koto sees a note on her book, ‘the answers is 14’.
Koto raises her hand. The teacher happily calls out to Koto. Koto tensely asks, is it 14? The teacher happily says that’s correct, how amazing, answering such a difficult question. The others are amazed but Hanakura looks displeased.

By the staircase, Koto asks the bag, “Who are you? Everything that has happened until now is because you are helping me, right?” There’s a sound from the bag.

Koto takes out a candy and puts it in the bag. She smiles and says, “Thanks, elf backback.” Then, she notices Daikoku and friend shouting to the teacher about Koto bringing and eating a snack.
The teacher arrives and asks if that is true. Daikoku shouts that Koto hid it in her backpack. After sighing, the teacher says that she’ll look at it. Koto calls out ah, but she   couldn’t do anything.

Daikoku and friend giggle over this. The teacher takes out a drawing of a girl licking her lips with candies around her. Daikoku and friend are shocked by this. They wondered what happened. The other teachers say that it is so cute.

Giving back the drawing, he teacher apologizes and says that the drawing is really good. Seeing the drawing, Koto happily smiles over this. Watching at the side, Hanakura asks her friends if they also find that backpack is a bit strange.
Outside the school by the stairs, Daikoku shouts for everyone to move then, he puts some dirt on Koto’s backpack. To his surprise, Daikoku is pulled and falls down the stairs. Everyone wondered what happened to that first grade boy.

Hanakura points at Koto and shouts that just now, a hand came out of Koto’s bag and pushed Daikoku down the stairs. The others wonder what’s going on and is it that girl’s backpack. This made Koto quickly run home.

In her room, Koto asks the bag if it did that kind of thing. There’s a sound from the bag. This made Koto call her female relative.
The relative says that it has been a long time, how’s school, is she happy. Koto says about that bag. The relative says that even if she also doesn’t know about it but there’s a legend that goes like this...

“Before, a first grader was badly bullied. In order not to be caught, she hid in all sorts of places [like lockers and boxes]. Then, she unwittingly just vanished without a trace. In the end, it is said that she was found INSIDE her BACKPACK.] It’s possible that child wants to have a friend right now.”

The next day, Koto nervously stands in front of 1-3 class. Hanakura greets her a good morning. Outside the school, Hanakura and friends throw the backpack into the garbage area. She says that because everyone is really scared of it. “Koto, you should also support us in doing this.” Daikoku’s friends say that Daikoku’s enemies should be disposed of.

After they left, Koto tries to get her bag back when Hanakura says that everyone is going easy on it. “It isn’t easy to spread the rumors. It would be meaningless if it isn’t burned.” Koto is puzzled. Hanakura smiles at her. This made Koto asks could it be that Daikoku wasn’t pushed down. 

Hanakura says that Koto is too conceited that it puts her in a bad mood. “Obviously you are getting a lot of attention thanks to that backpack. *lights a lighter* So, I want to get rid of it.”

Koto shouts no and tries to stop Hanakura. Koto tearfully thinks that this child didn’t do anything... “She obviously even want to become my friend but I’m afraid...”

Hanakura shouts then, she’ll start burning her first! She is surprised when a hand from the bag grabs her wrist. She nervously goes “Ha!?” Koto looks surprised. She freezes as she sees Hanakura being pulled into the bag.

Frightened Hanakura tearfully keeps on shouting no way, what kind of situation is this. And, Hanakura disappeared into the bag. Koto takes the bag and hugs it tight.

Narration: “A few hours later, Hanakura was found all curled up [fetal position] as if she was always locked up in a very narrow place.” Trembling Hanakura mutters, “I hate dark places... hate cramped [narrow] places...”

Narration: “Sis [relative], I’m very happy after I transferred school.” In class, a girl greets Koto a good mornng. Holding a paper, Koto greets the girl back.

The girl asks her what is that, she always keeps it inside her bag. Koto happily says that it is a gift from a friend. It is a drawing of two girls with words, ‘I like you the most, Koto’. 

Narration: “I really anticipate the six years from now on.” Yumi says, “It’s simply girls who want to become friends. It’s simply just pure feeling between them. The bad thing that happened is caused by someone’s malice.

*scene of Hanakura glaring at Koto and her bag* Everyone, let’s properly look inside the school bags. *holds a backpack* Perhaps, a really wonderful encounter is waiting for you. Hee Hee, then, see you in the next class.”
Comment: Thankfully, this bag is a friendly spirit who isn’t the type who’ll pull her inside the bag and be together as a friend. In a way, it is like an heirloom or perhaps, will become one in the future if they continue to pass it down to a younger relative.

As for the other kids, I guess they are bullying her for being different, having an old bag instead of a new one like they all do. Daikoku dirtied the bag as revenge for made a liar in front of the teacher. And, Hanakura just wants to be the center of attention.

In a way, it is indeed good that Koto transferred to a new school. The others might connect the dots and realize that Koto’s bag isn’t normal. Or, she be targeted by others for what happened to the two kids who were giving her trouble.

And, I hope the bag doesn’t spoil Koto much by helping her with her schoolwork or else, she won’t learn. Scans by 离境汉化组

Quote of the day:
You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars. ~ Gary Allan

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