May 10, 2021

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 16]

While walking in the streets, Kou turned to see ‘Ren’ [Manami] walking together with a couple of guys in the opposite direction. He wonders if they are her friends but...the direction where they are going is...
Soon, in front of a hotel, masked guy removes his mask and says that they are going to have some fun here. Manami asks if they are going to play around here? The guy says yes, let’s quickly go. Manami looks slightly tense and flustered when someone grabbed her arm.

It is Kou who shouted, “What the heck are you doing, senpai...!!” While Manami looks surprised, the guy calls out, “Hey, kid, don’t bother us.” Holding a picture of the guy and Manami on his cellphone, Kou says that it is really bad that they are bringing a minor to a hotel. “You don’t want me to put this online, right?” The two guys are flustered.

 Taking this opportunity, Kou pulls Manami and tells her that they should go. Manami shout, wait...let me go. “What are you doing. You shouldn’t have anything to do with me...” Kou asks if she had a quarrel with Yusei. He realizes he is right when flustered Manami didn’t answer.

Kou says that he won’t tell Yusei about today’s incident. “In short, go home already. I’ll walk with you.” Manami says it is alright, and it doesn’t matter either if he told Yusei. “Perhaps, he would care more about me [if I did this].”

This made Kou tense and think that she is being difficult [/at odds with Yusei]~~!!? He exclaims, “A cute [agreeable/nice] girl is what attracts people’s affection the most, senpai!!” Manami says that she isn’t going to listen to his opinion.
The scene changes to the forest area by the mountains. Narration: “We are now in a three days and two nights forest camp [/school trip]. Today is the first day. Junior high and High school department came together [for this].”

While Ren and the other students are standing in the wooded area, the teacher tells them to definitely listen to the directives on how to act while in camp. “Do not run towards the forested area- It rained two days ago so it is very easy to slip down the mountain side due to the mud.”

Ren sees Yusei yawning and goes, “Ah.. ♡ Hidaka also looks really good while wearing long sleeves PE sweatshirt.. ♡♡ It’s really quite amazing to go on a school trip together with the person I like-♡♡ So exciting~~!!!
At night, we’ll hide together inside a quilt-something... Doing the things that lovers do...?? Anyway, we’re together!! Can’t wait♡ ...afterwards, find imouto and make her give my bracelet back to me...!! ...even if I think that way, but high school department group is so far away!!!

*sees Yusei at the other side of the open kitchen* Hidaka is over there!? *recalls the chart of room assignments* I have also seen the dorm assignments earlier and we are also far from each other... *teary-eyed while holding a knife and a carrot* Actually, I totally won’t be able to see imouto and Hidaka, right~~!!?”

Kou calls out to her and says that it is very dangerous for her to glance around like that. “Are you are looking at the high school side~” Ren laughs it off by saying that she isn’t, she has always been cutting vegetables.
Chop. And, she screams that it hurts?!! Hearing her scream, Yusei looks at Ren’s direction and wonders what’s up with her again... Kou holds Ren’s bleeding finger.

To Ren’s shock, Kou sucks on her bleeding finger. She shouts for him to stop that. He tells her that he’ll go get some bandage. When Kou passes by him, Yusei mutters, “...Do not lay a hand on that girl as if it’s nothing.”

Kou turns and says, huh, what did you say? Yusei covers his mouth in surprise. He says that it is nothing and walks away. Kou quietly looks at him and says that it seems that he is treating his sister a lot like a girlfriend...
Later on, Ren gloomily sighs because she wasn’t able to see Yusei the whole day--... Then, she overhears a couple of girls saying that she heard that the high schoolers are playing a courage test contest and junior high people can join if they want to play. Ren excitedly thinks that dorm activity has already started!!! “I’ll call Hidaka for us to go play together--...” Then, she goes into shock since her phone has no signal.

Outside the buildings, a guy carries a box and asks people around to get a number for the random drawing of lots to form a team. He says that they can also have their number exchanged.

Ren got number 5. She looks around for her partner while thinking that Yusei won’t come and play this. Kou calls out to her and says that he felt that Ren would join so what’s her number. Ren says that she got number 5.
Kou is shocked that his number is 10. Kou exclaims that he’ll go find the person who has number 5 to exchange numbers. Just when Ren tells him to wait..., someone tells Kou to give it up because it is useless even if he finds that person.

Holding number 5, Yusei says that it is because he doesn’t want to exchange it. Ren looks surprised. Someone calls out for the number 5 pair to get ready. Grabbing hold of Ren, Yusei says let’s go. Surprised Kou mutters what’s this situation. “Ah, it always feels that it isn’t just a simple imouto complex...”

In a building, Ren says that she never imagined that he will join the courage test. “Honestly, you also really want to join the dorm activity?” Yusei asks if she is stupid. “It isn’t because I like it that I’ll come to this kind of troublesome activity. ...but, you’ll definitely come and join it.” This surprised Ren.

Blushing, she couldn’t believe it that he joined in order to see her. “And he even found the number that’s the same with mine...?” Ren hugs him from behind that Yusei asks hey, what is she doing.

Smiling Ren says, “Thank you. I thought that I might not be able to see you today. I’m really happy right now-!!” This made Yusei blush a bit. He just tells her that they have to quickly collect the seals, coward. Ren protests why he is calling her a coward when she’s only afraid of the thunder. 

Soon, they managed to stamp their card with one ghost stamp. Just when Yusei hears someone outside the room, Ren says that they’ll go to the next. Yusei tells her to wait... He quickly covers her mouth. Outside the room, there is a couple going lovey-dovey.

While hugging his gf, the guy says that if they do it here, then someone might suddenly come along. The girl says that it is safe until the next pair arrives. Blushing Ren covers her face and thinks, “Wait--!!!? Don’t flirt around here--!!! Even if I understand your reason--!!! Unspeakable strange mood...”

Yusei says so he said that her head is flowery... Through the door, Ren sees the couple about to kiss. Ren mutters, so nice... Yusei asks her if did she just say, ‘so nice’?
Embarrassed Ren exclaims if she unexpectedly said it out!!? “It is because... I feel that for an ordinary couple to have that kind of going steady relationship is really nice. But, right now, for me to be in this kind of identity, even if we love each other, we cannot go steady...”

She becomes surprised to see Yusei so close to her while looking at her. He is seeing her as her real Ren self. Surprised Ren nervously laughs and what’s up all of a sudden. She thinks that he’s so close and she cannot take it.

Then, she suddenly remembers that time at the beach when he also leaned close to her. Her heart beats fast. She tells him to wait, she didn’t say that it’s so nice because she also wants them to do the same thing... “Don’t...but, this is imouto’s body--...” He covers her mouth and says that he won’t do that kind of thing, stupid.
Covering her blushing face, Ren thinks, geez, she is already so nervous that she felt that her heart is going to jump out. He tells her, “Quickly go back to your original identity. *goes out of the room* Let’s go.”

Ren thinks that was almost... “Geez, I really want to quickly go back to my original identity...” Slightly flustered, Yusei thinks darn, that’s quite dangerous... Later on, Ren feels so happy because Yusei has fully replenished her energy-♡ “Tomorrow, I’ll continue to do my best-♡”

In the dorm, Ren overhears a couple of troubled cleaning women talking. Woman 1 wonders out loud about nothing bad will happen to that girl. Woman 2 suggests that they talk to a teacher about it. Ren asks them what had happened.
Woman 1 says that just now, a blonde girl went outside. “The ground near the woods at that side might easily cause a landslide [/collapse] because it rained last night...” Ren immediately thought of Manami as the blond girl. She shouts that she’ll go find her.

Woman 1 shouts for her to stop but Ren had already ran out. She shouts, “Imouto- If you are here, please answer me-” Then, she sees a light among the trees. She goes to the light and calls out to Manami. Holding her cellphone, Manami calls out to Ren and asks what’s up.

After catching her breath, Ren says that it’s great that she found her. “Geez- What are you doing!? This place is very dangerous. Didn’t you hear the teacher saying earlier not to go into the woods?” Turning around, Manami tells her not to mind someone like her.

Ren tells her to wait and grabs her wrist. She shouts that Yusei will worry about her if she’s being like this. “You wouldn’t want the person you like to worry about you, right...!?”
Flustered Manami shouts that they’re not the same. “...I’m obviously not his imouto anymore... *cries* but in the end, he still cares for me as his imouto. I’m also really hurt that brother won’t fall in love with me...

*Ren is surprised by this* Ren, you’re really lucky. Even if you have that current identity, he still sees you as an ordinary girl. You and brother are going steady right...?”

After a pause, Ren says that although it isn’t going steady... This made Manami quickly turn to run but the ground collapses underneath her feet. Ren immediately calls out to her and grabs her wrist. But it seems, they both fell down the cliff.
Comment: It’s really quite lucky that Kou was there to stop Manami from going in the hotel with those guys. Manami is still driven by her jealousy and tantrums that she didn’t realize the possible consequence of her actions here and during the camp later on.

Hehe, it does make me think that even if she isn’t Yusei’s sister, he still won’t fall for her because she doesn’t have the personality that he likes and what had made him fall in love with Ren. Manami hasn’t realized it.

Ren can be quite a fangirl at times. ^^; And, Yusei is slipping out from his ‘cool act’ as he is becoming the jealous boyfriend type. Kou is starting to notice it, and that there is something more between the two. But then, it isn’t like he’ll reveal it to others...for now.

Well, the couple got a little date. Hehe, Yusei is starting to know how to pamper the girlfriend. ^^ Though, probably driven by the fact that there is a suitor nearby who is a bit proactive. For now, the two are keeping hands off each other as much as they can until she returns to her original body.

Due to Manami’s tantrum, the two are going to be in an accident again. It seems like a potential chance to switch bodies if getting into an accident together is the condition for it to happen. It would be amusing how confused Kou would be if they changed back. The others, too...since Yusei had told everyone that [real] Ren isn’t his girlfriend. ^^; Scans by 正宮汉化组  

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  1. no me cae Manami, espro que con esto vuelvan a su cuerpo actual

  2. Even yusei Will be in trouble both his girlfriend and the sister got in danger , if they in the Moment switch back ti their originale body, imuoto Is more weak compared to Ren even in the imuoto body.if the teacher call the momm ,yusei Will be scolded angain

  3. Anyway it's noce ti see yusei jeulous of kou and trying ti please ren

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    1. You're welcome ^-^

      It was every month, once every three months due to being busy. I will try to update again more frequently.