May 16, 2021

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 102

The meeting is intense. At first, it is because of Chika’s reaction. Interestingly, based on Uzuki’s reaction, it is the reaction that he wanted. And, apparently, the trio knew who Uzuki is. They probably just didn’t know the details of the incident since they have no clue about that note.
Even if it is nice that Satowa stopped Chika and managed to make him calm again, I think Uzuki will use that [Satowa] against Chika later on. He is really observing how everyone is reacting there. seems like Satowa don’t like being the ‘damsel in distress’ ^^


Takezou tried to deescalate the situation but Uzuki isn’t going to leave so easily as he dropped his bomb about Natsu. In a way, I think Natsu’s facial expression pretty much made the others realize that he isn’t like his brother. Even if he thinks of regretting joining the club and everything, his face says that doesn’t want to leave it = about to cry.

Well, everything is over with Chika leaving the scene. I think he also deliberately did that for Natsu. Uzuki’s look at Satowa isn’t really reassuring when she confronted him again. Based on what Uzuki was thinking at the end, this meeting was a test to find out if Chika would still do everything/get angry to protect the people he cares about = still the same.


Chika and Natsu seems like ‘brothers’ due to their same gloomy apologetic reactions. Hiro is so fired up. ^^ I’m curious thought about what Sane and Kouta seems to hint about rumors/lies. Was it about Meiryou, Uzuki or Meriyou-Uzuki? Anyway, it’s nice that the friends are all in ‘fighting mood’.

What Chika replied to Natsu’s apology and how the others are comforting him ought to mean a lot for Natsu. This time the people around him won’t cut him out easily just because he doesn’t exactly fit in.

Hehe, Atsumu is right though, he really seems like he is going to cry. ^^; I think that kind of break the ice between the two since Atsumu saw him like that. Actually, Natsu might be embarrassed to face the others later on because they saw his ‘almost crying’ face. He is usually cool and calm.

Takezou also comforted Chika on his own way. It is a nice to have no regrets. Actually, there should be no regrets in doing the right thing even if it is hard and there will be obstacles. For them, the rewards had been quite immense and life-changing.


Well, Uzuki isn’t the type who’ll easily let go. He will keep on causing trouble and I think, he will use the ‘Chika hasn’t changed’ as a weapon to stir things up for his benefit. I wonder if what Uzuki uploads is about Chika’s past. Hm...can that get him disqualified? Or perhaps, like what grandma Doujima tried to do before.

If it is that, would Chika have to leave the club in order not to ‘cause trouble’ for others? In a way, it is something he wants to protect. But then, I think if ever, Satowa might be the ultimate card Uzuki would use though I’m not sure how he’ll do it because he tends to do underhanded ways rather than direct ones like Abiko.

Well, Chika might be the same but unlike before, there are more people who’ll be there for him. And, I guess they’ll be more alert since they know what Uzuki is capable of. Hm...I do wonder though if Abiko is really Uzuki’s ally or he is helping by ‘warning’ others...first with the note then informing things to Tetsuki.


  1. it was a plot twist for me that the trio knew who uzuki is because chika would never had said anything about the incident so i'm glad they were there, i'm glad satowo stopped chika it is not worth it to get into a fight with uzuki and it was great that takezou was there too to de-escalate things, indeed natsu's facial expressions betrayed him and i'm glad everyone can see that just because you are related to someone it doesn't make you a copy of them!

    that's what terrified me that uzuki still thing chika is the same but to me that sounded like chika would do anything for the club hence uzuki would spread something (a video i assume) that would ruin the chances of the club to go to the nationals but when i look at your analysis i guess uzuki could also target individuals and that is even more scarier!)

    yeah chika was so busy trying to tell natsu that it's ok that he forgot about himself and how visibly he had regrets regarding what happened to the club and i'm glad takezou was there for him , It's my life philosophy to do things without regretting them later (because it's pointless and it was my decision) so i'm glad he made that clear to chika as for natsu it is quite nice seeing him in such state once in while instead of his usual mask of course it is super embarrassing but the situation was bad so he should cut himself some slack

    what uzuki would do next i'm not looking forward to it but i do hope it doesn't target individual members (although it is possible looking at what he did to chika's grandpa) as for abiko i guess he is just enjoying things that's why he put the note and talked to tetsuki like trailers before the movie , i guess so far he didn't do anything major that would hinder uzuki's plan but if he does in the future i'm sure uzuki wouldn't let him be so easily and i think he knows that too and that's why they really aren't "allies" but more like people with common goal of ruining other people's lives but they both know that they could suddenly in a second drift apart and be enemies


    1. Yup, emmahoshi. Thankfully, there is no drama about that with Natsu.

      Indeed. Speaking of that, he might try this and that...probably escalate things if something didn't work.

      Yup ^^

      I think he will target others though most likely, this time, it won't work as it did before. I do wonder if Takezou's brother studying in the same school as he does will be a factor later on. There was the mention of rumors by Sane...what was that about?

      True. Abiko does seem like the type who just want to have some fun but doesn't seem to be a true ally of either side.

    2. yeah and that's what annoys me about uzuki is that he can easily modify his plans in case they didn't work out , i really like simple minded delinquents more at least those ones only care about fighting and don't use dirty indirect methods!

      not sure what rumors sane meant as for tzkezou's brother i thought about that specially that only takezou and satowa were the ones whom directly blocked uzuki but then why would he hit so close to his school and ruin his own image in meryio is what i thought but he can do that if he has nothing to lose/good at covering his track


    3. Chika? ^^;

      True. Anyway, I'm starting to think that maybe Uzuki is in Meiryou so that somehow the people from that school would have a reason to interact with Tokize. Just like how Himesaka is somewhat involved with the cast due to Kazusa's connection with Satowa.

    4. lol not only chika but a lot of your regular delinquents , i mean chika was just angry at his dad and channeled the anger on people who fought against him ( i think chika never started a fight first)

      maybe but to be honest they could've used the guy from meryio in the koto club if meryiou was supposed to appear more in the story or even takezou's brother , i'm thinking that this is to emphasize how merioy is a "smart " people academy (and smart most of the time = study and not fight) yet uazuki can easily fake his way in

      about the rumers and sane i re-read the chapter and i think what he meant is that they heard that uzuki could be in meryiou (as a rumor) and they didn't believe it because you know merioy is for people who are serious about their studies


    5. Hehe...^^ True.

      Hm...I cannot say he fake his way in though. He is indeed smart and rich. He just has a 'side life'/hobby.

      That thought crossed my mind. So, ya, that is likely what they meant. Strange though that it didn't seem to be brought up when they had encounters with Meiryou.

      Hm...speaking of 'serious about their studies', do you think Uzuki is the type who gets high grades even if he doesn't study? I'm not sure his parents are the type who'll pull strings for him to 'keep up the grades to stay in that school' when he isn't exactly studying and stuff.

    6. no when i said he isn't your typical meriyo student i was talking about his side hobby i'm sure he is smart enough to get into the school without anyone's help and also keeping up the good student image without anyone suspecting, so the fake part for me is the fact that normally people in such schools are all about studying (maybe a little bit about club activity but not too serious) yet he is here living a double life and maintaining it , i guess this goes back to me liking typical delinquents because they normally are transparent and not this smart to keep up anything but their delinquent image


    7. Hehe, I see. In a way, it can be scary to think what kind of person he will become when he is older if he can already do all this as a high schooler.