November 29, 2021

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 107

 Regarding the title, because of what happened to the couple in the last chapter, I thought it is about them. ^^; Well, it is really an apt description of Chika and Uzuki. Chika is the sun who lends its shine to the moon represented by Uzuki. Without the sun, the moon is all dark and it longs for the sun to make it shine again.

Uzuki is really such a lonely kid. He found his sense of belonging with Chika who welcomed him without any prejudice and took care of him. Pretty much what a family at the bare minimum should have given him. For a while there, Chika seems like the ‘father/brother’ to clueless Uzuki.


Perhaps, things wouldn’t have gotten so bad if Abiko wasn’t around. He is pretty much the ‘instigator’. Is that the right term? He helped create Uzuki’s reputation so that Chika won’t drive him away. He knows what Uzuki longs for and he is going to help him with it. In a way, it is most likely for his entertainment like how he still wanted to fight even if he is already outnumbered at the end.

Uzuki’s sense of loss is understandable. He lost someone important to him again and in the same way, someone 'took them away' from him. And, yes, Abiko had to really rub it in that he was abandoned without a care. After Uzuki released the darkness that he had been suppressing, Abiko is there to give him an idea on what to do to get Chika back.


Tetsuki and Uzuki’s approach on fallen friends are quite the opposite. For Uzuki, it is to go where the fallen friend is and stay there with him. For Tetsuki, it is to stay where you are and help bring that person out. In a way, I cannot really say which one is right. It probably depends on what kind of person the fallen friend is. In this case, Chika doesn’t want to stay ‘fallen’ so Uzuki’s approach didn’t work.

Having cellphones with video recording is really such a cool thing nowadays. Thanks to that, they have evidence to counter the false narrative of the other side. On a side note, Tetsuki isn’t a delinquent type but then, how can he punch like that? Did he have training or something? I guess he knows Abiko well enough that he’ll try to pull that off. Thankfully no one from Chika's side got hurt.


Well, it’s nice that Natsu is accompanying Uzuki and it is with Chika’s ‘urging’. I guess Uzuki is going to reflect on what had happened but yes, it is understandable that he couldn’t immediately be happy for Chika because he went back to square one, being all alone and his reputation might take a hit.

Though this time, Natsu is there for him and hopefully, somewhat help him out being a brother. Or rather, it is like doing to Uzuki what the others did for him/Natsu. Maybe, just maybe, his parents would also realize that their son is not doing okay and do something about it. I think there is hope for him to change compared to Abiko.

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