March 22, 2021

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 100

 At the start of the chapter, it is a normal goodbye with no extreme reaction from Natsu, it made me think that what Uzuki asked of him is something ordinary. It is indeed normal. Help me make up with my friend whom I had a falling out.

Since Natsu didn’t know the truth, he definitely said okay. So, Natsu is the illegitimate son and his mom is the mistress. I wonder though why Uzuki is asking him how’s their father. It isn’t like their father is living with Natsu and his mother. So, Uzuki isn’t living with their father?

Interestingly, I get the impression that he has a different ‘persona’ in school. Isn’t Meiryou a prestigious type of school? The school Takezou wanted to go into? I don’t think he’ll be in that school if he’s a known delinquent unless his father or someone had some connections.

I’m actually surprised that he wears glasses in school. It gives him a studious impression. Hehe, I’m thinking so Meiryou has two characters with moles on their faces. ^^;

I guess this will somehow make Meiryou relevant to the story. I’m actually wondering about that because Ichiei is already the rival in the Nationals. So, what is Meiryou’s role? I mean, will there be something more than just being one of the competitors in the Nationals.


The ‘love letter’ has a two sided effect. The bad one is that it has affected Chika badly that it is affecting his studies and performance = concentration. It isn’t good but understandable that he is keeping things to himself. Hm...did the same happened with his gramps?

I wonder if Tetsuki can solve this without the others knowing but then with this kind of series, it is likely that they will know and help Chika later on...after some scolding him about keeping it to himself – let us help you like how you helped us. Most likely, the resolution to this issue will be of immense help in their performance especially Chika.

The good one is Tetsuki now knows that Uzuki is on the move though it was Abiko who put that letter on his own. It made Tetsuki have a talk with Natsu so now, Natsu knows what’s behind the request. I wonder what Tetsuki can do at this point...ah, without resorting to violence while keeping things hush-hush. Hm..


Anyway, Uzuki and Abiko contrast in their way of doing things. Uzuki is quiet and tend to use pawns to do the dirty work. But then, that reinforces the theory that he has a public reputation that he is keeping clean.

Abiko tends to do things recklessly and with his own hands. He also has loose lips so he can be Uzuki’s weakness or rather, a possible weak link that can lead to Uzuki’s downfall if ever. From the last scene, I guess Uzuki is just bored = not having much fun as he mentioned so he wants Chika back.

Lastly, it’s too bad that there is no colored page to commemorate the series reaching chapter 100.


  1. only really smart people who study alot do get to meryio so assuming Uzuki told his family he wants to live alone to focus on his studies (meryio is in tokyo and tokeise is in kanagwa not far from each other but I assume kids in meryio take after school lessons to improve their grades or something) that would be believable to his family to leave him alone i mean he is great at playing the smart quiet kid and that's what makes him dangerous and indeed i too think he is just board, maybe he thought chika gave up on normal life and found a job or something or dropped out of school but now that he saw how chika made a recovery even though he did destroy chika's spirit the last time they met i guess it made him want to destroy him more and re-live the fun of the end of middleschool once more, in that since i like abiko a bit more since he is your typical delinquent who is straight forward with fist fights and not much of thinking his type are easier to deal with
    I'm glad natsu knows the truth now, and i'm glad tetsuki told him not to believe that everyone connected to him is liar because that is a sad mentality (even though in his case it is true)
    indeed what can tetsuki do, but i do hope the rest will interfere since i think it's about time chika stops blaming himself.
    i think since technically last chapter was the 100th release it got the color pages and everything but indeed having colored pages once more would've been nice but i guess she is busy with the volume coming next month.
    not sure if meryio will be involved in this but that would be interesting to see, I just hope the conclusion of this arc is that chika is cleared of all the past rumors rather than people accepting him as a changed person.

    1. Ah, now that you mentioned that, emmahoshi, maybe that is one reason why he is bored. He is most likely the very intelligent person who got is bored with life. Ah, is that what they call sociopath. Haha, that kind of personality is popular in stories as villains especially in crime related stuff.

      That is possible though usually, I assumed that they do that when the kids are in college. you think he also lived alone during middle school? I mean how was he able to have that 'double life'. Is it possible that his parents are divorced so the mother is also working. Hence, a life that is similar to Natsu's? Do you think he is rich? I mean, how can he get other delinquents/goons to do the dirty deeds? I'm assuming that he paid them off rather than just it is because he's the leader and they'll do whatever he says. Hm...I suddenly wondered if he proved he is the leader because he has great fighting skills. 😅

      Anyway, Takezou's brother is also in Meiryou, right? He doesn't have that kind of arrangement though...

      True. That seems to be Uzuki's motivation. Abiko seems to be the one who had dropped out = too much time on his hands. Yup, easier to deal with.

      Yup ^^

      Ah, I see, yes, authors are usually busy when releasing a new volume. Perhaps, the colored page would be after its release.

      Yes. As I mentioned, Takezou's younger brother is also there. Maybe he can help get some info about Uzuki later on. I wonder if Kiryuu would have a role in it, too. He seems to be interested in Tokize. Hehe, kind of 'bonding' like what happened in the prelims with the other schools.

    2. I really do think he is border line sociopath, he is definitely not your typical high school manga delinquent
      my assumption is that since the dad made a "mistake" with the mistress he just decided to get his son's favor by paying him money so if the son requested to live alone to focus on studies wouldn't he say yes (or the mom would say yes just to annoy the dad , who knows) what i'm trying to say is in his family's circumstances it is possible that he is getting money supply and he is keeping the good kid appearance to keep the cash flowing,
      interesting i'm not sure about his fighting skills but paying people seems right up his ally, but i doubt he associated himself with delinquent without at least being able to defend himself in case of emergency.
      well takezou's brother and their family are more like a real family in my opinion so i doubt their kids would do the same and i think that if the kids ended up in a close university (for example tokyo uni) that they would also commute from home for uni
      maybe it would be nice if takeru and kiryuu would be involved both of them are interesting characters

    3. Yup, he isn't typical.

      Ah, I see. Something like, request for a special arrangement and to possibly pull it off further [aside from guilt from mistake, etc], have that good kid appearance.

      True. I mean, if doesn't have fighting skills, isn't it usual for delinquents to like just take his money and beat him up if he refuses? I'm thinking of a sort of hierarchy as to why he is a 'boss'.

      True...I'm just thinking that Natsu said that Uzuki's mother didn't know he existed so doesn't that mean the mother didn't know about the affair? So, I would assume that Uzuki would have at least lived with his mother. And perhaps, busy with something else so Uzuki can do stuff without her knowing and she doesn't exactly bother if he is studying and she didn't called in for some trouble whether in school or elsewhere.

      Yup. So, I'm hoping that this would get them involved so we'll know more about them than what was already shown. ^^

    4. I guess if he gathered delinquent that don't think and are money hungry they would definitely help him as long as the pay is good

      one thing about uzuki's mom is that i understood from natsu and tetsuki's conversation that uzuki's mom knows about the affair and the child she just doesn't know uzuki is in contact with the child of the mistress (or at least that's how i understood) which means uzuki approached natsu on purpose or natsu found out about uzuki as he looked into his dad or both situations happened simultaneously obviously the situation would make natsu awkward and timid since his mom made a mistake and i'm assuming uzuki could sense that and use it to his advantage like he did with the whole my best friend chika thing, to be honest i wished uzuki was a bit human were he either not approach the child of the mistress or approach him without hidden agenda but i guess i was fool for thinking he can be human towards some people

      of course the whole good kid persona would make it harder to believe that he assaulted a grandpa and fought people indirectly quite smart of him and he has lots of scapegoats

      yeah indeed would be nice to see more of them specially takeru

    5. h, I see. you think he also has that charismatic thing? Abiko doesn't seem to fit that category. Abiko even takes the initiative to do things before Uzuki orders him.

      I see. So, if the mom knows, it is possible that she divorced/currently separated from him and perhaps, Uzuki is faking the assumption that the father is living with the mistress so he is asking, how's father?

      I'm now curious though what kind of research did Natsu in order to find out about it. In a way, they seem cordial with each other... I mean, usually that won't be the kind of relationship you'll have with a half-brother especially if one is from a mistress of the parent.

      Indeed. And, those kind of people can be scary especially if one is the clueless type. Hm...perhaps, that is how he also approached Chika? I get the impression that Uzuki is covertly manipulative.

      Yup. No one would easily believe it. It would be hard to pin him down especially since he is the smart type. I guess a good rival for Tetsuki? ^^

      Yup ^^

    6. when it comes to abiko i'm assuming as long as he doesn't do any thing totally out of line (or ruin plans) uzuki wouldn't care much, I do think he have something on all these people or else they wouldn't willingly follow him but i could also assume that he normally hangs out with few of them but when he needs something big he hires more with extra cash and that was he keeps the number of people he needs to control to minimum

      about uzuki's mom to be honest I think it is more likely that she is still married to the dad to keep appearances (because of stigma on single parent families) or maybe she believed the dad made a mistake with the mistress and she forgave him (also if she really doesn't know natsu exist then it makes sense that she forgave the mistake with the mistress assuming he dad pretends he is not in contact with the other woman anymore)but it's all assumptions , regardless i believe after reading a lot about Japanese comics that it will be rare for her to divorce the dad specially with the kids still being young (in school)

      I honestly think natsu was too young to realize (the situation) and that his mom was at fault hence he tried to get along with his brother or that he realized it was wrong but then uzuki let him believe that it is ok to be in contact because natsu isn't the one at fault either way i wouldn't like it if uzuki did this all these years just to use natsu one day in the future and it seems both of them don't really like the dad much so at least the dad got some karma.

      chika was in a bad place in middle school with the whole thing with his dad so maybe he used that as a "bonding" thing also i think at that time chika just wanted his dad to notice him so he did bad things to attract attention which as we have seen just made the dad more angry and neglect and i guess uzuki was bored and he saw the potential of having fun with a person newly becoming bad like him , indeed his type is the worst

      good thing tetsuki is there , after reading chapter 99.5 i really came to realize how much tetsuki is a great person and how much chika is really worth it and it's quite rare to see people who care about others and their success (when he said chika deserves to be on TV) so i do hope someone helps him because i doubt he will stand a chance with uzuki using dirty methods

      few days to the next chapter ...horray


    7. I see. Hehe, I'm curious though how he got to hang out with this people and they are okay hanging around with him. I mean, if isn't mainly due to being paid and stuff, there must be a common factor...perhaps, like with Chika, problematic family/parents.

      I agree. There might be also be other factors aside from what you mentioned like, the husband being the provider. That is a common reason here why women don't separate/annul from their husbands. We don't have divorce here.

      It is possible though I would be amazed if Uzuki has that kind of long term planning for connections and stuff = reason why he contacts Natsu at times. Hm...I cannot say if it is karma. I got the impression that the father no longer cares about his sons. Maybe at first that he gave Natsu drums. I'm not sure now...unless Natsu's mom urging for him to contact/see his dad is due to him wanting to see Natsu. Ah, it also depends like if he is a musician...perhaps, there is an attachment there compared to Uzuki who doesn't seem to be musically inclined.

      Possible. Yes.