March 4, 2022

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 110

 It is amusing that Chika is reacting differently to what others had expected after the confession. In a way, there is a bit of maturity in it and perhaps, he isn’t clueless as one would expect.

I’m not sure if it is realistic but it is indeed different from the usual romantically clueless male lead. Perhaps, after all that he went through, he knows how to cherish these kind of moments and expressions of love.


Satowa wasted a night of blushing and worrying about how to focus on playing. There’s no need for it because of Chika continues to be focused on practicing and perfecting his part.

And then, everyone is bewildered how the new couple are doing after the confession. I actually thought Hiro-Takezou would have their confession first. I still think that after the Nationals is the time when it will happen.

After what had happened, Natsu is now taking the initiative to practice with them by joining the morning and evening practice. They are more of a group now more than ever. The title of the piece indeed has many meanings based on its pronunciation of ‘I’. The ‘love’ part can also be Chika’s name.


Brainstorming with others can really wide one’s perspective based on others’ ideas/interpretation. I suddenly wonder if in orchestras or ensemble performance, the performers also talk and everything about the piece they are going to play or they just play and adjust based on their own/the conductor.

The main theme of this arc is ‘you are not alone in times of trouble, the others/your friends will help and will be there for you’. The return of Chika’s koto scene drives that point to me. And, the last part would be really amazing if we can actually hear the playing. From the looks of it, Chika has finally perfected his part.