June 1, 2021

Skip Beat [Chapter 294]

 The scene starts with a recap of Yuki tossing the staff to Ren who ends up fighting against Leonard. The scene changes to the shooting of Lotus in the Mud with Koga fighting with Chidori.

After defeating her, Koga tells her that she just died 5 times so she needs to practice if she doesn’t want to die again. After filming that scene, they will have a break since Chidori is going to fix her make-up. Koga asks the staff to let him be alone for a while.


In the forest, while walking alone, Koga smirked/smiled. He is startled when Kyouko suddenly shouts that Shizuma won’t have that kind of smile, etc = he is not acting in character.

Koga exclaims what is she doing there, is she using the toilet there. Kyouko denies it and says that she isn’t some wild dog. She actually has free time so she has been practicing. She demonstrates her throwing knives on dart boards attached to trees.

Koga says he thought that she has ran off somewhere crying in despair. Kyouko becomes stunned then exclaims if this is about the news regarding Ren this morning. Koga thinks that her ‘Momiji’ has also left her = not acting in character.

Kyouko exclaims if this is about the two holding hands and lovey-dovey in the elevator. Kyouko declares that she doesn’t feel hurt because she is what she said before, ‘Love well, whip well’ = tough love. Koga says that it seems that her brain and reaction aren’t in sync.


Koga says that it is because the other party is Ren so that ‘whip well/hatred’ will become more reluctant to part. And what part of that is making her ears red and look edgy, he doesn’t understand it. Does she want to go to the toilet? Could it be the ‘whip well’ is actually a lie?

Kyouko quickly apologizes and says that it is because she went to DWL with a friend yesterday that she is still so into it [/recalling it] that she is totally not listening to him. Koga says that her honestly can be infuriating.

Koga says that even if it is ‘whip well’, after seeing that report, she can be forgiven if she has a grudge or cannot say [/admit?] it bluntly. Isn’t Ren a liar for having that kind of looks and everything and be no. 1 guy whom girls want to be with, yet he actually has a lover. Even Ren’s supporters would get angry.


Looking at him, Kyouko asks if something good happened. Koga asks if she isn’t listening to him. Kyouko says that when he was talking about Ren, he isn’t his normal ‘hitting the jackpot’ and no hunger... So she is wondering if something good happened.

In turn, Koga changes the topic by asking something like if it is from ‘experience’ wherein ‘whip well’ has been purified and she’s happy because something good happen. Kyouko holds her stomach and starts screaming that it is already time, she must go meet some person so she’s going ahead.

After she left, Koga wonders if she’s hungry since she said ‘it is time’ and she’s holding her stomach. Recalling what she said earlier about something good happening, Koga thinks that Kyouko is scary but then, perhaps, it’s because he just relaxed because before, he was able to hide it.

But then, no wonder it is him [Koga], thinking of the meeting the person, who is at the highest rank in charge of the scene, has made him show his emotions. He takes out an acorn from a canister. He thinks that his dream is becoming more real, this urgent feeling, this time has finally arrived--...


The scene changes back to Ren, Leonard suddenly stood still. This puzzles Ren. The squirrel then jumps on Ren’s cane and gives him an acorn. Yuki says [interprets for Leonard], he said, he apologizes for the rudeness so let us give all our best to make ‘Route’ a success. Yashiro is freaking out if the squirrel is the director. Ren thanks the squirrel for the acorn.

Comment: Let me guess, the acorn is the ‘sign of approval’. Koga got it and now, Ren got it. Is that it? That seems to be what is making Koga happy from what he is mentioning about dream coming true and the time has arrived. But then, it makes me wonder if ‘Route’ is some sort of contest/gathering of the ‘best of the best’ actors/actresses.

For now, it seems that the fake dating report is working. Koga is no longer suspicious of Kyouko liking Ren. Rather, he thinks that there is nothing between them anymore. I’m not sure if Kyouko is lying but then, she managed to cover up her blushing expression with thoughts of the amusement park trip. It makes me wonder if something else happened there with Sarah.

And, Kyouko managed to fake the stomach ache and hurry to leave before Koga asks more questions. But then again, that is because Koga kept on thinking that it is because she wants to use the toilet. ^^; Still, I guess Koga is somewhat impressed that Kyouko managed to ‘read’ his expressions.

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  1. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for the summary ^_^

    I think so too. I think is a big project with many big names from Japan and U.S. so it is possible that both Ren and Koga are part of it. They both are big shots in Japan after all. I am sure he does not know yet that Ren is also part of it and he might be thinking I beat Ren to it, so there might be some disappointment later, or maybe he thinks he can outshine Ren ating with him.

    Kyouko was faking it sooo much. I am sure we will have an inside her brain flashback to this moment telling us that she is shocked Koga got it right and she is happy she was able to fool him. After All thats how sensei rights her story ^_^

    I think Koga has yet to know how Kyouko is, so he might not have realized that she is faking it, and honestly he doesn't want to become bffs with her so maybe he does not care much...

    I wonder if by some random luck the director meets Kyouko and decides to choose her too or not, like if he is visiting the shooting and see her act or something. what do you think?

    1. Thanks for reading, El4n1 ^-^

      Hehe, yup, most likely. Hm...that must be some big budget project. Ah, do you think the director is still auditioning? I mean, the acorn is 'you are chosen to compete/audition for this project'. I'm just wondering if someone like Cedric would join an ensemble type of project since he seems to be the type who wants to be the 'main focus'...unless the other two guys are 'supports'.

      Haha, yup. Still, she manages to fool him so that's good ^^

      Either way is possible. Visiting the shooting...to watch Koga? Or, he is also related to the drama? If he is related to the drama, then he'll definitely visit.

    2. Well to my understanding Cedric is the main character, and these guys are the japanese cast. I don't think there is audition, it is rather meet and get the job type of thing. I think in case of Ren, he is most likely the counterpart to Cedric which is why he was forced to fight the director to gage his abilities.

      She is like that, I am looking forward to the flashback of these chapter, it will be super funny ^^

      He might be coming under cover, like how Lory checked on Ren and Kyouko. I was wondering if he sees Kyouko's ninja skills and sort of adds her to the story, that is not uncommon right? Like if Yuki Chan tells the director to check Kyouko because of how much she surprised them at the audition or something ^^ The possibilities and anticipation... no wonder we have been reading this manga for such a long time right?

    3. Ah, I see. It is casting and the acorn is 'you're in'. Haha, I'm thinking like, they'll all meet again in some place and the acorn is the VIP passport/entrance card to the exclusive audition place. Something like a direct competition of all the top actors but then, in real life, only aspiring actors do auditions since top actors are given the job.

      Hm...if if that is how it is, where would Koga's role be? Supporting role, too?

      Possible. By the way, was the project Yuki recommended for Kanae...is this Route? I guess, it is safe to say that this Route project is an action film. Ah...what are the possibilities of it having a scene of someone hit by a car? ^^;; That might be a trigger for Ren though I'm not sure if he has already 'healed' from it.

      Yup...though it is getting harder lately with fewer pages as if nothing much is happening.

    4. I wonder, I was hoping it would be a case where Kyouko goes to U.S. and spends time with Kuu and Sarah and she would run to Beagle and have some drama fun thing happening.

      I was thinking yeah another supporting act that has yet to be decided who will take it.

      Yes, Yoki asked her to join Route, I think everyone joining is chosen by Yuki, I think only a few met with the director directly because they have important roles and director wanted to test them himself (like Ren and Koga), I think those who met the director will be headliners and important counter parts to Cedric's role.

      True, I am not sure why there are rumors about sensei's health, I thought she was having a hard time because of lack of assistants because of Covid. Have you heard anything?

    5. Hm...do you think that will happen before the big reveal as to who Ren really is? If ever she gets invited to their house, I think she might figure things out.

      I see. Hm...if Kyouko also joins, then it is most likely that this project route is the 'finale' for the series = drama where main cast of the series are in it.

      There were rumors about her health when releases were made monthly from twice a month. That is actually the usual cause for other authors. Ah yes, there is the issue about assistants but then, wasn't the less pages before the pandemic?

      I do notice though that in most very long running series, authors tend to take more/long breaks and fewer pages. I guess we should already be grateful that there are chapters every month.

    6. I would hope so. What I would like to see is Kyouko going to their house and experiencing how a loving family is like, specially since she never experienced is as a child I would like to see them spoil her and try and ask her about her love life and all ^^ kyouko figuring things out about Ren would come secondary to that ^^

      Well maybe not, Kyouko still is not that known in Japan right? my thought always was that she will be standing on top of Japan's movie industry and make Shotaro feel defeat and then gets to the point that she does not need a shield to be dating Ren. So this is more like a boost to getting there faster, now if there is a time lapse after this to get there that is another thing but I don't think just this project will get her to the finish line.

      I think she will get a newcomer award for acting as the ninja though. But I want to see her get the main actress award in Japan and become Oscars candidate ^^

      I am not sure, it might be that sensei is trying to slowly wrap it up. I am just hearing things, unfortunately U.S. news does not cover Japanese mangaka or manga releases so I have no idea.

      Yes, there have been so many mangas that were left unfinished either due to the author getting tired or passing away. i do want to see an end to this story so I always pray for sensei's good health ^^

    7. Hehe, is that so. Well, I guess it depends on the circumstance on why would she go their and why would they be like a family. In the Kuu comes to Japan, there is a reason = for plot reasons. For me, that seems more like 'future scenes in the ending' = not really shown but just one scene. Though it would be interesting to see that.

      She isn't but if she fits a certain role - supporting/minor but important, I think they can fit her in especially since it seems to be an action film/drama. For now, I don't think there will be a time skip. She is building the story regarding this project route so Kyouko has to be a part of it in some way whether in the film itself or helping Ren because I think the author will tackle Ren's past regarding Rick in this arc.

      Haha, that will require a lot of time skips. Actually, that made me think again...scenes in the ending. I'm not inclined to think that the author will go through that in detail. But would possibly hint on it.

      There was an interview before [years ago] from a Taiwanese comic news, she mentioned that she can see the ending but doesn't know when it will end. I always put that in mind like, nope, the author isn't going to drag this part like say Ren's dating controversy.

      I actually translated the interview, here, if you are interested:

      I have to change the title into Chinese because it got flagged down by license groups due to the author's name and title. But now, I'm not updated with any news.


    8. Well I was thinking the role Momiji might get her recognition in the Japan awards, which would not be too far fetched right?

      There is a chance Kyouko goes but for now we have no clue how she would end up in this project.

      hmm, I think we will see a lot of backstory about Ren/Koun life in U.S. and maybe a glimpse into Sarah's life as she also did not have a good relationship with her family.

      Thanks, I will read it ^^

      hmm, I think we all sort of can see the ending but not know when it ends right? It sort of is obvious right?

    9. Maybe though at most, it is supporting, right?


      Hehe, as I mentioned before, that would most likely take a year [in real time] or more to cover at the rate of release and pages per chapter. ^^

      Well, it can actually be prolonged if the author wants like a lot of drama when Kyouko finds out about the real identity. Actually, it is somewhat done already in that part when Kyouko-Ren had a misunderstanding with Kyouko avoiding him, etc. How many months/chapters did that take? ^^;

    10. Well that is a good question which we might get an answer to in a few chapters. The new chapter is out, a lot of text but the last page is Kyouko encountering Leonard so there is the accidental encounter. Now we will see how sensei wants to get her into the movie project.

      I will be waiting for your summary ^^

    11. Wow...early release.

      Hehe...is the squirrel still there? He is still cosplaying? You know, somehow, I cannot take Leonard seriously. It is enough to have one cosplayer but to have two in a series. ^^;

      Haha, I'm not sure I'll summarize since there is a scanlator already. Maybe go back to reaction-type post. ^^

    12. at least thats who I think he is and no he is not in cosplay.I am not sure why people are thinking he is Cedric. Sarah specifically said Cedric would not come because he is royalty, and this guy's hair is much longer than his.

      I can't share the picture with you since they are on Discord but if you ever get discord let me know and I can invite you to the group where they put scand of the raw and then fan translations of the chapter ^^