May 1, 2021

Skip Beat [Chapter 293]

 While having breakfast with Sarah/Juliena, Date asks if she isn’t going to check on Kuon today. Sarah giggles and says she gave up on it because she thought that it is best that she wasn’t the one to do it first [take the initiative to do it].

It is because Kuon and Kuu had agreed to see each other when Kuon himself can use his own strength to go back to them. She admits that she was very uneasy that immediately dashed over and trouble Date. Date says that it is nothing.


He asks if she is worried about ‘that side’ since she heard about that news upon arriving in Japan. He asks wasn’t she grumbling about the wrong partner-something regarding Kuon’s lover scandal.

He informs her about there is news today about some eyewitness account of seeing the two in the elevator. Sarah says that is nothing and she’ll definitely like the one whom Kuon chooses. She happily says that as long as he isn’t immediately dumped right away like the usual then it’s okay.

Date says that Kuon isn’t the same as Kuu in that part, kind of useless... Sarah says that his appetite is also so small that she worries that he eats so little like a bird.


Date asks her again if she really isn’t going to check on Kuon’s ‘situation’. He asks her if the reason she cannot sit still is because she had anticipated whom Kuon will meet. Sarah looks serious and asks why would he think that way. He tells her not to be so tense.

He [Date] belongs to the US showbiz world so he’ll know things even if he didn’t hear it like how she and her family doesn’t get along too well. While holding a piece of cake to her for her to taste, he says because of that, her situation in showbiz has become a bit difficult. She immediately eats the cake and says it’s delicious.


While asking for more cake, Sarah says that Lory also asked about it and the answer is no. Date asks isn’t that movie related to that person Cedric. Sarah says no, it’s impossible. Date asks why. Sarah says those people are royalty, and just to [travel? and] see a subordinate is something they would never do [/they would rather die than do it].

As the waiter puts a huge sundae on the table, Sara says that she would even bet this sundae on it. Date says that her reason is very convincing. He asks if this time, she just wants to confirm if Kuon is mentally stable as he takes on this new job.


Sarah says yes, though Date’s worry is correct since eventually, Kuon will have a relation with Cedric. But this time, it’s no longer the same. After going into a ‘high ecstasy’ after taking a bite of her sundae, she says that she had confirmed yesterday that Kuon isn’t the child she last saw in US. He now has excess energy.

Date asks how did she know that when she didn’t even see him. She giggles and says that it is a secret. To his shock, she tells him that she got nothing to do today so he is going to accompany her again to DW.


Meanwhile, Ren is attacked by a barbarian-looking guy who has a staff for a weapon. Ren managed to block it with his hand.  Then, a squirrel comes out on the other guy’s head. Yashiro is freaking about this...something about a magic prince* and is this some sort of cosplay. [It is the male version of Mononoke Hime]

Just when barbarian is about to attack again, Yuki toss a staff at Ren and says, ‘action’. Ren grabs the staff and starts fighting with barbarian. Yuki tells freaking out Yashiro not to worry, that guy isn’t suspicious. Yashiro doesn’t believe him because he is a suspicious and dangerous weirdo. Yuki tells Yashiro that guy is the director of Project ‘Route’, Leonard Herbert.

Comment: Well, Sarah has changed her mind and decided to keep the promise between Kuon and Kuu. In a way, she has some trust in her son now. And, well, as she mentioned, she somehow learned of his current status. I wonder if that is just because from knowing Kyouko sending a picture to Ren or there is some other scene later on from the amusement park date with the two girls.

It also helps that through some deduction, she realizes that it isn’t Cedric whom Kuon will meet for the Route Project the next day. Apparently, there is a falling out between Sarah and her family. I wonder if that is because of what happened to Kuon or it was there ever since before hence the treatment of Kuon.

I wonder if the ‘royalty’ is referred to being like ‘royalty’ in showbiz rather than royal monarchy-type of blood relation. I guess if that is how they view it, that is the reason why Kuon can easily go into Kyouko’s make believe fairy tale world. Haha, aside from his mom being fond of them princesses, too.

From Sarah’s reason for Cedric not coming over, I guess Cedric was jealous over Kuon that is why he was bullied. Well, maybe one reason for it. After all, he is ‘royalty’. Reminds me of the royals in One Piece wherein there can be no one above them. In a way, what he did worked since Kuon has been ‘exiled/driven away from the kingdom’.

As for Leonard, I guess he is into cosplaying like Lory. I got the name from the Spanish scanlations. ^^; I couldn’t translate the English names when they are in Chinese. And, he doesn’t remind me of a male Mononoke, this cosplay actually reminds me of Akatsuki no Yona’s Shin complete with a squirrel. ^^;

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  1. Thank you so much for the summary tatsukida-san 😘😘😘

    1. Thanks for reading, 13elieveinsuju ^-^

  2. Thank you so much for the summary. I've been dying to know since the 20th what are the fuss in the last few pages of this chapter! So, it seems Ren is going to be in Route Project with Moko-san...I wish for some twisted/unexpected turn of event, Kyoko somehow will also be tapped to be in the project as well...Can't wait for the next chapter!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      That would be a good turn of events ^^ But then, she is currently doing the lotus in the mud, right?

    2. weird intuition tells me that she might catch Cedric's eyes/interest while filming that movie, since that creepy Kimiko girl were so desperate to get this role to win over Cedric, so there might be some underlying hints from there...And, that Uncle Tiger (Mr. D), might also see Kyoko's potential from this role - as he's been asking Lory to introduce her to him since Maria's birthday, but never actually have a chance to meet with her yet and the girl who co-star with Kyoko in Box R also mentioned that she has already found the immortal butterfly (which subtly remarked to Mr. D)...I think there might be something big coming for Kyoko in this Route Project while filming Lotus in the Mud...My brain is filling with loads of theories right now that waiting for another chapter is too much of an agony T T

    3. Ah...but wasn't the original role she wanted was the main lead?

      Well, realistically, I think it is impossible to be in two projects at the same time. Unless, her possible role in Route is a minor role. But then, maybe Route will start shooting later on? and stuff due to some problems?

      For now, I think the focus will be Ren. Perhaps, it will become something like what they did with the Cain stuff. Haha, forgot the title of the film. Kyouko isn't in the drama but has an important role in its making.

  3. Apparantly the dressing up as the Akatsuki no Yona character is part of a crossover meme in Hana to Yume where they tried to get it into every chapter in the issue.

    1. Ah, is that so, Alison. Is it AnY's anniversary chapter or something?

  4. Hi Kat,

    Omg thanks for the summary. So you also think Kuon and Cedric are cousins and grandchildren to Uncle Tiger? I am guessing the reason they are called royalty is because of the relationship to him since he is sort of one of the biggest shots in Hollywood.

    I wonder if Sarah guessed the person Kyoko sent the picture to was Kuon and that she is in-love with him because of her expression, and maybe that was the reason she decided not to meet him.

    1. Thanks for reading, El4n1. ^-^ Thinking about it, it might be possible. Don't you have this feeling that their hands are tied regarding what happened to Kuon? I mean, why didn't they sue/complain about the culprit? Yes, it seems that they are big shot royalty. Probably have enough/big power and influence in the industry.

      Initially, I assumed that she guessed it. But then, who would have told her about Kyouko and Ren? I don't think Lory told her and Kuu doesn't seem to have an inkling about it. I'm thinking that something else happened after that phone call with Lory that made her decide not to go.

    2. I thought it was not just that their hands were tight but also that they were busy and Kuon would not complain because he loves his parents. I think there is a chance Kuon was not mentioning it because Sarah had issues with her family (most likely with Cedric's family). yeah, I wonder if Cedric used his influence to make directors cut Kuon off movies and such. I think he had it rough being third generation with his cousin undermining his talent.

      Remember when Kuu went back he talked about Kyoko with Sarah? I think he told her about his encounter with Kyoko and how fond of her their son is. I wonder if something else happened... Kyoko was pretty obvious when she sent the picture so it was easy to guess who she sent it to.

    3. True, it is all of the above. The hands tied...I meant the aftermath. For parents who really love their children and for that to happen their children, won't they want some sort of 'justice/punishment' to the one who caused/allowed it to happen? Lol, or I'm watching to many Kdramas. ^^;;

      I'm under the assumption that it isn't just Cedric. Iirc, there was that woman...I hazily recall that she is grabbing Kuon's hair. Let's just say, I really wonder if Cedric have that kind of power even if he is just a kid then. If so, I won't be surprised why he turned out that way. In a way, thinking about it, wasn't Rick's homicide/murder and no one seems to have been punished?

      Yes, though I meant that it is a mutual love. I would have assumed that Kuu have told her that it is a high level senpai-kouhai thing. I don't recall though if Kyouko told him about 'I won't ever fall in love' stuff.

      Hm...thinking about it, wouldn't she have freaked out if she knew that picture was sent to Ren? Her cover would have been blown. She was actually planning to 'peek' into his situation...go incognito...not let anyone know that she's in Japan.


  5. I believe that the falling out between Sarah and her family is due to what happened to Ren. Since we know that Cedric is uncle tiger’s grandson and so is Ren that makes Sarah his daughter.
    I think things fell apart between Sarah and her family because her son had a mental breakdown after the bullying he suffered from Cedric who probably used his famous surname and grandpa’s name to bully Ren and at some point we see him hiding behind a woman who is pulling Ren by his hair, perhaps this lady is Sarah’s sister or sister in law which led to the rift between Sarah and her family since they are the reason Ren broke down.
    I think that Cedric was jealous of Ren, if you remember there was a scene where he was calling Ren’s appearance ugly and his heritage (Japanese, Russian, American ) freaky (something along those lines) and we know that Ren is considered to be really beautiful almost fairy like. I think ren never used his parents’ fame or his grandpa’ name to get by while Cedric actually did. that’s also a reason for Cedric rotten and awful personality and behavior since he is spoiled and knows no one can do a thing to him because of his famous family.
    Either way, it would make sense for Sarah to not be on good terms with her family after what happened with Ren.
    So, is Ren taking part in the Route project, does it mean he will be leaving for the U.S,soon? Since we have seen Tina, I knew that he will be facing his past in the not so far future but it seems like it’s happening quite soon (at least in the story) and I think that this project will launch Ren’s career on the international level, since it was never his goal to stay in Japan. And at some point Ren’s grandpa, uncle tiger was talking with Lorry about Ren debuting in the U.S and how he was going to protect him this time, which to me indicate his guilt that he didn’t know what was going between his grandsons and that this time he was going to do right by Ren when he debuts in the U.S.
    Hopefully, this pushes Kyouko to focus on her own career and stop being distracted by her love life, she really needs to step up her game and kick ass like she usually does because soon Ren will be gone pursuing his dreams and reaching higher heights and she can’t continue day dreaming otherwise she will be left behind.

    1. Most likely, Yamato though...I wonder if it is more on Cedric's family rather than her whole family. Uncle Tiger seems to want to help out Ren.

      Yes, that is also what I thought - the woman being Ren's aunt. I do wonder how good of a bully Cedric is. I'm thinking that it is possible that he is more on letting others do the dirty work like Box'R Natsu. So, Ren has no proof that Cedric is the mastermind.

      Yup. I think he has something more to that...most likely talent and looks. Having a bad reputation, I think, isn't that good when in showbiz. I would think he 'pretended' at least to be the perfect guy when he's out in public.

      I think so.

      Actually, I'm wondering about that part as to how the author is going to do this. Almost all of the cast are going abroad...likely in the US and Kyouko seems to be the only major character who is still in Japan.

      Hehe, realistically, that will take time...for her to be at least be in the same level as Ren - where he currently is in showbiz, I think a time skip is needed.


    2. Yup, I think it has more to do with Cedric and that woman who is most likely Cedric mother and either Sarah’s sister in law or sister (which would be messed up because it would make Ren her nephew) it was still messed up to see a grown woman abusing a little kid. Either way Sarah’s family did have a hand in Ren’s breakdown which would explain the falling out.
      Uncle tiger is Ren and Cedric ‘s grandpa so I don’t think he took part in it but he was most likely clueless to what was going on since I also believe Cedric didn’t bully Ren directly but did it through others. Like that scene with him hiding behind the woman who was hitting Ren while he has an evil smile or him leading a bunch of dudes as they beat up Ren while Cedric was commenting on his appearance.
      So, yeah I don’t believe he got his hands dirty and had others do his dirty work for him. I think he might’ve played the innocent act like Kimiko did to fool everyone while setting up Ren to be bullied, beaten, abused and just be treated like trash.
      I think we are going to see the darker side of showbiz in SB from now on, with Kimiko ready to throw Kyouko over the stairs and Cedric who is more than bully, if we look at how far he took things with Ren since he did end up having a mental breakdown as a teen. It’s not the same of bullying we got from Amamiya when she hated Kyouko, this is criminal !
      I also think a time skip is coming because for Kyouko to go to the U.S she needs to reach the same amount of fame as Ren and she will need to polish her skills further and I believe a time skip where Ren has established his fame in the U.S and Kyouko became a famous actress in Japan ready to leave for the U.S will be after a time skip.

    3. About that abusing...I actually wonder if she did it for Cedric wherein he acted as the victim and put the blame on Kuon. Of course, it doesn't excuse her for doing it but I tend to think that she did it like 'protecting her chick'-type. Unless, she is really vicious type who'll try to 'destroy' a kid for her own kid's sake. Which one do you think it is? I'm thinking more on the former...Cedric is acting victim. Say, break something important and say Kuon did it.

      True. Ah, was he the one driving when Rick was hit? If so, that's likely accidental. I wonder if he was okay with no guilt at all.

      Ah, yes, Kimiko. I'm thinking those two are a great pair in terms of that similarity. I'm thinking that it might be a Kimiko + Cedric vs Kyouko + Ren finale for the series. Hehe After all, Kyouko didn't get to do her usual payback at Kimiko.

      So, you think it will go into life-threatening type of scenarios? Hehe, kind of like soap opera over the top. And ya, antagonists will get away with it for a while at first.

      True. But then, when I think of it, it doesn't seem to be necessarily like that because Kanae will be in this new drama/movie abroad, right? She isn't in the same level with Ren yet. I'm thinking that since Kyouko still has a new drama, maybe the author will do this arc like the Heel siblings arc. Kyouko isn't in the new project with Ren but will play a role behind the scenes.

      Actually, from what you mentioned, it almost feel like that is the ending of the series. ^^; And, they meet again and the end.

    4. It could be both but I think that Cedric played the victim and got himself injured or something blamed it on Ren and that woman took it out on Ren. Either way it’s messed up!
      Nope, the scene as we have seen is Ren after he developed his dark personality was beating up some dudes and Rick got in the way saying that it was enough that these guys already lost consciousness and as he was trying to stop Ren (I think he was chasing after him) Rick got hit by a car and died. So, no Ren wasn’t driving the car that killed Rick.
      Yeah, Kimiko and Cedric are really a match made in heaven (or in hell in this case) also it’s not only their horrible personalities that are similar but also how they uses their connection in showbiz to get whatever they want. I think it may happen, perhaps an acting role where Kyouko and Ren will face off against Kimiko and Cedric so both can get their payback.

      Yeah, that’s what I think since both Kimiko and Cedric did take bullying to a whole new other level and didn’t hesitate to actual physically harm both Ren and Kyouko, I think the story might go there with the reappearance of Cedric and with Kimiko being shown to be quite vicious herself.
      True, so if somehow Kanae end up making it big with that role in the U.S I see no reason why Kyouko wouldn’t go abroad herself.
      I agree, especially if Cedric is about to enter the scene and he and Ren end up working together I think Lorry will put her together with Ren as part of her Love Me duties and as Ren’s protective charm.

      It does seem like the story is heading toward it’s end and I have a feeling that once Ren makes peace with his past and leave for the U.S for good we will get a time skip with him and Kyouko being a power couple in the acting world.