April 1, 2021

Skip Beat [Chapter 292]

 Kanae is feeling unwell after they rode a roller coaster. Kanae tries to tell herself that it will be of help for her acting but she won’t go through that again.

After taking a box from her bag, Sarah says that Kanae is looking awful so how about raising her blood sugar with some donuts. She also offered some for Kyouko. Kyouko is happy about the different flavors and thanks her. Kanae also thanks her for it.

Kyouko asks if Sarah was always carrying this in her bag. Sarah says yes and that is for her not to become hungry. So, she always brings snacks with her. Kyouko cannot believe it for Sarah obviously ate a lot during lunch. It makes Kyouko think that Sarah is like Kuu who have a bottomless/blackhole stomach.


Kanae wants to buy something to drink. Kyouko offers to be the one who’ll go buy them. Just then, Sarah’s phone starts ringing. After looking at her phone and realizing who is calling, Sarah tells the two girls that she’ll be the one who’ll buy the drinks so Kyouko can accompany Kanae.

Sarah assures them that she already knows the layout of the park. Kyouko agrees with this assertion. After the girls told her what they want to drink, Sarah leaves them.

While walking, she calls the one who called earlier and apologizes for hanging up on him because it wasn’t convenient. The other party says that it is okay and if she already parted ways with Kanae and others. This made Sarah asks how come he knew that, Boss.


Stomping his foot on the table, Lory says that she’ll dare ask him why. Kanae sent a picture with Sarah in it to the company. Sarah is puzzled because Kanae told her that she won’t send it to others. Lory says that Kanae doesn’t plan on doing it but perhaps, to evade a problem, she sent over that picture.

Sarah is puzzled. Lory says what’s important is why is she doing there. Sarah says she is buying drinks for the girls. Lory says not that, he’s asking why she is in DW when he didn’t hear about her coming to Japan. Sara says about seeing the mouse mascot and the change of outfit.

Sarah stopped beating around the bush when Lory asks her if Kuu knew about this and is it okay if he asks Kuu about it. Sarah starts crying and says that she’ll tell him the truth, it is just convenient. Lory says that it is an alibi though it isn’t a total lie.


He tells her that even if Kuu broke the agreement but as long as it isn’t exposed, he’ll pretend that he didn’t see it, about her seeing ‘Tsuraga Ren’. Sarah says that she hasn’t met with him and she’ll be satisfied with just looking at Ren from the corner.

She doesn’t want some made-up expression seen on a video, she’ll only relax if she directly sees his true face. Lory says that he understands her but ‘Kuon’ is hidden so she won’t see it while he’s ‘Ren’. Sarah says that if Ren still cannot face it calmly then she’ll know in one look because she’s his mother.

After wiping her tears, she notices some people waiting for her to finish buying the drinks. This made Sarah apologize and quickly leave. Lory says that she is reckless for her to secretly come over to see Ren. He asks if she knows where Ren is going to work.


To Lory’s surprise, Sarah knew the location, time and whom he’ll be meeting with. It turns out that Date has informed Sarah about it since they are all good friends and she isn’t considered an ‘outsider’. He asks if she told Date all about ‘Ren’.

Sarah says yes, he knew that ‘because in the US, the couple’s existence caused the child unable to breath so he wanted to create his own stage with his own strength by working in Japan with a changed name’. Because Date’s work isn’t always in Japan so it has no influence with Ren’s goal and she carelessly mentioned it.

She told him that one time, Date brought Dark Moon disc for them [couple] to watch and celebrate his son’s work. He mentioned that the actor looked like Kuu. The couple’s expression had exposed them since they used to always use ‘study abroad’ as the excuse regarding their son’s whereabouts.


Lory says that he can imagine them crying bitterly at that time. Sarah admits that it is so, and it really troubled Date. She is very happy when Date praised her son’s acting. Then, Lory lectures her to get a hold of herself, she is ‘Sara’ so don’t show any ‘motherly’ expression.

Then, Lory realizes something. He asks her if Date said that Ren will meet with the people who are related to the ‘Route’ project tomorrow. Sarah says yes. Lory says he wonders if that person is that prince.

There is a scene of director Yuki looking at the side to see a flashy guy coming and everyone else look in awe. Looking surprised, Sarah looks at the gloomy skies and says, no way?

Well, we are indeed moving on to Ren’s past and hopefully, it’s closure. I guess Ren doesn’t have to go to the US if the prince who is most likely the bully has come to Japan instead. Given that situation of them possibly meeting tomorrow, I guess mommy might not be able to stand by and watch quietly.

Since Ren seems collected and everything when he saw ‘him’? on the TV screen, I guess he should be more or less be okay. I’m curious though if Kyouko will be somehow be there when it all happens. Anyway, at least this time, Ren won’t be dealing whatever happened before alone.

Hm...ah, doesn’t it somehow mean that we’ll have a long flashback arc soon regarding what happened then? Do you think that it will be of the same length as Saena’s? Like, one year+ length in our time?

Hehe, if I were to guess, I wonder if Ren’s parents met at some eat all you can buffet party/restaurant and the two hit it off from there. ^^ How about being contestants to eat all you can within time limit? I’ll be amused if it is indeed because of some food related situation. ^^

PS. If you want to look at the pictures, go here [baidu]. This is late because I was also waiting for the English scanlation. Someone requested for this. This chapter is easy so it's quickly finished.  ^^

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A mother is always a mother....She never stops worrying about her children, even when they are all grown up. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Just wanted to pop in and say I've been reading your blog for years 😩💟😭 i was binging the series again and i can't believe it's been like 13 years+ since i started reading skip beat 💀💀

    1. Thank you for reading and support 😄

      Haha, yes ^^

  2. Thanks Kat.

    I think that guy who is meeting Yuki is the prince. I was wondering if by chance Ren would bump to Kyouko while she is with Sarah and meet her mother in person as Ren. This happened with Kuu so I thought it would be a nice surprise.
    I think Ren's parents met because they were both in showbiz, considering Ren's mom was/is a top model and Ren's dad is a top actor who went to US. I wonder though, We now know Uncle Tiger is Ren's grandfather, who I think is related to Ren's mom rather than dad. So I wonder if he was the one who made it possible for them to meet? But then again these are mostly guesses from the little info sensei has been giving us throughout the manga, so I am very curious.

    I would like to see a detailed arc with Kuu and Sarah and Ren's childhood information to get in a deeper look at to what happened to him and his family ^_^

    1. You're welcome, El4n1 ^-^

      What do you mean bumping into? I mean, while in the amusement park or somewhere else? I guess it depends if there is more story to tell/an event happening after the amusement park. I'm actually thinking of a time skip to tomorrow. If it is tomorrow, there should be a reason why Kyouko would be there. Ah...would Kanae be there?

      Yes. I'll just be amused if it is in a different circumstance and they hit it off because they both like food. I mean, through food or well, food and in showbiz world. Hehe, showbiz party perhaps?

      Maybe, we'll know later on...well, hopefully, even if it is a side story. Ah yes, I kind of remember the author wanted to write a story about Kuu.

      I think there will be. Haha...1 year worth of arc? 😅

    2. what I was thinking is that maybe Sarah offers to treat the girls to dinner to thank them for spending the day with her and they kindly accept the invitation but for one reason or another one of them needs to drop something off at the office so they make a stop there with Sarah and bump into Ren. I am sure it will not be at DW.

      I am dying to know how they met each other. It is still a mystery how Ren's family is structured. We know his dad is Japanese and his mom is most likely Russian American, we know uncle tiger who is one of the big shots in U.S. is his grandfather which makes the prince his cousin. I wonder if Rick or Tina are also related to Ren.... maybe Tina is his cousin and his boyfriend took a liking to Ren or maybe Tina met Rick through her aunt and uncle as he was spending time with Kuon?

      you are optimistic to think it will be wrapped up in 12 chapters I was thinking it would be a longer arc.

    3. I see. ^^ Hehe, in that scenario, who would be driving? Sarah?

      I would think that when Kuu immigrated to the US, he met her and everyone else. I'm not sure if Tina is a relative. What makes you think so? I assumed that Ren met Rick then later knew Tina because she's the gf. Ah, is Tina also from showbiz or something related?

      Haha, true. It could be longer due to shorter paged chapters. Before, a few years ago, an arc can wrap up in a year. That is how I estimated it before but it become longer than that during the Saena arc.

    4. No clue, maybe buss, maybe Yashiro and Ren would go to pick Kyoko up, I have no idea how it would pan out. It was just a thought.

      I thought Kuu was recruited to move to U.S. by uncle tiger, where he met Sarah. My thought was Lori was the one connecting them as he was friends with uncle T. I think either Tina or Rick were related to or in Kuu's circle. Maybe Rick was the face of the watch brand and Tina was like the company president's daughter. I have no idea. I would love to know how they connect but I think Rick and Tina were in Kuu's circle of people whom they could trust their son to when he lost his smile.

      I think if sensei decides to dig in and go back in time to give us all he juice it will be more than one arc maybe and take a maybe two years, but there are so many unanswered questions and things I want to see that I have no clue when we see anything close to a trend towards the story ending.

    5. Ah, okay.


      Ah yes. I see now. That is possible. Hm...do you think Rick is staying in some countryside and that is where Kuon was sent? I mean, there is a chicken, right?

      Though, just thinking, doesn't it seem that they don't care for Kuon very much if they did that? I mean, if you are a parent, and obviously child is undergoing something = lost his smile...would you entrust him to someone else...and just go on with earning money/busy in showbiz? They are rich, right? Like, perhaps, it is okay if one doesn't work...unless they have contracts which are ah...more important than their child?

      So, in that kind of scenario, I'm thinking either they didn't realize how serious it was that it was okay to entrust him to someone else, or Kuon was really good in hiding it and just poured his negative thoughts on the 'rock'. I'm also curious where he got that 'rock'. ^^;

      Hehe...do you think it will end soon if ever the two official becomes a couple? = publicly recognized. ^^

    6. I think that was just their mansion. They both are big names in showbiz in U.S. so it is possible that they have a big mansion. It is also possible that they had a few animals, like Kuon had a chicken or hen, rather than them having sent Kuon away. I think he lost his smile because of the pressure that he had to be perfect and the pride he had and how directors and other kids treated him, remember Kuu said his son was raised in adult society so he never experienced childhood like normal kids. I think because he was becoming and introvert his parents asked Rick to spend time with him and try and help him since they were both very busy. I think after Rick got into accident was when they decided to send him away to save his life because he was blaming it all on himself.

      I had 2 thoughts about the rock: 1. his dad gave it to him as present after he came home from a trip from Japan. 2. He bought it on his first visit to Japan with his family. I think this trip would be when he was younger before the trip he met Kyoko.

      I hope not. I don't want sensei to rush this one like TCP. I loved that one but the ending was sort of rushed. I want this to be slow and detailed and answer all my questions. ending was obvious from not long after the story started; Kyoko becomes one of the best actresses in Japan, marries Ren and lives happily ever after. Sho will regret everything he did to her and admit defeat and lose the only person who truly loved him (sort of like the biggest loser of all time), and Ren already being one of the younger and promising actors becomes one of the best out there and reveal his true identity

    7. Is that so...still, I would think the mansion is somewhere in the rural area...not urban. I mean, do rich people in urban areas have chickens on their backyard? Ah...as pets? I would think they would have more exotic pets though ^^

      Possible. Though I wonder what's Rick job...originally.

      Oh. I thought that trip was his first time to Japan. Hm...father giving an uncut gem to one's son. Couldn't quite image it though. I'm inclined to imagine it if it is the mother. Hehe, due to preconceived notions, I have yet to hear of fathers giving such to their sons. Hm...do you think it is from Japan or elsewhere? I tend to think it is from elsewhere.

      And, that will happen after everything regarding Ren is resolved, right? I'm still wondering about the 'admit defeat' from Shou...how is it going to be done career-wise because they are from different parts of showbiz. I mean, do actors have this vs thing with singers?

      Oh speaking of that, wasn't it mentioned that Cedric is also into singing lately? Is it possible that can be a way for Shou to 'reenter' the scene. I still wonder if VG will still appear in the series. Nevertheless, still hoping that when the big reveal happens on how Ren really is...there won't be much drama. ^^

  3. Well she is indeed a loving mother. But I wonder if she knows "her son knows" she is in japan . Man this "route project" feels like new setting.i wonder what will unfold this time. I find almost every drama revealed something . And story followed the after . Man its true kyoko mom had long back story I wonder how long this one will be. So ren had landmine will it be stepped on by " prince" or ren truly got rid his inner hatred like kyoko don't see spirit when she see Sho. I miss those lil thing.Thanks a zillion for Translation stay safe.

    1. Loki137, I get the impression that she knows. She seems to be hinting on it when she asked Kyouko about it. I'm thinking perhaps, she knew something is going on between the two based on what her husband told her. You know, mother instinct kind of stuff.

      Most likely, about what happened to Ren before.

      Hehe, I'm thinking that it is as long or a bit longer than that arc. So, we might be in for it like say 1+ year?

      I would think he had somewhat tamed it = can control himself better/act he's okay like when he saw him on TV.

      Thanks for reading and same to you ^-^