April 18, 2021

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 74 - Big Quebec Search]

 One hour before. On the bed, Haruto is embracing sleeping Yuu. He lightly pokes her face. This make her mutter, “...black devil...” Haruto sits up but Yuu suddenly tightly held on to his waist.

Sweatdropping, Haruto says that her way of sleeping [/posture] is really bad. Yuu mutters, “...I will go with you... *Haruto looks surprised* Don’t cry...” Slightly flustered, Haruto asks who’s crying. Yuu mutters his name. Haruto takes her hands off him and leaves.

Present time: Dark Kpapa tells Yuu to give him an honest explanation as to what happened last night. “Where did you hide Haruto?” Flustered Yuu exclaims that didn’t she already tell him that when she woke up, he is already gone! “I have seriously searched for him already! *formal seiza sitting on the bed* Just when I was going to call on the phone, you rushed in [the room]...”

With crossed arms, Kpapa says that Haruto’s phone is in his room. His secretary exclaims that Haruto isn’t in the bathroom! Emitting a killing aura, Kpapa says, “Just being cautious, let me ask you, did you violate what I have told you about before?”

Blushing and surprised, Yuu exclaims that they didn’t cross over the line!! “I guarantee it!” Narration: “At that time, before I could even open my mouth, he had already gone back to his usual self...”

There is a scene of Haruto shoving the robe to her face and tells her to wear it then go to sleep. She recalls him saying that he doesn’t want her to leave him. She thinks that it seems that he is in such pain. “So, so, I thought that I should go with him.”

She laments over being a fool for oversleeping. Holding his head, Kpapa wonders about not directly going to the meeting in order to looks for Haruto. The secretary tries to dissuade him because things will become very problematic. Kpapa mutters about over being surprised that Haruto is really good in chess.
Then, Yuu notices a note on the table. The note says, “Akabane, go and find where Takumi and others are.” Holding the note, Yuu says this is Kurosaki... Aghast Kpapa exclaims isn’t this TELLING THEM that he is GOING TO DISAPPEAR [/ran away]!!

Feeling faint, Kpapa wonders if it is because he criticized Haruto too severely. Yuu exclaims for him to pull himself together! Kpapa tells his secretary to quickly use the helicopter to look for Haruto! The secretary quickly says yes and leaves. Yuu wonders where did Haruto run off to!?

Holding a map, Yuu looks around the street and thinks that even if she got a map from Mr. Secretary but she basically doesn’t know where she is. “What place is this!? Is it because I refused him so he doesn’t want to see me? I have to tell him what I’m thinking. This place isn’t that big, if I walk, I can finish walking through...”
Sakura suddenly hugs her from behind and says that she is still plain and simple today- Yuu is surprised to see him. Lisa also hugs Yuu and exclaims that she wanted to see her. “Ah- Finally, I can see you again! I haven’t seen you since that time in Toronto!”

Sakura sighs and mutters that he told her to wait at the hotel. Looking at Yuu, Lisa asks if it is the current trend to make one’s hair flowing as is. Embarrassed Yuu said that it is because she doesn’t have time to properly brush her hair.

Sakura tells Yuu to relax because his father had already told him what’s up so leave it up to him. Lisa says that Sakura wants to help her out. Yuu says that nothing good comes when he gets involved. Aghast Sakura exclaims what did she say!?
Later on, the three are riding on a horse carriage. Sakura says that it is quite nostalgic. He tells the others that he never rode on one again after riding it together with his family when he was young.

Lisa says that she didn’t expect the ride to be smooth [not shaking at all] and it is the first time she rode one. Flustered Yuu interrupts to say that right now, she doesn’t have time to leisurely go on sightseeing.

Taking off his sunglasses, Sakura says that Quebec is a city that has an inner and outer city [/part] so there are many ramps [inclined paths]. Yuu is surprised by this.

She was shocked when Sakura explains that if one is to go around this city, the most efficient way is riding a horse carriage. “If you were to go and find him alone, the possible end result would be TWO PEOPLE HAVE GONE MISSING. So, you have to believe me on this.”
Yuu is embarrassed when her stomach growls loudly. Lisa says that she definitely hasn’t eaten her breakfast yet. Taking out from her bag, she tells Yuu that she has some bagel sandwiches and maple latte so eat up. Drooling Yuu mutters that this isn’t the time to eat something...

While putting her scarf of Yuu, Lisa urges her to replenish her energy and don’t forget that the person she’s looking for is Haruto. “After all, being filled with vitality is your personal special characteristic. Be careful not to catch a cold again.” Yuu thanks Lisa.

The driver says, ‘D’accord’ [okay] and Sakura replies, ‘Merci’ [thanks]. Sakura tells Yuu that he told the driver that if any of his tour guide colleagues were to see someone who looks like Haruto, he would also inform him.
Then, Sakura scolds Lisa about not letting herself get cold but Lisa casually replies that she’ll take good care of herself. Yuu muses that she didn’t go and prepare anything yet she just headed out. “In the end, Sakura and Lisa are very reliable. I cannot do much if I’m all by myself. *eats the sandwich* I’m really so naïve [/childish].”

Later on, while Yuu is still looking around to find Haruto, Sakura says that Haruto won’t wait until graduation before studying abroad. “And would even want to bring his girlfriend along, that really shocks me. By the way, when did he started to become interested in father’s work. He didn’t even mention it to me.”

Lisa says that Haruto is totally different from Sakura since he is a proactive type, very independent. Sakura says it’s annoying to death, so that is why Haruto torments [/go crazy about] Yuu so much. “In the end, we don’t know where the one who left the note, went to, such a brat...”
Yuu exclaims that she has decided to go with Haruto. Sakura asks if that is for real when he heard that she doesn’t plan on studying abroad. “That is different from what father said.”

Yuu says that Haruto doesn’t want to part with her and he seems to be in such pain. “I don’t want him to feel lonely. *holds her cup tightly* I don’t want him to have that kind of lonely feeling again.”

After looking surprised, Sakura says that Haruto has even shown his weak side to her. “Obviously, when he was young, he won’t show it no matter what happens... As the brother, I’m very happy that he can be this honest.”

Looking aghast, Yuu asks what’s with him. “Did you change into someone else? It’s totally unlike you!?” Lisa comments that she didn’t know that he has a younger brother complex. This embarrassed Sakura.
Putting his sunglasses back on, Sakura thanks them [Yuu and Haruto] for their help before and he is very grateful. “So, what I’m going to say next is due to good intention, okay. “I don’t think it is such a good idea for the two of you to go and study abroad together right now.” Yuu asks why...

They were interrupted by Takumi who called out to her. She looks at the street to see Takumi and the others. Takumi tells Yuu that they have just arrived here. Yusuke exclaims that it is really a fateful reunion.

Aghast Takumi asks how come Yuu has gone sightseeing with this guy? “I thought you have already disappeared!” Sakura teasingly greets Takumi. Yuu asks them if they have seen Haruto since they don’t know where he ran off to. Yusuke exclaims that Haruto has gone missing in this foreign land!? Flustered Yuu says that it is her fault.
Takumi suggests that they go separate ways and search for Haruto. “Let’s use a location app to share our location.” Mina asks Yuu if her ID is still the same. Yuu says yes. Yusuke exclaims that Haruto has unexpectedly left the group so the situation is urgent.

While Tarako gives Yuu a thumbs up, Meiko says that Haruto usually helps them! Someone tells Yusuke to follow Tarako closely or else, he’ll get lost. Yuu is moved that they’ll help her search for Haruto. Mina shouts that whoever finds Haruto first, that person is definitely the one who loves him the most!

Yusuke shouts that it is definitely him. Mina shouts that it’s her! Yuu tries to tell them to wait. Holding his cellphone, Sakura says that it cannot be helped. He tells the others to leave the main road to him while they go look for Haruto at store-type places...

Everyone had already run off so Sakura can only shout that kids basically don’t listen, those brats... He sighs and mutters, youngsters. Lisa tells him to cheer up since he’ll be a father soon. Sakura pauses and says ya...
While running and on the phone, Yuu was asked by Takumi if she is out at the plaza [/square]. Yuu says yes. Then, she sees Château Frontenac hotel and suddenly remembers that time when Haruto is looking at the church’s interiors. She thought that in Montreal, he also went to see the buildings [architecture].

She wonders if the people around here has seen him. She tries to call out some people but they either ignore her or do not understand what she is saying. Then, she dropped her cellphone.

While looking for it, Yuu laments that if she knew earlier, she would have learned more of this place’s language. “I totally cannot communicate. I cannot understand what they are saying... What to do, I’m starting to become afraid of talking with people. Just by myself, it is impossible for me to find him...”

She is startled when a couple of gangster-looking guys calls out to her and asks her if this is hers in French. They keep on talking to her in French but Yuu became afraid that she couldn’t speak at all.
Then, she hears her phone chain’s bell ring. Recalling Haruto has already trained her, she mustn’t be so stiff. Holding her necklace, she talks with them in English by asking them to help her.

In halting English, she holds her phone with Haruto’s picture and says that he is lost and do they know him. To her delight, the men exclaimed, yes! Yuu immediately reports to the others that someone saw Haruto at this location. The others say okay, they’ll go there, too.

Yuu goes into a church and finds Haruto inside. He is lost in thought while looking at the church’s interiors. Yuu blushes and says that she finally found him. Haruto is surprised to see her. He asks what she is doing here by herself, is she lost.

Catching her breath, Yuu says that she should be the one asking that. Haruto is puzzled and asks if she didn’t see the note he left. “What is it...” Yuu exclaims that of course, she’s worried about him. “Who’ll leave that kind of words then just disappear!? You stupid devil!”
Haruto wonders, ...disappear? “- I’m hesitating earlier on as to whether or not I’ll give up on studying abroad. But while I was walking on the street, I ultimately stumbled onto this church. The worries in my mind had suddenly dissipated. Tsk. Really upsetting. *Yuu sees Haruto smiling while looking at the church’s interiors* ...totally haven’t seen enough.”

Yuu says that he’s really so willful, rude and unreasonable. Haruto asks what. Clinging on to his arm, Yuu says that it makes her angry that he’s so blunt. She thinks that he is obviously a devil yet he has this side that easily feels lonely. Haruto asks if she will study abroad...

They were interrupted by Yusuke, together with Tarako, who barged in and shouted if Haruto is okay. Hugging Haruto, Yusuke cries and says that it’s really great to see him. Haruto asks how come they also came, what’s going on.
Takumi tells Haruto that he can really run off that they had search for him so at least, bring his cellphone with him. Mina asks if Yuu was the first to find Haruto. “Did you cheat!?” Yuu exclaims that she didn’t. Haruto tells crying Yusuke to let go of him.

Someone asks if they are having a contest about that, let’s go sightseeing. Meiko says that it’s great that Haruto is found. Takumi mutters that Kpapa is calling again. Hugging Haruto with Yusuke, Yuu shouts at Haruto that everyone came here to help her find him! “It is because everyone likes you, Kurosaki-kun!”

Haruto looks surprised. While Yuu hugs him tightly, someone shouts that’s right. Mina says that they exchange positions since she also wants to hug. Someone says then, she’ll be next after Mina. Someone says, hey- Meiko-
Comment: Just from the title and the last scene from the last chapter, one can guess what the chapter will be about. Well, they didn’t do it. Lol, if they did, Yuu would have to do a lot of appeasing to do to make Kpapa approve of her.

Still, I guess, it is better if Haruto wrote a proper note because Yuu and Kpapa most likely thought that he ran away due to the events last night so they are looking for him frantically. Hehe, I would really want to see more scenes of the couple with Kpapa. They are so amusing.

So, Yuu will most likely give up on whatever her possible dream is for Haruto so that he won’t be sad and lonely. I’m curious though why Sakura said that he doesn’t think that it is good for both to go abroad. Is it because of the reason why she’ll also go?

I’m inclined to think that it is more about their personal growth or something like they aren’t ready for this especially since ah, it is only recently that they find hear the ‘I like you’ though in Haruto’s case, it is ‘let’s get engaged’. ^^;

So, I guess the final decision is now on Haruto. Yuu has already decided to go with him. He most likely cannot give up his love for architecture based on his reaction to this church.

Based on what Yuu mentioned at the end, it is like, everyone loves you so don’t go...at least, stay until high school graduation. After that, it is indeed most likely they’ll part ways so at least enjoy our time together for another year or so. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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