February 16, 2021

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 72 - Devil is a Celebrity!?]

 There is a scene of Haruto telling Yuu that they get engaged. Then, the scene changes to Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. [The note though says Quebec Castle and in wiki, that is actually, Citadelle of Quebec. ^^; The building that is shown though is Château Frontenac.]

Looking out from the window, all dressed up Yuu looks at Château Frontenac and mutters that a castle stands in the middle of the street, so beautiful... Narration: “We are obviously currently in a school trip... but we were simply whisked away. While abroad, Kpapa is still so bossy! The Kurosaki family is really scary!”

Flashback: Kpapa opened the car door and said, “You’ve finally arrived, get down from the car, Haru... *looked dark at Yuu* --Were you groping and taking advantage of him while he’s sleeping?” Haruto is sound asleep on Yuu’s lap. Blushing Yuu held up her hands and tried to explain that Kpapa misunderstood the scene. “He seems to be so tired so he...”

Kpapa darkly said that he made a reservation for dinner so she goes ahead first to change her clothes. Aghast Yuu mutters, change clothes... Kpapa told her that he can’t stand sitting together with someone wearing tacky clothes. Yuu timidly apologized. End flashback.

Looking at her dress, Yuu wonders if she is out of place. “Wearing this kind of dress is really embarrassing... It’s just eating a meal, that’s all, so how come I even have to wear a formal dress? I didn’t even know if Kurosaki-kun is here...”

And, all dressed up Haruto arrives. Carrying a rose bouquet, Haruto says that she’s here. “Did my father went inside already?” With stars in her eyes, Yuu goes into shock – what’s going on-!? Pointing at him while thinking that he looks so handsome, Yuu asks if Kpapa prepared this?

Walking towards her, Haruto says that it cannot be helped because people wearing school uniform cannot go inside. “Here.” He gives the bouquet to Yuu. Blushing Yuu asks if these flowers are for her. To her shock, Haruto says that it is from Sakura. Yuu wonders why.

Haruto goes tsk and says that Sakura told him that it is a deal between him [Sakura] and Kpapa. “This is an apologetic gift [we bought] from both of us.” Yuu wonders what is this deal all about but then, she is very happy to receive flowers. The head waiter tells Haruto that his father is already waiting inside at the dining table.
While the two are walking inside, a woman comments that they are a cute young couple. An elderly woman tells her husband that they’re not bad. Blushing Yuu notices that people are staring at them.

“What are they talking about? Are they laughing at me? ...earlier, he said, let’s get engaged. Right now, we are dressed like this, in this luxurious place, it’s simply like getting married...”

Yuu starts to wobble that Haruto has to pull her over. He tells her not to stare around and walk wobbly. Yuu says that she can walk properly but her high heels shoes are a bit high... Haruto comments that he doesn’t know who’s the one who’ll fall at every turn.

This snaps Yuu out and tells herself, “That’s enough already, Yuu! *narrowing her eyes and having a serious look* Kurosaki-kun is sharp-tongued like the usual! Kpapa is also here, and it is simple dinner, that’s all! Don’t get ahead of yourself!”

Haruto asks what’s with her expression. She tells him that she is pepping herself up so that others won’t look down on her. This made Haruto laugh. He tells not to be too nervous. “It’s okay to smile.” This made Yuu kiss him on the cheek. He asks her what is she suddenly doing. Embarrassed Yuu says that she couldn’t help but kiss him and he has bewitched her.
Seething in anger, Kpapa says that Yuu [they] really got guts that she [they] would unexpectedly make him wait for a long time. “Moreover, seducing him while being oblivious of the situation [/place where you are]. One really cannot be careless with you.”

Yuu cries because they were seen by Kpapa. Holding up his hands, sparkling Kpapa says, “Haruto, quickly let go of that girl and come give me a welcome [we meet again] hug.” Taking his seat, Haruto says he won’t. This stuns Kpapa. Yuu is aghast that Haruto refused to hug his father.

Soon, an appetizer is served. The waiter says that their appetizer are local vegetables picked this early morning. Yuu asks if these are something to eat!? “It’s so beautiful- Who’ll tell me what vegetables are these...” She sweatdrops because the father-son are still darkly arguing.

Kpapa says that didn’t Haruto hug Sakura. Haruto asks what about it. Kpapa asks how come he won’t give him one, give him a reason. Yuu thinks, “—he still won’t give up on that hug!? The two’s mood looks really bad... Obviously, they were able to properly sit and have a chat during summer vacation!”
Clapping her hands, Yuu exclaims how great it is that the whole Kurosaki family are reunited in Canada. Kpapa tells her to be a little quiet [/tone it down]. Yuu says that she heard from Haruto that this place is a very important place for Kpapa. “The cathedral is particularly beautiful that Kurosaki-kun stared at it for such a long time.”

Kpapa is surprised that Haruto stared at it for a long time. Haruto says that it is gothic architecture. Kpapa smiles and says that he knew about it. Haruto says that it is because Kpapa mentioned it during summer. “The roof and the wall are very big and very distinct.”

Kpapa asks him if he also went to see the buildings he built [/constructed]... [Ah, he’s an architect? I thought he was a hotel owner ^^;] Kpapa says that it was on that year they had their honeymoon when young Sakura also came to this hotel.

Yuu asks if they brought Sakura along during their wedding trip. Yuu’s eyes became big when Kpapa says that he got married at age 19 then Sakura was born soon after. Haruto [/Yuu?] says that this is the first time he heard this. Flustered Yuu says that they’re quite young...19 years old.
Kpapa says that he and Yukiko wanted to have their own family early. “It just so happen that the preparation to start the business is almost done--” Taking a sip from her drink, Yuu nervously thinks that they are almost the same age now...!? “So, is that why Kurosaki-kun would say that kind of words? Don’t get ahead of yourself!! He definitely meant something else...”

Yuu’s eyes become huge again when Haruto says, “I and Akabane are already engaged. So, if we get certified [/get a marriage license] then we will have more family members.” Kpapa goes !?  Yuu stands up and exclaims, “Certified!? Wrong, we are already engaged!?” Haruto says that he told her when they were in Montreal.

While the other guests are puzzled over the ruckus, Yuu’s brain is going ‘wait a minute, wait a minute!’ Looking dark, Kpapa asks her what is the reason why is she so anxious. “The same goes with Sakura. Youngsters nowadays don’t follow the sequence, always going the opposite way.”

Yuu tearfully thinks that Kpapa is misunderstanding things. She exclaims, “There’s no reason for us to be anxious! Right, Kurosaki-kun! Regarding this matter... wait until later... think things over slowly...”
Haruto says that it would be too late. “I will be studying abroad after the New Year. *Yuu is surprised by this revelation* Akabane, you’ll also go with me.” Yuu goes, “Me...also? ...eh!?” Kpapa asks, “After the New Year? The plan is quite specific.”

Haruto says that it is because he’ll be going to a cooperative school* with Harumi. [*something like an exchange student with a sister-type school in another country] Yuu wonders if this is a one-player game or it is a surprise for her!?

Haruto says so, they have to engage and this way, it would really be more convenient. “I also don’t want to live separately from her.” Yuu exclaims, “Wait, you haven’t discussed this matter with me...” With a smile, Haruto says that after he came to Canada, he clearly thought of what he wanted to do. “Now that I have thought of it clearly, it is better to start on it early.”

Yuu wonders, “...together with me? This is so sudden...” Kpapa asks Yuu if she is really going together with Haruto. Yuu says, “... I... I...” Haruto is surprised that Yuu couldn’t answer. The head waiter asks Yuu what’s the matter. Yuu is puzzled.

Kpapa sighs and tells Yuu to quickly sit down and don’t cause trouble to the restaurant staff. Yuu quickly sits down. Haruto asks Yuu why didn’t she answer. Yuu says that this issue is brought up so suddenly and her mind is all confused. Haruto says that she just has to say something, that’s all so quickly say it.
As the head waiter serves the food, Kpapa tells the two that the main dish has arrived. “The roast meat here is very delicious. Yukiko also really likes it. Enjoy the meal.” [/Haruto said to properly taste the food]. Kpapa quietly looks at flustered Yuu who couldn’t taste the food at all.

Soon, Yuu goes into her room. She sighs and feels pain on her foot [/probably due to the high heels]. She recalls Kpapa telling her that he has to talk with Haruto so she can go to her room first.

After removing her shoes, she lies on the bed. Yuu is relieved because she’s really scared of being all alone with the current Haruto. “Didn’t Haruto say, ‘It’s the same. It’s really good like this now, right...’ [while they were in the cafe]. Then, she remembers Haruto saying that he’ll study abroad and she’s coming with him.

She starts to beat up the pillow and shout, “What’s up with that! Isn’t that too sudden! How come you’ll say that I’ll go with you as if we are going to some sort of trip together! Did you say that you’ll get engaged with me because you’re going to study abroad!?

“How come you’re doing things on your own? And also, wanting to do something refers to what!? I still haven’t totally thought of my own future... *recalls Kpapa asking if she really wants to go together with Haruto* Of course, I also don’t want to be separated from him.” 
At the bar, Haruto asks what does Kpapa want to talk about. Kpapa tells him not to be in such a hurry and does he want to drink a bit. Haruto says that he is still underage. Kpapa says that Haruto and Sakura are really different since Haruto is too decent. “That is also good. There are also non-alcoholic cocktails that you can...”

Haruto cuts him off by asking where Yuu’s room is. Kpapa tells him that their rooms are on a different floor. “You and I are in the same room. That girl is also very tired. Let her properly rest for tonight. I really approve of you studying abroad.

“Since that time in summer, you started to become interested in architecture [field of construction]. Wanting to study well, you’ll even go abroad. I fully support you on that.”

Haruto says that he isn’t going to rely on him and that school has a scholarship system. After a pause, Kpapa says that no matter what Haruto does, he likes to depend on himself especially when he is deciding on things. “But that girl’s life isn’t yours, you cannot just order things around regarding her future.”

Haruto bites his lips and asks again where is Yuu’s room. Kpapa says that didn’t he tell him to give her a bit of time to rest. “Perhaps, you are more impatient because of your age, but when I was your age--”

Haruto corners his father and darkly says that he wants to go to Yuu and it doesn’t matter to him whatever he tells him. This made Kpapa stiff. Kpapa darkly says that ever since from the start, he is always Akabane this and Akabane that... “Is that girl more important than me? Let’s have a game, Haruto. *stands up* Good, there’s a chess board here. Do you know the rules?”

Haruto says that he knows. Tossing the soldier piece to Haruto, Kpapa says that if Haruto wins, he’ll give him the key. Haruto grabs the piece and says you go first.

Later on, it is already 3:30am. Yuu is sound asleep when she hears a loud noise. She opens her eyes to see Haruto on top of her. Breathing hard and sweaty, Haruto says that they’ll continue the issue a while ago. “You don’t plan on going together with me?”

Yuu nervously says weren’t their rooms separate... Haruto tells her to answer him. Yuu says that it is already quite late, let’s talk again tomorrow. He says no. 

She wonders what to do because Haruto won’t give up until he gets an answer. Yuu excuses that she has to change her clothes so he should go out first. Getting impatient, he starts to underdress her and says that she’s annoying to death, if she wants to take it off then quickly take it off right now.

Flustered Yuu tells him not to be so rough... Holding her, Haruto tells her not to talk nonsense and is she properly listening to what he said. “Tell me that you’ll go together with me, Akabane.” Yuu says that she cannot say it. “It’s because I... still haven’t thought about my own goal... I have no way of going together with you in this kind of situation.”

Haruto’s eyes widen. He says that once again, it is his own wishful thinking [/one-sided enthusiasm]. “From the looks of it, *flustered* you don’t care at all if you were to be separate from me.” Yuu protests no, how can she possibly... Haruto suddenly kisses her. Pulling off his necktie, he says, “In that case, I’m forced to do something to make you change your mind.”

Comment: Well, the engagement is indeed a security for him but he took it further by wanting..rather forcing Yuu to go with him. This is where Yuu drew the line. Yes, she doesn’t want to separate from him but she isn’t going to let go of her potential goal/dream and everything just for him.

Actually, she just needs time to figure things out and perhaps, her goal might actually be in line with studying abroad with him. Just like Haruto who doesn’t want to depend on his father, she doesn’t want to depend on Haruto/let him just dictate what she wants to do in life.

Perhaps, since she is always a dog in his mind, he thought that she’ll go wherever he goes. So, this development is such a shock to him. And, unfortunately, Haruto is misunderstanding this as a measure of her love for him.

In a way, it is true. It is like, if you love me, you’ll go with me no matter what...offer your life and everything to me. Basically, your life revolves around me. It is quite idealistic and romantic in stories. But in real life,  it can be problematic if the prince turned out to be a frog or worse.

And, Haruto’s solution to this problem isn’t going to really solve things. Sex/rape [<-what he seems to plan to do there at the last scene] in this kind of situation might actually drive her away but then, it goes to show how desperate Haruto is. He’s obviously not thinking straight. He cannot face reality and the truth what Kpapa told him that is he doesn’t own Yuu’s life.

Again, somehow, it might all be ‘much ado about nothing’ if it turns out that Yuu’s goal is align with going abroad. ^^; And even if she went as he wanted, she might just have a hard time with studying like before. Much harder since it would be in a foreign country. Such stress might cause a strain in a relationship. On a side note, if it was Mina, she’ll go wherever Haruto goes.

Anyway, Kpapa scenes are fun as usual. Because of the scenes he witnessed, it really looks like it is Yuu who is on to Haruto. ^^; It might be his immediate goal to get a hug from Haruto ^^ Hehe, he is the conservative type. And, I’m amazed with his devotion that he still wears his wedding ring all this time. Probably won’t marry again.

I do wonder if Yuu wanted to go with Haruto, would Kpapa would be okay with it? I’m amused at how fast he recovered from the news regarding the engagement. Haha, probably because he also married young. He just wondered if it is the trend among youngsters to do doing opposite of the order and why they are in a hurry.

Kpapa is indeed thinking the best for Yuu by letting her rest. Unfortunately, his plan to stall/stop Haruto from bothering her failed. He just didn’t realize how fast a learner Haruto is. It did take some time for Haruto to win the chess game since it is already 3:30 in the morning.

If the series is ending, the problem should be resolved before they go back to Japan. I’m hoping that they resolve it there without anyone’s help like an interruption or anything. It will show how far they have grown though the last scene looks like a major step back for Haruto.

I’m wondering if it is good that Haruto still maintains his core personality = doesn’t become a jerk to super nice guy like in other stories. I mean, there is no illusion that love can change a guy into super nice guy from jerk which doesn’t always happen in real life.

Also, if Yuu isn’t going with him, it seems that the author is going with the usual shoujo ending route of separating due to schooling then reuniting again later on. Though here, I wonder if Yuu would at least agree to the engagement and at most marriage as ‘security’ for Haruto. Scans by 腾讯动漫  

Quote of the day:

A single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous that it makes us forget the hundreds of lovable moments we’ve spend together within a minute. ~ Author Unknown


  1. I think that Kpapa letting Haru into the room (giving him the key) means that he's giving concent?
    Haru is way to in love with Yuu and wants her to, as you said, go anywhere he goes and do anything he tells her.
    I don't think that it's a good idea if they get engaged for 'security'.

    In the next chapter, I don't think anything like sex will happen, I also don't think that it will turn into an awkard situation in which no one can look at each other.

    This chapter shows Haru going back to how he was at the beginning, maybe meaning at the start of the manga he was also a bit crazy (in love) for Yuu?

    I don't think he's reventing back to how he was before, he's just misunderstood, confused and sad.

    Thanks for the translation Kat, I love seeing these every month!

    1. Hm...cannot say. I would think that he planned to stop him through the game because he won't listen to him anyway and might do something more drastic if Kpapa kept on refusing to give him the key/tell him the room.

      Haha, true regarding the first one. I don't think the author will make him cross that line. The second one, probably not especially if the series is going to end. If it isn't, it can happen so that we'll have a long drama later on.

      Something like a cycle?

      Not reverting back...rather, that is his core personality. He always wants her to obey him...kinda dominating. And, well, what Yuu did is practically what the title of the series is about. ^^;

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. On some level, I don't think it's about him wanting her to 'obey him, I think it's like, he wants to know what she's doing at all times. (Most like a safety thing) he seems over protective.

    3. Is that so? In general, I get the impression that he always wants her to agree to whatever he wants. Though, earlier, I guess if it isn't related to their relationship directly, he is willing to be a bit lenient about it like helping out with Meiko and her bf problem.

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    1. What do you mean? You cannot see the images?

  3. Thank you so much :)

  4. Gracias kat es genial me encanta este manga, amo a haruto cada día mas enamorado de yuu y ella siempre piensa que lo que el siente es menos a lo que ella siente, pero aquí vemos que el amor de kuro es más grande que el de tuu 🥰🥰🥰🥰 ya quiero que salga el otro capitulo 🙌🙌

    1. Thanks for reading, shyon ^-^

      True...though hopefully, it won't go way over the top. It can be suffocating for the other party.

  5. I believe that kuro is desperate, he is so attached to Yuu as to be selfish. I think he wants her to always be by her side, but he didn't decide with her, he did everything by himself because he was convinced of their relationship. The father has understood the situation well, the problem is kuro who does not accept advice, I think there will be some hot scenes but they will not go further, maybe Yuu will explain his point of view and he will calm down. But anyway I think they will split up, and then come back together in a few years. Thanks as always Kat ��

    1. I don't think they'll spill up at all. It's very unlikely. I know Kuro is possessive at times but they both love each other. Yuu has said that she loves him and Kuro has made it very clear that he loves her. There will be a bit of a rocky road but definitely NO break-up.

    2. I don't think there will be any 'hot' scenes. Maybe a bit but not really, Haru is at a point in which I think he might have a break down.

    3. True, Simona De Vito.

      Most likely.

      Split up...as in long distance relationship or break up? If it is long distance, I think so. They'll meet again later on...it is common in shoujo though usually it is due to college.

  6. Why in this chap Kuro seems so desperate? I agree with all the comments above. He wants yuu to stay by her side, without thinking her mind or future goal. But yuu is not his dog.
    Though love makes people blind, yuu still have rational for her future.

    I hope Kuro doesnt hurt Yuu in any ways (rape) for next chapter. Maybe they will be good after some discussion. Because after all, they both love each other so much.

    1. I've read this Manga enough times to KNOW that Haruto will most definitely not rape her. He would never go as far as to do that. There will be NO sex of any sort in the next chapter, I'm sure of it. Haruto is flustered here meaning I don't think even he's ready to do that kind of thing (sex)

    2. Anne, I guess it is the fear of being separated from her? It was already a struggle that he wasn't in the same class as she is. I think it is already winter in their time, so only a few months before he leaves.

      Hopefully so...well, most likely not at this point of the story.

  7. Thank you so much Kat for this translation. See u again next month. Hihi

  8. Are they going to do it? I dont thi k so😅 Kpapa will gonna knock the door before he can do it, thats for sure. Oh my he really loves her but his possessi e attitude is not good for her, Yuu also needs to think for herself. Cant wait for the next chapter this manga is endi g this yeat right? Thank you so much for this blog that we can get the summary of this manga i really love this.

    1. The manga is NOT ending. They are making qt the very least, another volume.

    2. Most likely not, Tomiho World.

      I prefer that Kpapa doesn't. I would like that they'll solve this on their own to show maturity/relationship growth kind of thing. Hehe, though maybe he can stand [on stand by] outside and just do something if something bad happens?

      Yes, it was suppose to end this March but apparently, the author has more story to tell so it is extend.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  9. When ch 73 is going to release KAT

  10. Hi Kat sorry I'm late and thanks for the summary. This chapter was a bit shocking because I didn't expect Haruto's move abroad would be so soon. Anyway... He was completely wrong not to say anything to Yuu ... Unfortunately yes, although he has improved, in other aspects obviously Makino didn't want to completely distort his character and therefore it's possible that Haruto's way of reasoning was quite particular (and objectively absurd). Yeah, as you said too, Yuu is just confused in front of such news. However, I love Kpapa and yeah, I also noticed that he always wears the wedding ring ... Indeed I hope that Makino dedicates an extra to Kpapa and Yukiko, it would be too emotional... Anyway, Kpapa obviously understood Yuu's discomfort and tried to make Haruto think better to what he said... The chess game, yes, it seems to last a long time ... Yet I am convinced that Kuro did not win in the end, but Kpapa gave him the key all the same because of his son's desperation. I think this because in my opinion Kuro does not excel very much in these games (I remember that in the dorm he had lost in a similar game against Takumi, who in turn had lost to Kaji ..), then I don't know maybe I'm wrong and he really won 😊 anyway about the final scene .. Kuro is simply desperate, but he would never do anything against Yuu's will... indeed in my opinion he will have an emotional breakdown and I hope to witness a significant scene where they will finally say everything they think and they will overflow their feelings. It's possible that in that case their first time really happens, but I hope after having clarified each other. However, in my opinion, even Mina would never have followed Haruto ... Or better .. Nobody in their right mind would follow him like that from nowhere 😅😂
    Anyway thanks Kat as usual and sorry for my terrible English, but I wrote really fast.

    1. Oh anyway I say one last thing that I forgot to write ... I still believe that at the base of Kuro's despair there is obviously everything he suffered in the past ... Kuro was alone before, now no longer especially because he Yuu is with him now. I think he understood that without Yuu he feels alone and absolutely needs her and he was convinced that she would never abandon him (unlike Kpapa, Takumi or Sakura who unfortunately did it in the past)...I think he's extremely desperate especially for this reason. He fears that Yuu also wants, in a certain sense, to abandon him probably ... Only his selfish way of thinking is obviously wrong ... But here I can understand his reasons.

    2. Thanks for reading ^-^

      True. I guess the author is going with that instead of the usual going abroad because of college.

      I hope so, too ^-^ <- a side story of Kpapa and Yukiko.

      Yup. Now, I wonder if things have calmed down and everything is resolved, would they do their first during the school trip? ^^

      I mentioned that because Mina was asking in the earlier chapter where Haruto is going to college because she wants to go there, too. Somehow, to have a 'smooth relationship', I get the impression that Mina is the one compatible with Haruto. Alas, he doesn't love her.

      No, it's okay. I can understand you 😄

      Ah, that's possible. Some kind of trauma.

  11. Yu will never be able to move Forward w Kuro is he never officially confesses to her how he really feels. Yes we have time where he has hinted at it towards her but remember Yu is a lil slow to the Uptake. So she needs to hear it straight from him what she is to him and how he feels. Cuz rn she is confused with all of that , how she gone make a decision to go with someone who ain’t taking her seriously and who she thinks sees her as his dog . My girl said “nah, imma need to you to tell me what we are before I decide on you, Period! “ #HBIC 🧘🏻‍♀️😝

    1. Hehe, Empress but isn't the 'let's get engaged' = confession?

    2. I would never get engaged to anyone if they have never told me how they feel about me and what my relationship to with them is lol

    3. Empress, I completely agree with that. I understand it being hard to tell someone exactly how you feel but if you're thinking of doing something as big as to marry them, you have to at least tell them how you feel and what you think of your relationship. I know he's definitely hinted at the fact that he's totally mad for her but he's gotta actually tell her, without all the bull crap.

    4. Lol, ideally and realistically, yes, Empress. Though, I'm thinking it is a given because of Haruto's peculiar personality? ^^; Haha, in terms of shoujo manga.

      Something like read between the lines, action > words...I don't have to tell you, just know it kind of thing. Well, that is the impression I got from him. So, 'let's get engaged' = confession = I'm serious about you that I want to marry you. I go direct to the point and not say flowery words like Takumi tends to do.

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    Obrigado por seu ótimo trabalho e esforço

  13. Please update for chapter 73..Waiting!!!!!!

    1. Give me a link to the Chinese scanlation of chapter 73 and I can update within 3-4 days.

    2. https://www.cocomanhua.com/12364/

  14. When next chapter will be posted ?

    1. Chapter is out in Japan usually on the 13th. Posting of summary is unknown.

    2. It is 14th now...is it released??

    3. https://m.ykmh.com/manhua/wocaibuhuiduiheiqijunshuodehuayantingjicong/58085.html?p=1

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    5. Aspettiamo la traduzione della nostra fantastica Kat che, come sempre mi chiarisce ogni dubbio io possa avere 😘

    6. Non vedo più Tereca, che fine ha fatto? Con i suoi fantastici voli pindarici 😆

    7. Thank you for the link, Anonymous. 😄

    8. @Valentina vero anche io ho pensato a Tereca e mi mancano i suoi commenti ❤️

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  16. I am waiting that kat translate for comment the last scene ! This chapter is short , there are only 23 pages

    1. Vero, ci sono troppe cose da chiarire e che non tornano....

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  18. I'm sorry it's not place to say this, but I can't keep quiet when people are being rude to Kat. Please STOP asking her about releases and to hurry up on translations. It is not her responsibility to tell you when stories release. She has a life, giving us translations of stories are a gift. Be grateful and wait patiently without constantly bugging her!
    Kat I'm sorry for commenting on this, but in my country it's very rude and it's been going on for a little bit. I know all of us are extremely grateful to you, and don't wish to annoy you to the point of stopping. So please just wait for her to post when she can.

  19. Kat, from where did you find this manga? I need the link pls:(

  20. You will find it in the comments if you just scroll up. There are two different links already posted by people.