November 16, 2020

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 70 - Yuu is being targetted!? ]

Everyone is gathered near Oratoire Saint-Joseph. Hara [group leader] is telling everyone that starting now, they will have free time so each team leader must remember to contact the teacher at the assigned time. “Okay, disband!”

Yusuke excitedly exclaims that this place’s mood is totally different from Toronto. Tarako says that she heard that this place is hailed as ‘North America’s Paris.’ Haruto bundles up Yuu with a scarf and says that this place is colder than Toronto so wear this tighter.

Yuu says that she cannot breathe. “Ah, the hairstyle I spent so much time to do.” To Yuu’s shock, Mina comments that there is no difference from her usual hairstyle. Haruto says that it looks like Yuu is totally fine. Yuu exclaims but of course, she isn’t that weak. Haruto smiles and says he knows. Yuu and everyone blushes upon seeing him smile.  

Narration: “Geez- For him to be like that, I couldn’t help but first say that I like him again! How frustrating!” Holding up her hand, Yuu shouts that group A, team leader Shirakawa’s group are already gathered here.

Takumi mutters for Yuu to quickly stop since this is too embarrassing. Mina pinches Yuu’s face so Yuu asks what is she doing. Mina says that she’s also too cunning and this infuriates her to death. [<- making Haruto smile] Yuu exclaims what is she saying. Meiko laughs and says that their relationship is really good.

Hara calls out for them to be quiet. “B section’s Akabane Yuu, we, the teachers will go with your group during this activity because you are a PROBLEMATIC STUDENT.” Yuu thinks, what-!? Standing in front of a building, Hara says that this is Oratoire Saint-Joseph, Canada’s biggest church. “It is built in the renaissance architecture style.”
While Hara continues to talk about it, Yusuke complains that it is boring. Mina asks if they will spend the rest of their time like this. Yuu whispers to their homeroom teacher how come she became a problematic student. The teacher says that it seems that Hara has heard that she sneaked out in the middle of the night while in Toronto.

Haruto says that didn’t he also go out. The teacher bluntly says that he is okay because Hara is a person who really pay attention to studying and grades whereas Yuu is a frequent visitor in review [/cram] class. Yuu cannot believe it.

Hara calls out to Yuu and asks how come this city has so many churches. Yuu says that she doesn’t know. Haruto answers that it is because during England’s rule here, they are really focused on protecting the French culture. Yuu asks if they are allies. Yusuke exclaims no wonder it’s him [being intelligent].
Staring at Yuu, Hara says that the goal of this school trip is for them to learn about foreign culture! “At the same time, there are still very strict rules for group activity...

And, Akabane, you haven’t been able to comprehend this, even for a little bit. I heard that you even want to leave your seat during the flight. I truly cannot comprehend as to why a problematic student like you would be in a group with students who study and have good grades!”

Yusuke is surprised that he also became a good student. Yuu apologizes. Hara sternly exclaims that he’ll use the time today to properly discipline her. “Or else, you’ll even influence the other student’s exams...”

Haruto darkly grabs Hara’s head and says that he’s chattering noisily that it is annoying to death. Hara shouts what’s up with him. Tarako asks if Hara didn’t know that Haruto was the black prince. Meiko says that it seems so.
Hara shouts, “Look. You’re influenced by Akabane that you had become like this!!” Yuu says that she knows already so she’ll go with the teachers to the hotel and stay there. “So you guys can freely...” Haruto grabs Yuu to shut her up.

Smiling Takumi suggests to the teacher that they go and look around the royal gardens. Patting Hara’s back, Takumi says that next, he guesses that Hara-sensei will say some very strict words so how about they go to a nicer scenery. “The parking over that side has public transportation.”

Hara apologizes for troubling him. Yusuke tearfully says that he doesn’t want to go. He and the others were surprised when Haruto whispers that they all run away. He grabs startled Yuu and says that they’re leaving.

To Hara’s shock, Yuu and others start to run away. Stunned Mina asks public transportation? Takumi grabs her and asks what is she staring for, quickly run! Mina says that she’s wearing high heels. Takumi says that she can still run with them. Hara shouts for them to stop as the homeroom teacher can only watch them.
At some park, everyone is taking a break. Yusuke says that he cannot run anymore and his body couldn’t stand it anymore... Haruto says that he ran so slow. Catching her breath, Yuu asks if they are already okay. Mina says that Yuu still really likes to stir up trouble. Feeling dizzy, Yuu admits that it is so.

Leaning on her, Haruto asks Yuu what is she thinking that she’ll go back to the hotel alone. Yuu says that if she doesn’t go back, it will just cause trouble to everyone... Haruto darkly says that if she isn’t around then everything would be meaningless. This made Yuu shudder.

Tarako comments that Yuu is so stiff. Takumi sighs and says Haruto is still so cheeky to say that when just now, he almost hit Hara-sensei. Meiko says that she unexpectedly wanted to see that scenario a bit. Tarako says that Meiko is really so violent.

Holding his arm, Mina suggests to Haruto that they go to Quartier Latin to see nicer looking chairs. Yuu shouts, hey! Yusuke exclaims that they regroup again and start sightseeing. Meiko says that they eat something first.

Yuu smiles and offers to be a guide. Mina says that she firmly opposes that. Tarako says that if they let her do that, they’ll quickly get lost. Looking at a map, Yusuke wonders out loud where they are.

Haruto says that she ought to remember not to lose him because she always goes missing at a drop of a hat and she didn’t learn a bit something called group activity. Yuu counterattacks by saying, that’s right and in the end, he feels a bit lonely if he were to be separated from her for a while.

Haruto smiles and says that isn’t she quite sure of that. Yuu blushes over this and says, that...will do. Yuu turns to leave but Haruto grabs her scarf and says that it isn’t that way. Yusuke complains that there are no toilets nearby and he wants to pee.

Narration: “—lately, he has been smiling a lot. My little heart cannot stand it!” Soon, they are eating donuts and sandwiches. Yusuke is shock that a horse licked him. They also took a group picture together with Canada-themed hats and head bands.

Soon, they stand awe in front of a church. Yusuke says isn’t this very famous— “What is it called again?” Yuu says that it is an art gallery. Haruto corrects them by saying that it is Notre-Dame Basilica.

While Yusuke is talking with him, Takumi tells everyone not to make a fuss here. Yuu asks Haruto if he isn’t going inside. Looking at the church, Haruto says that before he saw a picture of this place in his father’s study. Surprised Yuu repeats, Kpapa’s study?

Haruto says that when he was young, he always looks at that picture all by himself. “During summer vacation, didn’t we return to my house? That is the first time I heard from father that this place is his earliest and deepest memory as a resident...

—it is Quebec. *scene of Kpapa happily telling Haruto while looking at a photo album* He even told me a lot of things about this place. So, I want to go and look around this place.” 

As they enter the church, Yuu says that she didn’t think that young Kpapa’s memorable place would unexpectedly be this church. “Quite a surprise...” The two then look amazed at the church’s interiors. Yuu says, so beautiful... Yuu is surprised that she couldn’t help but say it out loud but it looks like it is a part of a different world...

Yusuke calls out to Yuu and asks her to take a picture of him. “They say that we can take pictures inside!” Yuu says okay! “I’ll take a picture of you two-” Yusuke and Tarako pose and thank her. Yuu asks Haruto if he also wants a picture. Haruto says that he’ll go look around over there for a while.

Yuu, Yusuke and Mina say that they also want to go with him and get a local tour guide. Haruto glares at them and tells all of them not to bother him. With that, he quickly walks away.
Surprised Yusuke says that it has been a long time since he saw S[adist]-Haruto. Tarako says that no wonder he’s the black prince. Mina comments that even Yuu was discarded.

Taking her seat, Yuu whines that she still wants to enjoy being moved with him and just now, she was afraid and scared. Mina says that the odds of separating during a trip is quite high—

Yuu exclaims that isn’t true, Haruto just wants to be alone as he can mentally concentrate! Mina asks if he is an art fanatic and one doesn’t know what kind of related work one will do in the future...

Yuu smiles and says that she thinks that Haruto ought to be very happy right now. Narration: “Because he has come to a place that is very memorable to Kpapa.” Haruto quietly looks at the altar.
Comment: In the end, the strict teacher found out about Yuu leaving the hotel. He does have his bias with students who have good grades. It is indeed quite unfair that he punishes Yuu but not Haruto. Ah, at least, it isn’t because he is rich?

Haruto shows some of his changes here due to Yuu. He smiles more and unlike before, he breaks front of the teacher. They will be all punished for this. I guess it is indeed a once in a lifetime thing that they’ll most likely have good memories about it later in life.

After having some fun, they went to Kpapa’s memorable place. At first, I actually wondered if that is where Haruto’s parents got married. But then, since it is his earliest memory, perhaps, that is where they met? Unless, it is simply being amazed by the place. It is interesting though that as a child, Haruto seems to somewhat know that it is an important place.

Anyway, I guess it is realistic that the author is keeping Haruto’s ‘base personality’ as the ‘Black Prince’ intact with some changes...not a total change. Ah, after all, even if he is like that, Yuu still loves him. And like her, he loves her even if she isn’t ‘perfect’ like Mina. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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  1. This chapter has so much dialogue and it was a bit short. I hope in the next chapter we can see what he thinks. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you so much Kat. Its my favorite Manga and you are the Best!!!!!^-^

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, Monica ^-^

  3. I really liked the author gave some context (and lelt us learn) about a Christian/Catholic place of worship. Not common in many mangas. Thanks Kat, once again, for your summary!

  4. Kat you are always amazing. Thank you very much! And anyway, let me say that the final sentences you choose are always beautiful.

    However... I'm sorry that the chapter was short again, but at least something interesting has been introduced that is related to Kuro's family.
    Could the church have anything to do with Haruto's mom? Well there are several possibilities in my opinion :
    -Kpapa and Yukiko got married there.
    -They honeymooned in Canada.
    -They both studied / worked in Montreal and met there in the church ?

    Who knows...Oh yeah sorry,my mind is traveling a lot 😅 Among other things, I don't know in what sense Kpapa defined himself as "resident", but it would be nice to find out now something about their story and above all to finally meet Yukiko in some flashback or photo❤️ I mean, I know it's not sure Yukiko has anything to do with it, but I'd really like it to be like that ... Also because Haruto's expression at the end seems the same as when he talks about the cherry tree ...

    Anyway, Haruto smiles a lot and he's much sweeter and more aware of his feelings now, but yeah ... it's right that he keeps a little his demon mode 😜 but Makino is very good at that.

    I've seen some progress between Takumi and Mina as well.

    Ah obviously that teacher is really unpleasant 🙄 who knows if something will happen that will make him change his mind about Yuu ... Oh well, in the end Yuu is always loved by everyone because she is so special. And anyway, I loved that Kuro defended her 😜.

    However, I hope that the next chapter will reveal all these doubts on the issue of the church and, above all, that there is the second confession from Kuro and the date at the Cafè.

    Anyway Kat, one last thing... Do you think Makino and her team changed their mind about the volumes? I mean, maybe they add another one? I don't know, as I have already said, it seems strange to me that lately the chapters are short ... We'll see.

    Thanks again Kat ❤️

    1. Thanks for reading and glad you like it, Fra R ^-^

      Maybe all three? I'm thinking that perhaps, they met Takumi's parents there, too...I mean in Canada.

      Since 'resident' was mentioned, I think he lived there for a while...most likely studied college. And, I wonder if Haruto will also do that. Yes, I was thinking, how come the author is hinting about such things about Kpapa's past when this is ending...shouldn't there be more to it?

      Yup ^^

      Hehe, yes.

      Indeed though I'm not sure if he'll change his mind about Yuu...or perhaps, students 'like' her who have bad grades and doing a bit of delinquent stuff.

      Yes...and more pages.

      Usually, if it is announced, they don't extend it....though they can make side stories/spin-offs later on. And yes, it is strange that the chapters are short when it is ending.


    2. That's right Kat, I thought the same thing, which is that Takumi's parents at this point met them in Canada. In fact, in the flashback Kpapa had organized the party for their return, so it is clear that they had lived abroad up to that moment and Takumi in fact spoke only French (in Quebec, in fact, French is spoken). Then we know about Yukiko that she loved the western style, because Kuro says that the guest room in their house follows the taste of the mother. So Yukiko probably lived there too and I thought if she was like an architect or a lover of Western style / art ... But that's all assumptions, we'll see. About the volume issue, yes it is true that they announced it, but they had put some "question marks", so I think they have changed their mind at the moment. I hope this important arc about Kuro's family isn't covered in a few chapters in a hurry 😟

    3. That's right. Those stuff are interesting and yes, I wished that was tackled instead of the amnesia arc.

      Oh well...we can only hope for the best. If ever they would tackle it in these last few chapters...I hope that they could at least lengthen the number of pages.

    4. what is going to finish? when? I think still many thing to get resolved. the haven't talk what they going to study after high school? is takumi going back to Canada? Anyway thank you Kat for the translation

    5. Ana Maria, the series is ending on March according to ANN,

      I agree so it is a bit of surprise. I guess the author is going to finish everything during this school trip in Canada. It doesn't help the the recent chapter is shorter than usual.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  5. Thankyou so much kat for this chapter but that teacher was really annoying he all blammed to our yuu chan that make me feel sad ��but I love how kuro defend her..♥️

  6. Finally! Thank you Kat! Very, very much! Scrivo in italiano, scusate....vado più spedita
    Dunque, si. Credo che il Canada o comunque Montreal, abbia a che vedere con Kuropapa e con Yuriko. È probabile che lui abbia studiato all'estero, anzi, che abbia lavorato all'estero (magari lavora in una multinazionale, chissà!) e che li abbia incontrato il papà di Takumi (guarda caso i suoi genitori sono spesso fuori per lavoro, e comunque, bisognerebbe chiarire la questione inerente le origini di Takumi perché, tutto sommato, il papà di Takumi è effettivamente biondo come lui! Che io sappia in Giappone i biondi sono soltanto tinti, no?). Non sono sicura tuttavia, se abbia o meno incontrato li sua moglie. È probabile che si siano sposati li (d'altronde si tratta pur sempre di una chiesa, no? Il ricordo è legato alla chiesa non a Montreal, giusto?). Magari la sensei in un colpo solo affronterà l'argomento Yuriko e Takumi/famiglia che, sopratutto il primo, è effettivamente rimasto in sospeso. Vorrei vedere Kuro emozionarsi/piangere e che Yuu lo consoli, abbracciando. Magari affronteranno l'argomento in un bel Cafe. Scusate però. In un riassunto giapponese credo, tradotto ovviamente malissimo da google translator, c'era scritto che Yuu a un certo punto lo chiamava ancora Haru. Era tradotto male, immagino.

    1. Anche perché, un ricordo così importante, mi sembra di capire anche abbastanza datato, non può che essere legato a sua mogli, no? E perché tirar fuori la questione se non con l'intento di affrontare l'argomento tanto atteso?

    2. Si anche io volevo chiarire la questione "Haru" non saprei... Considera che Kat traduce dalla versione cinese, per cui ora dipende se invece sulla giapponese era scritto il nome. Comunque sì sono sempre più dell'idea che la madre c'entri e sarei anche molto contenta se fosse cos, perché è qualcosa che ho sempre voluto vedere, ossia dei capitoli dedicati interamente a Kuro e alla mamma. Sì la scena che hai detto di Yuu che lo consola piacerebbe tantissimo anche a me... O comunque in ogni caso sarebbe proprio bello capire Kuro come si sente, considerando che la madre purtroppo non l'ha mai conosciuta davvero. È un argomento che lo metterebbe completamente a nudo e credo che Yuu sia l'unica persona con la quale potrebbe affrontare un discorso simile ( oltre a Sakura e Kpapa). Vedremo... Ho pensato anche che forse era la madre che era un architetto o un amante dell'arte occidentale chissà. Attendo anche io il famoso appuntamento (ormai saranno 3 capitoli che lo dico 😂)... Sono molto curiosa ovviamente per il prossimo capitolo, ma ahimè ci toccherà aspettare.

    3. Ragazze, buongiorno! Ho notato adesso che la sensei nel sedicesimo volume ha inserito due Side story. Dite che lo abbia fatto per evitare di inserirne una nel diciassettesimo, essendo arrivati alla conclusione del manga? Mi pare di aver capito che il diciottesimo volume sia l'ultimo, giusto? Ma il diciassettesimo è già uscito in Giappone dunque, non dovrebbero esserci degli extra, no? Magari alla fine del manga dove ci potrebbe far vedere qualche stralcio del futuro, in sequenza, no?

    4. You're welcome, Valentina ^-^

      Yup, most likely tackle that about Kpapa, the mother and the Takumi family...Sakura wedding, and formal confession for the last few chapters ^^

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