October 15, 2020

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 69 - Devil's Revenge]

Narration: “-Kurosaki-kun’s words ‘Of course, I like [you]. Super like.’ continuously echo inside my head. If it isn’t a dream, then say it one more time...” Yuu suddenly sits up and shouts in English, “One more please!”

Tarako greets her a good morning. Mina says that she is so noisy just when her fever subsided so maybe it is better for her to always be feverish. Meiko calls out Mina for that and then, she informs Haruto that Yuu is awake. Yuu goes !?

Carrying a basket of bread, Yusuke comes in and exclaims, that’s great, she’s alive! “Want some bread for breakfast? I’ve reserved one for you-” While Yuu stares at Yusuke, Mina is telling her that she’s ugly to death.

Tarako asks Yuu if she remembers what happened yesterday. “When you came back, everyone is all giddy--” Looking at the window, Yuu is surprised that it is already morning!! 
Haruto comes in and suddenly touches Yuu’s forehead. He says that the fever hasn’t totally subsided so it would be better for her to rest in bed before they depart. Holding a bottled water, Takumi offers it to Yuu.

Takumi apologizes for the bunch of people surrounding her so early in the morning. “It is because Kuro is so flustered that we cannot just let him be.” Haruto tells him not to talk nonsense. Yuu thinks that it is too stupid for the school trip to become like this and there’s no need to trouble them.

Meiko gives Yuu her eyeglasses. After wearing her glasses, Yuu realizes that she is wearing her PE uniform. Pressing the thermal gun on Yuu’s forehead hard, Mina says that it is 36.9C.

“Luckily, we are going to depart today [to another location] so right now, you have time to properly rest. If it was discovered that you guys sneaked out and even got yourself a cold, the teacher would immediately lock you guys up and make you reflect over it.”
Tarako agrees and says that they had accidentally met up with the B-section’s homeroom teacher. Yuu exclaims in horror, no way!! Meiko admits that at that time, Haruto would even answer the teacher so frankly that it made her nervously sweat—

Flashback: Carrying sick Yuu, Haruto replied, “Outside? Yes, we went out. What about it?” The homeroom teacher nervously said that he’s unexpectedly quite honest... “You guys will be punished... Ah- I’ll also be scolded.” Haruto asks, punish?

Just then, Tarako and Meiko arrive and call out to Yuu. Meiko exclaimed to Yuu, “Geez- You are BURNING UP that you carelessly walked outside, right! Luckily, KUROSAKI-KUN BROUGHT YOU BACK, or else, SOMETHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!” Haruto is puzzled.

Giving a thumbs up, Tarako said that it is the best for everyone that the teacher doesn’t inform the group leader about this. The teacher agreed with her. End flashback. Yuu thinks that means, he really said THOSE WORDS... Takumi says that Sakura is unforgiveable for suddenly hitting Haruto. Haruto says that he is still angry about it, huh.
Yuu has remembered that she said that she likes Haruto and even always shouting his name in the streets! “I didn’t think that Kurosaki-kun would say it out that he super likes me.” Yusuke and others are already getting ready to watch TV.

Since she is blushing and hiding under her blanket, Haruto leans down and asks if her cold came back. Takumi tells Haruto not to do a surprise attack on Yuu. Haruto says how is that possible. Holding her head, he says that her body temperature is a bit high.

Haruto notices she is blushing red. Takumi asks what Haruto did yesterday. “Your [Yuu’s] face is so red.” Haruto says that in the streets, Yuu suddenly hugged him tight and even bit his ear... Embarrassed Yuu screams and throws a pillow at him. “Don’t say it anymore!!”

While Yusuke asks if it is a pillow fight, Yuu hurriedly goes out of bed and says that she is all sweaty so she is going to change her clothes. Haruto is chuckling that Takumi comments that it looks like he really enjoyed this school trip. Haruto says he can say that. Tarako calls out to them that the zombie film is now showing.
In the toilet, Yuu is holding herself steady by the sink. She couldn’t believe that he would unexpectedly say that in front of the others and she even threw a pillow at him.

“It’s great that Kurosaki brother and Miss Lisa has resolved their misunderstanding smoothly that it is like a movie. But, we also...? Although it isn’t a proposal. It doesn’t feel a bit real...” She sees herself in the mirror and is shocked over how awful she looks.

Going to the shower, she says that she’s all sweaty. “Shower... Which one should I push!? How do I use this- In around an hour, we’ll be leaving already!?” The shower head above suddenly splashes water on her. Yuu exclaims that it’s hot. She slips on the water and falls down.
In the bedroom, Yusuke screams in horror. Tarako says that it looks really realistic. Mina comments that there isn’t enough blood. Meiko says that there is still room for improvement for the Japanese broadcast, so lucky.

While Yusuke keeps on screaming and clinging on to him, Takumi says that he sucks. Yusuke asks where Haruto is going. Walking fast, Haruto says, bathroom. Someone shouts for Haruto to come back. Yusuke starts screaming again that Takumi shouts that he’s noisy to death.

After opening the door, Haruto sees Yuu on the floor while the water is splashing down on her. He asks her what is this situation. She says that she simply slipped...

Later on, Haruto is helping Yuu blow dry her hair. She apologizes for the trouble. Haruto says that indeed, it is very troublesome. Feeling disappointed, Yuu thinks that this is already the second time... Yuu says that she can do it herself.
He tells her that she just got well so it is for the best that she be a bit honest. While Haruto is also using a towel to dry her hair, Yuu thinks that this felt so comfortable. To her embarrassment, Haruto casually says that right now, she is like a dog and this makes him think of Takumi’s Michel. “Next time, let’s go and play with it together.”

This made her look down that he tells her not to do that. She says about that...she always felt that it doesn’t feel a bit real. He asks what is. Yuu says that it seems that he told her that he likes her but right now, she still cannot dare believe it...

“Obviously, not long ago, you were still treat me devilishly. [/like a devil] When I passed out and also today. That is what I’m thinking, what if I somewhat dreamt of it last night...”
Blowing the dryer in her face, he tells her not to casually treat something as a dream. “Then, let me make you properly listen to it one more time, always until you really thoroughly feel it. *leans close to Yuu and smiles* Okay?”

Yuu exclaims that she wants to hear it. He says that she’ll also say it. Blushing Yuu says that she likes him. He tells her to say it one more time. She exclaims, “I like you! How about you, Kurosaki-kun?” Yuu thinks that the effect of the confession is really amazing... “Right now, he isn’t like a devil, simply a black [/Kuro] angel...”

Haruto chuckles and says that he won’t say it. Then, he bites her ear. Blushing Yuu exclaims why!? He lightly bites her neck and says that it’s her bad because she doesn’t believe his feelings.
Yuu protests that is because so many things happened yesterday. He says that she likes him that she cannot help liking him. Yuu says that she’s the only one who said it, he’s so cunning- “I’ll be really happy if I hear you say you like me!” He tells her that he’ll give the reward next time.

Haruto leans towards her chest that she puts her hand on his lips and exclaims, “-Devil!! Enough, where did you kiss just now... *holds his head and hugs her* This time, let me take the initiative! *Haruto says stop...* While on the plane, [it/I] wasn’t successful...”

She touches his lips and holds his ear. This made him blush. Yuu says, “...huh? Your face is so red, are you having a fever? Ah! Could it be that I have infected...” Haruto shouts no!

Haruto then ties her hands with a towel. She asks what is this... Haruto says that he won’t lose to her again. “Today, let me control the pace.” Yuu asks what pace...
He takes off her glasses and kisses her. Haruto looks at her and tells her to close her eyes, he won’t eat her again. And, she closes her eyes as they continue to kiss. Yuu thinks that he’s so cunning. She opens her eyes and tells him to let her touch him...

He says no and kisses her again. She thinks that obviously, the thing he does is really mean. “Up until now, this kiss is the gentlest one.” Yusuke and Takumi enter the bathroom. Yusuke calls out to Haruto and says that he heard that the departure time has been moved earlier.

Takumi says that it is almost time for them to leave. Looking satisfied, Haruto says he knows already. Takumi and Yusuke blush upon seeing reddish Yuu lying on the sink with her hands tied. Yuu thinks that her body is feverish again and her lips are tingling.

Haruto says, “Akabane, don’t be so listless, you better be lively when we arrive at Montreal.” Takumi covers Yusuke’s mouth who cannot believe that Yuu’s hands are tied up... Haruto says that she’s heavy to death when carrying her while walking.

Blushing Yuu exclaims that obviously, it’s you...! Meiko and Mina also blush upon seeing the scene. And, there is a scene of a plane flying. Narration: “In this trip, I’ll definitely make you say it one more time--”
Comment: Well, if the others didn’t talk about them going out last night, Yuu would have really thought that what happened that night is just a dream. Thankfully, the nice teacher was the one who found them and her friends already have an alibi so there’s no punishment.  

The misunderstanding about blushing = fever is cliché though. Too bad, they didn’t use it to tease the other ‘you’re all red because...’ so that maybe something else will happen. =P

Well, Haruto managed to trick Yuu to confess to him again. Maybe he’s embarrassed to say it to her like how he isn’t use to it when she’s the one making the moves on him. Or, maybe he’ll do it properly when they are in Montreal.

Anyway, good luck to Yuu and hopefully, she succeeds in her goal at the Montreal leg of this school trip. It would be interesting to see how she will be able to do it if he doesn’t voluntarily confess. Ah, can she do it alone or the others will help her? And, where will it happen? Maybe some Ferris Wheel in Montreal or at the café? Scans by 腾讯动漫

Word of the day:
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. ~ Thomas Edison


  1. Kat muchas gracias, amo cada vez mas este manga, harutooo te amo es tan genial 🥰 yuu mucha suerte en este viaje 🤭

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    I feel like Kuro has got a bit of toxic masculinity. It's something he needs to work on.
    I think that best way for Yuu to get it out of him is so take control over this situation.
    He can't always have control over her.

  3. Gracias por otro capítulo! lo estuve esperando con muchas ganas. Estoy amando este lado tierno de Kurosaki, espero ver más escenas en donde Yu se muestre mas "proactiva" en la relación.
    Hasta el mes próximo <3

  4. Thank you so much Kat! Despite appearances, Kuro is quite shy about some things ... When Yuu caresses him gently, he gets very embarrassed and doesn't understand anything anymore. In my opinion, he still has to manage this thing and I hope he loosens up a bit and let Yuu pamper him;) there is nothing wrong ... Actually he kissed her with a lot of sweetness and a lot of love too... Yeah, I hope(but I'm pretty sure) that Kuro's official confession will be in Montreal ... Probably at the Café, otherwise he wouldn't have been named. I really can't wait, thanks again Kat❤️

    1. Oh, I forgot that I loved he proposed her to go and see Michel together!

    2. Thanks for reading, Fra R ^-^ Hehe, apparently.

      True. Do you think he'll do it without Yuu's prodding/trying to make it happen? Ah, is Michel in Canada?


    3. No Kat I don't think, I suppose he meant Takumi's house in Japan 😁

      Well I don't know Kat ... At the end in this chapter he referred to a reward that he will give her next time and he was probably referring to the confession, since now out of spite he didn't want to say those words. Anyway, I don't know, I also thought that in Montreal he has already booked in some famous cafe for a date, but it would be too much to expect it from Kuro ... I mean, I don't think it's possible 😂 but I hope they go to some cafes for real and yeah, I would like Kuro spontaneously confess himself and reveal everything he sincerely thinks, in short ... His deepest and most hidden feelings. I can more or less imagine what he thinks about Yuu, so if he honestly told her without teasing and things like that, Yuu would cry with joy 😂 and me too haha.

    4. Haha, I see.

      Hm...do cafes need booking? Perhaps, if it is a very famous one ala tourist spot. Though, if there are many people, it might be noisy = might not suitable for confessing unless it would be like Sakura's.

      Though, I wonder about that...such things seem more Takumi's style than Haruto's. 😅 We'll just have to wait and see 😄

    5. Yeah Kat you're right, it's not really in the Kuro's style 😂 but since he talked about it with Yuu and he also saw a magazine, I thought he had organized something but probably they will go there normally or they will go in some cafe random 😁 yes in fact it's true that in that case there would be a lot of people ... I don't know I also imagined some place with a panoramic view... It would be romantic, we'll see .
      Anyway Kat I saw that even here in the comments we talked about the issue of the end of the manga 😔 well... it seems volume 18 will really be the last, but it seems that in 17 they refer to the last volume but with a question mark ... I mean, in short probably they are deciding if 18 will really be the last volume 🙁I'm hoping they will change their minds ... I would also be fine if the manga reached volume 19 😔 only another volume just seems too little for me ... There are still many things I would like to see

    6. Hehe...and maybe if there's a wedding, it might happen there?

      Ya, I guess from the looks of things, the author might be aiming for the confession as the finale/climax. Then maybe, the brother's wedding for epilogue? I'm not too satisfied with the resolution of that 'attack' at his house in the past. I mean, that was it? All because of a fanboy/Hino?

      Hm...maybe if there's a readers' demand for more it might be extended though usually if it a spinoff/side stories.

    7. Yeah Kat ... In fact, those famous 6 months of Kuro in middle school, have always been talked about with mystery ... In fact, Kuro has never even been told to tell them properly, apart from some reference to the accident and Kuro's hospitalization; or Takumi who, full of remorse, had gone to see him .
      About the Hino's issue I was surprised too, but now I am resigned to the fact that he had simply left the scene. For the relationship between Kuro and Yuu instead, I hope that, despite the few chapters left (probably), the sensei shows us the depth of their feelings. Yes the confession has just happened obviously, but in fact I would like to see their progress due to the revelation of their feelings ... Let's hope so. Then actually I'd like to see Kuro's mom, their first time, birthdays (well, Kuro's maybe we'll see) or even Christmas Eve ... Let's say at least, I'd like they finish the second year of school and concluded with them that they are now senior ... then obviously also the extras on their future would be amazing. Well but maybe I expect too much and it's impossible for all this to happen in a few chapters 🙁 oh yes Kat there would also be Sakura's probable marriage ... Well there are still many things, what a pity ... I also forgot the famous answer that Kuro gave to Mina during the festival ... We can imagine it by now, but I've always wanted to see that scene. Who knows what sensei has in mind ... Let's hope for the best and, in any case, I will respect her choices grudgingly 🙁❤️

    8. True. I would prefer that she tackled that one and add in developing of their feelings like him telling her what happened then and maybe she'll understand him more, rather than that amnesia arc.

      Yes. True, extra chapters are usually rare and if ever, it is just one and at times, it tackles side characters based on other shoujo.

      Ya. Hm...I guess she went with the end the story after the confession. Or maybe, she has a new story in mind.

  5. Thank you so much for the translation, Kat! <3

  6. Cada ves me gustan más Kuro y Yuu.
    Gracias!, gracias kat!! 💜, amo este manga y sigo tus traducciones, yo los estoy coleccionando en japonés formato físico, realmente es hermoso, vale tanto la pena 😍. Saludos y cariños desde Chile 🇨🇱

  7. Literally I was waiting for this! Thank u so much kat😆❤️

  8. Muchas gracias Kat, eres la mejor y este manga es el mejor

    Creo que Kuro necesita una pequeña lección, para que deje de ser tan "diablo" u odioso con Yuu.
    Una buena medida de celos, no intencionales de parte de Yuu podrían obligarlo a confesarse adecuadamente.
    Pero igual me gustó que fuera tan tierno con ella pero debe aprender a decirle a Yuu lo que le pasa cuando ella lo toca dulcemente

    1. Thanks for reading, KIKA ^-^

      Haha, true...perhaps old habits die hard?

      Maybe later on ^^

  9. Thank you so much Kat!!! Every month I'm waiting for your translation 🤩🤗

    One question though, I read on Instagram that Volume 18,out in March 2021 will be the last one for this Manga, do you know if this is true?

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Apparently, it is true. I also read it here:

      So, we have a few chapters left. Maybe 4?

    2. I've been in ANN looking for this announcement. I'm really sad but hopefully we get to see the next work soon.

  10. Thanks for all your hard work! And I'm sorry if you answered this question already but could you translate Noraneko to Ookami?

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Sorry, I don't read that series.

  11. Ragazze ci siete? Non so voi, ma io devo ancora digerire la terribile notizia della presunta fine del manga 😆... Però mi aggrappo sempre a quella piccola probabilità che cambino idea 😔 voi che ne pensate? Io diciamo che ormai ho detto come la penso sia qui che sul gruppo,quindi ormai ho rotto la testa a mezzo mondo 😂 niente vorrei durasse almeno un volume in più che caspita 😔😭

    1. Ciao ragazze! Beh si, mi aspetto perlomeno che la sensei non ci lasci con l'amaro in bocca in merito a determinate questioni. Anche l'evoluzione stessa della coppia deve ancora completarsi, perlomeno rispetto a quello che più volte ci ha prospettato la sensei, diversamente non avrebbe senso, credo. Non mi dispiacerebbe leggere qualcosa sulle vacanze invernali, il Natale e i rispettivi compleanni, insomma. Qualcosa inerente la mamma di Haru, perché no, è magari, foss'anche un extra, qualche scorcio del futuro, l'università o il dopo. La decisione della sensei credo dipenda dall'odience, per intenderci, dalle vendite. Tuttavia, non credo andrà troppo per le lunghe, alcune questioni sono ancora da chiarire, ad ogni modo. Come ve la immaginate la gita a Montréal, piuttosto?