September 14, 2020

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 68 - 'Not Okay' is...]

After telling Lisa on the phone to ‘just wait’, Haruto starts to leave. Flustered Yuu couldn’t believe that Haruto unexpectedly directly calls Lisa by her first name. She calls out to him but he just smiles at her. Yuu wonders what’s going on. She shouts that she’s going with him.

The group leader overhears her and darkly asks where is she going. “It is forbidden to go out at night!” Yuu couldn’t answer him. Reading from a book, the group leader says that whoever dares to violate this rule will stay in the hotel until the day when they return to Japan. With wide eyes, Yuu can mentally tell him that guy [Haruto] over there is going out.

The doorman greets Haruto as he heads out of the hotel. Yuu couldn’t believe that Haruto left. When Yuu is insisting that she must go out today, smiling Takumi asks Hara*-sensei what happened. [*guesswork from ] Smiling Mina had already covered Yuu’ mouth.

Takumi volunteers to take over Hara’s responsibility in watching over Yuu. Mina says that she’s in the same room with Yuu so she’ll also help in monitoring her. Hara agrees since the two are their top students. Hara tells the others to immediately go back to their rooms after eating dinner.
At their table, Mina sighs and asks how could Yuu keep on insisting on going out in that kind of situation. Yuu protests that Haruto just openly walked out of here!

Mina tells her that even if the public security [law and order] here is very good but it is dangerous to go out by herself. Takumi says that he knows that she wants to quickly chase after Haruto but Haruto definitely doesn’t want her to do a dangerous thing, too...

Looking at his cellphone, Takumi says that Haruto isn’t answering his phone. “But, he ought to be deliberately doing it since he wants you to chase after him.” This made Yuu recall Haruto saying, ‘Just wait, LISA...’ Yuu quickly stands up to leave and exclaims that she’ll go ask Sakura.

Mina is puzzled when Takumi looks aghast and shouts that it has something to do with that guy and will Yuu be alright!? Arriving with some desserts, Tarako tells Yuu that Sakura is at the bar. Yusuke asks where Haruto is. Yuu thinks that Sakura ought to know something.
At the bar, a waitress stops Yuu from entering by saying, “No, child!” Yuu says that she only wants to see her teacher. The woman protests, no, a minor cannot go in. Yuu sees Sakura and tries calling out to him but it is too noisy so he didn’t hear her. The waitress tells her to be quiet.

Yuu is frustrated since she can see Sakura over there. The waitress starts to drive Yuu away and says that it is too early for a student like her to drink alcohol. Yuu wonders if it is because she is wearing a school uniform so she cannot go in. “But, I don’t have time to go and change my clothes...”

Then, she sees some guests wearing costumes. She calls out to them. Later on, Sakura is busy being depressed while drinking. Wearing a reindeer mask from one of the guests, she calls out to Sakura. Upon seeing her, Sakura screams out in fright. Yuu had to tell him who she is.

Sakura exclaims how come she is wearing that strange mask that she startled him to death. While the other customer laughs over this, Yuu explains that the waitress won’t let her in if she wears her uniform.
There was a scene wherein the guests happily lent [/gave her] the reindeer mask and Canada-themed coat to her. Yuu tells Sakura that Haruto went to see Lisa so he must know something, right!? “Aren’t you two going steady?” To her shock, Sakura says that if Haruto is serious then it is good if it goes smoothly.

Yuu exclaims what’s good about that! Sakura ignores her and orders some whisky with water. Yuu tells him that this isn’t the time to drink leisurely... Crying Sakura says that he is drinking to drown his sorrows and this doesn’t even taste good to drink. A note says that his alcohol tolerance is low.

Sakura says that indeed, he is more good-looking, taller and has more money than Haruto. Yuu sweatdrops and asks how come he suddenly starts to boast about himself. Sakura says that compare to Yuu, Lisa is a lot superior! Yuu groans. Yuu is surprised when he says, “But, I don’t have confidence that I’ll give happiness to the girl I like.”
Yuu asks how come? Sakura says that it is because he always running away from his family, not daring to face his father and Haruto. “Passing the days by doing as I please. I’m afraid of starting a family so it is better to break up with Lisa.” Yuu says but he likes [/loves] Lisa, right?

Sakura says that at his age, he no longer just considers things based on things he likes or doesn’t like. His cellphone starts to ring. He mutters what is this about again... The phone keeps on ringing that Yuu asks if it is Lisa.

Sakura starts sobbing and says that Lisa definitely wants to break up with him and he’s not okay anymore. Yuu couldn’t believe that Sakura has this kind of personality. She answers the phone that made Sakura asks how come she is answering it without his permission.

Lisa asks if she’s the girl whom she met at Niagara Falls. Yuu hears that it is noisy and Lisa asks someone what he wants to drink. Haruto says chamomile tea. This confirms to Yuu that Haruto is indeed with Lisa and he is being so nice to her.

Lisa thanks Haruto and asks Yuu if she can put Sakura on the phone. Jealous Yuu shouts at the phone, “Kurosaki-kun is mine! You’re not allowed to lay a hand on him!” This made Sakura sober up immediately. The other guests laugh over how lively Yuu is.
Yuu becomes embarrassed. She tells Lisa that Sakura is crying a lot because he misses her a lot. Embarrassed Sakura says, hey... Grabbing the phone, Sakura tells Yuu not to say such embarrassing stuff that he won’t have any face to see Lisa! “Quickly hang up the phone.”

While the other customers are laughing their heads off, Yuu exclaims that in the end, he wants to see Lisa. “Be a bit honest. Show your shameful side to her and afterwards, the two of you think together of how you two can be happy, okay! SO, QUICKLY TELL ME THE ADDRESS! I want to find Kurosaki-kun before he suffers a vicious assault from Miss Lisa!”

Sakura shouts that Lisa isn’t that kind of person! Yuu must have pressed the speaker mode so they overheard Lisa laughing out loud and telling Haruto that his girlfriend is really quite lively. Haruto says, ah...

Sakura comments that the two of them are really having a great time. Haruto says, “Stupid dog, I’m hanging up. Do not be a hindrance.” Yuu asks what hindrance, did he forget what she told him earlier at the restaurant!? Still blushing Sakura asks for a glass of water.
Haruto asks if she thinks that he’ll listen to [/do] what she says. This made Yuu dark as she tightly holds the phone. She thinks, “[It’s the] Black devil!!!” Aghast Sakura says hey, let’s quickly look for them and don’t destroy his phone.

At a coffee bar, Lisa tells Haruto that before, they would meet each other here after work and Sakura is always late. After their drinks are served, Haruto asks when did they know each other. After Lisa tells him that they go to the second floor, she says that they met each other in college and it is now 10 years since then.

“He was the top student in our class. He’s very eye-catching and every time, he’ll go out with a different girl. At the start, I hate him but then, we studied in the same field and we became friendly with each other. Here’s a picture of that time. I look quite young, right.”
Looking at the picture, Haruto pauses then asks if this is Sakura. Lisa laughs and says that he looked exactly like Sakura, right. “Because he started looking for a place to live this year, I invited him to live with me. Of course, I’m rushing to marry him...

–I didn’t expect that guy would suddenly start avoiding me that in the end, he’ll actually run back to his home country. *shaking her glass in anger* Can you dare believe it!?”

Haruto comments that she is spilling her drink. Haruto asks what Sakura is afraid of. Lisa says that it is because she really wants to have a family ad it made him scared.

“Haruto, do you like kids? Earlier, I’ve seen you having a good time with Noah but Sakura isn’t okay with it. When he sees a family looking quite happy, his expression would become very gloomy...

...He told me before that it is because when his family is falling apart and he didn’t do anything. Rather, he chose to run away-- *realization* My gawd! I unexpectedly say those things in front of his younger brother, I shouldn’t have!”

Haruto casually says that it is a fact. Lisa sweatdrops and says that he’s so calm. Lisa sighs and says that it looks like it is her own wishful thinking that they’ll go live together.
Haruto says that from childhood, he didn’t have any memory of his family living happily together. “I’ve never seen Sakura after he graduated from high school.”

Lisa says that they haven’t seen each other for almost 10 years. Haruto says but he suddenly came home and started to casually meddling into his affairs. “He even went to my school and posing around like an elder brother that it is really annoying to death.”

Lisa comments that he unexpectedly said that Sakura is annoying... Haruto tells her to consider things between them. “Could it be that guy is thinking of using me to practice on how to get along with a family member?” This surprises Lisa.

She asks if he is saying that Sakura isn’t simply running away at all. Standing up, Haruto says don’t ask him, and he’ll go check things downstairs. Lisa holds his arm and asks what about him. “Are you afraid that she will no longer belong to you and that made you feel uneasy? Even though it seems that she is really infatuated with you--”

Haruto smiles and says, “She is the only one for me.” This made Lisa blush and says that he’s so blunt. “Are high schoolers currently like this!? But, just now, didn’t you say such mean things to her?” Haruto says that is because he doesn’t want her to have time to think about trivial nonsense.
Yuu and Sakura have arrived at the place but there are so many people inside. Sakura says that it is because this store location is very good so it is very crowded. “And besides, lately, there is an ice hockey game.” Yuu suddenly sneezes and uses the sleeves to cover her nose.

Freaking out Sakura calls her stupid for wiping her mucus on it. “Quickly give back my coat! I want to wear that to look cool when I show up! Quickly take it off!”

Taking the coat off, Yuu asks how come he wears matters. After wearing the coat, Sakrua says that he’ll go to the second floor so don’t dilly-dally. Yuu says that even if he says that but the people here are so tall.

While squeezing through the crowd, Yuu asks people to let her through then she shouts in exasperation that they are really a pair of devil brothers! She is surprised to see Haruto on the stairs saying, “You’re slow to death, Akabane.”

Breathing hard, Yuu calls out to him. Lisa tells Haruto that she’ll go wait outside. Haruto says that it is cold outside, and pay attention to her body. Lisa says that she’s fine. Yuu is flustered because Haruto obviously never said such nice words to her.
Just then, Sakura calls out to Lisa. Lisa is surprised when Haruto puts his arm around her and says, “I’m impatiently waiting, Sakura. Give Lisa to me. *this made Yuu look aghast in disbelief* I’m serious with Lisa...”

He didn’t finish because Sakura had already punched him in the face. This shocks Yuu. Lisa calls out to Sakura and asks how come he’ll do that to Haruto... Sakura says, “I won’t give her to anyone. *holds Lisa’s shoulder* Let’s get married. Please become my family [member].”

While Haruto holds his face, Yuu is shocked over the proposal. While the other people are looking at them, flustered Lisa says that he ran away for such a long time and right now, he would suddenly say this... Sakura asks, “What’s your answer!?”

Teary-eyed Lisa says that there’s also a child. “I’m already three months pregnant.” This shocks Sakura and Yuu but not Haruto. Sakura blankly asks, “ it mine?” This irks Lisa that she shouts if it is not him, then who else would it be! Sakura tells her not to hit him and is it during that time! 
While the crowd cheer them on, Yuu tells the two to calm down first. Haruto holds her head and tells her to just wait. Yuu tries to protest. Then, Sakura hugs Lisa and tells her, “I love you. I’m sorry that you have to bear so much pressure alone. I always act spoiled with you that I’m so unreliable.”

Crying Lisa calls him stupid. “Anyway, you also cannot run away anymore because afterwards, I’ll depend on you as much as I want.” Haruto smiles over this while Yuu blushes. Teary-eyed Sakura says that he has a new family member and haha, he really cannot dare believe it. “This is bad, I’m so happy right now...”

The crowd are clapping and whistling at the couple. Crying Yuu is happy for Sakura. Looking at his cellphone, Haruto says that they must go back to the hotel. “Get your coat...” He is surprised when Yuu leans on him and says, “It’s so... strange? It seems that I feel a bit... *dizzy* hot...”
Soon, Haruto is walking the street while carrying sick Yuu on his back. A woman exclaims that it is a pair of young lovers. Yuu apologizes for giving Haruto trouble. Haruto says that he is used to it. Yuu couldn’t answer back. He says that she was soaked in the waterfalls earlier so how come she recklessly went out wearing thin clothes.

Yuu whispers isn’t it his fault. She lightly bumps his head and says, “Who told you to go out and see some other woman when you obviously have me. Let me hit you a few times first--  Do you know that my mind is filled with thoughts of you...” This made Haruto smile then laugh.

He asks isn’t that how it should be. Yuu thinks that it feels like he is very happy today. Haruto says that they’ll go to Montreal tomorrow. Yuu recalls Sakura telling her that he is already at an age wherein he cannot simply consider things he likes or not.

Yuu suddenly hugs Haruto tightly. He tells her not to strangle his neck. To his surprise, Yuu declares, “The person I like the most is you, so you’re not allowed to leave me-- Like, sometimes, I also hate. Like. *bites his ear* Are you listening, Haruto-kun?”

This made Haruto blush and goes tsk. He tells her not to use a strange way of calling him. Yuu asks, “Haruto-kun? Do me--” Haruto says that she’s so noisy. “Of course, I like [you]. Super like.” Yuu looks asleep.
Comment: Hehe, anyone want to bet? Since this is Yuu, do you think she’ll remember what she said and what he replied? I have a feeling that she won’t remember. ^^; If she doesn’t remember, perhaps, we’ll get a proper confession and everything later on. ^^ Haha, to have a proper reaction from Yuu.

By the way, does Yuu get well quickly from illness? Since the punishment for going out is staying at the hotel and she seems quite sick, what are the chances that the two will spend some time in the hotel in the next chapter? But then, maybe she’ll be well by time time they arrive at Montreal.

Anyway, I don’t quite like the way Haruto treats her regarding the solving of the Sakura dilemma. It is like the means justifies the end. Did he or didn’t he want her to bring Sakura there? I would prefer that he let her in on his plan rather than for her to be jealous and be totally shock when Haruto starts declaring about liking Lisa in front of her and Sakura.

I did notice that what Yuu is really being jealous about is how nice Haruto treats Lisa. It made her think that she isn’t that special to Haruto. It doesn’t help that Haruto is partly acting to get his brother jealous to force him to finally go back with Lisa in order to stop Sakura from bothering him.

So, from the looks of things, Sakura voluntarily went back to Japan and want to practice being a family with Haruto but it is too forceful that he is quite meddlesome. He even thought that he is doing Haruto a favor by booking them to a love hotel.

I do wonder what the punch is for. Jealousy or he knew that Haruto is acting? Though somehow, I think he deserved it for doing least, for Yuu. Nevertheless, the bar interaction between Yuu and Sakura is funny. In the end, Sakura couldn’t handle Yuu. ^^ 

Hehe, Haruto can't either. The way she was 'teasing' him at the end is like doing to him what he has been doing to her. There is also an extra punch when she starts calling him by his first name. Again, I wonder if this is only during this time and she'll forget all about it tomorrow. But then, perhaps, Haruto won't sleep again that night. ^^

Well, since Lisa is pregnant, I wonder if we’ll have a wedding soon. If it does happen, where will it be held, Canada or Japan? I guess it depends on where the couple plans to live. If it is in Canada, they might do it while everyone is in Canada. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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  1. Thank you so much Kat! This chapter is a very shock for me xD! I didn't understand the "like" meaning in english/jap.. In my language "like" is not very powerful and I was confused anytime I meet this words between a couple ^. ^`. But I think Yuuwill not remember Haruto declare and so I hope in a second and most powerful confession xD

    1. en japonés dijo "Daisuki" que es una palabra muy fuerte, no podrían ser más poderosos

    2. You're welcome, Federica ^-^

      It is Japanese context. 'Like' = daisuki is also love but usually used among couples who are going steady. Their word of 'love' = aisteru is used if you are very serious in the relationship that you plan/intend to marry your partner.

      Hehe, you think so, too ^^

  2. OMG!! such a good chapter. It is a bit annoying the fact that most likely Yuu will forget all about it the next day, but it was a big progress though and for Mina and Takumi they are in sync even if they don't plan to so let's wait to see how the Mangaka develops their story. Glad the spanish scan is only 2 or 3 episodes behind 😀

    I've been following your blog for quite some time now and I really appreciate the effort on getting the translations this fast.

  3. ohhhh they're so cute .....i remembered my story ....u said at the end that we should say to the people we love that we love u think that..i mean even if that person deosn't love us.

    1. Ya...

      Hehe, personally for me, it is a no. ^^; Though, the context of that quote is based on the summary/characters here in this chapter. ^^

  4. this is Yuu and shes sick for sure she cannot remember that night...waa thank goodness and there's someone who do this kind of translation and blog...because i really like this manga and its so hard to find English trans.

    1. Hehe, You think so, too ^^

      Thanks for reading, Tomiho ^^

  5. Thanks for the translation, in fact I didn't like Haruto's behavior either. I know that the end justifies the means, but by doing so he made Yuu have further insecurities. He is cooked to perfection, everyone knows it but he doesn't want to lose his role as dominator, the scene of the plane and the bite are evidence.Haru gets embarrassed when Yuu takes the initiative he is really adorable, however I don't think Yuu heard it was too shaken by fever, finally I liked Lisa and Sakura the latter is a big kid but he was really sweet in the chapter

  6. Thank you so much for the Translation . I love the story ^-^

  7. Kat thank you very much for the translation as always! The chapter was great ... Super fun and moving at the same time. We will have a little Kurosaki in the family!❤️

    Yeah... Kuro was a bit wrong to act on his own, not making Yuu participate ... But everything he said both to Lisa and at the end of the chapter, for me, is enough to be forgiven 😂😁 Anyway, let's say at least he received a great punch from Sakura (and he deserved it 😂).

    Anyway Kat, sorry if that was intrusive but I think, in Japanese version, during the final dialogue (when Yuu is already on Kuro's shoulders and he laughs) , I saw she is the one who says that his head is full of thoughts about Kuro ... Basically, in Japanese, I think Kuro's name is also written in that sentence because I recognized the kanji of his name (I can't read Japanese, but by dint of seeing the scans I understood what the kanji of both Kuro's and Yuu's names are, for example... So maybe I think that's more or less ) . So...Honestly I don't know how it was in Chinese but maybe, in that version, it seems that she's s the one who says that phrase like "now my head is full of thoughts about you, Kurosaki Kun" and then he tells her that it is better this way ... I repeat I would not have said nonsense , in that case I apologize Kat.

    About the ending, obviously, it was super exciting, expect that I thought they said "I love you" because the "I like you" seems a little less deep here in my opinion (maybe in my language the difference is much more felt, I can't tell you) ... I know that in Japanese they use different ways to express "I love you" and I know that they rarely use the deeper term... Maybe that's what Sakura used? I just wanted to understand if the terms were different between Sakura and Haruto (Even if they more or less expressed the same concept 😁) ... Out of simple curiosity of course;), since their relationship (I mean Lisa and Sakura's) is more mature indeed.

    Anyway you're right Kat... I didn't think about the possibility that they could be punished . Maybe because, I guess, yeah ... Sakura will help them or Mina and Takumi too. In any case, we will see some good ones ... also because it's not clear whether Yuu has heard the confession or not or if he remembers everything clearly.

    Can't wait for the next chapter already ❤️ thanks again Kat for your hard work.

    1. Thanks for reading, Fra R ^-^ Yup.


      Ah, in the Chinese, no name is mentioned. It is 'you', 'I' so I practically guessed that it is Yuu since the last dialogue is 'let me hit you a few times--' But then, since you mentioned that, I now notice the speech bubble isn't full circle <- breathing hard? so it might indeed be Yuu. It's okay, no need to apologize for that. I'll correct it then. Thanks for the heads up ^^

      Usually, if it is 'I love you' in Japanese, there is intention to marry; very serious relationship. 'Like' is usually good for going steady. Hehe, he did say 'super like' ^^

      True. I don't think she heard it though the next day, I'm 90% thinking she forgot and perhaps, 10% she vaguely recalls it.


    2. I see Kat, in fact I imagined there could be ambiguity in the Chinese version, so I wanted to warn you. But imagine Kat! You don't have to thank me, indeed thanks to you! Obviously I'm not an expert at all, because the only thing I recognize are their names probably 😂

      Anyway now I understand, thanks Kat! I've always known about this question of "I love you" in Japan, so I went to document again and in any case I believe the "daisuki" is the step that precedes the "Aishiteru", basically 😂 so I understood that, yeah... it's something very deep, no doubt ❤️ but yes Kat we hope that at least in a small part Yuu remembers something! Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter.

    3. Hehe, nevertheless, thanks for that 😄


      Hehe, maybe she'll remember it as a dream. If she totally forgot, it might be a bit like a deja vu for Haruto of amnesia Yuu 😅

  8. Eh eh Haruto is a adorable devil here;with that acting has made his brother come back to his girlfriend and leve he and yuu alone (so he stop to meddle in their love affair) and also captured yuu attention that he likes to see. but at the same time this made yuu "attack him" and the declaration is the final touch.

    Side note. It seem both the brothers have a bit of.low tollerance with alcool

  9. I adore Haru but he needs to stop being needlessly mean to her and of course stop calling her a dog. She has a right to be a bit jealous and I like she teasing him back. When he was sick they made a lot of progress so maybe this time with her being sick they will as well.

    Seriously liked the ending. I can't wait for another chapter. Thanks so much for the updates.

    1. I agree and thanks for reading, Danielle ^-^

  10. Muchas gracias Kat, realmente amo este capítulo. Pero no me gusta la forma en que Haruto trata a Yuu, eso puede generar confusiones.
    Me pareció muy gracioso el cambio de Sakura frente a Yuu cuando estaban en el bar. Ser tan abierto sobre sus sentimientos y hasta llorar frente a ella... Me encantó ver ese lado dulce y humano de Sakura
    De la confesión... Creo que fue Yuu quien dice lo de los pensamientos, pues el que se ríe de alegría al escuchar las palabras es Haruto.
    Espero que en esta ocasión Haruto se comporte a la altura para cuidar el resfriado de Yuu y que Mina y Takumi sean sus cómplices.
    En cuanto al castigo no creo que los castiguen pues estaban con uno de los profesores "Sakura"
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    1. Thanks for reading, KIKA ^-^


      Indeed, Sakura might cover up for them especially since they played cupids ^^

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  12. Thank you Kat,
    Regarding the wedding I think it will be held in Canada, realistically talking a pregnant woman shouldn't take a flight that long it would be too stressful and maybe dangerous. But since it's fiction anything can happen. Moreover the father would want to be there so I don't think they will marry right away, unless the author chooses to do a time skip.

    Anyway as you said I didn't like Kuro's behavior towards Yu, he kinda takes for granted that she will follow him and play according to his rules. Will he realize that treating her like that may drift her away? Maybe what Lisa said about him being mean to her will make him realize it.

    I wonder if Sakura and Lisa will have a boy or a girl. I think it will be a girl and have his mother's name. What do you think?

    Love your summary as always

    1. You're welcome, Julie ^-^

      Hm...isn't there a certain 'window' of time wherein a pregnant woman can travel that far? You see, there are women here who go to the US to give birth there for the kid's citizenship. I think it is between giving birth and the time when the baby is already secure in the womb.

      Hm...maybe they can extend the trip...well, for the main characters to wait for the father to go there. It is just around 13.5 hours travel time between Tokyo and Montreal. Haha, they are in Tokyo, right? ^^;

      Hopefully, he'll realize because I don't think that kind of treatment would make her drift away from him.

      That is a good idea. Though, I'm thinking/hoping that it is a girl because usually, playboys have daughters 😅 Hehe, in a lot of cases among the people here.


  13. Oh Kat, thank you very much for your work, I imagine every time the effort you make as you have many commitments for which you have all my respect.
    I think it is possible that Yu doesn't remember right away but a few seconds after waking up, like a series of flashbacks that focus on what happened. And it will go from realizing that she has declared herself to then focus the memory in which she awaits Kuro's answer and then fall asleep on the most beautiful. From Yu, or rather from Makino, everything is to be expected, right? ah ahh ahh

    Regarding Kuro, on the other hand, I liked it as much as he enjoyed making her jealous, it is clear and evident in my opinion Makino's intention of wanting to show how complete the maturation phase of Kuro is now demonstrating that he fully knows his girlfriend. to predict his moves !! ha ha ha I found this part really hilarious.
    Instead Yu demonstrates less confidence, on the other hand jealousy is nothing more than this, with her Makino has not finished her work. I really like the spontaneity of that particular moment, they both give off an incredible tenderness. I love them

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, Tereca ^-^

      True. Hm...I think that the chances of her recollection would also depend on if she is still sick the next day or not.

      Haha, I guess it can be viewed that way.

      Yes, the last part is nice.