July 16, 2020

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 66]

At the business class section of the plane, Yuu’s homeroom teacher whispers to the group leader that it seems that there are some students who aren’t in their seats. “Last year, there was an incident wherein a student is hitting on [/flirting] another passenger...” The group leader suggests that they increase their patrol and where is Sakura.

While still in Haruto’s embrace, blushing Yuu wonders if she’ll be found out and if she’ll be okay... Haruto hugs her tighter and tells her not to move. Yuu thinks that it is so crowded and she can feel his breath. “It seems like it has been such a long time since we are this close to each other...”

The plane’s tablet is underneath Yuu so she feels that there’s something on her butt. She uses her hand to move Haruto’s leg. This startles Haruto. He tells her not to recklessly touch anything. Yuu apologizes and says that it is because something is pressing on her and it hurts a bit...
They were interrupted by a knock from the group leader. Yuu wonders if she has been found out. The group leader whispers, “—is it convenient now, there’s something I want to discuss with you, Kurosaki-sensei.”

While Yuu is still inside the blanket, Haruto tells the group leader that his brother is over at that side. The group leader says that this turns out to be Haruto’s seat. “Sorry for disturbing your rest. I want to make Kurosaki-sensei go on a patrol for a while, in case some students come over here.” Haruto says that it is okay.

Yuu’s homeroom teacher tells the group leader that section B’s Kaji has airsickness. After they left, Haruto says that the timing isn’t good so she ought to temporarily stay there for a while.

Going out of the blanket, aghast Yuu apologizes for pressing on his tablet and she doesn’t know if it is broken... Then, she sees a picture of a cute cake from a café in Montrea[l]-- on the tablet. Yuu says that it’s so cute and is this a café in Canada.
Haruto says that it’s good that she’s here so she can choose where she wants to go. Yuu is puzzled. Haruto says that he heard from her father that she likes this kind of place. “When I was at the convenient store, I was looking at some introduction about these places but I wasn’t able to see the difference [between them].”

Yuu wonders if it was at that time when he was looking at the magazine. She asks if he was looking at café introductions. Haruto says yes. Turning away from him, Yuu is quite embarrassed because it turns out that he wasn’t looking at some lewd magazine!!

Haruto tells her to quickly decide. Yuu mutters, but all by herself, she was getting excited for no reason at the love motel. Haruto calls out, hey. She tells him that anywhere they go is okay. Haruto says what is ‘anywhere is okay’. He tells her to be specific.
Yuu recalls Haruto asking her how can he be happy [at that time at the love motel]. Yuu thinks that if one tells the other of one’s feelings then the other person will be very happy. “During this trip, I’ll also be more...”

Yuu looks at him and says, “About that... as long as I’m with you, I’ll be very happy wherever I[/we] go, very happy... so... *sweetly smiles at him* Before, I always haven’t told you this, that I li[ke]...”

She is surprised to see Haruto somewhat goes on top of her and says that she isn’t allowed to run away. “I only want to kiss you, that’s all.” Blushing Yuu says that she won’t run away. He leans to her but suddenly stops.

Puzzled Yuu looks at him and wonders if he isn’t going to do it. Haruto tells her not to look at him. “Close your eyes.” This puzzles Yuu. Haruto says that didn’t she always do that before. Yuu wonders if she did. She tells him that she won’t do it today because she wants to look at him.
Haruto tsks, and holds her face. He looks at her face then he becomes flustered. The plane suddenly sways causing him to lose balance. He falls on Yuu and kisses her. A passenger comments to the stewardess that the swaying is really severe. She says that it is because of the turbulence—

Yuu puts her arms around Haruto. He says, hey... She says, “I want a French kiss...” To her surprise, Haruto pulls down her eye mask down her eyes. She exclaims how come he made her wear the eye mask... Leaving his seat, Haruto says that he’ll go and check the dean’s situation so take this opportunity to go back to her seat. Yuu wonders if her expression just now is very weird...

A stewardess passes by her seat. The stewardess is puzzled since it should be a guy sitting on that seat. Yuu quickly says that she just came to give him something! Yuu thinks that this is bad. She calls herself stupid and wonders how come is getting all enthusiastic on her own again.
The stewardess sternly tells her to quickly go back. Before leaving, Yuu decides to write a note so she asks the stewardess for a pen. By the plane’s door, Haruto sighs and mutters that he’ll be driven crazy by Yuu. He hears a passenger knocking at the bathroom saying that he wants to use the bathroom.

The door opens and it is Sakura sitting on the toilet bowl [with cover seat down]. He calls out to Haruto to come over and apologize to him. “Afterwards, give your older brother a glass of red wine-” Haruto sighs as the passenger asks him in English if Sakura is his friend.

While helping Sakura to his seat, Haruto tells him to properly walk by himself. Wobbly Sakura says that he doesn’t want to, who made him and their father to collude together to trick him into going to this school trip. Haruto asks wasn’t he the one who contacted him [father] first and he’s heavy to death.
After lying down on his seat, Sakura asks when did their [Haruto and Kpapa] relationship become so good. “So cunning- Play together with me-” Puzzled Haruto asks what he is saying.

After going back to his seat, Haruto takes a drink and mutters that unexpectedly, Yuu would simply go back, that’s quite rare [/strange]... Then, he sees her note, ‘Thank you for always taking care of me. Good night! Yuu.’ Haruto lies down and mutters, “Is that girl stupid, how can I possibly sleep.”

Soon, they are now in Toronto, at the Niagara Falls. Yuu looks at the falls exclaims that it is so vast- Yusuke asks if this is Niagara Grand Canyon. “So amazing-” Tarako corrects him by saying that this is a waterfall.

While taking a picture, Meiko says that the sound [of the waterfull] is also quite loud even if they’re above it. Yuu turns to tell Haruto that this is so amazing but there are fangirls taking pictures of the two guys. They squeal that it is such a magnificent view and the two princes...all thanks to the school trip. Yuu decides to also take some pictures and those two guys look like a painting. 

Just then, a man calls out to her and asks if she can take a picture of him and his female companion. Yuu agrees to it. Taking a picture of the couple on the CANADA sign, Yuu thinks that they are lovers and this place is really amazing. “I also want to take a picture with Kurosaki-kun here!” To her surprise, a lot more foreigners are lining up and asking her if she can take their pictures. 
Later on, Yuu’s homeroom teacher calls out to the students that they are now going to ride the sightseeing boat. “We’ll board the ship downstairs so move quickly.” Yuu is shock that they are already leaving.

Another tourist says that it is his turn for her to take a picture. Yuu doesn’t know how to refuse him in English. Haruto puts his arm around Yuu and tells the man that they have to leave.

The tourist just greets them and tells them to have a good day. Haruto says that they should go. Yuu is puzzled because the place where they’re board the boat is at the opposite way. Haruto says that they are going to take a picture.
Soon, they are standing near the roaring waves. Yuu got frightened by this. Yuu exclaims that they’re too close to the waterfalls and the fence is so low that they might fall... Haruto comments that this fence is a bit loose. This freaks Yuu out more that she exclaims, no way, then they should immediately move farther away...

She clings on to Haruto who ignores her and just takes their selfie picture. Haruto says that he is teasing her and this is revenge for what happened at the plane. Yuu exclaims what, she almost cried out of fright, and what did she do!?

He says that the time and place is different, that is her mistake. [<- I have no idea what he is referring to...maybe not the time for lovey-dovey at the plane since he won’t be able to sleep?] Yuu exclaims that is a preposterous argument.

Meanwhile, from the side, Takumi is taking a picture of the couple. He comments that their background is exceptionally good. Apparently, Kpapa pestered Takumi to take pictures of Haruto. Excited Mina asks Takumi if he isn’t going to line up for the boat ride and isn’t it romantic to ride a boat to watch the waterfall?

Yusuke calls out to everyone to hurry up. Takumi tells Mina that he already went to this place so many times that he is already tired of it. “Besides, earlier on, I’m not the stupid kid who’ll be happy for half a day just for riding a boat.”
Mina darkly asks if he is showing off and it really makes her furious. Takumi admits that the most important point is, he hates the feeling of getting wet. This made Mina calls out to the other girls and declare that the White Prince said that he is afraid of riding the boat and he would want them to accompany him. The girls squeal over how cute he is. Takumi is shocked by that.

Soon, everyone is in the boat. The homeroom teacher calls out for the students to line up according to class section— On the boat, Mina sees Haruto and Yuu’s picture from the cellphone. She says that it’s so ugly. “It’s rare for the two of you to have a picture together. Yet, in the end, you have that kind of expression.”

Aghast and tearful Yuu asks if it is that bad!? Mina says that the exceptionally good scenery was wasted but then, Haruto is handsome as always. Flustered Yuu calls out to Mina and asks what’s the secret to taking good pictures.

Mina happily says that this boat HAS A WELL-KNOWN waterfalls shower so how about trying it out at the SECOND FLOOR. “I heard that it has a negative ion beautifying effect” Yuu is surprised by this.

Aghast Takumi comments that Mina really likes to talk nonsense. Mina comments that his raincoat suits him. “I’m just joking. To get drench during this cold season, even if it is Akabane, she isn’t likely to treat it as for real... *Yuu is gone* Huh?” Takumi can only mutter Yuu’s name since Yuu did believe what Mina said.
Yuu has arrived at the second floor. She hears someone exclaims that it is a huge splash. Yuu thinks that this is the power of the negative ions. She slips but didn’t fall since Haruto is standing behind her. He tells her that with just one look, this place is definitely very slippery. Yuu says yes.

Haruto says that wind is very strong. Yuu asks him about his raincoat. Haruto says that he forgot to bring it. Then, everyone exclaims in delight when they saw a rainbow. Yuu says that it’s so beautiful.

Yuu is surprised when Haruto holds her hand. He says that it’s so amazing. “The sound and the splash is no joke.” Yuu smiles as she tightly holds his hand.

Thinking that it is at this moment, Yuu says that it is great if this continues forever... Haruto says ha, this is a waterfall so it will definitely last. Thinking that she said it out loud, Yuu tells him that isn’t what she’s referring to.
Just then, a young boy bumps into Yuu. The tearful boy apologizes. While Haruto looks irked, Yuu asks the boy what’s up. Sakura tells them that it seems that kid is lost. Yuu is shocked that he is also there. While the boy is calling out for his daddy, Sakura says that the boy was wandering around the first floor for a long time but he wasn’t able to find his parents.

Yuu asks if he was always with the boy. Sakura says how can that be, if he isn’t careful and made the boy cry, people would think that he is kidnapping the kid and that will be troublesome. “I also don’t know how to amuse a kid...”

Haruto carries the boy on his shoulders and says that this way, he ought to be able to see, so go and look for his parents himself. Yuu is surprised by what he did. Sakura asks Haruto if he played this kind of game with their father before. Haruto says no.

Then, he tells the kid not to cover his eyes. Yuu introduces herself and asks the boy’s name. The boy says he’s Noah. Yuu tells him not to worry and he’ll definitely find his father...
Then, she slips on a puddle of water. Noah tells her to be careful. Haruto tells her to have a longer term memory. [<- he just told her to be careful a while ago.] Embarrassed Yuu says yes. The boy gives her a Shiba dog pattern towel and tells her to use it.

Holding the towel, Yuu exclaims that this design, it’s an underwear brand!? Haruto is puzzled. Noah perks up and exclaims if she also likes Shibajiro!? “It’s a Japanese anime character!! It’s the first time I met someone who likes the same! Yuu, you’re my friend!” Yuu laughs and says yes!

Haruto tells Noah not to move around. Yuu suggests that they take a picture in front of the waterfalls. Looking ill, Noah holds on to Haruto’s head and exclaims no! [<- I think it is because Haruto tries to put him down]

Haruto darkly tells him to listen to what he said or he’ll throw him into the waterfall. Yuu tells Haruto not to be like that since Noah is still a kid and taking a picture isn’t a big deal. Haruto says that this has nothing to do with age.
Haruto tells Noah to quickly find his parents. Yuu thinks that a while ago, Sakura is acting like a good guy/brother. She calls out to Sakura and asks him to take their picture. Sakura tensely says that he doesn’t want to get involved.

Later on, when everyone is taking a picture of the waterfalls. Sakura says that he is only helping them take a picture and just in time, they are near the waterfalls! “One, two- Eggplant*--...” [*said ‘three’ wrong because...]

And, the three got wet from the waterfall. While Noah is laughing over this, Haruto darkly says that it’s quite cold after being thoroughly drenched. Yuu asks if he wants her to get his raincoat and this trip is full of surprises!

Haruto says that it’s already too late for that. Yuu happily says that it’s so cold and it’s like joining some entertainment game. Haruto asks how old is she. While the three are looking at the waterfalls, Haruto tells her not to slip. Yuu exclaims over the huge whirlpool. And, Sakura holds the cellphone while looking at the three.
Comment: Well, it turns out that Haruto isn’t looking at what Yuu thinks that he is looking at in the magazine. He is actually thinking of treating her to eat at a café so he’s reading about it. Hm...because the magazine is Japanese, I guess he originally plans of going to a café in Japan, right?

The business class’ scene is a bit strange. I’m curious why the author made Haruto interrupt her confession. And he suddenly becomes hesitant/shy to kiss her just because she is looking at him. Hehe, and now, he’s the one who is running away. ^^;

As for Sakura being drunk and everything, he’s like a spoiled kid here. Whining over being tricked, why Haruto is close with their father now, and curiously, about being left out from the fun.

I think that part wherein the couple is with the kid is important to Sakura in some way. Though, I’m wondering if it will have something to do with Lisa or maybe, he recalls their mother though Yuu.

On a side note, the Noah kid keeps on making me think of mini version of Takumi. ^^; In some way, I think Haruto wants to get rid of Noah fast so that he can have time alone with Yuu.

In this chapter, Mina shows how cunning she is. She managed to force Takumi to ride the boat with them. I wonder if there’s something more to it than Mina getting back at Takumi for bickering with her. Then, she easily fooled Yuu about the supposed beautifying powers of the waterfall. ^^; Scans by 腾讯动漫

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  1. Kat thank you very much, as always! This chapter has been amazing, there are scenes that I've covered endlessly .. like the one when Kuro takes Yuu's face and looks into her eyes and he is so embarrassed and, above all, that of the rainbow.
    Well.. see Kuro taking her hand in so natural way ... By now they love each other madly.
    Kuro himself admits that he is going crazy ... As for the scene of the almost confession, I also wondered if Kuro didn't in interrupt it intentionally or simply he didn't notice it. As for his embarrassment when looked her, well when Yuu proves frank and bold about her feelings, he is often embarrassed ... Here he tried to face her but in the end he ran away, he went completely haywire eheh .
    For the rest I loved the Cafe issue and how he took care to make her happy ... Anyway I wasn't sorry that the confession was interrupted because I would like it to happen in a more romantic place. I'm really convinced that is still near in any case.

    Speaking of Sakura, it's true that he was very childish ... yeah let's say that the wine has contributed to making him in that way. Anyway, when Kuro says that he was the one who called the father at the beginning, does it mean that Sakura had asked the father to work at Harumi? Or does it refer to other things, in your opinion? However yeah the final scene will surely have made him reflect on something .. Yes maybe on Lisa, or yes ... Yuu reminded him of his mother or at least a moment of childhood when he was with his mother and Kpapa. Anyway, when he asks Kuro if Kpapa also carried him on his shoulder (with Kuro's obvious answer "no"), it makes me think if he ever thought about how much Kuro was neglected when he was child.

    The baby is adorable and I thought the exact same thing: he looks like Takumi haha. However Kuro seems to have suddenly become jealous of the little boy, when he and Yuu talk about the cartoon 😂 strangely from there he wants to knock him down (poor boy 😅).

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    1. P. S. I didn't want to write "covered", but I meant that I saw those scenes many times 😂

    2. Thanks for reading, Fra R 😄

      Hehe, indeed. Yup, and I think that's one of the things that makes him fall for her.

      I see. That's possible. I'm actually wondering if it is because the author wants to make him confess first.

      Ah yes, he's drunk. I also thought that it is that - he called their father to go to Harumi. Hm...not sure, but somehow, it seems like there is some sort of jealousy like their father treating Haruto better. Like, when he asked when did they become close, want to play with them and that one, did their father do that to him before.

      Haha, true. Hehe...accidental kiss. What kind of reaction would happen if it happens? 😁


    3. Kat you're right about Sakura ... Ironically it seems that he thinks Kpapa cares more for Haruto or in any case that he treats him better .. Of course now it could be possible, butI'm not sure about the past ... Although in any case it's likely that when between Kpapa and Haruto there were misunderstandings in the past, he (Kpapa) has always kept telling Sakura to take care of him and keep an eye on him ... In fact, in the flashback of the party for Takumi's family at the Kurosaki house, Kpapa had instructed Sakura to take care of Haruto (even though Sakura was gone).

      Haha About the hypothetical kiss I don't know what reaction they would have but it would be fun 😂 In my opinion Mina would be the one most emotionally involved 😜

    4. I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to be the next to confess. Yuu might not be aware but Kurosaki has already heard that she loves him (right before she falls and bumps her head). She just doesn't know he heard it. Maybe he is choosing the cafe because he wants to do it some place romantic so that for once a first in their relationship is romantic.

    5. Yeah that's right .. Technically Kuro already knows what Yuu feels. Yes, in fact I also thought about the probability that Kuro was the first to confess... I've the feeling that sensei will show us something really unexpected. Oh well, it would be the best, if the confession was in the café.

    6. Yup, Fra R. Hm...maybe aside from his work, he pays more attention to Haruto before because he is younger.


    7. Ah, that's right, Danielle.

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  3. Thank you Kat,
    I think they're finally having an healthy relationship, Yuu is trying to be more clear about her thoughts/feelings (FINALLY). It took way too much to get there lol.
    Anyway this was a transition chapter, not too much action but still some progress, it was nice to read.
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    I really like Mina, she is quite mean but funny. I wonder if she already started to like Takumi since she asked him if he wasn't going and said something about the fact that going on the boat was kinda romantic. Maybe during the trip something will happen.
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    I look forward some extra chapter or so about Kuro dad and his wife, I wonder how they were as a couple. He's strict but also really caring for his sons and he tends to blush when Haruto shows him some kind of affection.

    1. You're welcome, Julie ^-^


      Yup, I was thinking about that. Maybe it is both.

      Maybe...though I think that boat ride is short and they are staying downstairs so maybe something will happen elsewhere...if it will happen.

      Yup, quite naive.

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