June 16, 2020

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 65 - Devil's Pace]

Yuu and others arrive at a cram school to look for the jerk aka Meiko’s boyfriend. Haruto asks which classroom. Meiko says that it is already dismissal so he should come out soon. Yuu tells the others that they should hurry in finding that guy because outsiders aren’t allowed in this place.

To her surprise, a couple of girls are talking with Haruto. Glasses girl says that he is a Harumi high schooler. Curly girl says asks what year he is and does he want her to tutor him. Haruto just tells them that he isn’t looking for girls.

Yuu comments that unexpectedly flirting in the holy ground of studying, it is really quite brazen. Blushing Meiko apologizes because she is the same with those girls. Perking up, Yuu asks if she made the first move. Meiko says that they are desk-mates and slowly got to know each other. “Afterwards... I’ve confessed to him.”

Since a lot of girls are fussing with Haruto, Tarako suggests that he wears some eyeglasses since he is too eye-catching. “It’s my father’s but it is just a decorative [/fake]-type...”
Someone exclaims if it is that guy, who is coming out of the room and laughing with friends, because he looks similar. Meiko says that it is him. Just when Yuu tells Meiko to wait as she goes call the boyfriend, Haruto stops her and tells Meiko to go and resolve the issue herself. “If you’re afraid then we’ll just watch over the place where you’ll go and talk with him.”

While Yuu wonders why he is wearing glasses, Tarako cheers Meiko on. Haruto tells Yuu not to be meddlesome. Yuu says that she couldn’t breathe [because Haruto has his arm around her neck] but she also cheers Meiko on. Meiko says okay, she’s going!

Soon, Meiko goes to talk with her boyfriend. Watching by the stairs, Yuu says that it seems that they start to talk, that’s good. She looks at Haruto and thinks that she didn’t imagine that he’ll come with them. “Even if I’m very happy but later on, I’ll cause him trouble again.

Noticing this, Haruto asks her what’s up. Yuu says that she feels quite relieved that he’s with her. “If it is just me alone, it would have definitely caused a lot of trouble in a short while...”
Haruto says that she knows her kind of behavior yet she won’t ask for his help. Yuu goes into shock when Tarako asks if the two had already progressed to the point wherein they’ll go to a love hotel. “Meiko said that she bumped into you two there. I wanted to ask when we were at the roof--”

Embarrassed Yuu exclaims that is because of an unexpected situation! Haruto comments if she has forgotten that she is full of enthusiasm that she’ll even throw herself at him like a hungry wolf onto a tiger. Yuu whispers that didn’t he himself also read that kind of magazine.

Haruto asks what magazine. Yuu whispers for him not to let her say it. “Be..besides, every time you’re the one helping me [undress?]- I really feel embarrassed...” Haruto asks wasn’t the reason because she is voluntarily giving herself to him, stupid dog.

Yuu says that isn’t her intention... They were interrupted when Meiko shouts at her boyfriend to listen to what she thinks! The boyfriend says that she wants to break up but the hotel picture is still in his hands...
Meiko angrily asks if he knows that kind of threat is a crime!? “I really hate that self-asserting side of yours! *Yuu rushes to the couple* Obviously you were so nice and considerate before!” Wide-eyed Yuu is amazed by her outburst.

The boyfriend asks if she hates doing it with him that much that she’ll unexpectedly have such a bad temper... Meiko says that at that time, she thought she likes him so she went to the hotel with him. “It is my decision so I don’t regret it.”

Yuu recalls that time at the hotel. She was obviously scared that she wants to run away at that time... Dark Haruto grabs Yuu’s head and says that she casually ran off again when he isn’t finished talking. Flustered Yuu says that at the dorm, together with him, she wants to properly ta[lk]...

And, Haruto suddenly kisses her. Everyone gawks at them that even Meiko is surprised that she exclaimed Yuu’s name. After the kiss, Haruto says that as far as he is concerned, their issue is worth pondering over properly. “AT THAT TIME, you looked like you are about to cry. How can I possibly be happy. Your memory is really bad, *chops her head* remember that in your head!”
Yuu exclaims that really hurts. She thinks that this person is really... Patting Yuu’s shoulder, Meiko says that there’s no need to be so lovey-dovey. Embarrassed Yuu says that she isn’t thinking of that... “Are you finished talking!?”

Meiko says that they have finished talking so let’s go! The boyfriend calls out to Meiko and threatens to jump out the window if she breaks up with him. Haruto approaches him and tells him to go jump. The boyfriend asks who he is. Haruto darkly tells him to delete Meiko’s picture. “Give me your phone.”

The bystanders wonder what’s going on that they are a bit scared-- Yuu grabs Haruto from behind and tells him to stop because things will be bad in case something does happens. Haruto says that he isn’t going to do anything.

Looking scared, the boyfriend slides to the floor and admits that the picture is fake. “I simply do not want you to leave me, that’s all...” Meiko looks surprised.

Yuu tells the boyfriend that even if it isn’t really good to criticize [/meddle with] other people’s issues. “But, I feel that if one doesn’t consider the other’s feelings then even if that person falls for someone else again, things will just become messy again.”
Haruto looks surprised. Just then some teachers call out to them if they are the ones who are threatening their students. “I’ve already contacted Harumi High!” Yuu thinks that this is bad because things became a big deal!!

At the dorm, Yusuke is surprised to see Tarako and Meiko there. He asks how come they are at the dorm and it is already late. Tarako says that they’ve come to help Yuu review. With devil horns, Meiko says that as thanks for today, she will properly supervise Yuu’s studies.

Wearing a ‘cannot fail’ hat, Yuu nervously thinks that Meiko is also a Sparta... Yusuke tells Tarako to stay over for the night but she refuses. Meiko says that it is fortunate that the cram school issue has been resolved smoothly.

As Yusuke says that he’ll go bring some review materials, Tarako says that there’s a little possibility that the field trip will be cancelled because they somewhat made a mess in the cram school.

Yuu says that it is thanks to Meiko’s ex-boyfriend who took the responsibility for it. Meiko says that she is also quite surprised by it. Tarako says that luckily, the one whom the cram school contacted is Kurosaki-sensei...
Flashback: Wearing a suit, Sakura apologized to the teachers for his younger brother who is causing trouble. The principal exclaimed if he is Sakura! This surprised Yuu.

Bowing, Sakura said that it has been such a long time that he didn’t except that they unexpectedly meet again because of this kind of issue... The principal said, not at all, not at all, this cram school is here today thanks to him! A girl exclaimed that guy...is the legendary person who is number one in the whole country since junior high!

Yuu thought, Number one in the whole country!? Holding a bottle of wine, Sakura said that he hasn’t visited him since he returned to the country. “This is a famous brand from Canada.” The principal perked up and said that just like before, he has a gift. Yuu thought, has a gift!? Sakura told the others to go back first. End flashback.

Narration: “This devil brother unexpectedly really helped them out.” Yuu thinks that she’s quite moved to unexpectedly see Sakura’s adult side because so far, he is so indecent. She groans and tells herself not to be careless and how come this problem is so hard.
Meiko apologizes to the two that she never once asked and consulted things with them. “The two of you have boyfriends. I’m the only one who doesn’t have one. It made me feel very inferior... It is a feeling of I’ve been left behind by you two... But, I already think things thoroughly. I’m really thankful to you two and Kurosaki-kun.”

Moved to tears, Yuu says that she’s [Yuu] the one who’s inferior. Tarako tells Meiko not to think that way, and doesn’t Yuu also have something that she hid from them – love hotel

With starry eyes, Meiko exclaims that she’s really curious about that, quickly tell her about it! Yuu says that is... Tarako says that together with Yusuke, it’s so peaceful. Yusuke comes back and says that the other classmates also want to ask exam questions.

Meiko tells Yuu that it is because she is too anxious that she failed. “But I believe that it will definitely be no problem if you guys keep your own pace. In the end, Kurosaki-kun is the best.” Yuu thinks about this and what Haruto said earlier about how can he be happy when he saw her about to cry. 
Yuu blushes and covers her face with a book. She mutters that she didn’t think that Haruto would expectedly thought a lot about her. “What have I been doing. I’m always being pretentious... *realizes something* Speaking of that, I have never once told him ‘like [you]’!?”

By the emergency stairs, Haruto is talking with someone on the phone. The other party says, “I understand. I’ll call you as soon as the matter is settled.” Haruto tells his father that an email is fine, and by the way, he hasn’t finished...

Kpapa interrupts by saying that he has a phone call so it has already been decided. After Haruto hangs up, Sakura arrives and asks if he also came for a smoke. “The cram school’s principal held me up for such a long time. It seems that he knows about your grades that he wants to make you his school’s brand [endorser]...”

Sakura is surprised when Haruto hugs him and thanks him. Holding his cigarette, Sakura asks what’s going on, how come he suddenly hugged him. Haruto says isn’t this very normal in foreign countries? “Thank you for your big help today, brother Sakura.” With that, Haruto left. Flustered Sakura exclaims, “Brother!? ...you... are still really cute sometimes!”
Inside, Haruto holds Sakura’s pack of cigarettes and asks Takumi if he wants it. Takumi darkly says those are that guy’s thing, he doesn’t want. There is a scene of Sakura realizing that his cigarettes are gone.

Takumi says that if someone were to find out that Sakura goes out to stroll [/hang out], he’ll definitely be fired. “He’ll even wear a gaudy suit. I didn’t expect that he suddenly doesn’t want to go to the school trip. The principal wants him to be the group leader but he firmly rejects it.”

Haruto says that it seems that the trip’s itinerary is a city where he used to live before. Throwing the cigarette in the trash bin, Haruto assumes that it is possible that there is former colleague whom he doesn’t want to meet.

Takumi says that he didn’t think that Haruto would know it thoroughly. Haruto’s phone rings. He darkly smiles at puzzled Takumi and says, “Sorry, Takumi.”

Soon, it is posted that Takumi is first and Haruto is second in grades during the second mid-term exam. Yuu and Yusuke hold a victory banner since they have totally passed their exams thanks to Haruto.
The homeroom teacher reminds the students to remember to bring their passports. Then, Yuu and her friends bought some travel pillows so that they can sleep comfortably on the plane.

At the international airport, there is an announcement for passengers going to Toronto to start checking in. Yuu and others have arrived at the airport. Excited Yusuke exclaims that he’s really looking forward to this since it is the first time he’ll go abroad.

While commenting that it’s hot, Yusuke asks if Canadians speak Canadian. Sweatdropping Takumi says that it is English and French. He tells Yusuke that he’s wearing too much. “Isn’t it better that you join the domestic travel group?”

In the field trip, the students can choose for themselves if they want to travel within the country [domestic] or go abroad. Holding a passport, Haruto lightly knocks Yuu’s head and says that she left her passport on the bus.

Shocked Yuu exclaims in disbelief. Mina says that it’s regrettable since she almost has no way of going abroad, so careless. Yuu exclaims when did Mina! [<- Is it surprise that Mina overheard it or Mina stole it?] Haruto says that it’s all over for her if she lost it abroad.
He suggests that she sews it on her body. Thinking that she can really go together with him, embarrassed Yuu tells him not to talk nonsense. Yusuke tells Yuu that he’ll leave English to her. Yuu proudly says to leave it to her being grade 5 [level? in English]!

7th placer [in the exams] Mina points out that it is just ONE ENGLISH SUBJECT. 1st placer Takumi retorts that she honestly lost to him. Mina says that he’s noisy to death. Takumi says who is she to talk.

While they are bickering, Yuu says that it is really strange that this time around, Haruto unexpectedly had a lower grade. Haruto admits that he fell asleep midway the exam. He is surprised when Yuu happily says, “But I’m really happy that I’ll be able to go with you! Let us enjoy this trip together!”

He tells her that such a cute expression, let him see more of that in the future. The teacher calls out for the students since they are boarding the plane. Yuu’s smile froze and she asks, cute... Then, she blushes.

Takumi tells Haruto that their check-in counter is over here. Yusuke shouts for Yuu that theirs is over there. Haruto reminds Yuu not to make a mistake with the boarding gate.
While Haruto is blushing, Takumi tells him that they go to the lounge and it seems that this is the first time he’ll be going to Canada with him. Yuu is still totally flustered over what just happened and it was too sudden!! “What kind of expression did I have... We haven’t even left yet my heart is already jumping viciously.”

Soon, everyone is riding the plane. A stewardess asks what do they like to drink in English. Showing a thumbs up, Yusuke says in English that he’s okay and he loves Tarako. Tarako corrects him that the woman is asking what he wants to drink. “Orange juice please.” Meiko is laughing over this.

Mina asks Yuu how come she didn’t tell her earlier that Haruto is riding in business class. Gloomy Yuu says that she’s the same, she only knew about it now. “I heard that the Kurosaki family... his guardian strongly insisted on it. Hu hu...”

Mina says that it is quite cunning that Takumi is also sitting at that side and it puts her in a bad mood. The business class is separated with a curtain from the economy class. Yuu sees Mina wearing her eye mask and spraying a facial mist.

Yuu exclaims if she’s going to sleep. Mina says that she cannot have a jet lag while in Canada. Yuu tearfully pleads that they chat. The teacher group leader for the trip warns the students not to cause trouble on the plane or they’ll quickly go back to Japan.

Later on, Yuu couldn’t sleep and finds Mina, who is leaning on her, too heavy. Yuu laments that after being stirred up by Haruto, they unexpectedly aren’t going to sit together...
Looking at Tarako and Yusuke, she feels envious of the two. Tarako wanted to watch a horror film about zombies. Yusuke nervously says that he’ll do his best not to close his eyes. Yuu notices that the group leader is sleeping. Everyone else are also sleeping.

She thinks that even if they were told not to roam around, it should be alright if she walks around a bit. “Anyway, the teacher is also sleeping. *going to the business class section* There are still more than 10 hours before arrival...

...*sees the individual cubicle in the business section* ...no way!? Each person has their own solo [/separate] seat and there’s a lot of space. Totally different from economy... Where is he sitting... *sees Takumi sound asleep* Ah, Shirakawa-kun is so elegant...! He totally made it become his bed. *continues walking* Kurosaki-kun should also be sleeping already...”

Then, she overhears drunk Sakura cursing Haruto for unexpectedly getting him... [<- probably tricked him to go to Canada] Wide-eyed Yuu is shock to see Sakura. “What’s going on!! *there’s turbulence* !? What happened...” And, she falls on to Haruto.

Removing his earphones, Haruto asks what is she doing. Embarrassed Yuu can only greet him hello and complain over the plane suddenly moving... Haruto notices the teacher [/group leader] coming in so he quickly grabs Yuu and hugs her inside his blanket.

While the group leader is looking around, Haruto tells her to be good and don’t move around. Surprised and blushing Yuu thinks to herself on how can she do that in this kind of situation-!!
Comment: It has been such a long time that I wondered why does Meiko want to break up with her boyfriend again. ^^; Based on what she said before, what the boyfriend said here and what she said at the dorm, I guess it is because he is so into her but she isn’t and got turned off by his character later on.

For her, it is attraction and indirect peer pressure. Well, apparently, he is he desperate-type, he tried to threaten her with a non-existent picture and even commit suicide. Hm...in cases like that, doesn’t one try to verify first if there is a compromising picture?

So, in the end, yes, it is best to break up with him especially if he is already like that at this stage of their relationship. It’s good that she didn’t regret her decision to give her first[?] to him and well, he took responsibility for the ruckus at the school.

This incident had somewhat made the main couple closer and apparently, there is indeed some misunderstanding due to ‘I assumed that you... because you...’ And, Sakura is the one who helped them out here at the school. Hm...are there really no strings attached for him helping them out? Nevertheless, Haruto managed to catch Sakura off guard with his sudden show of affection. =P

It seems that Haruto’s payback has started. That is to bring Sakura to Canada. I guess Haruto apologizes to Takumi since he’ll be with Sakura whom he dislikes. It seems that Kpapa is into the plan, too. I guess we’ll meet Lisa soon and know what kind of responsibility is Sakura running away from.

For Yuu not to sleep yet, I hope she does soon to prevent jet lag later on. I mean she might be sleepy throughout the field trip. Was it mentioned how long they’ll be in Canada? Speaking of sleeping, I guess it is lucky of Haruto to manage to pass the subject with half correct answers in the exam. ^^

So, because of Yuu’s realization about a confession, we might have a confession during this field trip. I’m slightly confused though she hasn’t confessed yet? Ah, was it a jump to ‘let’s go steady’? Hehe, I forgot. ^^;

The teacher on board seems too strict and his threat doesn’t really hold water. I mean, really, head back to Japan if they have a ruckus? It is too much a hassle and expensive. Anyway, it looks like we’ll have a lot of lovey-dovey in this arc. ^^ Scans by 腾讯动漫

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  1. Gracias por la traducción <3
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  2. Hi Kat! Finally the main story has returned, I admit that it was a pain to wait!
    Thanks for the translation, as always! So about the chapter, there are many things to say and I hope not to write a very long comment.
    Oh well, I fear it will be impossible..so I apologize in advance 😅
    Well ... I figured the Meiko’s issue was needed to mature the couple or to improve the relationship between the brothers, and both things have happened 😁 I'm glad Yuu finally understood what Kuro thought and the same was for him, even if they didn't actually continue the conversation in the dormitory anymore ... I was curious to know if Kuro had read another type of magazine (I mean, more “romantic”😁).
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    2. Ragazze, comunque ho chiarito alcuni passaggi, tipo mi erano sfuggiti abbastanza i consigli di Meiko sul fatto di seguire i loro tempi in pratica. Credo sia un consiglio molto utile per Yuu. Mentre quando Yuu parla col ragazzo di Meiko, alla fine gli dice sostanzialmente che se non si capiscono i sentimenti/pensieri della persona che ami, le cose possono andar male ugualmente nonostante l’amore appunto, giusto? Quella frase sembra aver colpito molto Kuro... sono convinta che Yuu l’abbia detto pensando al fatto che non avesse considerato i sentimenti di Kurosaki; ma spero che serva anche a Kuro come spunto per capire i suoi errori passati (mi riferisco a come ha impostato la loro relazione all inizio)... o comunque almeno spero gli serva per riflettere ancora di più su quello che prova Yuu per lui. Beh io credo l’abbia capito ormai, che Yuu lo ama intendo.. penso che abbia capito che anche lui la ama perché ormai si rende conto lui stesso delle reazioni che gli provoca Yuu (vedi la scena in cui è arrossito)...certo solo immaginare che certe parole possano uscire dalla sua bocca mi sembra già una cosa assurda ed emozionante allo stesso tempo.

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      Yup ^^

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      Most likely, it is the one whom Sakura is avoiding based on the side story.

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    Ma bando alle ciance e ciancio alle bande, passiamo al nuovo cap sfornato giorni or sono!!
    Che dire, Makino ha scelto davvero un bel modo per farli finalmente dichiarare (do per scontato che sia giunto finalmente questo lungo e atteso momento!!), li ha addirittura spediti ad alta quota perchè sulla terra, come i comuni mortali, in effetti sarebbe stato troppo scontato e non in linea con i personaggi!!! E dopo quest'ultima trovata, dichiaro ufficialmente che Makino è pazza e ha davvero una sadica visione dei rapporti amorosi stando alle scelte che fa e agli espedienti che escogita per infierire sempre di più su questi due.
    Prego, lo faccio sul serio, giuro, che non si svegli Sakura!!! Non mi preoccupa il preside, per niente, ma il fratello sì, soprattutto che il suo zampino giunga proprio sul più bello!!! Penso proprio che mi sparerei se dovesse accadere.
    Come scrivevo a Kat, sono convinta che ci sarà una dichiarazione, e credo che questa giungerà proprio da Yu, d'altronde lei stessa vi fa menzione tra sè e sè poche slides prima. Avrà ben 10 ore di tempo per farlo, d'altronde da lì non potrà muoversi finchè il preside è nei paraggi e lo stesso Kuro, ora che se la ritrova tra le braccia in versione hot dog, non la lascerà andare così facilmente.
    Incrociamo le dita e preghiamo affinchè Yu trovi il coraggio, perchè se così avverrrrà (ci metto tutte le erre del mondo) allora, ragazze, ci ritroveremo nel prossimo cap uno dei momenti più emozionanti e mai visti in 5 barra 6 anni di attesa agonizzante!!!
    Cacchiarola, ce lo siamo meritato, Makino questo regalo deve farcelo, perchè mi son rotta davvero di aspettare!!!!

    1. t's okay, Tereca. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hehe, hopefully ^^

    2. Tereca ciao! Che piacere risentirti 😊 Comunque tu pensi che la dichiarazione avverrà subito dopo quest'ultima scena? Io credo che avverrà sì in gita, ma credo che accadrà alla fine e non già in aereo. Tra l'altro sì, c'è Sakura nei paraggi e anche Takumi in verità. Credo che in quel momento fatidico sarà d'obbligo avere un po' di intimità... Voglio dire ci meritiamo una dichiarazione perfetta 😆 Penso tra l'altro che prima verrà affrontata la faccenda di Sakura e poi mi auguro che tutta l attenzione si concentri sulla dichiarazione. Comunque non escludo che in aereo possano avvenire scene molto dolci.
      Per quanto riguarda la questione su chi si dichiarerà per primo... Anche io penso più Yuu, ma secondo me Kuro ci sorprenderà. Credo che Makino darà vita a qualcosa di molto originale e non vedo l ora di assistere a tutto ciò che ha pensato 😍

    3. ahh ahh cara @Fra il piacere è tutto mio. Beh, che dire, da Makino c'è da aspettarsi di tutto. Takumi dorme, quindi è quello che mi preoccupa meno. Sakura, invece, mi inquieta di più!!
      Beh, in queste dieci ore di volo qualcosa me l'aspetto, sicuramente qualche scena very sweet ne verrà fuori. Magari Yu si sbloccherà permettendo a Kuro di toccarla senza timore, ma permettendogli di farlo dimostrandogli che di lui si fida e che è l'unico che ha questo diritto. Se non una dichiarazione, mi aspetto almeno un passo avanti, ma di quello bello sostanzioso però, di quelli che ci appagano per un'intera estate insomma.
      Boh, staremo a vedere cosa accadrà tra dieci gg!!!
      Speriamo solo che Makino non se ne esca con un'altra delle sue sole!!!

    4. Si Tereca! Quello senz'altro! E anzi non vedo l'ora... Considerando che Kuro la sta abbracciando (ufficialmente per nasconderla meglio, ma sicuramente non gli dispiace affatto😁), secondo me, una volta che avranno scampato il pericolo del preside, magari sarà Yuu poi a ricambiare l'abbraccio.. O comunque, data la posizione, ci vedo bene anche un bacio sulla fronte dato da Kuro a Yuu 😍 lì mi scioglierei ahah..comunque le scene dolci da immaginare sono tante e mi auguro che ci saranno davvero ahah...poi sul più bello immagino già Sakura che li scopre 😂

  12. Kat, I just changed my browser to Google Chrome.

    Anyways... I still think Haruto having a first class ticket is so rude... it's not as if he doesn't know what class of ticket he's holding... the least he ca do is inform Yuu beforehand. Yuu, ignore him ! ! !

    1. I agree with you, it was rude not to tell her about his seat since it's a 10+ hours flight. Hopefully he will redeem himself when they go back since there will be (probably) lots of improvements in their relationship

    2. You'r right, but I think both he and Takumi were forced by the parents. In my opinion, on the way back, something tells me that Kuro will give up his place in the first class in order to be with Yuu... I feel it 😜 Anyway if there hadn't been the first class, we wouldn't have Yuu and Kuro now lying under the blankets now haha 😊

    3. Ah, so it is a browser issue, megaworthit.

      Alas, she won't...couldn't do that.

  13. Thank you Kat, amazing work as always.
    I wonder if Meiko will end up with glasses-guy (don't recall his name) from Yuu's part time job.
    Finally the girls are talking about their relationship problems, even though Yuu mainly listens it's good for her to have a different perspective.

    I quite didn't get if it was Mina that stole Yuu's passport since she commented in that ironic way... If she did that it's extremely disappointing since I was thinking they were becoming friends. Also she keeps talking about Kuro as if she's interested well it's probably to mess with Yuu lol. What do you think?
    Anyway I like her so we'll see

    1. Thanks for reading, Julie ^-^

      I cannot say...he actually vanished from the story, just like Hino...no longer needed in the story?


      I actually thought that she hid it because of what she said. 😅 Though depending on where it is located, it is possible that it is just a prank. Like, she put it where Haruto can see it. Ya, now that you mentioned it, it seems to be like that...she's just messing with Yuu. Hehe...since she's a sore loser?

  14. Buongiorno ragazze! Vero, la dichiarazione. Anch'io credo che questo momento meriti spazio e che quindi avverrà si durante la gita, ma non sull'aereo. Sicuramente in quest'ultima occasione qualcosa succederà. Magari Kuro si renderà conto della situazione scostandosi, e Yuu, per tutta risposta gli dimostrerà, come diceva Tereca, che, ora come ora, non deve più temere di avere un contatto fisico con lei, quindi un momento di dolcezza me lo auguro anche se Sakura, ahimè, ci riserva ancora qualche asso nella manica! Ragazze un favore, non so come ne perché, ma sono (forse inavvertitamente mi sono) disiscritta al gruppo FB e adesso, nonostante la richiesta inoltrata, non posso più accedervi. Nell'attesa della fantastica traduzione di Kat, qualcuno potrebbe postare qui il cap, ovviamente non quello pubblicato su FB, anche solo le slides, come facevamo un tempo, magari da un sito in lingua, o giù di lì? Ve ne prego, io non sono brava a cercare e mi piacerebbe visionare perlomeno le slides!!! Grazieeee

    1. Esatto sì immagino la stessa cosa! Secondo me Yuu poi non vorrà più staccarsi.. Già immagino l'espressione di Kuro!

      Comunque mi dispiace per la questione del gruppo; se vuoi posso provare a chiedere a Lauralie di accettare la tua richiesta o di aggiungerti.. In ogni caso sì ma figurati ora ti posto già il link delle scan cinesi. L'unica cosa è che probabilmente caricheranno il capitolo un po' dopo rispetto al gruppo.


    2. https://www.ohmanhua.com/12364/

    3. Tranquilla Fra. Anzi grazie mille!!! Magari quando esce il nuovo capitolo lo posterai. Nel frattempo leggerò tristemente i commenti. Comunque, già una volta risultava accettata la richiesta ma nulla, continuava a darmi la solita risposta, gruppo privato etc. Si, potresti chiedere a lei, perlomeno faròse le risulta in qualche modo e io adesso proverò a inviarla nuovamente, vediamo. Grazie mille 😄

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Ho provato a scriverle... Ti faccio sapere cosa mi dice ;)

    6. Valentina comunque Lauralie ha detto che lei non ha ricevuto nessuna richiesta e che comunque lei accetta sempre tutti.. Quindi in effetti è abbastanza strano. Ha detto che comunque se facevi già parte del gruppo e forse per sbaglio sei uscita,magari hai bloccato qualcosa senza volerlo. Non so lei così mi ha detto.. Controlla magari qualche impostazione.