July 15, 2018

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Side Story - Mina's Notion]

Narration: “After a few days, since the time being locked in the female public bath-- The lead character this time is her--” At Harumi park, Yusuke, together with Takumi, calls out to Mina, “Hey-- Mina-chan, are you also going back [to the dorm] right now?”

Holding a bouquet of roses, Mina looks at them. Gloomily thinking that it is Takumi, she greets Yusuke. She says that it is a shortcut to the dorm if one passes through the park. Yusuke asks what’s up with the bouquet and they are roses!

Mina says that they are very beautiful, right, and someone gave it to her just now. While Takumi is ignoring them, sparkling Yusuke exclaims that the flowers suit Mina. “Shiro-chan’s attitude is so cold-- This isn’t the expression a popular guy should have. But then, it is okay, after all, the person you like is...” Takumi darkly tells him to shut up.
Ring- Ring- Yusuke quickly answers his phone. He exclaims, Tarako-chan. Then, he quickly left. With a smile, Mina tells Takumi, “The White Prince who always have a nice smiling face is the girls’ longed for target [/lover], everyone’s boyfriend-- ...there is a huge discrepancy between your true colors and the rumors [about you].”

Takumi smiles and says, “You came to the park since you are ready to throw away that bouquet. It is because there are too many people in the dorm so you cannot just casually throw it away.” Thinking that this guy is still sharp as always -> standing behind the wastebasket, Mina exclaims how can that be! “This is someone’s rare good intention.”

With crossed arms, sparkling and smiling Takumi says, “Even so, you’re going to throw it away, right. There’s no need to mind me. Why don’t you simply just leave the dorm, okay? Anyway, there is someone in the dorm who is unhappy with you.” Sparkling and smiling Mina says, ya. “Could it be that you’re that culprit?” Takumi laughs and says, perhaps.
Two girls are looking at them. They blush over the two and say that it is a pair of eye candy lovers-- are they shooting a movie? Mina answers, “I won’t leave the dorm. After all, it is because of Kurosaki-kun that I’ve moved in the dorm.”

With lightning crackling, Takumi bluntly tells her, “In any case, you are not serious about him, right.” That irks Mina. Takumi leaves as some fangirls are calling out to him. Mina recalls Takumi telling her before, “-I really hate* you. It’s possible due to similar types repel.” [*I used ‘dislike’ before.] The bouquet of roses is then thrown in the waste basket.

Narration: “Aida Minako, the image of an angelic beauty yet a fake in front of strangers.” In her room, Mina kicks the punching bag and shouts, “I also really hate you!” Breathing hard, she continues to viciously kick the punching bag. “Always having this ‘I know everything’ demeanor. What do you mean similar, don’t lump me together with you! *venting out while exercising* Also, what White Prince, I basically see a white snake!!”
“That’s right! I basically don’t want those flowers! *scene of a blushing man holding the bouquet and telling her if she wants to go for a spin [in his car] and she wonders how many times is this already* But, I’m really scared that person will suddenly become hostile the moment I refuse! It’s an ojisan [older man], and besides, he gave me roses!!”

While wiping herself with a towel, she looks at the mirror and stares at the scar on her forehead. Flashback: Some girls shouted at younger Mina, “Don’t be so full of yourself! Relying on your somewhat good looks that you thinl that you are very amaz...”

Second year junior high, Mina said that is inevitable. “I’m naturally so cute, why on earth are you people scolding me because of that kind of thing. There’s also no need for all of you to assemble and come here together [to gang up on me], it’s really shameful--”

One of the girls exclaimed, “What!? You’re really two-faced that you’re like this when you’re totally different in front of the guys! You’ll even act flirty towards the class’ popular guy Sato-kun!! [guesswork from 佐藤] You’re randomly pushing yourself forward [/seeking fame]!”
She threw a rock at Mina who seemed to have evaded it. Mina darkly grabbed the girl’s collar and angrily said, “If you’re frustrated about that then use your own strength to go and fight!”

Narration: “She is beautiful on the outside, but has a completely opposite personality to her external appearance.” A glasses guy with friend called out to Mina and asked if she is free. “How about we stroll around?” Looking really sweet, Mina smiled and said, “Okay-

The other girls muttered that girl is with a different guy again. Mina happily held on to glasses’ arm. Narration: “Thus, she made a lot of enemies. But for her, love [/romance] is like a game.” While some guys are blushing or trying to talk to her, Mina passed by while holding her drink.

She thought, “...that senpai is really fun but I better break up with him—Besides, he always like to do that kind of thing. Every time I really start to genuinely go steady, I’ll lose to passion. Next, I’ll look for that smiling prince, Sato-kun. A guy who likes to read books is a bit attractive.”
Narration: “Afterwards, something happened--” While sweeping the courtyard, Mina is looking at her phone. Then, someone threw down a pot of tulips from the window. Mina can only look at it as it hit her head. Mina looked stunned as she held her bleeding forehead.

Narration: “No one knew if this incident is an accident or deliberately done, but things are settled by leaving it be.” At school, Mina walked at the corridor with a bandaged head. The girls are whispering what’s up with that. “I heard that a flower pot from the second floor dropped and smashed into her--”

“Someone ought to have deliberately dropped it, right? Who made her always make a move on someone’s boyfriend, serves her right--” Mina darkly looked at the girl and said, “I didn’t make a move on your boyfriend.” This surprised the girl. Narration: “At first, she thought that it is just a small injury so it won’t decrease her charisma, but things turn out contrary to her expectation.”
Mina called out to Sato. Holding on to his arm, Mina happily said that didn’t he want to go on a date with her so how about today... Slightly flustered Sato asked isn’t she injured. Mina chuckled and said that she is alright. “I’m really happy that you are so concerned about me.”

Sato replied, “...by the way, your forehead...there ought to be a very big scar on it, right. *Mina’s smile froze as she asked, huh?* I have no way of accepting that... *ran off* ...I’m sorry.” Surprised Mina just looked at him leave. The other girls smirk, “Really serves you right--”

Guy A said, “There’s a rumor that someone is retaliating against you. I don’t want to get involved in that. Don’t talk with me again.” Guy B said, “You should value a bit that face of yours. Having a face wound, who’ll even want to care about you.” Mina is stunned to hear that. End flashback. 
Narration: “Thus, she transferred school and came to this current place.” At the third floor common area, Mina smiles at her admirers. A girl calls out, “Mina-senpai, can I hang out at your room--” Mina says next time. Someone screams that she likes her. The other guys smile at her.

Mina thinks that it would be quite troublesome if she were to be hated by these people but she didn’t think that winning the same sex can be quite tiresome. “Tsk. Staying at the dorm is really quite troublesome...” Haruto appears before her and asks if something happened since then.

Mina is startled since it was so sudden. She composes herself and tells him that everything is okay since then. “Are you worried about me?” Turning to leave, Haruto says that as dorm leader, he ought to be. Irked Mina thinks that there’s no need for him to say that last part.

With a smile, Mina says that there is something she wants to ask him. “...On that day when I was locked in, you saw...the scar on my forehead, right. Why didn’t you say anything? *scene of Mina holding up her arms to her face when he flashed the light on her.* Is it because you pity me?”
Haruto says that it doesn’t matter to him. He quickly walks away. Surprised Mina shouts, “Hey! ...are you fooling with me!? *somewhat flustered as she held her forehead* I’m seriously asking you here...”

Haruto tells her that for him, that kind of injury basically doesn’t matter to him. *Mina is stunned by that* Talking too much is annoying to death.” And, he looks at his cellphone. Mina blushes. Narration: “At that moment, the angelic-like beauty has fallen in love(?) with the devil.”

Meanwhile, Yusuke... is catching her breath as he meets up with Tarako and her two [younger] sisters. The sisters call out to Yusuke. Tarako asks why Yusuke is dripping in sweat. Somewhat dizzy, Yusuke says that just now, on the phone...cough cough.

Bun sis says that just now, they were playing with Tarako’s cellphone. Flashback: On the phone, Yusuke heard, “We are at the department store here. It is that department store, near my house-- Tarako-sis and...ah!”
Tot Tot. The phone is hanged up. Yusuke exclaimed, what happened!? Tarako-chan!?” End flashback. Tarako tells her sisters not to casually play with her phone.

Bobcut sis tells Yusuke that the cellphone just died [no battery charge], that’s all. Embarrassed Yusuke says is that so... He laughs and says that he thought something happened to Tarako... “I’m so worried...that’s a relief...” Tarako is moved.

Bun sis says that he’s so timid and his body is also so weak. “Shouldn’t the main lead use a cooler way of appearing on the scene--” Yusuke is aghast since Bun sis hit the bull’s eye. Wiping his perspiration with her handkerchief, Tarako says that Yusuke is so cool—
Yusuke blushes as he held her hand. He happily says that’s great! “I thought that you’re angry lately. Let me carry your things.” Bobcut sis tells Bun that their relationship is quite good. Bun sis muses that if Yusuke becomes her brother-in-law, it will definitely be very interesting.

Tarako asks why Yusuke thought she’s angry. Yusuke carelessly blurted out that during the karaoke before, he took advantage of her while she’s sleeping and grope her chest, so he thought that she found out... Bun sis exclaims, what--they are only in the kissing stage!?

While holding her hand, embarrassed Yusuke calls out the sisters then he apologizes to Tarako. “Are you angry?” To his shock, Tarako tells him to grope if he wants to anyway, it won’t hurt.
Comment: It turns out that this side story is important to what may happen later on. Specifically, what will be Mina’s role later on. From this chapter, somehow, I feel that Mina’s character is a hodge-podge of the three main characters. ^^;

First, she has good looks, blunt personality before the scar, not scared of a fight and good at almost anything. With her black hair, it made me think that she is a female Haruto in those aspects. With Yu, it is going to the same school before and that scar.

And, because she also likes Haruto, somehow Mina is a fodder for a mistaken identity and misunderstanding. In this chapter, it is a misunderstanding because Mina assumed that Haruto is ‘different’ because he is okay with her scar but actually, aside from it really doesn’t matter to him, it might be because of Yu’s own scar on the forehead.

Hm...I never thought that having a scar on the forehead is such a big deal that it was a turn off to guys. Though, I guess the others are just cowards and isn’t willing to get involved in trouble for her. Somehow, it shows that even if she wasn’t serious with them, they aren’t serious with her either.

Aside from that, she assumes that he ‘cares’ for her when it may be because he is a dorm leader, it is also because Yu got involved with it. He might want to keep things safe which is indirectly keeping Yu safe.

Now, going out with a lot of boys is the same with Takumi’s going out with a lot of girls. I’m under the assumption that Mina had done THAT. They both have a fake front. Before, Mina only have that ‘fake front’ in front of guys, but after the ‘accident’, she is forced to use it in front of both girls and guys.

I’m amazed though at how sharp Takumi is. Before, I assumed that it was only with Yu but it turns out that he is just really sharp that he can see through Mina’s intentions. It is partly because of his experience with girls? In this case, about the roses. Their quarrel is amusing.

It makes me wonder again, is Mina Takumi’s future gf? It makes me think that the mangaka is doing some sort of contrast between Yu and Mina. Aside from the black-blonde hair contrast between the two couples, there might be a similarity later on regarding first love.

Here, Mina hates Takumi but likes Haruto. Would it be the same with Yu’s wherein, Mina would later on come to fall in love with the one she hates? They even have a nickname for their ‘enemies’ – Devil/Snake. Anyway, I would really want to see that happen since I haven’t read much manga about the rival getting a lover later on aside from moving on. ^^

About Tarako and Yusuke, I got a bad feeling about this incident. It makes me think that Hino might use Tarako later on to make Yusuke do what he ordered. And, a feeling that he might get hurt or something when the Bun sis mentioned that he’s week and couldn’t make a cool entrance. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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    1. Thanks for reading, Elizabeth ^-^

      True. Could it be that Mina is just quite observant of everybody?

      Hehe, I see. I think Meiko is being shipped with Koganei.

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    And... Yeah, I'm think just like you. Mina is a baby that Kuro, Yuu and Takumi had together.
    And just like Yuu, Mina will come to like the guy who is kind to her, but will fall for the one who push her buttons.

    And if you think about it... Kuro and Akabane were persecuted because of their appearance, suffered bullying, were outsiders and has, in its own ways, a lack of social skills.

    Mina and Takumi has social skills. A lot of it. She was mistreated by the other girls for being beautiful and currently prefers only to relate to guys. He was mistreated by boys for being handsome and before Kanji, the only friend he had was Kurosaki. Usually we only saw him with girls.

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    Aside from that, she is pretentious and the personality she shows towards the guys aren't genuine. Logically, the girls hate her (but ganging up on her is terrible).

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    1. Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

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      Yup, I think so, too. I do wonder if it will be unintentionally because of Hino. Like Hino and others are targeting Mina but somehow, Yu always got involved =P So, they might work together to resolve whatever Hino and minions had in store.

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