June 15, 2018

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 48 - At One's Wit End]

During gym class, Haruto scores a basket with a slam dunk. While Tarako and Meiko watch on, the others say that Haruto is so amazing since he scored again. While the other guys are flustered and catching their breath, one guy wonders out loud whether or not should he try and go greet Haruto.

The others ask if that is for really, and they also want to do that. Girls are taking his picture while screaming, “Black Prince-” Haruto quickly walks away. One of the guys calls out to him and says that was beautiful.

Haruto clicks his tongue which caused them to apologize. He glances at his neck that has Yu’s bite mark. He mutters that it still feels numb [/tingling].

Going to their next class, Yu and others are walking at the hallway. She looks at Mina who is talking with Yusuke. Yusuke says that it’s great that she got her card key back. [<- probably a duplicate] Mina tells him that she’ll put it aside properly so that she won’t lose it again. 
Yu thinks that even if that happened, Mina is still the same as usual. Flashback: Yu picked up the cut up card key and said that this is...Mina’s card key. Picking up the other piece, Mina said that it ought to be done by the girls in the dorm. Surprised Yu asked why would they do this kind of thing...

Smiling with sparkles, Mina said, “Because of JEALOUSY. Who made me to look so cute. *sitting on the bed* It seems to be quite troublesome to get a replacement for the lost card. Fortunately, there is someone who brought me back here.”

Yu said that it is still better to inform the dorm head about someone cutting her room key. Mina told her not to tell anyone. “A girl who meddles in other people’s business causes trouble for others, Akabane-san.” End flashback.

Holding a piece of the card key which she hasn’t thrown away, Yu thinks that even if she was mocked by Mina but is it really okay to keep silent about it since it caused trouble. “Ah! Could it be that she wants to use this alibi to get close to Kurosaki-kun!?”
To her surprise, someone puts his coat on top of her heard and grabs her hand. She says that she couldn’t see. “This hand is...” Haruto pulls her upstairs to the roof which is forbidden for students to enter. As Yu catches her breath, she asks him if it is okay to see each other in school.

Taking his jacket off her, he says that this restraining thing doesn’t suit him. “I’ll go see you when I want to see you.” With a frozen expression, Yu wonders isn’t he too easygoing [/doing what he wants] since he isn’t really worried about others finding out!

She blushes and thinks that she obviously has so many things that she wanted to tell him... “...we are always holding our hands... Didn’t he find out yet...” Then, she heard him say, “...already?” She exclaims in surprise. He tells her not to be lost in thought. “I’m asking how is your situation in section B.”
She tells him that there is no change as before and how would A? “Did you make friends?” He asks how is that possible and there is only Kaji who likes being meddlesome. Yu laughs and says that it is because Kaji really likes him. Then, she blushes really red upon seeing the red bite mark on his neck.

She thinks that mark is quite obvious and with the light being so bright, it looks more... Haruto tells her to continue what she’s saying... She asks him if that...on his neck is very troublesome. He smiles and says who made her bite in such an obvious place.

Yu is puzzled since he isn’t angry and he looks even a bit... Holding up her hand that is still holding the card, he asks if this is the dorm key card and why is it cut up. Yu sweatdrops as Haruto looked angry. He says that just now, she told him that there is no change in class.

Yu says that she did say class but she didn’t say dorm and besides, that isn’t hers. Haruto asks then, whose is it? Yu realizes that Haruto didn’t know about it and Mina didn’t tell Haruto. She tells him that she picked it up on the floor.
He glares at her. The school bell is ringing. She thinks that he’ll definitely doubt what she said so should she consult him about it. To her surprise, Haruto turns to leave. He tells her that it’s time for class so he’ll leave this place first.

While wearing his coat, he tells her if there is no problem then quickly go back to her class. That night, while eating snacks with her friends, Yu find what Haruto did strange. “Usually, he’ll definitely keep on asking questions until he got into the bottom of things. This time, all of a sudden, he’ll easily...”

Blushing red, Yu exclaims, “–wait, what’s up with this. It seems like I wanted him to do something to me!! Could it be I’m a masochist!?” They ask her if she’s listening to what they’re talking. Mizuno says that she is also a masochist.

Yu asks what are they talking about. Someone says that they are talking about Mina and doesn’t it seem like she is deliberately seducing the guys. Mako says that even if Mina is really very good in dealing with men but the men also find her to be quite hardworking.
Mizuno says that she wants to be White Prince’s manager. “Afterwards, I want to go into showbiz.” Everyone laughs and says that she is quite ambitious. Mizuno says that she felt that becoming an idol is also not bad at all.

Later on, Yu is soaking at the female public bath. She says out loud that Mako and others would definitely not do that kind of thing even if that incident during first year happened. “The other dorm students also...” She is interrupted when Mina enters the bath.

Mina comments that Yu takes a bath so late. Quickly turning around, Yu says that didn’t Mina also came quite late. Yu is blushing because she finds it quite awkward [to face Mina] because she isn’t wearing make-up.

Outside, Hino’s minions say that Mina is always surrounded by the first year students in the conference room. “This side is quite good because no one is here. Let us quickly finish what we have to do.”
Glasses guy says that Mina’s naked body can be seen through the curtain and he wants to take a picture for remembrance. Beard guy tells him to be on the lookout and they don’t have time for him to peep around. Beep. After using the card key on the door, the beard guy reminds the other one not to forget that their goal is to threaten her to make her quickly leave the dorm.

While Mina is soaking, flustered Yu thinks that if she goes out now, her face without make-up and body will totally be seen by Mina. To her surprise, Mina tells her not to mind and quickly go out. “During junior high, I already know that your facial skin is very thin. After going to high school, your transformation is so huge that I thought that you are deliberately putting up an act [/putting on airs].”

Surprised Yu exclaims that’s mean... Mina clarifies that she’s praising her. “In order to do this, you put in a lot of hard work, right? It’s the same with me. There are some things that I’m also don’t wish to be revealed for others to see.” Yu is surprised by what she said. Then, they heard a noise outside.
Ding. The elevator opens. Haruto goes to the library and looks around. Then, he also looks at the laughing students by the bench outside. At the hallway, Yusuke fans himself with a fan and says that he carelessly soaked for such a long time. “Are you okay? Do you feel dizzy?”

Hino says no, and upon listening to him talk about Haruto’s first year, he finds it really interesting. Hino comments that it makes him happy. Yusuke says that after all, they were together for such a long time. Sparkling Hino tells him, “From today on, tell me more again. Okay? Kaji-senpai.” This made Yusuke happy.

Then, Hino’s minions are running through the hallway. This causes Yusuke to shout for them not to run. Yusuke mutters that he obviously told them to pay attention on that item in the handbook but in the end, no one paid attention. “Hmph, first year students don’t listen to what I say. Compared to them, you are really lovable...”
Passing by him, Takumi asks if Yusuke is talking by himself. Surprised Yusuke exclaims no, he is with a first year kouhai... He looks around but couldn’t find Hino anywhere. While drinking from his bottled water, Takumi says that Yusuke is very scary like that and if he wants to practice being a senpai, go practice inside the room.

Just as Takumi is going to walk away, Haruto calls out to both of them. This surprises the two. Later on, at Yusuke’s room, the two princes are playing Othello. Takumi smiles and says that he won. Haruto couldn’t believe it. Yusuke squeals that he’s so happy that they are unexpectedly having a guys’ gathering in his room.

He asks what they are going to do next after playing. Takumi casually says that for Yusuke to be here, he’s nothing but just a hindrance. Yusuke tells him that even if Shiro-chan lost to him, he cannot retaliate against him like that. Takumi says that he’ll win next time. Aghast Haruto asks if they are listening to him.
Takumi says that about this card key, it ought to be just a prank. “Lately, doesn’t it feel that the dorm is also quite peaceful?” Haruto agrees with him. While Yusuke couldn’t join in their conversation, Takumi says besides, this card key is a fake since the material isn’t the same.

Haruto says that he reckons that the goal of the other party is to make them nervous. Haruto asks Yusuke if he have any clues. Surprised Yusuke asks, me!? He exclaims that he really doesn’t know and he swears it by his name.

Haruto asks isn’t Yusuke’s social network quite vast. “The person who found this card lied that she just picked it up. If you were to think of something, quickly tell me about it.” Surprised Yusuke cries and blushes since Haruto is depending on him.

Yusuke is trying to quickly think of anything that it worth paying attention to. Takumi tells Haruto that it is better not to mind Yusuke. “Just directly go and ask her. Normally, won’t you keep on asking until you get into the bottom of it?”
Haruto tells Takumi that if he were to be always so unyielding, and do what he always does which is to oppress her. “Like that, we basically have no way of properly talking. Besides...I already don’t want to make her cry again.” Takumi looks surprised.

After a pause, Takumi suggest that he’ll help Haruto by asking her. Haruto darkly tells him that in a while, he’ll come back and win against him. “I’m going to call her myself.” There is a note ‘Currently being cleaned’ on the door of the public bath.

It is announced that it will be lights out soon for the dorm so the students should quickly return to their own rooms. In the garbage container, there is a basket with towel and clothes. And, inside that, a cellphone is ringing. It is Haruto calling.

Inside the female bath, Yu is doing her best to open the door but she couldn’t open it. Blowing her hair dry, Mina tells Yu not to move recklessly and weren’t her clothes taken away.
Covered with a towel, Yu darkly shouts that they mixed up her basket with Mina’s!! Yu found a note ‘Aida Minako, get lost’. Her glasses case is also left behind. Mina says the culprit are really idiotic since they didn’t even confirm it. “If we were to all confused, then it would be exactly what the others wanted. Anyway, the patrol will come over sooner or later.”

Yu comments that Mina is quite calm about this and also with what happened to her card key. While painting her nails, Mina says that it is because she is already used to it.

“Even if I wanted to avoid this kind of thing from happening, and do my best in becoming easy-going [/amiable and approachable], they will still do it because my appearance alienates me [from them]. They only want to isolate me as a way of amusing themselves, that’s all there is to it.”

Yu recalls the time some guys are calling her ‘Aka jizo’ and she won’t get angry no matter what they do to her including scribbling on her books and telling her not to go to school. Mina apologizes to Yu for getting her involved.
To Mina’s surprise, Yu is trying to use a long brush to open the door. Mina exclaims if Yu heard what she is saying so what is she doing. Yu protests if it doesn’t feel frustrate Mina that she encountered this kind of thing. “Won’t dare...do things without tricks, always like this, sneaking around...actually, it’s quite despicable.”

Mina looks surprised. She stands up and asks why she is all worked up and angry when they aren’t the same. This embarrasses Yu as she thinks indeed, they aren’t at all people in the same world. Looking at the threatening note, Mina looks at what’s written at the other side.

It is a picture of Yusuke telling everyone to follow the dorm rules. Yu says that she recalls Yusuke saying that he’ll be distributing fliers to the first year students.
Mina comments that the culprit is quite stupid that he’ll unexpectedly re-use this. “...Could it be that the card key incident...is also done by a guy? “Since they can enter here, it shows they haven’t cut up my card. Then their goal is...is they want to warn me?”

The lights were turned off. Yu mentions this to Mina who tells her to leave it up to her. Mina ties her hair to a ponytail. She uses the long brush to pop open the air duct on the ceiling. Mina says that if the other party isn’t a girl, then it would be quite dangerous for them to stay here.

Yu asks what she is planning to do. Stepping on a table, Mina grabs the ledge and hoist herself up into the air duct. While Yu is shocked by that, Mina tells Yu that she’ll go outside and call the dorm head over.

At the hallway, while holding a flashlight, Takumi calls out to Haruto. He tells Haruto that he was wondering why he [Haruto] hasn’t come back yet so he went out to check... “What are you doing on the third floor?”
Haruto says that she isn’t answering her phone so perhaps, she ran somewhere where there is no signal. Takumi says to be sure, he is going to get the dorm head to patrol each room. Then, Haruto hears a noise from the ceiling. He asks who is it. Mina jumps down from the air duct.

Haruto flashes the light on Mina. As she covers her head, Haruto asks where did she came out from. Mina says, from the female public bath and she was locked inside. Haruto asks if she is all by herself.

Back in the female public bath, Yu tries to copy what Mina did but she couldn’t reach the ceiling. She wonders where Mina came from that she could do that... Then, she hears someone saying, get far away from the door. Haruto kicks the door open and quickly goes to Yu who has fallen down on the floor.

While Mina looks surprised, Yusuke goes to them and says that during his patrol, he found some clothes [in a basket] but he doesn’t know whose is it. The dorm head asks what’s going on. Takumi thinks that Haruto really does things quite violently.
Looking at the closed door, Takumi says that from how it looks, the card key machine has been kicked broken... Slamming the door, Haruto tells them to wait for a minute outside. Walking towards Yu, Haruto complains that she is giving him things to do [/trouble]. Yu pouts and says that this time around, she isn’t causing trouble by herself...

To her surprise, her towel had unraveled. She blushes for she is isn’t wearing anything inside. Haruto takes off his shirt and puts it on her. She calls out his name. He tells her that there are a number of people outside. He hugs her tightly which causes her to say that it hurts.

He tells her to shut up. Yu thinks that this time, he is also naked. Picking up the threatening note, Haruto says that it turns out that the card key is Mina’s. Flustered Yu apologizes for not telling him.
After looking at the threatening note, Haruto says that he’ll ask Mina to clarify the situation to him so for the meantime, Yu isn’t to come out. Yu thinks that even if she is very happy, he isn’t angry at her... Haruto goes outside and joins the others.

The dorm leader is blushing over half-naked Haruto. As Haruto gave the note for Mina to read, Yusuke puts a towel over Haruto. From his room, Hino is watching everyone on his tablet [/laptop computer] from a CCTV camera on the ceiling.

Hino complains that not one bit of result would come out when he leaves things to idiots. “That group of people [around Haruto] is such an eyesore. *holds his lollipop and focuses on Yusuke* I’ll take advantage of this guy in a while.”

Meanwhile, blushing Yu finds it strange. “But if he were to be a bit horrible towards her again, it is also... okay!!”
Comment: Hehe, Haruto is subtly changing. He is changing his own rules as he realizes that he cannot endure not seeing Yu. His actions pretty much say it out loud even if he doesn’t say it. Of course, it is still a ‘secret love’.

Haruto has slightly change his dominating stance in prying things out from Yu. Hm...was he a bit traumatized upon seeing her in tears earlier? I wonder if no one realized that was a bite mark. =P Hm...somehow, I don’t know if it is good or not that she didn’t tell him about the cut up card key. Well, technically, she did pick it up and she didn’t lie that it wasn’t hers.

She basically just got some bad luck that she got involved in Mina’s trouble but then, that trouble is actually supposed to be towards her as Haruto’s girlfriend. ^^; Hehe, my perception of Mina had gone up in this chapter. I guess it is because I find her to be smart, composed and well, quite cool in terms of being athletic.

Because of what she said to Yu, Mina was also bullied because of her beautiful looks. She probably did try to be nice and everything but in the end, perhaps, they weren’t sincere with her. So, it can be a bit understandable why Mina is like this right now.

Perhaps, rather than letting herself be hurt and vulnerable, she puts of a façade to be sweet and everything but she draws a line from getting too close? I do wonder what is her secret/what is that thing that she doesn’t want others to see. Is it something else than her being manipulative with people especially guys, etc?

Haha, for all his money, Hino really hires stupid goons. Since they are stupid, I would think that all of this are ordered by Hino rather than for them to think of how to threaten Mina. It makes sense since they even made a fake card and took advantage of having Mina’s card to go to the other places where guys cannot go in.

Anyway, Yusuke would be Hino’s next target. Somehow, I think it is easy to manipulate him since Hino already gave him a good impression. Hm...with Yu’s luck, I guess she’ll get involved again as the indirect target. ^^; Anyway, it seems that Yu is a bit confused with the slightly nicer Haruto or she is indeed a M =P

Oh ya, that CCTV camera. Was it the dorm’s wherein Hino hacked into it? Or, he put it there? I would think hacking into it is more likely in order not to bring up suspicion. Hm...is it possible that Hino had something to do with the company they got to put up the surveillance system so he had access into them?

I wonder if somehow Takumi would be involved when Yusuke is being targeted. =P Then, Takumi would be the next target. Somehow, because of how Mina is portrayed somewhat positively in this chapter, it makes me wonder if later on, she’ll be paired off to Takumi. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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  1. wow! this was done in lightning speed hehe thank you Kat!
    some long thoughts of mine:
    -in the first scene where the girls were taking pics and squealing for kuro, kuro expressed how yuu's bite was still tingling lol, that felt like an omen or a sign that kuro belongs to yuu haha.
    -so adorable how kuro holding yuu's hand felt like the most natural thing for him to do :) the fact that he said he'll see akabane whenever he wants to goes to show that he really can't control himself anymore and comply with the rules he himself made up to keep up this secret romance!
    -yuu laughing with her dorm friends was really heartwarming to see ^^
    - kuro got jealous over takumi suggesting he'd ask akabane about the key card just made me go kyah, especially when he announced that he'd be the one to call her
    -i actually saw a new light to mina, i think there are reasons as to why she puts on such a facade, like with how she told akabane that she was bullied before. the secret she is hiding, i think it has something to do with what's underneath her bangs (just a guess) and i think there's a reason as to why she's so athletic.lol. tbh, im startin to like, just hope she'll find out soon about kuro and yuu's relationship so one problem would be solved!
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    -kuro hugging yuu tightly and dont want anyone to see his girl half nked is so adorable, kuro's finally at the wayside of these baby steps! he really is so protective and gentle....and hot.....but akabane finally seeing that she really might be a msochist is still the best lol

    1. - i also think that Kuro was looking for Yuu before he played othello with the gang
      - you're right, maybe hino has some kind of deal or conntrol in the management that arranged the cctv, i think that isn't easy to hack since it's under kuro's management we're talking haha

    2. You're welcome, Mey ^-^

      Hehe, possible ^^

      Indeed ^^

      Yup. Takumi keeps him on his toes =P

      Indeed. I'm not too sure though if she'll give up after knowing about their relationship. ^^; Still, I wonder if Mina also had a makeover change of some sort since Yu doesn't remember her at all. Though, it is possible that Yu didn't pay attention to others since she is busy ignoring her bullies.

      Yup...his 'Yu is in trouble' radar is ringing =P

      Lol, that's right ^^

      Ya, I also think that he is looking for her.

      Yup. It would be confirmed if Hino can view what's happening in the other cctv. I'm wondering if that cctv is a wifi-connected one and it was just put up by his minions.

    3. Hey kat so I wanted to first of all thabk you for your hard work and wanted to ask you that when is the next chapter coming..

    4. Thanks for reading ^-^

      It will come out in Japan on Sept 13.

  2. Wah, that was fast..thank you for the hard work kat! Love ur summary, as always...

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, Elizabeth ^-^

  3. Thank you for the work, Kat! Reading this manga makes me really really happy. Thank you so much.

    1. So ... Some girls were hoping for Hino persecution puts Mina to run way. That is not happing now, not happing. Mina is too much amazing to run away.

      I think she will just notice Kuro and Yuu think and give up in a way like "I do not want that drama. But, Congets Akabane".

      And Mina and Takumi? It's so crazy. I liked it. She is tough and he is not. Mina will not need him to be brave in haunted houses or catch her if she falls from trees.

      But Takumi is the only one who compares to her when it comes to dealing with other people. They are similar types of beings, the two of them.

      So, yes, I want see Mina and Takumi together and every problem until this moment.

    2. I meant "That is not happing now, not happing never."

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    Btw i have a question for you and everyone here: 
    What do you think is the (realistic) reason why Haruto hugged Yuu? Thanks before :)

    1. Thank you so much Kat~~~
      In concern to your question, I think he has embraced her because she was half naked...? Or because, maybe, he was embarassed in seeing her half naked...? Or maybe he didn't want other people to see her, because she is his property! LOL😂😂😂💗

    2. I think the realistic reason for Kuro hugged Yuu is because he was verry worried about Akabane's safety and when Haruto saw that she was well the relief took the better of him.

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      I actually thought that it is because he was worried about her. He hugged her in relief that she is safe and sound.

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    1. Thank you Kat.

      I'm happy to see Kuro is so naturally holding Yu's hand and he can't control himself to think about her.

      Congratulations Akabane!

    2. You're welcome, Pearry ^-^

      Yup ^^


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    I was thinking... Doesn’t Yu looks plainer in her looks lately? (I mean since Mina arrived)
    Maybe it is expecially made to underline Mina’s beauty compared to hers?

    Also the dialogues make me believe her old inferiority complex will re-appear, it wasn’t actually really and throughly explained, and now with the continuos references to her plain looks and the middle-school bullying I believe the author will actually face this.
    I hope it won’t be just the old and plain “Rival, is better than me, she’s smarter,prettier,more feminine.. and such“, i find it quite annoying actually haha.

    It would be really interesting(if what I guessed is right) that she would be able to gain more confidence by herself, without the comments or invasive actions of her friends/boyfriend.

    Btw why isn’t the story including Tarako and Meiko as before? It was a bit funnier with actual high-school students’ friendship, well I guess this can’t be helped since the author is really busy including Hino, Mina and Kuro and Yuu’s relationship..so whatever :P

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    1. Thanks for reading, Julie ^-^

      Hm...I didn't notice. Do you mean drawn more plain or her clothes-stuff are plainer?

      Yu did thought of those things but she isn't moping about it. She's doing something about it like reading magazines about it, started smiling and greeting people, etc in chapter 45. Yu is in fighting form so I think she'll be okay.

      I feel that she is going in that direction...in baby steps. ^^

      I guess it is because they aren't classmates nor dorm mates. Tarako is doing a bit of cupid work though ^^ They'll probably hang out only when there's no school.

      Thanks ^^

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      It's possible.

      Nope, I don't think they are related in any way. He has no qualms in targeting her using his minions. He has seen her in the cctv. He doesn't seem to acknowledge knowing her personally.


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