April 13, 2018

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 121]

Sawako is reading a note, ‘Sadako, sorry, I’m wrong. Forgive me. Classmate’. Sawako’s father comes in the room and offers to help her. Packing a box, Sawako says that there’s no need. He insists but she keeps on refusing.

Gloomy father goes to complain to the mother that Sawako doesn’t want him to help. His wife informs him that Sawako also refused her help when she offered to help her move. The father asks why. His wife says that Sawako told her that she wants to try to move by herself and it will probably take a long time.

Then, she mentions that she wants to go and stroll at a department store in Sapporo and then afterwards, they can go visit Sawako at her place. Sawako is looking at all the things she got during high school and starts browsing an album filled with their high school pictures.
That night, Sawako got a call from Shouta. He asks if her packing to move to a new place is going smoothly. She says yes, even if the progress is quite slow but she had already chose the things she’ll bring and had packed it in her luggage. She asks if his moving date has been decided.

Shouta says that he doesn’t know if it is considered moving but the things from home have already been moved bit by bit. He tells her that he’ll officially live there when the gas [pipe?] is open and he bought the things that he’ll put in the refrigerator.

“Because it will be by early next week so compared to you, I should be the one who’ll move first.” Sawako says is that so, it has already started. He asks start? She tells him, new life--... She recalls crying Ayane at the station.
She is surprised when he asks if she’ll come on the day when the gas is open. “I’m all by myself so I’ll be very lonely! Kuronuma, come and help me, okay.” Perking up, Sawako exclaims that she’ll go!! She asks if he’ll be idle during that day. He says no, he’ll probably be very busy.

Sawako exclaims that she’ll do [and help out] and can she stay for a long time. He blushes and says, yes, he’s very happy [about that]. Sawako thinks Shouta’s new place, the first time he’ll be living all alone. Soon, they arrive at an apartment.

Shouta tells him that he’s on the second floor and it’s easy to remember how to go there from the station, right? Sawako says yes and she remembered it well. He smiles and says that there’s no need to remember because if she comes, he’ll fetch her-- Sawako exclaims that she’ll remember it so that she can also come even if she’s alone...!! This made Shouta blush and smile.
As Shouta opens the room, Sawako thinks that afterwards, definitely afterwards, this will be a place where she can go to numerous times. Shouta calls out for her to come in. There are a lot of boxes inside. Looking amazed, she thinks that this is the place where Shouta will live.

She says that there are a lot of luggage. He says yes, those have already been brought in. He explains that this place is around an hour away from his house so his father drove the car to help him move the things. Then, bit by bit, he’ll assemble the stands by himself.

“What I’ll do today is bring in the things including the refrigerator that will be delivered. And also, tidy up the carton-type of stuff?? But then, the luggage isn’t that many so that’s that.” Sawako mutters that from today on, he’ll be living here. She thinks, Shouta who’ll be going to college.
Cheering herself up, she exclaims that she must be enthusiastic and quickly sort things out so that he can sleep comfortably tonight. Upon seeing her already putting on her apron, Shouta comments that’s quite fast. She asks what is she in charge of.

Putting a box in front of her, he tells her to put up the decors, condiments and anything else that will be used in the kitchen. He says that he’ll leave the kitchen up to her. Saluting him, she exclaims, understood! Just when he is about tell her what he is going to do, he stops and blushes upon seeing Sawako tying up her hair into a pony tail.

Opening the box, Sawako says that there are all sorts of condiments and even a pot and ramen. He says yes, they forced him to bring things from home. Sawako says that it is so full of vitality. Shouta says ah, yes. While Shouta fixes the curtains, Sawako says that there is even a kettle.
Shouta says it feels that it is good like this. She asks what, and is she going to put the tableware here, too? Shouta smiles and thanks her. Soon, Sawako finds one bowl and felt that it has a lonely feeling to it. She exclaims ah that’s right, she brought some onigiri she made.

She tells him that once the gas is installed, they can make some tea to eat with the onigiri. Shouta exclaims, really!? Then, he recalls that he doesn’t have tea-type of stuff and that’s right, he has to prepare some drinks. He also has one tea cup.

Sawako tells him that it is alright, she brought over a kettle [/canteen; her own?] and she’ll use the bowl. Shouta exclaims that he’ll use the bowl. Soon, she asks if there are other things she’ll sort out. He tells her to sort the things in the toilet as well as the little things in the cartons which she can open. Sawako says okay.
Then, she opens a small box to find a badly painted shisa figurine. He exclaims, ah, put it by the door temporarily as a ‘god of protection’. Sawako blushes and says that she’ll also leave his shisa by the door. Showa laughs and asks, really-!?

Then, she sees him bring out the knitted hat and put it in a drawer. She thinks that he brought it with him. “He obviously said there aren’t many things but he even made that failed shisa as... *Shouta recalls that he also doesn’t have coffee-type of things* He put me in his heart. *blushes* I’m so happy...”

Then, the refrigerator has been delivered. Next, the household electric appliances are all sorted out so basically everything is done. Shouta thanks Sawako that things went smoothly because of her.
While vacuuming the floor, Sawako says not really... He smiles and asks if they can eat dinner together. Surprised Sawako says okay. Shouta says that they go buy some things that they can eat and drink. Sawako exclaims that she’ll cook something. He exclaims if it is okay. She says yes.

Shouta says that he’ll do it with her. She suggests that they make curry. Shouta agrees with her. At the supermarket, they bought onions, carrots and something that can be made into a salad. Sawako asks what kind of curry he likes. He asks what she likes. She says, chicken curry? Shouta exclaims that chicken curry it is because they always eat pork curry in his house.

Sawako thinks that she’s so happy, that it feels like they’re-- Blushing Shouta mutters, newly...ah no...it is nothing. Sawako thinks that it is like a newly married couple!! Shouta suggests that they look at the miscellaneous goods at the side. Sawako says okay.
While they are looking at some cups, Shouta tells her to choose the one she’ll use, things that only she will use. “Whether or not you are at my side, you’ll be the only one who’ll use these things. So lonely. Very lonely. But, to make up for the separation, I’ll be inclined to tell you a lot more things than before. Ask you all sorts of things. You, too, Kuronuma. During times when you feel that you don’t understand me, you can ask me as you please. It’s absolutely okay. Absolutely...”

Surprised Sawako wonders if he has noticed. Recalling Ayane leaving them, Sawako thinks that she felt that she didn’t have a sense of reality during graduation. “Compared to a new life, the more out of touch she is of reality--” Sawako asks if he invited her over today because he’s afraid that she’s uneasy...? Shouta says that there is that reason but... “I want to be with you. I want to properly feel it, our lives from today on.”
Later, she and Shouta cook curry together. Then, they wash the dishes together and watch TV together over cups of hot coffee. “Kazehaya-san, there will be no problem with us. Even if we part, I can also believe that the place beside Kazehaya-san belongs to me. I really think that way.” The two blush in surprise when the couple on the TV hugged each other.

They look awkward then Sawako says that she likes him the most. He kisses her on the cheek and says that he also likes her the most. “You’re the only one whom I love dearly.” And, they kiss. It is almost 9:09 pm. Shouta says that it is almost time to see her off and time passes really fast. After a pause, Sawako mutters ya.

Narration: “In a blink of an eye, the day when I’ll move will also arrived. *holding hands with Shouta as they walk to the station* Afterwards, for some period of time, we have no way of meeting each other like this.. There will be no more of the life of inevitably meeting each other everyday in the classroom. Belonging to our own new lives has really started already.”
At the station, it was announced that the train in line 1 is coming so please stand behind the yellow line. Shouta says that it’s here. The train has arrived. Shouta is getting ready to get in the train when he noticed that Sawako isn’t moving.

There is an announcement that the train in line 1 is departing soon. Holding out his hand, Shouta tells her to come because if they don’t ride it, it will leave already.

Sawako looks surprised and flustered. She grabs his hand. The train had left. At the station, Sawako is hugging surprised Shouta tightly. She mutters, “I don’t want to go back [/home]...”
Comment: So, you’re a guy being hugged by your gf who says that she doesn’t want to go back. What do you do? A. Bring her to your house. B. Urge her not to be like that and send her home on the next train. C. Ask her what she wants you to do.

Joking aside, this is indeed a glimpse of how it will be if they both just moved in a new house as newlyweds. ^^ Apparently, the reality of separation took some time to sink in for Sawako. Perhaps, at the train station, it became more evident that it will be back to reality once she goes in that train.

Though base on what they’re saying, time will indeed pass quickly so they’ll soon be together again. It might be harder for Shouta since Sawako would have Ume to accompany her. Nevertheless, thanks to technology, they can keep in touch more often. Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
When someone makes you the happiest person and the saddest person at the same time, that's when it's real that's when it's worth something. ~ Author Unknown


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