January 16, 2018

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 44 - I'm back, Harumi Dorm]

It’s April. The renovation work on the dorm is over so once again, Harumi Dorm can be put into use. The dorm head tells Yu that the girls will enter the dorm through the elevator at the backdoor. It is especially installed for them.

She also informs Yu that right now, the dorm uses a room key card so by all means, don’t lose it. She holds the key card on the sensor and beep, the door opens. Yu says that the entire structure of the dorm had changed, and they even use a key card. “It’s really quite advanced...”

The dorm head chuckles and says that before her, the other dorm students are also quite shocked. “That’s right. This year’s dorm leader is Kurosaki-kun.” This made Yu blush. Her key card has her room number and surname on it. The dorm head tells her that the girls are staying on the whole fourth floor and her luggage is already moved into her room.

In her room, Yu hugs her octopus doll and says that she merely heard Haruto’s name and her heart is already jumping nonstop. She looks up and says that she doesn’t know whether or not Haruto has returned back to the country. Flashback: After the third term’s closing ceremony, Yu learned from Haruto that he will be going overseas together with his father.
She asked if their relationship had already become good. Haruto said no, they are going to the silver wedding [25th wedding anniversary] of Takumi’s parents and he was under their care before. Yu asked when he is leaving. To her surprise, he told her tonight.

Haruto told her that she also go back to her own house. Yu said that she hasn’t decided on it yet. He urged her to stay at the house. He smiled and said that her father will also be very happy. Yu is shocked for he said ‘father’, as in ‘father will ALSO’, so that is saying that Haruto also feels happy [if she went home]!?

Since it is like that, Yu decided that she’ll be good and go home. While walking with Haruto, Takumi comments that Haruto’s hair is becoming longer. Haruto said that because of an injury, he doesn’t want to cut his hair for the time being and at that length, it doesn’t need to be cut yet.

Then, the scene changed to Yu hanging out with her friends at a diner. Meiko asked if it is really okay that their spring break is arranged like that when obviously, they don’t have time to be alone in school. Tarako told Yu that she should mentioned it a bit to Haruto and act a bit spoiled in asking him [to spend time with her]—
Yu told her friends that Haruto also felt quite lonely when they’re apart and she’s very happy that he can think like that. So up to this degree, she can endure it. Her friends blush over this. Tarako confessed that before, she is always worried about the state of their ‘going steady’.

But right now, she can be certain that they are indeed a ‘harmonious couple’[/‘each other’s sunshine’] This surprises Yu. Tarako said that Haruto has already started using a ‘boyfriend attitude’ in treating Yu. Meiko agreed. Yu blushed and looked shocked for does that mean Haruto also likes her!? Her friends are puzzled by her reaction. End flashback.

Recalling Haruto telling her that it is better if they can stay together, Yu wonders if that is Haruto’s confession!? That is what she’s thinking the whole spring break. Holding her necklace, Yu thinks that she’ll also properly tell him of her feelings and afterwards, he can become a lover at its true meaning.

After going to the living room, Yu is shocked over the change since there is a sofa, a bar table with stools, long conference table and even beverage dispensers at the side. Mako says that Yu has finally arrived and the dorm’s interiors really look good.
Yu said that the change is so great that she is quite startled. A girl says that she heard that with a lot of effort, a parent, who is particularly concerned about his child, had proposed this. “It seems like all of the decoration style of a hotel has been copied over here.”

Yu sweatdrops as she realizes that it is Haruto’s father. Then, they ask Kaji Yusuke what he is doing. Yusuke is posting a sign on the bulletin board about keeping things tidy when using the area. He says he’s doing the work of a senpai.

Yusuke informs them that the new students will start checking in today and he heard that they’ll start the welcome party once they are all gathered together there. He says that there are some people who have already arrived. “This is a kind of rule that has to be decided on from the start.”

Just then, some guys enter the room and say that this is so amazing and this place is the common area floor. “Wow, there are girls--” One of them exclaims that she is senpai, right, and from today on, yoroshiku-- "Come, let’s have a souvenir picture!” He suddenly takes a picture selfie with Yu.

Surprised Yu says, huh, wait... Taking out some food, the others start to open the snacks that they brought. They say that they are going to have a party here, right and it’s so spacious— While the others are eating pizza and pouring drinks, Yusuke asks a guy if he is wearing galoshes [/Wellington boots]..
The guy laughs and tells him not to mind that minor detail. The guy who took a selfie with Yu asks Yu to give him her ID so that he can send the picture he took earlier to her. Yu says that she doesn’t want the picture. Selfie guy says that she’s so cold, he likes...

He is surprised when the end of a long brush hit his cellphone. Holding the long brush, Haruto tells him that it is forbidden to wear shoes inside the dorm. “Take them off.” Selfie guy asks, what, it’s strictly prohibited? He is shocked that the picture was also deleted from his cellphone.

Yu and others smile upon seeing Haruto. Yusuke says that it has been a long time and he came back today. Yu thinks that he didn’t cut his hair while he’s abroad. Haruto calls out to the first year students. The trembling first year students ask huh...us?

They were startled when Haruto uses the handle of the long brush to suddenly point to the poster that Yusuke made. Haruto asks them if they can’t read, clean all this up. He calls out to Yusuke. Yusuke says coming, dorm leader. Haruto tells him not to let the first year students look down on him. Embarrassed Yusuke apologizes.
Haruto starts to walk away. Yusuke said that it is his fault that he wasn’t able to bring out the senpai’s imposing manner to warn them! He proceeds to tell the first year students to quickly clean up. The first year students look tense.

Blushing Yu thinks that even if everyone are there, but it should be alright for her to say a word or two to him. She stiffens when Haruto points his broom stick at her face. He tells her to quit giggling. A couple of guys ask if that is the legendary Black Prince and even if he is joking, one can’t even laugh.

The girls are sparkling as they say that Haruto is so nice today and after all, the other party is the first year students. While the others are greeting Haruto, Yu wonders if he specially came over to talk with her just now.

Holding her blushing face, she tells herself that she cannot help but laugh after seeing him and she has to control herslf and not to giggle. Later on, there is a huge banner of ‘Welcome to Harumi Dorm!!’ hanged outside the dorm. It is made by Yusuke and Yu.

At the dining hall, aghast Yusuke greets Yu a good morning and says that finally, tomorrow is the opening ceremony and these three days has been quite long. He tells her that the first year students won’t listen to what he says and each of them are well-built [/tall & strong], and also very noisy. They are only quiet when Haruto is around.
Yu asks if Haruto isn’t in the dorm and she always didn’t see him around. Yusuke says that didn’t the dorm’s facilities and room increased. Haruto went to see the real estate people to re-assess the contract and it seems that he’s pointing out all of the incomprehensive parts in it. “No wonder he is our dorm leader.”

Yu says that a dorm leader is quite busy. Yusuke says that if Takumi is around, he’ll be able to properly give support to Haruto’s work but... Then, Yusuke notices some guys throwing trash and say that they’re leaving. He shouts at the first year students that he told them to segregate the trash.

Yu thinks that it turns out to be like that and it is also hard for Yusuke. She would want to talk with Haruto face to face rather than on the phone. She realizes that it wasn’t easy for the two of them to be alone.

Yu is shocked when Mako and friend teasingly ask Yu where she and Haruto go lovey-dovey, is it at her boyfriend’s room. Yu says that unlike before, their security facilities are quite strict especially in regards coming and going in between the male-female floors.
The first floor is dining hall and male rooms. Second floor has more male rooms. The third floor is the common area. The fourth floor is where the female rooms are. Yu tells them that the door also needs the key card to open so not all of doors can be opened.

She also heard that there is a security camera [cctv]. They tell her that if they found their tryst alley, she definitely has to tell them. Blushing Yu darkly tells them that it is better to properly obey the dorm rules. She couldn’t tell them that she and Haruto haven’t even found time to be alone.

Later on, Yu knocks at the dorm leader’s room. She thinks that luckily this is at the common area floor. Even if she wanted for them to be alone, but if he is busy, she thinks that she’ll just see if there is anything she can help him with...

The door opens. Haruto asks what she is doing. Surprised that he’s wearing the school uniform, Yu says, about that... The dorm head arrives and apologizes for being late. She informs him that there is a bit of trouble since the additional book orders had already arrived.

Haruto says that he’ll go and sort it out. She says no, he still has to start a meeting and he is needed because of his eloquence and force [to make people listen]. To Haruto’s surprise, Yu volunteers to do it.
Later on, at the library, Yu says that she finally sorted out the foreign language books on the bookshelf. She wonders if these are the books that Haruto’s father likes to read. She recalls Haruto’s warning not to arrange it in disorderly manner.

Yu thinks that she definitely cannot make a mistake. She looks at the clock and it is already 6pm. She is shock that it is already that late. Some girls come in and ask if they can enter here. Yu apologizes and says that they can’t right now since it is still being tidied up.

The selfie guy and others arrive and say that it is amazing, this is the library and is there a porn book there. Yu tells them to wait, they still cannot enter... Some young girls call out to Akabane-senpai and offer to help her. This made Yu blush since she was called like that.

She smiles and thanks them. She tells them that she’ll leave the books at that side to them and if there is something they don’t know, ask her. The girls start to ask her about the rumor that this dorm has two handsome guys who are nicknamed BLACK PRINCE and WHITE PRINCE to differentiate between them.
“Is that black haired senpai, the intimidating guy, the Black Prince? “Then, where’s the White Prince? Before, we are always concentrating in getting ready for the exams, so we really anticipate living in a coed dorm... We heard that there is a prince here so it got us to anticipate it more.”

Yu blushes and thinks that the first year students are really so cute. “That intimidating prince is a Black Devil... As for the White Prince, you’ll also get to see him soon.” Selfie guy curses that the door is locked so they can’t get in. His friend says that the theater room is broken—

Sitting on top of a ladder to put the books on the shelf, Yu says that she thinks that it is simply because it cannot be used yet. Just when Haruto is passing by the library, he overhears selfie guy asking if it isn’t dangerous for Yu to sit on top of the ladder. He offers to help her support it.

Yu says that it’s alright, there’s no need. The friend says that it is dangerous if she falls down. Starting to put the books again, Yu thinks that they’re really nice and they are really cute first year students... She is startled when she overhears the two whispering, ‘my god, exposed legs’.
She quickly turns towards them and wonders if they are talking about her legs. She blushes really red since they are indeed staring at her legs and they’re staring at them so seriously. She wonders if she should scold them and she should have worn leggings...but, if she were to suddenly provoke them, it might instead cause a disturbance...

Holding her necklace, she thinks that she doesn’t want Haruto to worry. While Haruto watches, Yu asks the two guys up to when they are going to watch. “After enjoying looking at it, get that carton box at the side and tidy things up.”

With sparkles, Yu thinks that she can strictly handle this little thing since she is a senpai and Haruto’s girlfriend! To her surprise, selfie guy is turned on. He says that his heart is just viciously hit...my type... Yu blushes really red when he shouts, and besides, for a moment, senpai [Yu] is going to be exposed [/wardrobe malfunction]!! Yu blushes really red.

The first year girls come back and say that they have already sorted out at this side. They ask what’s going on. Some guys call out that Yu is wearing white, right and she’s really cute. “Suddenly becoming all quiet is also quite cute--” Another guy laughs with the others and ask Yu to also show it to him. “You might as well go steady with me...”
Someone flips off the power switch. Everything went dark. Someone ask if it is a brownout and they cannot see a thing. Yu is surprised when someone suddenly covers her mouth. The others shout to open the power switch. When the lights are back on, they are puzzled since Yu is gone. Only her shoes are left near the ladder.

In the theater room, Yu is surprised to see Haruto carrying her. He asks her how come she let some strange insects get close to her. “If you want to drive them away, do it a bit more beautifully.” Yu whispers, where they are. “Put me down. If the new students find out...”

The students outside are wondering where Yu went. Back inside, Haruto sits down on the sofa with Yu. He tells her that this is the theater room and right now, there is no one else who can come in except for him. Yu asks, is that so, thanks, but please let her go first.

Haruto says that he didn’t watch her closely for just a little bit and things would immediately became like that. “Don’t go to the common area floor again. *Yu is surprised by that* You can only go to the dining hall and public bath area.” Yu exclaims that she won’t and by the way, how can anyone agree to that kind of request!

Haruto clicks his tongue and agrees. He says that he also knew that she won’t listen to what he’ll say. Sighing in relief, Yu thinks that this time, he’s so straightforward because if it was the usual, he’ll get angrier [if she goes against him]. 
 He complains that a secret romance is truly troublesome. Yu blushes in surprise when he suddenly holds up her leg and kisses her left thigh. She asks wait..what is he doing. He tells her that this isn’t the first time, right. Yu asks why he is kissing there...

She groans and tells him not to...continue... After putting a hickey on her thigh, Haruto tells her to make those brats properly look at this. She asks how can possibly listen to him, making them see this... Then, she notices that he had already stand up and getting ready to leave.

She exclaims if he is already leaving. “No! ...simply, we finally have an opportunity to be alone so won’t you stay here longer?” He tells her that the thing he has to do is finished so there is no longer any reason to stay here. Thinking that’s strange, Yu says that she still wants to stay here longer...with him...

He asks her if they aren’t already in the same dorm so they can see each other any time. Looking quite surprised and puzzled, Yu asks don’t they mutually like each other...right now, they are finally a pair of ordinary lovers, and there’s no need to have a reason for them to be alone... 
Surprised Haruto says, “Our relationship isn’t like that. It isn’t because I like you that I went steady with you.” This made Yu’s eyes big as saucers. She weakens and slides by the sofa. She thinks, ah...is that so. She says, ...yes, she clearly knows the reason why they went steady at that time...it’s just that...she...  

Haruto goes to her. He pulls up her head and kisses her. There is an announcement for Haruto to quickly go to the dorm leader room since there is something he needs to verify. After the kiss, he tells her that she wants a bit more physical contact with him. He thanks her for the library work.

After he left, Yu is still dazed. She mutters that she doesn’t want at all for him to do that kind of thing [hickey] to her. Covering her mouth, blushing Yu says that she doesn’t want him to kiss her and then leave... “How frustrating! I obviously wanted the Black Devil to fall in love with me!!

She imagines that right now, it is like Haruto sitting on a thrown with crying Yu the dog is tightly held on a leash. “...how come he always has that ‘it is of no concern to him’ kind of expression... *covering her really red face* --I’m such an idiot for totally making a mistake!! I even said mutually like each other!! ...My like [/love] towards him and the feelings he has for me are basically as different as sky and earth...” 
Later on, Mako calls out where Yu has been. Still blushing, Yu asks how come they hurriedly came over. Mako says that they heard from the dorm head that the Black Prince came to the library. Mizuno says that it seems that Haruto already left. Mako asks Yu if she has seen him. Then, she notices a red mark on Yu’s thigh.

Mako asks if Yu bump into something since it’s so red or maybe, it is an insect bite. Yu says that it ought to be a hickey... Just then, selfie guy and friend are saying about supporting the ladder again. They were interrupted by Mako screaming, ...hickey!? The two guys immediately turn to leave and say that it has no meaning since she already has a boyfriend.

While Mako is taking a picture of the hickey[I think], Yu continues to put the books on the shelf. She thinks that it was really effective even if it makes her feel embarrassed. She wishes that Haruto would fall in love with her. In his room, Haruto is lying down on his bed. He closes his eyes and mutters, “—ordinary lovers?”

And, it is opening ceremony day. A girl tells her friend that she heard that today, only new students will join the opening ceremony. Her friend sighs for she really wants to see the Black Prince-- Standing at the side, Hino says, “...what Black Prince. It’s so lame. That kind of name doesn’t suit you, Kurosaki-senpai.”
Comment: The dorm has been renovated and a large part of it is thanks to Kurosaki’s father. Hehe, he knows how to take the opportunity to pamper his son in his own way and in a way that Haruto cannot exactly refuse since it is for the ‘dorm’. ^^;

Haruto has been promoted to dorm leader. Actually, he’s the one doing Takumi’s work before so he is already used to it. Haruto is already showing his talent in managing a ‘dorm’ which is somewhat like a hotel, and he can be quite business-like to arrange for a renewed contract.

He’s so good that the dorm head is already relying on him. I guess that shows that he would most likely help his father in the business. I cannot say that he’ll inherit it since there is an elder brother. Anyway, even if it wasn’t his father’s, Haruto can make become successful later on.

A couple of male first year students are attracted to Yu. Someone is obviously jealous but I guess Haruto still thinks that is just his way of ‘protecting’ her for her own good. Since he views her as a pet dog, he has to train her on how to act properly.

It is really blurred on whether he is doing that because she’s the pet dog or jealousy but Yu jumped into conclusion that they are now normal lovers due to what her friends said and how she interpreted what Haruto said about missing her.

Because of how Haruto reacted to it, I guess she won’t assume things quickly again. But things will change soon since Hino has indeed followed Haruto to the school. Haruto might be forced to realize if Yu is really just a ‘pet dog’ or something more to him.

Actually, since Hino is into dirty tactics, I wonder if he’ll make use of those two first year students who have a thing with Yu. For now, I think Hino will keep watch on whatever he thinks is not suitable for Haruto. Then, later on, destroy those unsuitable things. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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