December 16, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 43 - The Devil and Valentine's Day part 2 of 2]

All sorts of Vday balloons are released to the sky. Someone announces that this is Harumi city’s love ceremony! “Everyone, please look. Your feelings are already ascending up the sky!” Still at the pedestrian bridge, Yu asks what is this, balloons!? “So beautiful--”

Someone says that they take a video of it. “I heard that inside that balloon, each person wrote their words of admiration for the other party--” The announcer says that as the host, she’ll mentioning it casually, she was already given the death penalty because she didn’t investigated about this earlier!

“Looking at the love rivals, as they decrease one by one, I feel that I can see hope. I didn’t think that in the end, I’ll also be rejected!” The people laugh.
Yu overhears a girl telling her friend that even if she was also rejected but she felt that she is fully energized right now. “I’ll fight again next year!” The announcer says that she’s going to settle her own chocolates by herself! [<- probably eat them] “Today’s activity will be up to here--”

Yu holds her bag of cookies. She notices that they are all broken and the bag is all worn-out. She decides to eat the cookies herself. It tasted awful. Yu thinks that she only paid attention to the external appearance, but the taste...

She wonders if Haruto earlier guessed that it would be very unpalatable. “That is right, no matter who, no one would like this kind of thing...” Putting the cookies in her pocket, Yuki recalls Haruto telling her that she’s really annoying and quickly go back. “Annoying to death.”
Yuki muses that it seems that he didn’t say the words ‘I won’t want’ and he also accepted the other dormmates’ things... She notices her cellphone is ringing. Takumi says that she finally answered and just now, he always couldn’t get through her phone...

Yu asks him if Haruto doesn’t like cake or cookies. He asks, ha? She asks, or Haruto has some psychological trauma...about Valentines Day!? Takumi laughs and tells her that today is the first time they encountered it as such a huge event. “By the way, Yu-chan, your voice sounds quite lively. *Yu asks, me?* Didn’t Kuro refused to accept your choco?”

Yu is embarrassed for she couldn’t hide it from him. Yu tells him that she’s thinking whether or not, Haruto has a reason for doing that. “To be rejected is is definitely not true if I’ll say that I’m not hurt. *looks at the balloons* ...right now, I want to know what Kurosaki-san is thinking.”
Walking in the streets, Takumi says that she seems like Haruto’s girlfriend based on the words she said just now. Yu says it is simply ‘seems like’ but she still thanks him. “I’ll do my best to move one step further. Ah ha ha.”

Takumi tells her gambatte [strive hard] and he’ll be hanging up. He looks up to see Yu happily buying a balloon. Catching his breath, Takumi holds his head and mutters that from the looks of it, she doesn’t need him to console her...

The next day, Yu’s phone is ringing. Mizuno calls out to Yu in the toilet that her phone is ringing. Yu says okay. Mako comes in the room and asks Mizuno how is Yu. Yu comes out with very thick make-up that they ask what’s with her face.
To Yu’s shock, Mizuno says that her make-up is too thick, that it looks quite gross. Yu is shocked that she thinks no way...she was thinking of something that she carelessly... Yu looks at the mirror and is shocked with her face.

She thinks that even if she said it so easily to Takumi but how can she say about it to Haruto. “I can only go back to the dorm first since it was already curfew time. There’s also no class today so we cannot see each other. *pokes the balloon* If I call him on the phone, I’ll be scolded again...”

Holding a drink that Mizuno served, Mako asks if Yu is alright. Mako tells Yu again that her cellphone rang a while ago. Yu looks at her phone and is surprised to see a missed call from Haruto. She immediately calls out to Haruto’s name which surprises the two girls.
After calling him, Haruto tells her to go to the top floor’s restaurant at Teikuro [black emperor; guesswork from 帝黑] hotel. While Yu is all confused, he tells her parents are also there. Yu asks her friends where is Teikuro hotel. They tell her that it is in front of the station.

Yu is puzzled over what the situation is and how come her parents are with Haruto. At the entrance, Haruto says that she’s slow to death and she should immediately answer his call. An attendant asks for Yu’s coat. Yu thinks that she wore her school coat and came over here, what’s going on!

Haruto tells Yu to quickly go inside with him. While holding a tray of desserts, Yu’s parents greet her and say that the restaurant here is amazing. Flustered Yu asks what they are doing!?
Yu’s mother says that papa’s business trip this time is on this side so she came along with him. “By chance, it is also Sunday so we want to go to the dorm to see you and give you a pleasant surprise.” Flashback: Yu’s parent went to the dorm.

Looking at her cellphone, Yu’s mother says that Yu is living in this room. Ding dong. Ding dong. Haruto opened the door and said that they’re noisy to death. Yu’s parents blush in surprise and asked isn’t Yu living in this room, she living together with him!?

Haruto Looking at the phone, Yu’s father told his wife that this is the male dorm, they went the wrong way. Yu’s mother said that it seems that he is that person at the sports festival.
Just then, Haruto overheard some people shouting to Haruto and wondering out loud where is the Black Prince’s room-- End Flashback. Sparkling Yu’s mother tells Yu that Haruto said that this place is very quiet and he brought them here. “So, I treated him to an afternoon tea as thanks♥”

Yu is surprised that unexpectedly this kind of thing happened. Yu’s father says that Haruto’s very popular, right, so how was Vday yesterday... Embarrassed Yu calls out her father for being annoying to death. Yu’s father tells his wife that Yu is so cold... His wife tells him that they go and get some cake.

Yu calls Haruto, Kurosaki-san, and apologizes to him for the trouble her parents gave him. Haruto tells her not to use that kind of disgusting way to call him. She whispers, but, he was the one who told her not to call him so intimately so she is merely doing what he says... Yu’s mother is watching them.
Then, her mother suggests to Yu that she go and sit with Haruto at that side’s photo booth [/on-site photo shoot] while she and her husband slowly take their time to pick some cakes. Yu is puzzled but Haruto is already dragging her out. Yu says that he isn’t interested in that kind of thing...

He tells her that they’re going. Yu wonders why. Yu’s mother suspects that Yu likes Haruto. At the ‘Wonder Love’ photo booth, Haruto pulls Yu to the sofa and asks if she is still bothered about what happened on yesterday’s Vday. Yu looks puzzled.

The photographer welcomes the two and says that this is a romance photo service area. Holding a couple of heart pillows, he asks them to hold this as he takes their picture... Haruto darkly says that he’s noisy to death, go over that side. The photographer is aghast. He ends up saying that he’ll let his girlfriend hold it then.
Holding the heart-faced with tongue sticking out pillow, Yu says that he is the one who is bothered, look at him...he is in such a bad mood. He tells her that he is in a bad mood because she is using that strange way of calling him. “Answer me.”

Yu is nervous because if he really just feels that she’s annoying... To his surprise, she holds the pillow in front of her face and says, “Question, do you hate cookies? Or, you simply don’t like things that are personally made by someone?”

Haruto grabs the pillow and asks what she is making a scene for and remove that. Holding the pillow tight, Yu says that she isn’t making a scene and she cannot ask it out if she looks at his face. “...I feel that there should be a reason behind what you did, so tell me.”
Haruto tsks and asks if she intentionally wants him to give her an explanation. Yu says that it is because she’s really hurt when he won’t accept hers [choco]. She thinks that she never thought that confirming his intention can be such a scary thing for her...

Haruto says weren’t there so many annoying people around at that time. “In that kind of situation, it is still better that our relationship [going steady] isn’t exposed.” Yu says, but, after all, they are...not in an ordinary kind of relationship.

He tells her that after she is targeted by someone, no matter what happens, all by herself, she’ll simply rush forward as if her life depends on it. “I don’t like seeing you like that. Hey, do you understand?” Yu blushes and thinks that he’s worried about her? Holding the camera, the photographer says that he’s going to take a picture now, he’s really going to take it—
Afterwards, embarrassed Yu says that she already told the girls at the dorm. Haruto says that they already knew? He pushes the pillow on her face and tells her not to act on her own. Holding her hair, Yu tearfully thinks that he messed up her hair.

She is about to tell him that she’s be going ahead but he is already quickly walking away. The photographer calls out to Haruto and says that he forgot to take the picture. Haruto is surprised over the picture because Yu is sweetly smiling while looking at him.

At the restroom, Yu fixes her hair. She thinks that she always wishes that he can her like a girlfriend because after all, they are considered as ‘currently going steady’. “But, as his girlfriend, I’m basically unqualified...Kurosaki-kun obviously considered a lot because of me...”
Meanwhile, Haruto puts the photo in his front pocket and joins Yu’s parents at a table. Yu’s parents are saying that just now, they went to see a fortune teller to tell them their fate. “In the end, we’re so happy that it was shown that we are a match made in heaven.”

Yu’s mother asks Haruto if he wants to try it and see if he has a chance [/fate] with the person he likes Yu’s father asks if he likes someone. Haruto tells them that he isn’t interested with that kind of thing. “I never think over about this question about liking someone.”

Yu’s mother whispers to her husband if he and Yu aren’t lovers? Yu’s father is surprised that he whispers that they’re still young! Haruto asks the two if their feelings for each other are always so good. Yu’s father says that when they started going steady, it seems that they are quarrelling all day long.
Yu’s mother says at that time, her husband would always say that she doesn’t understand. Yu’s father laughs and says that he thought that she can understand. Yu’s mother says that if he doesn’t properly explain, how she can possibly understand.

Yu’s father says that in a nutshell, it is ‘I love you, darling’. Haruto quietly watches them. Outside, Yu thinks that it is already late. Someone calls out to her and asks what she is doing at his hotel. Yu is surprised to see Haruto’s father. She asks how come he is...

He tells her that this hotel is his estate. Yu thinks that if he finds out that she came here with Haruto, things will be quite bad. Turning around, she says that she’s going ahea... Haruto’s father glares at her and says that he heard from the manager that Haruto came over here. “Where is he.” Yu looks tense and aghast.
Soon, Haruto’s father is sitting at their table, too. Aghast Yu wonders why Haruto’s father is also... An older guy calls out to him, “President, I’m very troubled, if you’re like this. You still have to immediately go to an evening party...”

Haruto’s father tells him to go attend it. Yu thinks that Haruto’s father hasn’t changed a bit. Haruto’s father calls out to his son and asks if he had properly complied with the rule he set. “For you and this young girl to come together to this place, could it be that you two...”

Embarrassed Yu exclaims that they aren’t here to do some strange thing! She couldn’t believe that he has to discuss about this matter RIGHT NOW!? Haruto says regarding his and Yu’s relationship, they’ll both decide on it so please don’t intervene. Haruto’s father asks what did he say?
Yu’s father asks what they are talking about. Yu’s mother sips her tea and tells her husband that it is better for him not to know. Haruto’s father apologizes for his manners. He says that he was thinking whether or not his rude son committed an offense towards them.

Yu’s father says that he is too modest, his precious son is a very good kid. Yu’s mother says that Haruto brought them here today and they were chatting quite happily. This made Haruto’s father scowl. He tells Haruto that when he calls, Haruto doesn’t answer so how come he is hanging out with other people.
Haruto says that his father doesn’t have any business with him and how come he is calling him the whole day until night. Haruto’s father says also, he cannot do anything but repress himself as his son is staying in that kind of run down place. He urges Haruto to stay here while the dorm is renovated.

Haruto says there’s no need. Aghast Yu mentally tells Haruto’s father that it is no good if he uses that kind of words since Haruto basically doesn’t understand his pain. Yu’s father says that Yu also doesn’t contact him and didn’t he return on January.

Haruto listens as Yu explains that she’ll feel very lonely if he’ll soon leave her. “Wasn’t mama accompanying you?” Sobbing, Yu’s father says that for him, her importance is different from her mother. Yu says that she knows already, she’ll send him an email, so don’t cry anymore.
Yu whispers to Haruto to go eat out with Kurosaki papa and she’ll leave first with her parents. Haruto asks why and what the heck is that ‘Kurosaki papa’. Yu happily tells her that it is because his father really wants to talk with him and he’ll definitely be happy about it.

Haruto looks surprised. Haruto’s father darkly asks what they are secretly talking over there. Yu looks nervous. Haruto’s father is surprised when Haruto tells him that later on, he’ll answer his phone calls more. Haruto’s father asks what does that mean. Yu wonders if he is angry again.

To her surprise, sparkling and blushing Haruto’s father says, really, answering more phone calls is, wanting to send me away, huh? [<- I assume that he means Haruto agreed to it so that his father would leave already.] Haruto looks surprised.
Haruto’s father says that’s an agreement. Yu sweatdrops and says that’s great. Haruto stands up and says that he’s leaving. Yu apologizes to her parents and says that she’s also leaving. Yu’s mother says, gambatte and catch up to him. Yu blushes and wonders if her mother has already found out!?

She runs after Haruto. The elevator opens. He tells her not to run inside the hotel. Yu apologizes. Yu thinks that the her, who is eager to go with him since she doesn’t want to part with him, is no good. She tells Haruto that from here, it is better for them to part ways here.

While the elevator door is closing, Yu turns away from him and says that she’ll ride the next elevator, see you. Haruto suddenly uses his hand to stop the elevator from closing and grabs Yu. He pulls her inside the elevator with him.
This surprises Yu that she turns to look at him. She is about to call his name but she senses that he hugged her tight. This made her heart beat loud and fast. He tells her that in the end, it is still better for them to stay together. This surprises her.

She asks if he is saying that he also felt lonely. He leans to her face and says, “If this feeling right now is ‘loneliness’, then, what you said ought to be correct.” She thinks that they both have the same feeling. Ting. The elevator reaches the lobby.

Yu tries to free herself as she says that they are already here. Haruto says that he smells something sweet. She becomes tense when he is putting his hand in her coat’s pocket. She exclaims what he is doing!?
Holding a bag, Haruto walks away and tells her not to wander around and go back quickly. Yu says yes, then she notices that he is holding her bag of cookies. She exclaims...huh!? Why... Taking out a cookie to eat, Haruto says that this is yesterday’s, are these charcoal?

At the side, Mizuno and Mako are watching the two. They blush while looking surprised. Yu mutters, charcoal... She shouts for him to give it back and don’t eat that! “Didn’t you receive the cake that everyone brought...”

Haruto says that he didn’t eat the cake. Turning to her, he smiles and says that this is really unpalatable. Watching him leave, Yu blushes and wonders whether or not, Haruto also felt that there is already a change in their style [/way] of going steady...
Comment: The Vday balloon event has cheered up Yu. Aside from that, there are also the reactions of the others regarding being rejected. That made her realize that Haruto wasn’t exactly rejecting it since he didn’t say he doesn’t want it but rather, it is troublesome.

Well, being quite understanding, she figures that there is a reason for it. Her theory is a bit off though. Takumi did call just to cheer her up but as he realized, she doesn’t need it anymore. And from there, things become quite interesting.

It is amusing how they all end up in some sort of ‘meet the parents’ scenario. ^^ It is interesting to note that Yu is staying in the same room number as Haruto since her parents only made a mistake with the dorm. With Yu’s parents, it seems that the father is the clueless type. ^^;

Well, the couple sorted out the misunderstanding. As a reward, Haruto finally gets to see that elusive smile of Yu’s towards him. Though, at the back of my mind, I wonder if that photo will be trouble later on like it can make others/bad people confirm that the two have a relationship. Unless, it is someone else telling it to outsiders.

With the conversation between Yu’s parents, Haruto seems to learn a bit about communication. And, it is pretty much confirmed that he really doesn’t think at all about romance and all that stuff. Maybe he’ll be more open to such things later on even if it doesn’t interest him.

It is always quite fun when Haruto’s father is around. He’s quite a tsundere-type of character. The father and son really need Yu as their mediator =P Anyway, with that kind of interaction between the two’s parents, we are more or less assured that there will be no obstacles from them.

I wonder if Yu can understand Haruto’s father feeling because she is somewhat in the same situation. In her case, her parents have to leave her. In Haruto’s father’s case, his son leaves him. Nevertheless, that is plus points for Yu ^^ Good job.

The elevator scene is also nice. I guess Haruto would only realize how he is making Yu feel when she deliberately wants to part from him or else, their relationship is exposed like he told her to. In a way, he has to also feel how he was making her feel.

Hopefully, Yu won’t be too hard on herself. She starts to feel like a failure if she didn’t ‘read his mind’. She is also hesitating to take the initiative to call him or see him since he’ll reprimand her. In the end, she got the Vday feels that she hopes for even if it is a day late. ^^ Scans by 腾讯动漫

Quote of the day:
The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said. ~ Peter Drucker


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    About kuro has changes..he start more smiling and laugh..and also blushing... I think he starts feeling embarrasing/shy toward yuu, ..look at him he rarely kiss her.. he did kiss her so many time b4, while he said that for punishment (before they are dating) but when they are dating suddenly he rarely doing it..he avoid her too..yeah 50% the reason for her safety he said he affraid people will hurt yuu..hmm.okey...but other 50% probably because he knows how yuu will reply to his kiss and he also remember his father warn (no s) ..i remember previous chapter when he teach yuu why she cant went to boys room alone, yuu kiss her with love and he also did the same hahaha..he just affraid that will be happen again and the it would be irresistible to move forward. I assume he is just worried their relationship become more matur and he loves his father much and respect what his father warning. Waahhhh..i am sorry for long long comments with my poor english skill hihi - ryl

    1. You're welcome, ryl ^-^

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      Ya. I think that also depends on one's range/perception. Is that just 'tease' or something more that's not acceptable?

      Yup. As he mentioned in this chapter, he doesn't think of romance stuff.

      Haha, possible. I would think it is 75% due to his 'enemies'/fangirls. He was quite conscious about being together with her after they went to his hometown. I wonder how it will be when Hino shows up.

      I don't think he is that in love yet if we based it on 'uncontrollable emotions/impulses' that kisses will lead to THAT. ^^ Ya, though perhaps, it is unnerving/shocking to him that his father actually dotes on him when he always thought he is just a strict father.

      It's okay. I can understand you ^^

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    Rank Title Est.
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    1 Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card 3 122,895 122,895 2017/09 Kodansha
    CLAMP 1 1
    2 Ace of Diamond Act II 9 100,541 100,541 2017/09 Kodansha
    Yūji Terajima 2 1
    3 Fairy Tail 62 99,446 99,446 2017/09 Kodansha
    Hiro Mashima 3 1
    4 My Hero Academia 15 97,034 438,814 2017/09 Shueisha
    Kōhei Horikoshi 1 2
    5 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 5 90,959 201,765 2017/09 Kodansha
    Original creator: Fuse / Original Character Design: Mitz Vah / Art: Taiki Kawakami 5 2
    6 The Ancient Magus' Bride 8 89,070 179,416 2017/09 Mag Garden
    Kore Yamazaki 6 2
    7 P to JK 10 87,136 87,136 2017/09 Kodansha
    Maki Miyoshi 7 1
    8 Ajin - Demi-Human 11 80,131 202,348 2017/09 Kodansha
    Gamon Sakurai 6 2
    9 Natsume's Book of Friends 22 67,496 245,965 2017/09 Hakusensha
    Yuki Midorikawa 3 2
    10 Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai 10 60,271 60,271 2017/09 Kodansha
    Makino 10 1

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