November 17, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 42 - The Devil and Valentine's Day part 1 of 2]

In school, girls are squealing over secretly putting it on his desk and they basically cannot dare give it to him directly. In class, Haruto and others are surprised to see a pile of chocolates on Haruto’s desk. While removing his scarf, Haruto becomes dark and he mutters hindrance.

Yusuke exclaims that it will be quite challenging to bring all those back so he’ll go and borrow a trolley. The other guys push Yusuke aside and shout that if Haruto doesn’t want them, can he give the chocolates to them. The guys start to grab the chocolates.

By the window, the fangirls whine over what those guys are doing when those are obviously for the Black Prince. Meiko comments that there are so many girls from the other section and no wonder that it is V-day. Looking around, Tarako asks where Yu is and she’s unexpectedly late on this day...
Just then, Yu arrives in class. While Yu catches her breath, Tarako asks if she overslept. Yu says that she re-did the choco so many times... Meiko sighs and says that as the girlfriend, how can she possibly be late? “Like this, you’ll thoroughly lose at the starting line [of the race].”

Yu is puzzled. During the class break, the guys scream that while they were away, there is a huge pile of chocos on Haruto’s desk again! Haruto just quietly looks on. During lunch break, some girls are going into their classroom wondering if Haruto is there for them to give him chocolate.

Others won’t dare face him straight. Aghast Yu asks if Vday is such a noisy holiday when she totally didn’t experience it like this during junior high. Meiko says that it is because the other party is Haruto and as a large group, the girls can drum up more courage in giving him the chocolate.
Checking her cookies, Yu wonders if it is alright that hers are only these few which are the chosen best ones. Haruto is eating a sandwich. Some guys tearfully give him choco and say that the girls ask them to give it to him so he doesn’t want them, right...

Yu wonders when she will give it to him. “From the looks of it, it would be impossible to find an opportunity for the two of us to be alone. How about, I simply give it to him right now!?” Recalling glasses girl and others telling her that there were scary female senpai-s calling out to them before, Yu tells herself to restrain herself since this is school.

Just then, someone shouts that the Black Prince is going out of the classroom and it is a good opportunity to talk with him...all together now... Just then, a long black haired girl calls out to Haruto. Haruto turns towards the girl.
The fangirls exclaim that someone suddenly rushes in courageously that Haruto stopped. Holding a box, black haired girl says that she had transferred into this school lately and it is love at first sight for her. “I heard that you don’t have a girlfriend... so I hope that you’ll accept my chocolate!”

Yu is surprised by that. The other girls are saying that girl is the cutest in first year and it’s a real confession, how admirable-- This made Yu decide to also go and give him her cookies. Meiko is surprised that Yu’ll do it now!?

When Yu goes out the door, she sees Haruto saying that he doesn’t want it. As he leaves, a guy exclaims that girl was really rejected [by Haruto] when he wanted to go steady with her. Another girl tells Mina [guesswork for 美奈; cute girl?] not to be sad about it.
Yu is about to call Haruto when two older girls say that girl attracted attention all by herself and first years’ are really a hindrance. Yu seems to have bumped on the girl [/she bumped on Yu] and this causes Yu to drop the bag out of the window.

Yu can only look horrified as the bag fell down some trees. The school bell rings. The teacher tells everyone to go back to their seat. Some guys ask for chocolate from the teacher. Tarako asks Meiko where Yu went. Meiko says that Yu just sent her an email that she’ll be skipping class.

Tarako says that Yu’s playing around that much and what stupid thing did she... After overhearing their conversation, Haruto asks them what’s up with Yu. Meiko is about to explain but Tarako tells him that it seems that Yu didn’t get enough sleep so she is resting at the infirmary.
Haruto says that’s good. They watch as Haruto return to his desk with a pile of chocolates. Yusuke is shocked that the teacher also wants to give Haruto a choco. Meiko tells Tarako that she’s shocked that Haruto unexpectedly took the initiative to talk with them. She comments that Tarako can casually lie.

Tarako says that she cannot tell if Haruto still likes to worry and she discovered his new side. Meanwhile, Yu is looking for her bag among the bushes. She is puzzled why she couldn’t find it when she remembers that it has fallen near this tree.

She wonders what she is doing and she also easily lost the cookies. Recalling all the fangirls and Mina, she thinks that she’s too panicky because even now, they aren’t going steady...because of mutual affinity with each other. “It is very possible that Kurosaki-san’s interest towards me can simply shift to some other girl...”
From a balcony, Takumi calls out to Yu and asks what she is doing in that kind of place. Yu says that she’s looking for something. “What about you?” Takumi says that he is skipping class. He asks her what she is looking for and does she need his help.

Yu says that there’s no need, ah, have he seen a pink paper bag? Holding up a pink bag, Takumi asks if it is this one, it fell over here. Yu exclaims that’s it! To her shock, he tells her that there’s nothing inside and only the bag fell over here.

Upon seeing her expression, he tells her not to be that shocked, and could it be that the bag contains Haruto’s choco. Leaning on the tree, she gloomily says yes. She looks up the tree.

Takumi is telling Yu that it is alright if she couldn’t find it because Haruto doesn’t have any interest in Vday so don’t mind it too much. When he turns to look at Yu, he sees her climbing up the tree. Rushing towards the tree, Takumi exclaims what she is doing and when did she climb up there.
Yu says that since it isn’t down there, then, she thought that it is possible that it’s on the tree. The bag of cookies is wedge on one of the tree’s branches. Takumi exclaims that even if it is like that, there is no need for her to climb up so quickly come down!

Yu says that she found it. She reaches for it but loses her footing. Takumi catches her but he lost his balance. He falls down and hit his head on the tree. Takumi apologizes to Yu and asks if she is alright. Yu tells him that it should be if he is alright when he definitely just bumped himself over there.

“I’m sorry! It’s my fault for being too heavy! I’ve caused you trouble...” Blushing Takumi tells him not to say anymore and it’s so embarrassing that he’s quite useless. Yu says what he is saying. “Are you really not hurt? Don’t act strong!”
Moved Takumi is about to touch her face but Yu immediately sandwiches his hand between her hands. Embarrassed Yu immediately exclaims that she knows, she’s thinking too much! Standing up, Takumi laughs and says that Haruto’s teaching is very effective.

After a pause, she mutters that it isn’t like that... While the school bell is ringing, Takumi asks if her choco is still alright. With a blushing happy look, Yu says yes, it’s great... Blushing Takumi glumly looks at her. Just then, fangirls call out to Takumi and exclaim that they finally found him—

Takumi tells Yu that he’ll be going ahead. Surprised Yu thanks him. Then, fangirls dash by Yu. They call out to Takumi to please take their choco and please date with them. Yu wonders if it is because Takumi is too popular that he skipped class and it isn’t easy for him.
Back in class, Yu cannot believe it when her friends tell her that she’s so slow since Haruto had just left. Tarako is holding a box of chocolate that she’ll give to Yusuke. Yu’s dormmates are also disappointed since they have missed Haruto.

Yu asks if that is the cake they made. Glasses girl says that Haruto is always surrounded that she didn’t get a chance to give it. She laments that those female senpai-s are also quite scary, and Takumi is always nowhere to be found.

Another girl asks whether or not they’re too hasty and they don’t have the courage to push through to go in front. Glasses girl agrees and says that even if they are with him in the dorm to the point of feeling that they are special but actually, when they are face-to-face with Haruto, their legs are trembling in fright.

Aghast Yu thinks that is true. They gloomily say that it was quite fun making it so they’ll just simply go back and eat a slice. “It’s really a sad Vday...” Feeling sad for them, Yu calls out to them if they want to go to the male’s dorm.
Glasses girl asks what she is saying. Yu suggests that they go ahead and wait for Haruto at the dorm because she also still hasn’t given him chocolate. Glasses girl exclaims, but she is Haruto’s girlfriend right?! Another girl asks, in the end, they’re not going steady!? Surprised Yu says no...

The others happily decide to go to the male’s dorm to give the cake. Meiko asks sweatdropping Yu why she is encouraging the other girls. Yu says no, that is because... Tarako says that they are so lively that it looks quite fun.

Meanwhile, Haruto goes in the infirmary to find a couple doing a lovey-dovey. As the aghast couple tells him not to take offense, Haruto thinks that Yu had already went home. The couple is puzzled when Haruto quickly left and wonder why he came. Haruto is leaving when some male dorm mates want to go with him back to the dorm.

Just then, some athletes in full uniform call out if he is first year’s Kurosaki Haruto for they have something to tell him. Looking fierce, they ask if Shirakwa Takumi isn’t with him. Haruto tells them to leave. The other guys who wanted to go with Haruto hide at the side. They find it scary since they thought it is a fight with the senpai-s from the sports clubs.
Soon, the athletes kneel down in tears. One of them says that upon seeing him ruthlessly rejecting the school’s most beautiful girl, his girlfriend said that she’ll thoroughly give up on Haruto and doesn’t plan on breaking up with him anymore! “Thank you for your huge help!”

Another guy says that the girl he likes is also like that since she said that she left choco on his desk but Haruto doesn’t pay attention to it. “I’m really thankful to you! I also heard that Shirakawa Takumi also didn’t accept a single choco!! *Haruto looks surprised*...

...Before, every day, they’ll scream to our ears, prince, prince, that it’s annoying to death but right now, it looks like you guys are really quite unyielding! Do you want to join our club? Actually, we are interested in you earlier on.” Haruto quickly leaves and mutters that it’s noisy wherever he goes today.
At the dorm, Yu and others are surprised to see that there are even more girls waiting in front of the male’s dorm. She says that not only are there many people in front of the dorm but they are from other schools and universities. The girls from other schools say that they heard that it is this dorm.

Another girl is surprised that they are from the neighboring prefecture. Some girl says that it was love at first sight after watching the cultural festival video. A girl laments that Takumi won’t go on a date with her lately but she still likes him. Another girl agrees and says that she couldn’t contact him.

Glasses girl tearfully tells Yu that isn’t that already beyond [what] a high schooler [would do]. A dormmate says that they’re so mature. Yu thinks that she didn’t bump into Haruto on the way there so could it be that he’s still at school or maybe he is already in his room. “Like that, I have no way of calling him out.”
Pointing towards a wall, glasses girl whispers to Yu and the others that they secretly go in through there. Aghast Yu whispers back that didn’t they agree not to go inside on their own... Glasses girl tells Yu what’s to be afraid of when they are already here. “We’ll just go to the Black Prince and others’ rooms by ourselves...”

They were interrupted when some guys say, Black Prince..., are they students from Harumi and do they know what kind of person Haruto is. Yu asks who they are. They say that the girls from their school would scream nonstop about Black and White everyday so they came to see what kind of trash [/stuff] they are.

“Don’t they feel that their own popularity is reaching up the sky--- Today, we came to make them know what a real handsome [/cool] guy is and for them to clearly know their worth.” Another guy says that’s right. The guy suddenly takes the bag that glasses girl is carrying. He asks if it is choco, and it’s huge.

Yu tries to protest that is... The guy says that he’ll be taking it. Yu grabs the bag back and tells him to give it back to glasses girl. The guy says that didn’t he say that he’ll be taking it. Glasses girl timidly tells Yu to give it to that guy since he looks scary.
Yu refuses and says that glasses girl worked hard on it. Glasses girl notice that Yu is trembling. The guy tells them not to act shy for obviously they feel that they are very handsome. The girls whisper that Haruto and Takumi are 100x more handsome than them. This irks the guy.

Glasses girl looks at the side and becomes surprised. Haruto suddenly jumps down in between Yu and the guy. He asks Yu what she is doing here. While the other girls are shocked that Haruto jumped from the wall, Yu says that actually, she thought that he is definitely in the dorm...

Haruto says that he got entangled by a group of people who hated him before so he wasted time in trying to breaking away from them. Glasses girl scream for Black Prince. The guy and others ask if he is the Black Prin... Haruto glares at them and tells them not to disturb their conversation.
The guys are aghast and scared as they think that he’s so cool with a deterring force. Haruto tells Yu that didn’t he tell her not to go to the male’s dorm again and she unexpectedly brought the girls from the dorm. While the dorm girls look tense, Yu nervously giggles and says that after all, it is Vday and besides, they didn’t go inside.

Haruto says so what and don’t giggle. Yu thinks that in the end, he won’t listen and would just scold her... The other girls from other schools had found out that Haruto is there. Upon seeing them, Yu wonders what to do, and she can only take advantage of this time to give this to him.

Yu says that she’ll immediately leave and she came over just to give him this, her homemade chocolate cookies... Haruto looks surprised and says that she made them herself? The older girls ask what’s up with that girl and don’t cut the line!

“I came up to line up here early in the morning. Who are you--” Yu becomes embarrassed that everyone is watching. The guy comments that at this time and age, it’s really old fashioned to death to make homemade cookies. “By the way, his girlfriend is also too ordinary.”
The other girls are shocked, girlfriend?! They scold the guy to quit joking around. The guy says that girl [YU] got all passionate by herself, right and she’s called, Akabane... Another girl exclaims that it cannot be, she is going to call her friend who studies in Harumi to confirm it!

The guy says that if that Black Prince wanted that kind of girl then isn’t he a lot better than him. A girl says that he’s such a scum. Another girl asks Haruto that he’s not going steady with Yu, right. “If it is true, then it will definitely be spread out since it is big news!”

Haruto overhears that. Haruto turns around and tells Yu that it’s really troublesome and quickly go back. Thinking that he doesn’t like homemade things, Yu tells him to wait. Haruto glares at her and tells her not to call him intimately. “It’s annoying to death.” This stuns Yu that she dropped her bag when he bumps on her.
The people from other schools mutter that it turns out that Yu isn’t his girlfriend and this Black Prince is really...that choco... Then, a car honks at them. They wonder where did that high class car come from and could it be Takumi!?

The door opens and it is the dorm head with two other men. The dorm head says that the nearby residents had informed the school that there are a group of people gathered noisily in front of the male dorm. Yu is still in shock as glasses girl and others say that it is the dorm head and other teachers.

The other male teachers shout for the students from other schools to quickly go back and if they were to come back again, they’re going to inform their schools so they better not try to ambush them. After the other students left, Takumi comes out of the car and says that he can already come out. Haruto says that it’s him.
Takumi says that as long as Haruto is around, the dorm cannot keep him [Takumi] safe. “Because I cannot get away, I asked them to drive me over.” Haruto asks if he came back earlier on. Takumi is puzzled. The dorm leader tells Takumi if he needs any help, tell her at once. “I’ll be going. Happy Vday!”

While Takumi is thanking her, he notices a pink bag on the floor. He picks it up and asks Yu if it is hers and did she drop it again. Haruto is about to go in the dorm. Snapping out of it, flustered Yu says about that... Glasses girl looks at her then summons up her courage to tell the two princes that they are dorm students who made chocolates for the two of them.

One of the girls calls out to her as Mako [guesswork from 麻子/glasses girl]. Mako says that it is because of them princes, their dorm life is very happy and this is choco to express their thanks so please accept it!!
Takumi apologizes for he had decided not to take anyone’s choco this year. Just when Mako is saying for him not to be like that, the other dorm guys say that they’re here and today is really boring. This made Mako exclaims to please share it together with the other male dorm guys.

The guys are surprised for they’ll have a share and it is really pie from the sky. Flustered Yu asks then, he won’t accept it... Before going inside, Haruto takes the bag from Mako and tells them[/Yu] not to come again. Mako and others are shocked for Haruto took it and they’re not dreaming.

Mako says that she is a bit apologetic to Yu... Takumi glances at Yu. Yu puts on a smile and says that it is great that the thing that everyone took great pains to make is now in Haruto’s hand. Yu excuses herself by saying that she’ll go ahead since it is her turn for cleaning duty.
As Takumi watches Yu runs off, some girls wonder out loud if Yu is really going steady with Haruto because from that conversation just now... Mako tells them that’s enough, they’re also going back.

Inside the male dorm, the guys are in a good mood that they love Vday. They tell Haruto that they’ll prepare tea and it’s great to be live in a dorm-- Sitting on the sofa, Haruto looks at his smartphone that has Yu’s name <- at the contacts menu.

Yu is standing at a pedestrian bridge. She thinks that even if he doesn’t want her choco, there’s no need to say it like that. “ the future, this kind of action [/behavior] will still make Kurosaki feel troublesome, right. *covers her face with the bag* Is Vday going to end like this?” Her cellphone is ringing. It is Takumi who is calling.
Comment: It’s Vday and things aren’t going smoothly for the couple. In a way, it seems like an inevitable problem that they’ll encounter sooner or later. Haruto hasn’t told her of his fears if others knew that they are going steady.

At the start, he looks pleasantly surprised that she made the cookies but his mood changed when he overheard that news will spread if Yu is his girlfriend. Those guys already know Yu’s name. In order to protect her from potential troubles, he has to treat her badly there.

Unfortunately, Yu would think that he is being mean to her as usual. She actually thinks he doesn’t like anything homemade. Perhaps, he’s also angry that she disobeyed him by coming to the male dorm. It was as if she made no progress at all that he’ll still talk to her harshly like that.

Actually, it seems that she thinks that she is just a passing interest for Haruto so those girls and that new girl, Mina, made her lose her cool and confidence. Honestly, Yu has a lot of rival fangirls though currently, it is uncertain if they’ll do anything underhanded when they learn  that she is the girlfriend.

For now, I cannot say that Takumi will take advantage of the situation or he’ll comfort Yu as a friend. Yu is currently vulnerable that she might not safeguard herself on instinct like how Haruto ‘taught’ her. Still, it does say a lot that Takumi won’t accept any choco from any other girls.

He apparently put a stop on having anything to do with any other girls after realizing that he loves Yu. Ah, Yu is already having problem with Haruto’s fangirls, what if Takumi’s fangirls find out that Yu is the reason why Takumi is acting that way. ^^; It is amusing how those guys thank Haruto for rejecting and acting mean towards their girlfriends/crushes.

Anyway, it turns out that what Mako and others talked about before wasn’t about Hino but just fangirls and some jealous guys. Well, since this is part one, Yu’s Vday isn’t over yet. For now, it is Takumi who is making the next move first to talk with depressed Yu. Scans by 腾讯动漫

Quote of the day:
High expectations lead to higher disappointments. ~ Author Unknown


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  2. Thank you so much for your hardwork!!♡

    This chapter is really... ugh i cant even describe it. I know that he did it to protect Yu but hey, you shouldn't said that. After this i hope Yu will dump him and break up so Haruto will realize that he loves her. I kinda hope Takumi will take an action after this..

    And that quote of the day tho hahaha, actually for me, even before the chapter released i'm pretty sure that Haruto will reject her choco, if not, the story and their relationship won't take any progress.

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    1. Thanks for reading, Sarah ^-^

      Indeed but then, being mean to her is indeed effective in making others think that he has nothing to do with her. Maybe he should have told her that they are to keep it a secret. Haha, is that so.



  3. Thankyou very much Kath:)
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    1. the accurate number is ch 42. In puffei's they have 43 bc chapter 38 was devided in two parts (so first was named by the author as "ch 38 part 1" and the second "ch 38 part 2"). Pufei's overlooked this numeration so for them those two chapters were like ch 38 and ch 39.
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      Hehe, I think Haruto would want that but his priority is to protect her = no public display of attention or it might attract his enemies.

  7. I am sure kuro will come to her dorm and gave her special gift for VD without saying sorry..he did the same b4he gave her neclace.he scold her and said she is anoying. He always like that..when he knew he made her sad he will approach her again bc Yuuu is easy to be aproached

    Now I am sure kuro understand his fault but.that think he must to do bc yuuchan so careless. Fr cp 41-42 He clearly made a barrier and dont want their relationship looks so obvious and hope yuu would undestand he wants to protect her. But rather than he said that with words he did more action instead.

    Next chap I wish yuuu will reject him..or kuro would not understand her feeling forever. Dont forgive him so fast n make him suffer pleasevb4 she accept him back.

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    1. I agree, but Yuu is out now and Kurosaki-kun doesn't know where she is and i'm afraid that Yuu could answer to Shirakawa-kun call(ー_ー)!!

    2. Ah, perhaps, on White Day, Anonymous. In Japan, only the women give choco-related gifts on Vday. White day on March is when the guys return the favor though gifts. At most, he would accept the choco she made <- hopefully, it is edible and a bit of lovey-dovey.

      Ah...does she know that he has enemies who might want to get back at him through her? If she doesn't, I'm not too sure if she can just understand his actions.


      Perhaps, there is still Hino whom I expect to arrive in their next school year.

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    This whole going out is no use! Until they talk properly this "relationship" isn't bound to exist.
    I understand Haruto's resoning about protecting her, and I can say he isn't wrong about the danger, but.... isn't it his job as a boyfriend to protects her in open. Wouldn't this be a better way to do it?
    Yuu is aware of her probable being targeted by "the scary sempais", but she already accepted the fact that if she wants to be with Kuro she has to take it with all the good and bad side of it. But this was her decision and he should consider her mind about it. He still doesn't understand that they are stronger together and only being together they can defeat all obstacles the future can bring.

    More importantly I still wonder what is his goal of dating Yuu. Is protecting her is the goal then wouldn't it be better if he just broke up with her if he thinks that he is the cause of the danger? It is almost 3 months when they started dating and for those 3 months they've seen each other maybe 2-3 times! Is being in a relationship mean to him "not to see each other, but it's fine as long as we are "dating"". I don't get it, Yuu dosen't get it either and she's been patient for all those 3 months, and day by day her confidence just drops down a little. Like you said, she lost her cool somewhere in beetwen. And I know that they can't meet in the public, but... why not just a phone call?! No wonder she thinks that she's just mere interest for him, and this VDay is the cumulation of all her doubts and fears about this relationship. I wouldn't be surprise if by the end of a day she'll chose not to be hurt anymore and she will say her first "goodbye".
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    Besides I think we will see this Mime chan more soon, and I'm curiouse if Kuro will be affected by any other girl besides Yuu (but I highly doubt it).

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    1. Agreee mona. What the purpose of dating if you cant see each also cant show world you are dating!?. It will be better they just broke up and that will be more save for her. he can protect her that way. But dont forget..the one who confessed is akabane yuu. He just accept her without thinking any real things about probably kuros is not 100% fault but Yuu also fault she has high expectation while she knew kuro is difficult to be approached like the way she wants to

    2. Actualy he rejected her when he said that he hates her (well of course he said that bc he was thinking that she will have to bear any hardship when he's arround her), and it wasn't 2-3 hours at most when he realized that he can't be away from her ... and then he decided he will date her. So it was his "confession" the second time not hers.
      I agree, I think that the cause of all of this is that they don't communicate properly with each other... what's missing is the honesty here... But I have to remind that she was honest when she said that she wants a real relationship and he was lieing when he said that he will only look after her that way... so why did he said to Takumi that he's dating with her with such seriouslness if she would only be under his surrvailance?! It has no sens that way, has it?
      Still a proper conversation is a key word here - without it this relationship should end in the for it exists now.

    3. Kurosaki-kun said to Takumi that he's dating her because he was afraid that Takumi could steal away Yuu, in my opinion... But i agree, if only they talked properly, it wouldn't be so problematic. But at the same time the manga would already be finished. So we have to be strong( • ̀ω•́ )

    4. Thanks for reading, mona ^-^

      Indeed. I think he is more worried about the news reaching Hino/the guys in his past rather than the ones currently bothering them. He also knows how vicious those people can be. It makes me think that he is doing a different tactic this time around in contrast to what happened to that sakura tree.

      True. Perhaps, he isn't used to that. He only knows of a one-sided protecting the person who is important to him. In a way, iirc, that made Takumi feel inferior in some way since Haruto was the one who was always protecting him. Even the house/father?, he left/went away to protect it without telling his father the reason why.

      At the back of my mind, I would think that he decided to go steady with her since Takumi became serious/realize his feelings for Yu. It is 'unfair' to Yu but perhaps, it is like making her 'bound' to him even if he cannot really 'date' her due to circumstances beyond his control.

      And yes, I don't know why a phone call is a no-no either. Possible theory is he might miss her and unable to control himself if he talks with her. ^^;

      True, their relationship have to level up from here. If ever later on he causes trouble, Hino can easily break them apart.

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