August 17, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 40 - Long-distance Relationship]

Yu’s friends call out to her and ask if she’ll be okay since the dorm is temporarily closed. Meiko says that they’ll be temporarily staying at an apartment so has Yu finished moving her things. After greeting them a good morning, Yu says the room is quite clean. “There is even furniture. The surrounding is quite cozy.”

Tarako asks won’t she be lonely. Yu says she won’t and besides, they’ll just stay there during the third semester, that’s all. Tarako says but the guys and girls are living separately. “I heard that the guys will be living at the Harumi’s previous dorm where there is an installed public onsen [hot spring]. It’s also quite narrow-- Because of that, Kaji-san would always sigh--”

Yu exclaims is that so but the place where the girls stay is an ordinary apartment building. Meiko asks if Haruto didn’t tell her. Yu sweatdrops. Yu thinks that is because after returning from Haruto’s house, the dorm head told them that it is so sudden so she wants to apologize to everyone.

“Aside from the air conditioner, we also found out that there are other facilities that have problems. So, before the new students come in to live here, we’ll undergo a complete renovation.” And because Yu is very busy moving, time just passed by in a flash... End flashback.
Torako says that if Yu takes things too calmly, she’ll be dumped. “Do not slack off just because you received a necklace.” While Yu is saying that it isn’t so, Haruto grabs her head and says that she’s a hindrance. But, he is surprised upon seeing that it is Yu.

Blushing Yu greets him. She also greets Takumi. Takumi says that he just came back to the country this morning. He gives the girls some gifts. Meiko is surprised that they also have gifts. Tarako thanks him for the handkerchiefs. Yu says that it’s cute since it’s all identical. Takumi says that he just meet with Haruto now. He thanks Haruto for helping him with the luggage.

Haruto tells him to quickly sort out the room since he has too many things. Yu smiles over the two as she thinks that it has been a long time since she saw those two together. The fangirls are quite happy over the eyecandy and that school has started again. Yu is surprised when Tarako tells her to walk quickly. [<- the school bell has probably rung]

Yu is surprised again when Haruto pulls down her scarf. She asks what’s up. He says that she wore the necklace. Blushing Yu puts back the scarf on and wonders if he is checking it. Takumi tells Yu that they are very intimate. “Did something good happen at Kuro’s house? ‘You guys are not allowed to do anything beyond kissing’.” This stiffens Yu.
Blushing, she asks Takumi how come he knew. With a sparkle, Takumi says that it is possible that it’s already too late. Yu exclaims how can that be. Yu thinks that for Takumi to know about it, then it was Kurosaki’s father who told him!? <- maintain the purity of the dating relationship! “There’s no need for you to be so worried. We have not done anything beyond kissing!”

Yu clings on the wall and says that Kurosaki’s father is so scary!! A teacher calls out to Yu to quickly go in the classroom. The school dismissal bell rang. Someone tells a girl where she wants to go. Upon seeing Haruto standing up, Yu thinks that even if it is like this, she still doesn’t want to go back like this. “I’ll go and invite him and perhaps, I’ll succeed!!”

Yu calls out to Haruto and asks if she can go see the male’s dorm for a while on the way home. While she was saying that, Kaji screams out to Haruto that they go home together since he still couldn’t remember the new way back to the apartment. Yu calls out for them to wait and she also wants to go together with them.

While walking with Haruto, Kaji exclaims that the place is quite a novelty so what would it be like to stay in a dorm with Haruto and Takumi. [<- maybe they are now near each other’s room than before?] He calls out to Tarako that he’ll call her later on. Tarako muses that he calls once a day.
Haruto calls out to Yu and tells her that the female dorm is at the opposite side. This made Yu bite her lip. Meiko says that even if they live separately, things didn’t change at all and no wonder it is Haruto <- he’s like that.

Dashing out of the classroom, Yu tearfully shouts that she’s going, darn, goodbye you two! Tarako asks Meiko if she should mention to Kaji that the two are going steady so that he’ll pay a bit attention... Meiko says but if Kaji knew, he’ll definitely make a fuss about it and that will make Haruto’s super fans...

Tarako agrees that it will worsen the situation. Narration: “Anyway, it is just for a short, short time, this semester [/period of time]. It ought to be also interesting to live together with only girls around.” Holding a bento meal, Yu notices all the other girls looking extremely gloomy. She says that it is strange but everyone has gathered and dinner is...

The gloomy girls tearfully complain that living in the same space with the Black and White Prince is obviously a privilege they enjoy as school boarders. “It is so boring that there are only in the apartment. Even if Black Prince is very strict, I’m still very happy. There is also White Prince’s smile... I really want to go back to the dorm soon...”
Yu tells everyone to pull themselves together and think about it. “There is no dorm head inspecting here. And, there are also no rules on lights out! To make amends for the dorm being closed, we are eating luxurious food from a famous restaurant! They even deliver it everyday!”

The gloomy girls say that’s right, aside from them not being able to stay overnight outside, they can do things without a care, and it’s called freedom... “If it’s like this, I can cry as much as I want until dawn...” Yu is shocked by that ‘cry until dawn’.

Another girl says that she wants to eat snacks so they can go and buy some. Yu wonders how things are at the guys’ side. In the onsen, Kaji is singing over how amazing this onsen is. The guy shouts that it’s so spacious and there’s a bubble bath!

Another guy says that he heard that before it opens for business, it is lend to the school boarders for meantime. “So how come the girls haven’t come over yet? A guy says that it is very near the dorm and it’s also free, so generous-- “I heard that this place was introduced by the guardian--” “So considerate-- It's really lucky that the dorm is closed- Ha ha ha”
In the sauna, Takumi comments that it has been a long time since they sit down and leisurely chat. Haruto tells him that it is because he came back from abroad on the day of the school opening. Takumi says that he had miscalculated the time difference. “So hot... Anyway, did you and uncle [/not related; Haruto’s father] got along well during New Year?”

Haruto says that it’s quite okay. This made Takumi think that it turns out to be like that. Flashback: On the phone, Haruto’s father said, “-Takumi, regarding Haruto’s love life,” Takumi asked if he is talking about Yu-chan.

Haruto’s father continued to say, “I have also mentioned it on their [/Haruto’s] side that I wish that they’ll maintain the purity of the dating relationship! I want to ask you to help by watching over them. *Takimi asked what, purity...* It’s like that.” End flashback.

Takumi says that he got a call from uncle so early in the morning on January that he thought something had happened. He laughs and says that it turns out that he wanted him to watch over them.
Haruto tells him that there’s no need for him to answer his father’s phone call. Takumi says that he cannot do that since he’s scared of uncle. “But then, going back with Yu-chan is the right choice.” They were interrupted by the other guys who wanted to join them. Already dazed from the heat of the onsen, Kaji also wanted to join them.

At school, Yu looks in a daze that Meiko asks if she didn’t have enough sleep. Yu says that it wasn’t strict like a dorm so everyone whined together until morning... She is startled when Kaji calls out to Haruto.

Kaji thanks Haruto for yesterday. “I was already steamed to the point of fainting in the sauna so you carried me... I’ll follow you throughout my life, Kurosaki-san!” Haruto tells him to stop following him.

Kaji tearfully exclaims that as thanks, he’ll give him his personally made special dessert! Yu overhears sauna and dessert. She decides that she cannot lose to Kaji since she is the girlfriend. Just when Yu is going to call out to Haruto, she was pushed aside by the other guys.

They also wanted to go directly to the onsen after school with Haruto. They want to have a healthy and beautiful body just like the two princes so please train them. Haruto just quickly walks away. Meiko tells Yu not to mind. Kneeling on the floor, dejected Yu feels that she has suffered a crushing defeat. “It turns out that the guys’ side is more fun...”
Going out the balcony with her cellphone, Yu says that it’s so cold. She is about to call when a girl asks her what she is doing. She tells Yu that it’s the same thing today and they’ll gather together soon. Flustered Yu says yes, she’ll go over immediately.

After the girl left, Yu thinks that before at the dorm, it was already difficult to find an opportunity for the two of them to be together alone. “Right now, it is more...and it isn’t a singles’ dormitory”. She holds her necklace and recalls Haruto telling her to be aware that they are connected together 24 hours a day. “Not only that, but I still want more...”

Yu calls Haruto. He answers, what had happened. She asks what he is doing. He asks her if nothing’s up. Yu thinks that his voice on the phone is a bit deep. She tells him that she didn’t call him because of something but rather, she wants to talk with him... Haruto scolds her not to call because of that kind of nonsense small thing! “Stupid Dog.”

Yu is stunned when she hears the ‘toot toot’ sound on the phone. She mutters, Kuro...Kuro akuma [Black devil]!! At the guys’ place, Kaji holds a tray of parfait. She tells the two guys that they were waiting but this is his special red bean mocha cake parfait.

Takumi says that it is annoying to death that he comes to their room every single day. Sparkling Kaji says that the room has a kitchen and it’s quite convenient. As he goes out, Kaji shouts for Takumi to relax since he’ll also prepared his share so he’ll be back.
After saying that it’s noisy to death, Takumi asks Haruto if it is really okay for him to immediately hang up the phone when it was Yu who just called. Haruto clicks his tongue and says that it is not something serious. Takumi says that it is rare for Yu to proactively take the initiative to start an attack-- Haruto asks what about it.

Takumi says that it is nothing. Blushing Kaji comes back and shouts that Morita [guesswork from 森田] is watching a porn video so they shouldn’t go to his room. Irked Takumi tells Haruto that before, uncle had booked them a hotel in advance right so can they move over there. Haruto tells him that it’s just 3 months so bear with it.

It’s morning again at school. While walking to school with Tarako, Meiko asks her if she is wearing pajamas under her skirt. Tarako just greets her back. Yu goes to her friends and asks them to lend her their wisdom! While Meiko is puzzled, Tarako says to leave it to her.

At the guys’ place, Kaji welcomes Tarako and Yu in his room. While picking up some books and wrappers scattered around, Kaji says that he is so happy that they’ll hang out there so soon. He comments that Morita likes to litter around. Tarako salutes and says that they’ll be intruding.
Yu asks if this is really okay and girls cannot come here, right... Tarako whispers to her that this isn’t a dorm so it is okay and besides, she wanted to be alone with the Black Prince, right? “Directly going to his room for the kill is more straight-forward-- And besides, I also planned on seeing Kaji-san--”

Kaji asks Tarako to sit down. Tarako asks where the Black Prince is staying. Kaji says that he is at the next room but he hasn’t come back yet... Kaji notices Takumi from his balcony so he calls out to Takumi to come up to his room to eat parfaitpar. Takumi is puzzled over the parfaitpar.

In Kaji’s room, everyone is eating small cups of cutely designed parfaits. Tarako says that it is delicious and Kaji’s a genius. This made Kaji blushingly say that it is so-so, world’s number 3. Takumi tells Yu that Haruto is having a meeting with the dorm head who is always watching over the girls’ side. Yu asks how come Takumi didn’t join.

Sparkling Takumi says that he is only dorm leader by name only. Yu says that he dislikes inconvenience. Takumi laughs and admits that she is right. Yu says that it is because he is quite a casual ‘doing-as-he-pleases’ guy. Takumi says ah, she nailed it. Yu says that this is really delicious.

Tarako says that it is because Kaji’s family has a Western dessert store. After noticing something, Takumi points to his neck and says, “...that is given by Kuro, right.” Yu blushes and she quickly turns to the other couple. Kaji is telling Tarako that she can bring one for her younger sister. Tarako thanks him for that.
Yu quickly turns to Takumi. She smiles and says, yes. Takumi blushes and laughs that her smile looks so happy. Blushing Yu exclaims in disbelief. Looking at her phone, Tarako apologizes and says that she has to go home. Kaji says then, Yu should first stay with Takumi.

He gives a thumbs up to Takumi who sweatdrops and blushes. After Kaji left with Tarako since he’ll walk Tarako home, Yu asks if Takumi wants another drink. She talks about Kaji really liking Tarako and they are quite a match. “It is really great that it always felt that your relationship with Kaji has gotten closer...”

Standing up, Takumi calls out to Yu and tells her to come home for today. Yu is puzzled. He says that it doesn’t seem like Haruto will come back in an hour and a half. Yu asks him if she can wait for Haruto there and it is rare for her to come over and she still wants to talk with him as much as possible...

Takumi says no, yes, he can understand her feelings but it isn’t quite good for the two of them to be alone. “In short, it is better that you go out first.” Yu is puzzled and says, okay...
As Takumi opens the door for Yu, she asks him if she can come over next time. They were surprised to see Haruto who is equally surprised to see the two. Yu says that he’s back. While Takumi looks tense, Haruto asks what she is doing. Yu says that it is great for she wanted to talk so she’s waiting for him...

Haruto grabs her and says that she’s stupid. As he pulls her away, Yu is puzzled that she asks wait, what’s up... Takumi can only mentally apologize to Yu. Haruto pushes Yu out the gate. After he closes the gate, Yu asks why he is so angry. “This isn’t the dorm so can’t I wait for you in the room, so what...”

Haruto asks if she is alone with Takumi. “You’re too careless.” Yu asks what he meant by that. As she tightly holds the gate, Yu says that the male and female dorm had separated so can’t she go see him... “Kurosaki-san, don’t you care even for a little bit?”

Haruto pushes her hand off the gate and tells her that it would be good for her not to run all over the place. “Don’t come over here because of that kind of thing again. Go back.” This miffs Yu. She mutters that kind of thing?
Yu grabs his coat’s lapel to pull him down and shouts, “...since you said that we are connected, then at the very least, pay attention and notice me! Black devil you idiot-” With that, Yu runs off. Haruto mutters for her not to shout in someone’s ear.

Takumi says that luckily the other students are in the onsen. “By the way, I’ll tell you beforehand that I didn’t do anything.” Haruto tells him that he doesn’t doubt him. This made Takumi blush and says that he is honored by his trust.

Haruto darkly says that he is tired of eating bento meal so starting tonight, Takumi will cook. Takumi says that he is still angry and can they eat at a deli. Haruto says that Takumi will personally cook. And, it is another school day dismissal on a Saturday.

Yu looks at Haruto and wonders what to do for she wants to talk with him but... Kaji with some other fanboys surround Haruto. They talk about the girls coming over to the public bath. They plan to bewilder to the point of captivating the girls with their muscled up bodies.
Meiko comments that the fanboys are quite a lot. Tarako asks Yu if things didn’t go smoothly yesterday. Yu says ya, and it’s her fault. She gloomily thinks that she even grabbed his lapel. “I have to be a bit calmer... I have to him why he is so angry.”

Later on, it is raining. Yu is moping on her bed. She thinks that even if they aren’t quite like a normal couple but she went to his house and was able to live together with him. She recalls the time they spend together. She holds her necklace and thinks that she’s really happy.

“...telling me not to run all over the place, is wanting me to be like this, stay and not move from here, right? Shua la la la la... *sits up and blushes* But, right now, I’m not satisfied with just seeing each other at school! I always always want to be with you! All the more...”

Ding dong. It is the dorm head who gives her some bento meals. She says that the other girls aren’t around so does Yu knew where they went? “I’m delivering their meals--”

Blushing Yu says that it seems that they are going to the onsen. Yu wonders if the dorm head heard her a while ago. The dorm head says that she’ll come back to distribute again later. She comments that the students really like to go take a soak at the onsen.
After she left, Yu falls on the floor and wonders what the hell was that ‘always always’. Her heart keeps on beating fast and she’s strange... “In short, it feels that my heart is getting more and more...” Ding dong. Yu opens the door and asks the dorm head if there is still anything...

She is surprised to see Haruto. She stares at him and asks why he is here. Haruto says that didn’t she shamelessly ask him to come and pay attention to her. Thinking that is the reason why he came over to see her, blushing Yu says that she isn’t shamelessly...

Turning around, Haruto says that he just passed by to give a report to the dorm head so he’s going. Yu is surprised because it is just like that!? She holds his arm and asks him if he wants to go in the room and rest for a while. “It is still raining outside...”

Haruto says, “Akabane, it seems that you don’t understand.” Puzzled Yu asks if he can come in for some tea and right now, the others aren’t here. After a pause, Haruto closes the door and kisses her. This surprises her. Then, he starts to kiss her again. This made Yu think that it isn’t the same as before.

She slips so she holds on to his arm to steady herself. He tells her that she doesn’t have any precautions and it seems like he has been indulging her too much lately. He licks his upper lip and starts to take off his coat. He says, “I’ll discipline[/teach] you again.”
Comment: Well, it seems to be a genuine renovation in the dorm. It is really amusing that Kurosaki’s father covered all bases to inform the couple and even Takumi about his wish instead of just telling it to Yu. =P Because of that, I’m not too sure if what Haruto plans to do to Yu will be THAT unless he gets carried away.

Actually, I feel that they will be interrupted in some way. ^^; Perhaps by the dorm head who will be back or someone else. Anyway, it is nice that Takumi tried to get her out asap but then, they met up with Haruto. Can Takumi cook? Haruto is being a M[asochist] if he doesn’t. ^^;

Even if Kaji meant well and he can make some cute delicious desserts, he is indeed quite annoying. It turns out that Haruto can tolerate him more than Takumi can. Still, it was nice of Haruto to go visit Yu when she asked. He does seem to be avoiding her because of his father’s wish. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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  1. Thanks so much!!! ❤️❤️

  2. Hi Kat, thank for the translation :D

    Funny thing that Kuro Papa was so frank with his worries and told every party that it must be PURE relationship. More funny because Takumi commented this with words "it might be too late" to call it PURE :D And even more intriguing bc Kuro's only reply for this was that Takumi doesn't have to answer Ojisan's calls - Which lead me to question: Does Kuro really sees her in as a sexual partner for him, is he attracted to her, does he think about making more skinship, does his heart even throb when he's near her and the athmoshere is quite intimate?!?! I have no idea about it, but all I know that he reacts on her phisically jugeing by his possesivness and jealousy (which Takumi and Yuu sees only ass him getting angry).
    I wonder if he distancing himself bc of his father warning or does he afraid of his own reaction in a situation alone with her only. I must say that this kiss was amazing - although kinda forced and sudden but... it was deep and long and he hold her head so possesive ( usual he would only grab her chin and do the "panishment") and I am not surprised that Yuu had problem with staying on her feet after the kiss.
    Does this all lead to inter course - I doubt if Kuro could let himself to go with the flow in this situation and this place - but I'm happy he can't control himself when his with her.

    I have to credit Kuro for small sighs of affection when he answer the phone rather quickly when Yuu called and that he came to her dorm even though it was raining and without the umbrella - it was kinda cute.

    And maybe she ddi not understand that she is reckless wanting to be alone with him, but he didn't kiss her till now (really kiss - not do the "punishment") so what she had to suspect earlier.

    Well I have to say that this long distant relationship can be harsh with 3 months of separating (and after that new school year - so this sick Kohai will appear and do some harm to them).

    Thank for the summary....although I must say that I'm not satisfied - usually your comment section is longer :/ and I like your theories and catchy eye when it comes to psychology .... I think you've spoiled us too much ;p

    Thanks, Hugs :)

    1. Thanks for reading, mona ^-^

      Yup. It was very straightforward of him. Indeed...and well, Takumi might just be teasing her.

      I think so, too. Basically, I think we are just to guess what he is thinking based on how he is acting.

      I would think that it is both. Respecting his father's wish and how he would react when they're alone. Actually, it makes me think that Kuro papa shouldn't have mentioned it since it would put that idea in their head. <- when it is possible that they weren't inclined to do anything beyond kissing.

      I would think that was a French kiss because he is licking his lips = tongue out. In this case, I would think it is more on 'punishment' especially she was last saying that no one is there. She was totally unaware of what a guy who is alone with a girl can do. Okay, perhaps, carnivore-type guys =P But as I mentioned, he might get carried away.

      Hm...Yu wasn't the sole reason he came. He was to give some report to the dorm head who I assumed lived there/was there at that time. I presumed that it rained afterwards. Haruto doesn't seem to be the type who'll go out without an umbrella when it is already raining.

      The 'punishment' might also stem from being alone with Takumi, going to the male dorm by herself <- what he might have thought since Tarako is no longer there.

      Hehe, that's seems to be the timeline ^^

      Haha...I did notice it was short but that's all what I can comment at that time. I even browsed the chapter again...and ya, that's practically it. ^^;


    2. Haha, yeah, your right :) If dad wouldn't mention, HAruto wouldn't think about it at all. And of caurse when you think about something the circumstances just match all the reality to the theory (when someone said a word about close relationship in instance just Kaji roommate showed up in the story, the one who likes kinematography for adults etc.). Funny thing that Kuro's fan boyzone increased and they are decicated to the point that they don't want girls at the onsen, bc they might stole their idole from them, by beeing bewitched by Kuro's fit body :) - that's what japanese version contains :)
      Kuro might not come to see Yuu, and only in that purpose, but he sure was embarrased when she pointed to him that the one who said about beeing conected was him. Since then he was lost in thought at school and kinda gloomy (or rather sad). He was seriously thinking about this situation truthfully.
      And for the KAji - he doesn't suspect Kuro and Yuu to be in relationship bc their behaviour didin't change much from the start. And also he knows that Takumi likes Yuu and he tries to give them a little space alone to get along.

      Ehh, sorry for this loooooooooooong comments, but as you can see...I'm fixated about this manga (And only this one :p)

      P.S. Takumi only knows how to cook Onigiri with filling inside - poor Kuro, he prefere's to starving as long as him jealousy is satisfied ;p

    3. Yup ^^

      Hehe, is that so. That is a dilemma. If they didn't get the girls there, how can they attract the girls for themselves. They cannot always idolize Kuro. Also, in Japan, it is rare to have unisex for hot spring because in hot spring, everyone strips naked. I'm not so sure about the set-up here. They would have to take turns. Perhaps, it was the girls' turn this time around.

      Ya, he most probably thought about it later on.

      Yup or rather, they aren't doing any public display of affection. And, he does know about Takumi's feelings. Still, the guy is really annoying...haha, for me though. I feel the same with Takumi regarding Kaji.

      It's okay ^^ that so. Ya, they are basically 'punishing themselves'. =P

  3. U make my day !! Thanks a lot Kat.. The last scène with French Kiss is so hooooot

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      Haha, ya...caught her off guard.

  4. Thank you so much. I kind of love this crazy kurosaki. I can't wait to read next chapter's summary.

    1. You're welcome, Lassa ^-^

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  6. Hi Kat, thanks very much for this new chapter :) I love this manga and I love reading it in your blog ... really congratulations for the job you do and for the availability you have with us .... it is also nice to read the various comments and Exchange various ideas :) you and Mona are better than a magazine :P .... Thank you again, I'm waiting the newt month for reading the next chapter :') kiss and hugs :*

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  7. Hi Kat! Thanks very much for this new chapter .. you're amazing !! Anyway.. I really don't understand the last chapter kuro was so sweet and he gave Yu the nacklace .. now he's rude again .. why ?? T.T At least they kissed .

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, Fra ^-^

      I guess he is frustrated/irritated over Yu's lack of self-awareness regarding being alone in the room or going to the male dorm. Thinking about it, they won't have this problem if he just told her instead of hoping that she'll instantly know what he wants.

      Though it was rude to hang up on her when she just wants to talk. He easily gets irritated when Yu seems 'demanding/clingy' yet he seems more tolerant of Kaji. So, I would just assume that talking on the phone makes him miss her more?

      Hehe, maybe it is because they are at school? In public?

    2. First of all, thank you for that very full answer Kat ^ ^ I agree with everything you're saying ... Indeed I also think that he's behaving this way for her sake , but If Kuro hides his true feelings he will still be misunderstood... anyway.. It's also possible he feels awkard because they are at school ... we know that Kuro is a bit difficult lol ... I look forward to the next chapter ;)

    3. No problem ^^

      True. Nevertheless, in some way, Kuro is adapting/adjusting. ^^


  8. OMG thank you for your hard work translating this huhu i really appreciate it Kat!
    i can't rely on waiting another chapter in manga sites anymore since i can't get enough of Kurosaki-kun!!! i never find such a character in manga before /aside Kyouya Sata from Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji/ he's obviously bad, terrible, scary, dense guy but ugh the way he treat Yuu is kinda cute and childish >_< and Yuu is somehow charmed by it and curious to see his other side, which cause her to endure a LOT of things and working things out the way she wanted to date like everybody else, with the partner being like Kurosaki-kun LOL i really wonder how their relationship going to end since i already watch the movie /which is kinda suck -,- compare to the manga because the princes is all too short and not too similar from the manga lol/ but i hope it will become a happy ending. Gahhh why isn't there anime for this manga already! ><
    once again thank you for taking your time to translating these manga for us Kat, it really means a lot to me! i wish i can read Japanese like you XD

    1. Thanks for reading, Anggy ^-^


      Hopefully, better than the movie even if I haven't watched it ^^

      You're welcome and like you, I cannot read Japanese. These are summarized from Chinese scanlations. ^^;

    2. i don't recommend you to watch the drama and the movie tbh XD
      At least you can read another language that doesn't use alphabet in it -_-

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  14. Hi kat thank you soo much! I really appreciate your effort on this manga! I guess the last scene was very exciting that made me feel more wanting to read it all over again!! Best regards!

    1. Thanks for reading, Clarisse ^-^ will it all turn out? ^^

    2. Well its hard to move on with ep 40 and 41! I almost read it thrice!! Im excited with the upcoming ep 42! You are really great in translating this manga! And im also glad that despite of your busy schedule in translating and helping your nephew in his studies you still manage to reply with our comments you are such a super girl! I really admire you kat!! Hugs and kisses! ❤

    3. Yup ^^

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^