June 5, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 38 - Kurosaki-kun's Family/House]

Haruto’s father sternly says that he didn’t think that Haruto will unexpectedly come home nicely. Yu looks really tense as she thinks that this kind of repressing feeling...it is exactly the same as Haruto’s...

Haruto says no, he’ll leave after the dorm re-opens. His father asks what he meant by that. Carrying her bag, Yu tries to quietly leave. She thinks that the mood is really awkward and she shouldn’t stay here. Haruto grab her bag’s strap and tells her not to run away.

Aghast Yu says that of course, she wants to run away since it is unnecessary for her to be there. Haruto’s father asks what’s up with that girl. Nervous Yu thinks, no, she is just a passerby.
Haruto tells his father that while the dorm is closed, she has nowhere to go to so he is making her stay here. Looking at Haruto, Yu thinks so that’s why he made her go with him to his house.

Haruto’s father says that he didn’t think that unexpectedly, Haruto isn’t with Takumi. “Is it because he is already fed up with you? So, you already have no place to go to, right. So, you’ll unexpectedly forcefully drag a school boarder here as an excuse...

...You are still the same as before, rude and unreasonable.” Yu tries to protest about that but the father looks at her and tells her to quickly leave. Flustered Yu tells Haruto that what he said is right... She is turning to leave when she lost her balance.
Haruto quickly carries her and tells her that she’s clumsy. Aghast Yu apologizes. Then, Yu is shock that the things in her bag are starting to fall down.

Haruto’s father notices a neighbor looking at their direction because of the commotion. Turning around, Haruto’s father says that this is really too outrageous. He tells them to come in and he’ll let that girl stay overnight for today. Yu tries to ask if it is okay.

Haruto’s father tells Haruto not to go out as he wishes, don’t provoke other people, don’t cause any disturbance and he is forbidden from using violence within the house. “Just this once, do you hear?” Haruto says that he knows already. Then, Haruto’s father walks away.
Inside the courtyard, Yu thinks that all of this is Haruto’s house and it’s quite huge. “Kurosaki-kun’s father is so intense [/dominating] that it felt that he is basically looking down on me. Isn’t it better for me to quickly leave...”

In a bedroom, Yu gushes that this room is Western-style and it’s so amazing. Pushing aside the curtains, Haruto tells her that this room is decorated in accordance to his mother’s preference. This made Yu nervous. She imagines a strict-looking woman in a kimono telling her to please leave.

Yu thinks that’s right there is still Haruto’s mother. “Just dealing with his father, I wouldn’t have come over. She is also a S[adist] right!?” Yu nervously tells Haruto that she should go and greet his mother. He tells her that it isn’t necessary.
 Yu protest that in the end, she’s indebted to them for taking care of her. He tells her that she died from illness when he was one year old. As he goes out, he says that he’ll call her when it is dinner time so don’t walk around. He left puzzled Yu.

Then, Yu looks at the courtyard from the window. She muses that it turns out that his mother had passed away. “It is because he is living together with that father (super frightening) so he doesn’t want to go home, right. I mustn’t provoke his father to anger!

[*I couldn’t read the other text since it’s too small but it is perhaps to do her best and pass this day well] I’m still quite happy that I can spend winter vacation together with Kurosaki-kun even if it is this kind of situation...”
While walking at the hallway, Haruto seems to look serious at a tree which is propped up by some wooden stakes. Soon, at the dining room, some servants sit the couple down as they tell them what they’ll be eating for dinner. “The pasta is spaghetti composed of five kinds of fishes. The main course is Wagyu veal steak.”

Yu thanks the servant who helped her sit down. The other servant says that he had just finished making the salad which is made of tomatoes from his farm. Uneasy Yu wonders what’s going on. “Are these people from a restaurant!? Are they specially called to the house to make this meal? The names of the dishes sound like a cursed spell...”

Haruto tells her that her hair is quite messy. Yu thinks that it is because he suddenly brought her there even if it is also her fault that she fell asleep. There is a scene of Haruto lightly kicking her to wake her up.
The servant asks Yu if there is any food that she wants to avoid. Blushing Yu says ah, none. She thinks that she obviously doesn’t like eating tomatoes. While the other servant is seasoning the salad, Yu asks where Haruto’s father is and shouldn’t they call him.

Haruto tells her that his dinner is already sent to his room. Yu asks if they do not eat together. The other servant says that it is always like this and it is because the master of this house is also attending to some work. Haruto tells him to please don’t be talkative.

The servant apologizes and says that he’ll take his leave then. Yu thanks him. And, the two are eating quietly. Yu thinks that for the two of them to eat dinner together makes her feel so nervous and besides, she never eaten this kind of cuisine.
Noticing how he is eating, Yu calls out to Haruto and says that he is really good in using Western tableware. “This room unexpectedly has a fireplace and that’s really astonishing. Ah! Isn’t this house too big that only you and your father are living in it?”

He tells her not to be naïve for a while and while they are eating, one must be a bit quiet. Embarrassed Yu apologizes and says that she’s too noisy but it wasn’t deliberate. While eating, Yu thinks that she totally isn’t in the mood to taste this kind of food.

After looking at her for a while, Haruto tells her that they are all three. “I have an older brother.” Yu looks up to him and asks if he has a brother. He tells her that he is 10 years older than him.
Yu comments that it is quite a big age gap. He also tells her that before he is in junior high, they used to live together. “But right now, he left home early to become self-reliant.” Curious Yu asks what kind of person he is. “I’m the only daughter so I’m envious of people who have siblings.”

Haruto says that he is a tyrant that he’ll throw down to him [Haruto] all of the house affairs, then he would go out and enjoy himself. There is a scene of some gardeners at the courtyard who tell young Haruto that he is all by himself in the house again.

Yu laughs and says that he’s exaggerating to say that he’s [brother] a tyrant. “Isn’t he you’re...” Emitting a dark aura, Haruto twitches and says that what she is saying about him.
Noticing the mood becoming bad when it wasn’t easy to become nice, flustered Yu says that she’s saying...so that is why Haruto became quite dependable. Seeing his empty bowl, Yu asks if he wants another serving of salad. After filling up the bowl, Yu gives it to him.

He complains that it is unsightly do it again. Embarrassed Yu says that it is because it is difficult to stand up. He notices her bowl of salad then he suddenly stands up. She asks him if he is returning to his room already. He tells her that there is still a lot of salad on her bowl.

She tries to tell him that it is because he ate too fast. While sitting on the table, Haruto forks a piece of tomato and tells her to eat it. Flustered Yu shakes her head. Slightly smiling, Haruto says didn’t she also do that kind of thing to him? She tells him that she can eat by herself.
While Yu tries to cover her mouth with her hand, Haruto grabs her other hand and says that she cannot refuse him. Yu says that is why she says that he’s overbearing. Then, he shoves the tomato into her mouth. Yu covers her mouth as she tries to swallow the tomato.

He tells her not to be picky with food. Realizing that she was found out, Yu says that he also didn’t like sour carbonated drink. Haruto asks what about it. Holding up another tomato, Haruto teases her that she won’t eat the leftover food if no one feeds her. “So childish.”

Yu sweatdrops and exclaims that there’s no need for him to feed her. Walking at the other hallway, Haruto’s father comments that it’s so noisy. He looks at the side to see Haruto slightly smiling while talking with flustered and protesting Yu holding up a tomato. He looks surprised by what he saw.
Comment: Well, it turns out that Haruto’s mother had indeed passed away and his father is a single father. Not only that, he seems to be a workaholic, strict, reserved and traditional. So, we can more or less know why Haruto is like that, well, perhaps, aside from it being inherited.

Interestingly though, since they eat Western food and Yu is staying at a Western room that his mother decorated, it makes me wonder if the mother is not Japanese. How the father will react to what he saw might depend on what kind of relationship he had with his wife.

In this kind of set-up, it is usually arranged marriage but if she’s non-Japanese, perhaps not. So, he might be just surprised that Haruto has fallen in love with that girl and he wasn’t using her as an excuse to come back home.

It is nice to see that Haruto has somewhat soften up that he would even voluntarily divulge some information about his family especially since he doesn’t seem fond of talking about it. It does seem Haruto has some negative emotions towards his brother. Based on how he reacted from what Yu said about ‘him being his..’ and the 10 year age gap, are they half-brothers of some sort?

The other mystery is about that tree that Haruto glanced at. Something must have happened there. Anyways, it is only a matter of time before we and Yu know more about the other things as she stays there for the night. Hehe, will it only be just for a night? Will it turn out nice or become a disaster? Scans by Scans by 腾讯动漫

Quote of the day:
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