March 15, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 36 - Devil’s Condition]

Yu is surprised when ill Haruto tells her not to go and stay here. She thinks, ..huh? “What...” Blushing Yu turns and says that she has to get some medicine and water then she’ll come back. Haruto holds her hand tighter and tells her to listen to him. She tells him that he’s too willful.

“One moment you’ll say stay... (confess) Another moment you don’t want me to go near you. (one more time...)” He asks her why she is stopping midway. “What do you want to say?” Stiffening and really red Yu says that she...towards him...

Haruto asks what she wants to say and quickly say it. Yu thinks that his hand is also so hot. “It looks like he is really feeling ill. Right now isn’t the time to confess...” She says that in short, he currently needs to rest now. He curses. He grabs her and pulls her down on the bed.
Haruto says, “Geez, I already don’t care what you’re thinking already. What you think, what you want to do, all that has nothing to do with me. *Blushing Yu mutters for him to let her go* Sitting down while talking to too tiring.”

Trying to free herself, Yu tells him again to let her go... She thinks that that her heart is beating so fast right now. Haruto hugs her tighter and says, “I’ll go steady with you.” This surprises Yu that she wonders, “...huh? *trembling* What did he say just now...”

Haruto continues to tell her that even if he prevented her from getting that scarf, she still took the initiative to go and look for it that she even encountered danger. “In the end, what’s up with you. I hate you. It makes me irritated that I couldn’t guess through your actions and for you to get yourself in danger...

...*holds up Yu’s face to him as she thinks that her heart is going to give up soon* So, I’ll go steady with you and make you stay under my watch. Always until you’ll listen to what I say. In general, it is for the better that I raise you [= raise as in raise a pet animal].”
Yu mutters, “...ra..raise...I’m not a dog. So-called going steady refers to like what Tarako and others have. Having an ordinary lovers’ relationship...” Haruto says that the going steady he heard is like what he said a while ago. “I’ve finished what I have to say. I’m going to sleep.”

Flustered Yu exclaims if he is going to sleep like this when he hasn’t [taken his medicine]... Holding her head, Haruto says that she’s really noisy to death. “Be careful or I’ll infect you.” At the hallway, Kaji urges to Takumi to be quick for the evening entertainment is going to start soon. “We’re going to play bingo.”

Takumi says isn’t joining that voluntary. “Anyway, Kuro definitely won’t join. ...Besides, it is possible that Yu-chan hasn’t gone [/left] yet.” He notices Kaji sparkling. Giving him a thumbs up, Kaji says all the more everyone should join and isn’t that a good opportunity for him and Yu to be alone together. “I’ll bother Kurosaki-kun! Okay, give me the key.” Takumi thinks that he’s really annoying.
The door opens and Kaji calls out to Kuro. He stops upon seeing Haruto on top of Yu on the bed. Blushing red, Kaji exclaims and apologizes. He also apologizes to Takumi for it seems those two are still busy... Blushing Yu says, no, Haruto has a fever! “His whole body went limp and motionless.”

Takumi looks surprised and mutters, ...fever? Later on, Takumi checks Haruto’s temperature and it’s 38.1C. Yu comes in with a clay pot on a tray. She tells them that she asked the hotel staff to make them some warm hot congee. Kaji brings in some bottled water and says that he bought some things that are used for nursing the sick.

Takumi smiles and tells Haruto that he completely had a cold. Haruto tells him that he’ll be fine after sleeping for a while. As Takumi looks at the desserts that Kaji brought, Yu tells him that they cannot continue on letting things be and he also hasn’t eaten anything.
Haruto says that there’s no need and if it is peach, he can force himself to eat it. Yu asks, ...peach? Kaji goes out and says that he’ll go and find it. Shaking a cold medicine box, Takumi asks what Haruto is saying just quickly eat something and then drink the medicine.

The two were surprised when Haruto said, as if...he’ll drink medicine. Lying to the side, Haruto says that he won’t drink it and don’t mind him. Thinking that it feels that it is cute for him to say ‘as if’, Yu urges him to eat a little bit and he’ll feel better after drinking medicine.

Haruto tells her not to mind him and can’t she understand what he’s saying. “So annoying.” Yu seems unhappy about that. While Takumi thinks that Haruto is in a bad mood, Yu calls out to Takumi to help Haruto sit up. Sitting behind Haruto, Takumi pulls him up to make him sit upright.
Haruto elbows him that Takumi tells him that hurts and don't move recklessly. “Give it up, Kuro.” Haruto tells him to let him go. Taking a spoonful of the congee, Yu says that the sick person should just do what one is told. This surprises the two guys.

Holding a spoonful of congee to him, Yu says okay, eat up. Haruto eats some and says that it’s so hot. This made Yu look away, bite her lips and blush. Takumi calls out to Yu. Yu apologizes and says that she just always felt that Haruto is like a kid. “...he’s a bit cute. Just wait a minute...” Surprised Takumi exclaims that Haruto...cute!? “Ha ha ha, indeed, it is very rare to see Kuro like this...”

That made Haruto grab the bowl of congee and darkly says that he’ll eat it himself and give him the medicine, too. Yu says that he changed back. Takumi says yes. Downstairs, the others are having fun playing bingo. The girls are disappointed that Haruto and others didn’t join the bingo and they’ll definitely ski with him tomorrow.
Back in the room, Yu removes the wet cloth from sleeping Haruto’s forehead and checks his temperature using her hand. She blushes as she observes that his eyebrows are stretched out [/far apart?]. Takumi asks if the fever has left.

Snapping out of it, Yu says ah...yes, it seems that it somewhat left and it looks like the medicine is effective. While squeezing the cloth from the basin of cold water, Yu asks if every time Haruto catches a cold, he is like this. Takumi says no and he is also very startled for it is the first time he saw him having a fever.

After putting the cloth back on Haruto’s head, Yu says that it is because she acted on her own again that caused him to brave the snow storm to go and get her. She blushes and Takumi looks somewhat flustered. Later, outside the room, Yu says that she hopes that Haruto’s cold will somewhat improve tomorrow.
Takumi asks her if she wants to take care of Haruto the whole night. This made her blush and says, ah... Takumi says better still, forget it for he doesn’t want to see them going lovey-dovey beside his bed. Embarrassed Yu exclaims that she won’t!

Takumi laughs and says that she’s too agitated and her face is completely red. She calls out his name. He slightly smiles and asks if she didn’t snivel. She looks at him and thanks him. “It’s fortunate that I came to ask about it clearly...” Takumi tells her you’re welcome and good night. In the elevator, Yu looks up and mutters that a lot of things happened today.

She slides down on the floor. She thinks that it is the first time in her life to ski and she got in danger. “Kurosaki-kun even got a cold, ...and also, the answer to the confession...” She recalls the reason why Haruto will go steady with her.
She thinks, “After all, this is Kurosaki-kun and I’m not anticipating about any sweet development afterwards. Besides, he also didn’t personally say that he likes me. least, in Kurosaki-kun’s heart, I’m still a bit special, right? *covers mouth while blushing* Can I think that way?”

She becomes teary-eyed that she mutters what to do since she’s so happy. Ding. The elevator opens. While carrying a basket of fruit, Kaji says that it’s great for he was lost in the hotel but what’s up with her. He is puzzled when Yu asks him to pinch her face for she might be dreaming.

Soon, it is sunrise. Sitting beside Haruto’s bed, Takumi wakes up when he heard some rustling sound. While changing his clothes, Haruto tells him that it is already dawn and don’t sleep on the floor. Takumi asks if he still has a fever. Haruto says that it is already gone. “Takumi, let’s go ski.”
Soon, at the ski slope, the two guys are holding snow boards. Takumi says that it will be his first time to snowboard. Haruto says that it is the same with him. “You better not have a fracture again.” Takumi says how can that be and that was when they were still in elementary.

Noticing Haruto looking serious, Takumi asks him if he isn’t going to ski. Haruto turns to him and says, “Takumi, I’ll start going steady with Akabane.” After a pause, Takumi looks away and says that’s good. Haruto asks if that is his sincere words. Takumi smiles and says, “Of course not. Quickly break up, okay.”

Haruto smiles and replies that if he wants them to break up, then, it won’t exactly be impossible. Putting his goggles on, Takumi says that anyway, they [him and Haruto] have an ill-fated relationship for a long time now. “If there is an opportunity, I will still steal her away.”
At the hotel, the dorm head informs everyone that on the way back, they are to gather together at the bus area during noon so before then, they have free time. Kaji asks Yu if she overslept again. Blushing Yu says that it is because she let her imagination go wild that she wasn’t able to sleep.

She asks him if Haruto still feels unwell since they aren’t around. He informs her that the two when skiing. At the ski slopes, some guys comment that those two had been skiing for so many times already. “Are they competing as to who is the fastest? They’re really such reckless youngsters---”

As they watch amazed over the two, Haruto slips. Takumi hits him on the back and Haruto says that hurts. Takumi says that he also fell down so they’re even. Haruto says that he skis faster. Takumi laughs and asks if he really cannot accept defeat.
He continues to say, “Ah-- you're covered in snow... Hm? Kuro, that scarf on your neck, were you wearing it yesterday?” Haruto says that didn’t Takumi gave that scarf to him. Takumi is puzzled so Haruto explains that it when he had a fracture.

“You said that as thanks for saving you, you even had it customized so you used up all of your saved allowance. It is also the first time I received something from someone...” Haruto is speechless when Takumi says that he doesn’t remember. “Did such a thing happen?” Haruto steps on his back that Takumi says ah, ah, speaking of that, it seems that it did happen.

“—why are you so angry all of a sudden. *bwak* This habit of yours on liking to step on someone is really not good that you have to change it...” Haruto says that he’s noisy to death. Just then, Yu arrives and says that she found them. She sees the two guys laughing together. This made her smile.
Then, the others call out to the two. Soon, everyone looks totally exhausted that the dorm head asks if everyone is okay. Some guys comment that they saw hell for Haruto is really Sparta. In the end, he is a devil coach. With tears ala waterfall, the girls say that the White Prince is a smiling Sparta but then, it is the first time they get to talk with the Black Prince.

“Even if it is just one sentence, but he gave me a suggestion... feels that Kurosaki-kun had become nice.” Sitting in the bus, Yu felt so tired since she didn’t think that under Haruto’s watch, it’s always practice working...” Then, she fell asleep. Haruto quietly sits beside her.

As the bus goes back to the dorm, sleeping Kaji is holding on to sweatdropping Takumi arm and calls him ‘Tarako-chan’. Sleeping Yu’s head leaned to the other side. Haruto holds her head back towards him so she’ll lean on his shoulder. Everyone else except the Princes is sound asleep.
Narration: “-After we return to the dorm, will we have a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship?” At the dorm, a guy complains about going to class again starting tomorrow. A girl says that it won’t be long before it is closing ceremony and then, it will be winter vacation soon.

Looking at them, Yu wonders if that is the one whom she is sitting with at the bus but then, maybe she was mistaken since she was really sound sleep. On the billboard, there is an announcement regarding winter vacation, yearend arrangements regarding going back home.

Her cellphone rings. She answers it. “Hello, mom, what’s up that you suddenly called?” Her mother says that there is something that she and Yu’s father want to discuss with her. Looking tense yet smiling, Yu exclaims, “...Eh!? I cannot go back home during winter vacation!?”
Comment: Well, they are officially going steady. And the series is going on a different route since they both have a different reason for going steady. ^^; So, the goal would be to make someone confess while they are going steady. Nevertheless, I guess it would be too fast if love is Haruto’s reason.

Yu mentioned about the type of going steady that she wants, and Haruto seems to know it so I guess he doesn’t equate love = special interest towards Yu. Or perhaps, it isn’t on that level yet since he seems to only know the relationship of ‘having a friend like Takumi’ and ‘having a pet animal’. ^^;;

I wonder if it is a clue that he never got anything from his parents so he treasures that first gift from Takumi. Then, he seems to take care of himself without any medicine if he is sick. Then, regarding what he thinks of what going steady is. Is his parents’ relationship like that, make the woman listen to whatever the man says?

Nevertheless, it is a breakthrough for Yu. The sick scenes are quite amusing. I almost thought that they are going to bully Haruto while he was sick like strap him on a chair and force feed him. =P And, it’s nice that the two guys had made up. Maybe one day, Takumi will find the one for him.

Still with him around unattached, Haruto will be more careful regarding how he deals with Yu. It won’t be long before others start noticing the change with Haruto. As for the last scene, I guess it opens the possibility of her living with Haruto or both Princes during winter vacation. Maybe meet his family? Scans by 腾讯动漫

Word of the day:
A deep friendship is like a rainbow. When the perfect amounts of happiness and tears are mixed, the result is a colorful bridge between two hearts. ‘To him who is afflicted, kindness should be shown by his friend (Job 6:14)’ ~ Mottos for Success by M.S. Fontaine


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