November 10, 2016

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 31]

It is Harumi School's cultural festival, Kaji, together with their bird mascot, invites brave challengers to go and try out a 'solve the riddle'-type of gaming facility, the 'Exploration of the Army's Hidden Secret!!' with Governor-general Kurosaki as the final boss! Some people find it interesting and they heard that the Black Prince is wearing a military uniform.

Inside, Haruto is sitting on top of a ladder-chair. Someone is peeking inside when the others shout that they found a suspicious person. Haruto orders the others to capture him. The others shout, as you ordered!! The D-section girls are all happy with tears of joy regarding Haruto's uniform and they thank Yu for it. Meiko tells the challengers that class 1-D is the starting point.

They have to undo the riddles scattered all over the school before they can go and challenge the gaming facility. Tarako tells a guy that the keyword is correct so the first challenger can come inside. Kaji tells Yu who is in the bird mascot costume that she can end her publicity work for today. It is amazing that there are many participants with Haruto as their goal so Yu can change her clothes.
Yu nods and says that she unexpectedly still likes this [costume?] very much... Seeing the first challenger looking scared, Yu wonders if it is impossible for one to resolve that [climb up the rope ladder] within 30 seconds since it's quite hard and intense and their standard of reference is based on Haruto. Kaji blows the whistle and says, start.

Yu wonders if it is Takumi, he ought to be able to do it so would he come today. She overhears some girls saying that she heard that C-section's exhibit is a music festival at the terrace, and the White Prince is going to play the piano, that really suits him. Yu is really relieved that Takumi had already come. Just then, Haruto flips the whip on the challenger who freaked out over that. He tells the guy that time's up.

The guy tries to protest to have a bit more time but Haruto glares at him and says, not a chance. Yu sweatdrops and thinks that outfit suits having a whip, it is simply compatible. Sparkling Kaji proudly says that aside from their governor-general Kurosaki, there is no one else can compare to him. The failed challenger curses over the time-limit being quite unfair. He bumps into Yu who in turn bumps into Takumi who says that he'll also try it out.
Takumi tells Yu if she's alright and be careful. Takumi gives the keyword to Kaji. Everyone is surprised that Takumi is going to challenge Haruto [as the final boss in the game]. Takumi and Haruto glare at each other. Takumi rushes on to climb up the rope ladder. The others say that he's so quick and his body is simply super graceful.

Takumi manages to finish climbing up and everyone says that he is successful. Meiko comments that for Takumi to play this kind of game is quite unexpected. Yu says that she doesn’t know if those two had reconciled or not. Meiko is puzzled by that. Yu thinks that even if it felt that Takumi is always avoiding Haruto but this is like before...

Her thoughts are interrupted when Haruto jumps down and starts to climb up the ladder, too. The others are surprised. Kaji squeals about it being very amazing that he can see Haruto's competitive skill. The other challenger is shock for that one is also too fast. Haruto manages to climb up to the top. Someone shouts that he is faster by 3 seconds. Haruto tells breathing hard Takumi that he's slow to death.
Takumi replies that the cultural festival is just starting. Then, Haruto jumps down to where Takumi is and smiles to say, that's interesting [/fun]. While Kaji is busy trembling over the two cool guys, Yu thinks that the mood seems to be very intense. This made Yu think that she cannot understand a guy's way of thinking...

Soon, Yu has change to her serving outfit just like what the other girls are wearing. Yu comments that it fells that she's the only one who is different from the others since they have lace design on their aprons. Meiko says that it is because she's Haruto's subordinate. Tarako says that it is to show their master-slave relationship. Yu sweatdrops over that and says that this is a rare break so let's go walk around.

Tarako says that she's hungry. Meiko says no, for Yu has to go back to Haruto since she was ordered like this: Haruto said, break, he'll give her 5 minutes and she has to come back. Yu asked, why.. He told her not to talk back. End flashback. Yu says that it's an unreasonable order. Pinching Yu’s cheeks, Meiko tells her what’s bad about it after all, they can be together. Yu doesn’t know when she is well off.
She reminds Yu that right now it is a rare cultural festival, so properly enjoy it. While on the phone, Tarako tells them that her younger sister has arrived and she’ll go fetch her. She got her sister to bring some objects that are suitable for Haruto’s governor-general. Meiko says that Tarako’s family is into a grocery store so she’ll also go with her. She bids Yu goodbye.

After they left, Yu overhears some girls talking about wanting to stroll around with the person they like and about confessing. This made Yu think that it is indeed a rare cultural festival so she wonders if she’ll go try and invite Haruto. Yu blushes then thinks what she is thinking, as if it is very normal to ask him. She imitates Haruto by saying, who would go with you.

She shakes her head and believes that he’ll refuse her like that and anyway, they would quarrel and he’ll hate her just like normal times. She decides to go back first. Just then, Takumi arrives and says that it’s great that she’s here. Just then some girls ask why Takumi is in a hurry, he tells Yu that just now, it seems that there is an opportunity for them to be together, and there is something that he wanted to tell her.
Yu comments that his suit suits him. Takumi says that it is for their class’ exhibit. Then, the fangirls are screaming where Takumi is and they want to see him in his evening wear before his official appearance so that they can take his picture. Just then someone welcomes them to their booth the Trembling Mansion, and what can there be inside the cell.

Yu is surprised when Takumi leads her inside the horror house. Inside, Takumi asks if she is alright and apologizes for bringing her inside all of a sudden. She says that it is alright and doesn’t one think of a horror house when one talks about cultural festival. Something suddenly screams which frighten Yu. She wonders if they can get out with no problem.

Yu says that compared to that, it is great that he can participate in the festival. He apologizes for making her worry. Yu nervously laughs and says that it is also with the dorm, because he isn’t around until now, it is quite enveloped by a frightening politics[? mood]. Takumi asks what she is talking about. Yu says that it is the same with Haruto, because Takumi isn’t around, he looks very lonely.
After looking surprised, Takumi says how can that be, and compared to that, today.. Just then, they were frightened by a scary female ghost. The ghost stops midway and screams in embarrassment that Takumi got to see her like that. Yu asks if Takumi isn’t good with this place. Takumi apologizes for that’s quite embarrassing that he isn’t a bit...

Yu says that it is fine, she is also not good with this. She wonders if she can use her cellphone as a flashlight there. Yu says that actually, it ought to be a bit fun but then, sorry since he might not like it when she says it like that. Just when she is saying that she’ll go in front, Yu is startled by a ghost. Takumi grabs her hand and says that he’ll be the one who’ll go in front and sorry if he makes some strange sounds.

He tells her that just like this time, he previously always received help from Haruto and no matter what he does, he couldn’t be compared to him. He couldn’t even consider their existence being equal that he always abandoned his ego. While being frightened by another ghost, Yu asks how can that be and she cannot dare believe it.
After being frightened, Takumi tells her that they catch their breath for a while. Yu agrees. Takumi admits to her that he also couldn’t bear horror movies. Yu says that’s the same with her. Takumi tells her that she had said before that she cannot keep on running away from Meiko, and he also wanted to change so... Just then, someone says that this is the exit.

Outside, they hear some girls saying that they heard Takumi went inside so they’ll wait for him at the exit. Just when Yu is telling him where the exit is, Takumi hugs her. He apologizes and tells her to wait for a moment. In his class’ musical festival, he is going to perform at 15:30 so she must definitely come and listen. “I want you to listen to it, Yu-chan.”

Surprised Yu says okay. He lets her go and says that it will be quite a ruckus so he’ll go out first. While the fangirls are screaming outside, Yu wonders what was that just now since she never seen that kind of expression on Takumi before. Back at the gym, Haruto chokes a guy and says that this guy wants to trick his way into passing so Kaji better keep a close guard.
Eating some takoyaki, Kaji apologizes and says that he was careless. The other guy comments that Haruto is really watching. The others say that it feels that Haruto’s mood is really bad. Compared to being daring, it is more like killer aura and would they be killed by him... Someone comments that ever since Takumi broke through, no one else managed to succeed.

Just then, Tarako arrives and says that she got some consolation gifts for Haruto and a new whip. Someone shouts that’s really carefree and at this time, isn’t it a bit dangerous for her to give Haruto those kind of weapons. As Tarako gives her tribute to Haruto, Kaji offers him some takoyaki. Meiko asks them where Yu is. Kaji says that she doesn’t seem to be here and wasn’t she with them.

Haruto perks up when Meiko says that is strange for she obviously hastily went back. Just then, some of the guys are shouting that there are some students from other schools fighting in their school. Just when Haruto is asking Meiko if she isn’t with Yu, Yu arrives to apologize for being late. Haruto darkly says if she has seen how many minutes had passed.
Aghast Yu asks why he is carrying that whip and obviously 5 minutes isn’t enough so let her rest the same with the others... She is puzzled when he asks if she didn’t get involved with some strange person. After she said yes, he throws his coat on her and tells her to quickly fix the button/s that fell off again. She is about to leave but Haruto orders her to sew it right there.

So, Yu asks Tarako to lend her the sewing box. Soon, while Yu is sewing the buttons, Haruto is sitting beside her. Yu wonders if he is keeping a close watch over her. Meiko thinks that even if she is a bit envious of Yu but they were at it for over an hour already. She cheers Yu on. Some other guys wonder what kind of play that is..a servant?

Just then, Haruto overhears some of the guys saying that there are a lot of people who cannot pass over this part since they are getting stuck there. After pricking her finger with the needle, Yu thinks that she is finally done. Haruto stands up and tells the others to inspect the loosen rope there. Trying to sneak away while her legs is wobbly from all that sitting, Yu thinks that Takumi will perform in 30 minutes so she’ll take advantage of it right now to...
Haruto suddenly grabs her from behind and asks her where she is going. He tells her not to leave this place. She asks why when this is a rare cultural festival and even if it is her, she also wants to go around to a lot of places. She is determined to go to where Takumi is. Just then, Kaji says that they are going to be in charge of inspecting the facility so Haruto can go and rest. The others salute him and tell him to go and rest.

Removing his cap, Haruto tells them to be a bit more serious. They shout, yes, as he ordered. While Yu’s stomach is growling, Yu thinks that’s great, she can also go rest and she’s very hungry. To her surprise, Haruto handcuffs her and himself together. <- toy handcuffs from Tarako’s tribute. Freaking out Yu tells him to quickly get it off.

Tarako says that it is quickly being used and the handcuffs really matches [with Haruto?]. Yu asks her what she is so calm. While she is being pulled away by Haruto, Yu laments over what’s wrong with her and why she would have this favorable impression with this black devil. While they are walking at the hallway, the girls recognize Haruto but wonder who is with him.
Just then, Haruto hears a man-maid calling out over their popular food, curry udon. Yu whispers for Haruto to let her go but Haruto tells her that they’re going in. The man-maid welcomes the two inside. A pretty glasses girl serves them with the udon. Haruto tells her to quickly eat up. Yu wonders how to eat in this kind of situation. He tells her that her stomach’s sound is super loud.

Looking away, Yu thinks that they are always quite close to each other yet she couldn’t avoid him. She wonders if someone won’t notice it [handcuffs] and if she were to stay far from him, it will definitely be seen. Just then, the glasses girl comes back with some drinks. Haruto says that he didn’t order that. The girl says that it’s his treat because he helped him out during the sports festival.

It is then Yu recognizes the girl as Kanei. He asks if she only found out about it now and their class’ exhibit is a reverse gender curry store. Yu tells Haruto that this is a thank you gift so take it. Haruto says that he didn’t help Kanei. While she kept on looking away, Yu says that even if he didn’t do it but he did a lot to make others want to thank him.
Haruto finally takes the drink and orders her to turn towards him. Since she couldn’t face him, Yu says that she doesn’t want to. Yu continues to talk with Kanei saying that it really suits him to dress up as a girl, he’s very pretty and his make-up is perfect.

Kanei says that he’s the cutest and indeed, there’s no malice and he does finds make-up interesting. [<- not sure if he said this part or Yu since the last bubble, Kanei asks what she is saying] Kanei is startled when he notices that Haruto is darkly glaring at him. He excuses himself and tells puzzled Yu that next time, they’ll talk about some romance stuff.

While Haruto kept on staring at Yu who still won’t look at him, she says that it’s great that it seems Kanei is having fun at the cultural festival. As she wonders who to use the chopsticks this way [<- break it into two, I guess], Haruto asks if she isn’t happy [/having fun] “What to do to make you happy?” Surprised Yu asks,..huh?
Comment: The cultural festival has started. The two guys are obviously in some sort of competition with each other. I cannot help but feel sorry for Yu being caught up in some sort of rivalry between these two. So, who gets her is the winner? Perhaps, for Takumi since Haruto is still superior to him in all sorts of areas.

It seems that no one except for Yu seem to notice that something is wrong between the two unlike Kaji who is just raving over the two cool guys. I still don’t like the slave/dog-master thing here. So, I’m not too happy about Yu’s friends supporting that kind of relationship even in the name of love.

Takumi manages to spend some time alone with Yu. They do seem to have some similarities like being scared of scary stuff and wanting to change themselves. I wonder if he is aiming for a confession or just showing off at his recital. ^^; Nevertheless, Haruto does feel a bit uneasy when Yu was missing and there are some ruckus in the school.

It does seem that he cannot exactly express himself well that his action lead to some misunderstanding on Yu’s part...or most people since it is really like bullying. He is obviously jealous that Yu is ignoring him and talking with Kanei. And, his question at the end is very puzzling. It really makes me think that he isn’t really conscious about what he is doing or rather, there is no malice to it.

Rather, it is just how he knows how to act towards Yu and others. Since he is good at everything else but isn’t good with interacting with people, Takumi suddenly reminded me as a similar version of the male lead of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. Instead of going for cute, Takumi is going for cool? Anyway, will something big happen after this arc? Let’s wait and see. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

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