August 25, 2016

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 29]

At the dorm’s cafeteria the next morning, Yu looks towards Haruto and Kaji at the other table. Yu thinks that Haruto is by himself so that means, after yesterday, Takumi really didn’t come back.. Kaji stands up from the table talking about eating the dessert he personally made.

Yu approaches Haruto and asks what happened with Takumi. Haruto says nothing. Yu says but Takumi didn’t come back. Standing up with his finished tray of food, Haruto says that Takumi had properly handed over the ‘staying out’ form. Yu insists that it isn’t that.. Takumi sternly tells her that there is no problem at all. Yu couldn’t answer back as he left.

Just then, Kaji returns with a huge pudding sundae but Haruto is gone. So, he just asks Yu to eat it. Yu thinks that no matter what, Takumi would always be together with Haruto. While walking to school, Yu stares at Haruto who is talking with Kaji. Kaji asks if Haruto hates pudding, so what does he like. Haruto says, yokan [thick, jellied dessert made of red bean paste, agar, and sugar. Source: wiki].
Kaji offers to make it next time. Yu thinks that Haruto is the same as usual yet she is curious what does Haruto think about this issue regarding Takumi and shouldn’t he feel that he [Takumi]’s very important. Yu goes to 1-C to find Takumi. A girl informs her that Takumi is absent today.

Takumi hasn’t been coming lately and it was said that he ought to come on the official costume fitting day. Yu is surprised that Takumi is unexpectedly absent.. Then, she is startled and tense when the girls are talking about D’s trump card Black Prince, they really anticipate it and is it going smoothly.

During history class, Yu is hiding behind the history book while sewing. She thinks that this is bad for if she doesn’t hurry and finish this, it will be too late.. The teacher calls out to Yu to ask her a question. This causes Yu to stab her finger with the needle. She shouts, Ou[ch]..
Just when the teacher asks what is it. Kaji immediately raises his hand and says that he has the answer. He is doing this because it is a crucial time now for Yu. The teacher asks Kaji, what it is. He says he didn’t know. The teacher scolds him for that. Another student offers to answer the question.

Everyone are encouraging Yu even if she feels pressured by their anticipation. At 12 noon, Meiko and Tarako hold out their lunches and tell Yu that they eat for lunch. Meiko sweatdrops as she says that Yu is always working on that like she’s possessed. Yu says that if she couldn’t finish it during lunch..

Tarako offers to help her. Yu thanks her and says that she’ll ask for her help when she couldn’t finish before the deadline. Meiko helps out by feeding Yu with an onigiri [rice ball]. Looking at a cap, Meiko says that it is very durable-
Yu says that it is like that because everyone is really anticipating it. She glances at Haruto who seems to be lost in thought while Kaji is talking to him. Meiko whispers to Yu that her gaze is really provocative [/forthright]. This embarrasses Yu.

Sparkling Meiko tells her not to mind, for she is also searching for an encounter during the cultural festival. She is starting a new love so don’t hinder her. Meiko says that she heard that Takumi stayed outside the dorm and it had caused a huge uproar at the dorm.

Tarako wonders out loud if he stayed at a girlfriend’s house since he is very popular. While the two girls are talking about the cultural festival and Tarako going around with Kaji during the festival, Yu decides to try and contact Takumi. She starts typing a message on her cellphone.
At some mansion, Michel the dog goes to Takumi. The butler comments that for Takumi to come here, Michel is also very happy. While patting the dog, Takumi apologizes for suddenly coming here and troubling him when it isn’t vacation. The butler says that it is okay.

As Takumi tells Michel that he isn’t with Haruto, his cellphone beeps. He blushes a bit upon seeing a message from Yu asking if he is alright. Then, there are more messages saying that she’s very worried about him and did he quarrel with Haruto. Takumi mutters what quarrel when actually, he isn’t considered as Haruto’s rival [<- meaning he’s inferior to Haruto].

The butler tells him that the tuning of the piano is already done so is he going to try playing it right now. Takumi says yes, since he came here for that. Back in school, Yu accidentally stabs her finger with the needle again. She bit her lips and mutters that she really had enough of this. Her hands had a lot of adhesive bandages.
Looking at her cellphone, Yu thinks that Takumi didn’t reply, and in the end, she is a very annoying person, right. She thinks that there shouldn’t been a quarrel so is there something troubling Takumi to the point wherein he doesn’t want to come back. She had always been talking about herself to him..

Then, she is shock to see that it is already 6pm. At the dorm, breathing hard Yu falls on the floor and says no more, she already has no strength.. The floor is already sparkling clean. Holding a long brush, Haruto darkly tells her that it isn’t over yet.

Yu tells him that it is already enough if it is just punishment for going past the curfew. Gesturing up, Haruto says, the ceiling. Yu is shock for how is she going to wipe clean the ceiling. While Kaji tries to calm Yu down, Yu says that she already wrote the self-reflection letter and like this, isn’t he nitpicking..
The two are stunned when Haruto hits the brush handle on the wall. It almost hit their faces. Haruto tells her that the vice-dorm head’s order has to be absolutely obeyed and if she doesn’t like it, get out. Then, some students call out to Haruto that the total sweeping of the corridors and cleaning of the bathroom are all done so could Haruto check it.

They also ask him to please, don’t drive them away. Kaji takes a ladder and tells Yu to leave the ceiling up to him. Yu overhears the others saying that no matter when Haruto is so strict that he’s so scary. Usually, Takumi would help them out and why he isn’t here right now—

While Yu helps hold the ladder, she asks Kaji if Haruto is doing well. Puzzled Kaji says that he is the same as always, very cool including today. Yu sweatdrops. Looking at Haruto scaring some guy, Yu comments that it feels strange without Takumi around, and since that time, those two are always— Then, Kaji asks Yu to do it for he’s scared [of heights].
Soon, it is already 2am. Yu is still busy finishing the outfit. She thinks that it’s not bad but then, would Haruto have any objections. The accessories can also be worn so it is almost half-done. She wonders that even if it’s Haruto, won’t he worry about--. There is a scene of Haruto in bed. And, a scene of Takumi looking up the sky from the window.

Soon, there are only a few days left before the cultural festival. Everyone is frantically getting ready. At the fitting room, sleepy and tired Yu checks on Haruto wearing a military uniform. <- the costume’s concept is ‘I want to be ordered by Kurosaki-kun’ by section D’s girls and guys with requests.

Blushing really red, Yu thinks that she is now wide-awake for the military uniform really suits him. Holding the aiguillette, Haruto calls out to Yu to help him wear this. Not wanting to be ordered around by him, Yu refuses for her task is already over.
Haruto tells her that there’s no button so be quick. He tosses the aiguillette to her. Blushing Yu tries to sew the aiguillette on the button. She thinks that at least, he could have praised her and she couldn’t directly look at him.

Because of that, she stabbed her finger with a needle. She tells him to wait. She winces in pain for this prick really hurts. She thinks that he’ll treat her like an idiot again. He suddenly takes her hand. She says that hurts, what is he.. She blushes when Haruto puts her bleeding finger on his lips then licks it. Then, he calls her slow-witted.

Blushing Yu stares at him. Noticing this, Haruto asks if she doesn’t hate it. She suddenly pushes him away and stutters, sudden..doing (that kind of thing)..startle.. Holding her head, Yu scowls and thinks that this outfit is quite a foul [/break the rules] for she unexpectedly, easily accepted it when obviously before, she would disagree to it 100%.
She really had enough and she really easily gets too flustered. Haruto tells her to quickly fix this up.. Then, the buttons on the uniform starts falling down. Haruto sits on the table and asks if she wants to sew the buttons 100 times. All of the buttons had fallen down.

Picking up the buttons, Yu mutters that the outfit really suits him and just now, it seems that he really likes to question via torture. He asks, ha? After Yu picked up the buttons, she overhears the girls at the grounds calling out to Takumi if he is already going back, please stay.

Takumi tells the girls that he only came to fit the outfit. The girls want to show him their maid uniform. He comments that they are very cute. Yu says that Takumi has come, that’s great. Just when she is telling Haruto that it is better for him to see Takumi, Yu is surprised when he is already leaning down on her and pinning her on the balcony. He complains that her ‘Takumi Takumi’ is annoying to death.
Just then, the girls call out isn’t that is the Black Prince and isn’t that outfit so cool. Takumi turns to look back. Haruto tells Yu not to blindly get involved.. She tells him to wait, she’ll fall.. Haruto tells Yu that guy wanted to leave his side, so let him do as he pleases. “It has nothing to do with you.”

Recalling the two together, Yu tells him that when she and Meiko quarreled, she felt particularly lonely. So, even if it is him, he’s actually very lonely, right. Haruto asks,..what? He asks what she is saying. Yu asks, wasn’t he the only person who can listen attentively to Takumi’s troubles. This surprises Haruto.

Watching the two, the girls below ask isn’t that dangerous, and it is probably a drama practice but then, what is Black Prince’s role.. Takumi calls out to Yu. He became tense when the Yu and Haruto look down at him. Takumi tells her that it’s great that she patched up with Meiko.
Turning to leave, he tells her that it is too dangerous if she falls down so quickly get inside. Just when Yu is shouting for him to wait, Haruto jumps down. Everyone is started for Haruto was on the second floor. While the girls are stunned over this, Haruto goes to Takumi.

He asks if Takumi is currently staying at the villa. He says that it is the first time he didn’t tell him anything and just went back. He tells Takumi to tell him the reason. Leaning back, Takumi says that he doesn’t want to tell him. Haruto grabs Takumi’s collar and asks, why.

After looking surprised, Takumi let out a laugh [/smile]. Pushing him away, Takumi seriously says that Haruto doesn’t understand his feelings. “I’ll take [her/it] back during the cultural festival.” <- this is ambiguous for it wasn’t mentioned what exactly is it..person/thing. Haruto is surprised when Takumi says that this time, he’s serious. [<- most likely talking about Yu]
While the girls are fangirling and one is even taking a picture, Yu couldn’t hear what the guys are talking about though it feels dangerous..why? She wonders if she said unnecessary things. She looks on as Haruto watches Takumi leave.

Yu thinks that she obviously only wishes that the two go back to their original relationship, that’s all-- At the villa, Michel looks at Takumi with anticipation. He tells it that he said that Haruto isn’t here. The butler welcomes him back and says that today’s dinner..

Takumi tells him that he doesn’t want to eat for the time being. He assures them that he’s fine so don’t worry. The butler and Michel just look on as Takumi heads inside the mansion. Sitting in front of the piano, Takumi glances at a picture of him and Haruto when they were younger. Then, he presses a piano key. Tong--..
Flashback: It is spring at an elementary school. Breathing hard, young Takumi wearing indoor slippers call out to Haruto to apologize that he’s late. [<- he calls Haruto by name. At present, he calls him, ‘Kuro’; I’m not sure if that’s important later on so I’m mentioning it here.]

Takumi promptly tripped and fell down. Haruto told him not to run. While Haruto fixes his hat, Takumi apologized for being clumsy. Haruto asked what happened to his shoes, did he borrow that from the teacher. Takumi became flustered.

Then, some kids were laughing and calling Takumi a sissy. A fat kid told him not to cry for they’ll play with him again tomorrow. They said that it is because they are angry that he’s so cute which makes him  very popular with the girls.
Haruto promptly kicked down the fat boy, Takeshi [guesswork from ]. Haruto told Takeshi to give back Takumi’s shoes. Just when Takeshi asked what’s with this shortie, Haruto headbutted his chin. Soon, someone is calling the teacher.

Later on, Takumi got his shoes from a trash bin. Patting his hat, Haruto told him to go home and clean that. Takumi apologizes to Haruto. It is because of him, the teacher scolded him, too.

Haruto told Takumi that if he were bullied again, tell him about it, okay. Then, Takumi happily followed Haruto as they walk away. Narration: “Kuro has always been the person I’ve longed for [/ideal].”
There is a special page which seems to be canon Q&A with the two leads. It said ‘fantasy dream wedding ceremony’ between Kuro and Yu.
Q: Your family members are?
Kuro: Father, Mother, Older Brother
Yu : Father and Mother. Because I’m the only child so I feel living in a dorm is very ‘fresh’ [new feeling].

Q: Expert in cooking what?
Kuro: Curry.
Yu: If it is a dish that doesn’t need to use a kitchen should be alright.

Q: Please tell everyone how you pass your free day.
Kuro: Doing housework.
Yu: I go out with Meiko, and sometimes, I do temporary/casual work.

Q: Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?
Kuro: Island.
Yu: Because I do not want to be seen without makeup, any place except the sea [/beach] and onsen [/hot spring]-type of place…

Q: If you are in an uninhabited island, what will you bring?
Kuro: Emergency kit.
Yu: Make-up. (If I were to go with Kurosaki-kun, it should be something to keep me alive..)

Comment: The two male leads are really hard to understand. Kudos to Yu for even trying and even caring about their relationship though ironically, she seems to be the root problem. Since we do not know what Haruto is thinking, we can just assume that things are indeed the same as before with him though it seems that what Yu told him at the balcony and what Takumi told him had caused some reaction.

I can assume that he felt Takumi ‘left’ him yet he doesn’t really know the reason why. Initially, he doesn’t even care. He doesn’t seem to realize how important he was to Takumi or their relationship that he only acted when Yu mentioned it. I guess he just seems like an ‘alien’ who does whatever he wants without any consideration for others..most of the time.

Well, for Yu to fall for him and let him get away with how he treats her, I guess she is a M[asochist]. ^^; It really doesn’t help that she’s in love with him. As for Takumi, he is obviously jealous of Haruto. He even vents it on the dog but then, it cannot be helped since the dog obviously likes Haruto more. Hm..perhaps, Takumi is channeling Yu as the dog. ^^;;

Anyway, it is really strange that he suddenly became a brooding musician. So, he went back to the villa to play the piano? Or that has something to do with the cultural festival? Maybe, he just wants to play while sorting out his thoughts and feelings.

He obviously had some sort of resolve which he’ll do during the cultural festival. I don’t think he plans to woo Yuu back by playing the piano? So, is the piano related to the flashback? Lol, I’m getting fixated on the piano. Well, from the flashback, Haruto is Takumi’s knight in shining armor. It made me somewhat aware why Takumi is hesitant to go against Haruto.

Anyway, it’s time for flashbacks so we’ll know more about the two’s relationship from that time until the time they met Yu. I would even assume that Takumi owed Haruto a lot more than that later on. As for the extra Q&A, I can almost imagine Haruto being the one in charge of the house while Yu is the one working. ^^; Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

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    1. You're welcome, Anjali ^-^

      For now, I think it is definitely not to reduce some distance between them unless he is playing some 'chase after me' game. ^^;

      Possible...if it is something he did for Takumi to make his father have a bad relationship with him. Of course, it could be a bad relationship ever since before.

      Maybe..though I'm not sure if Kuro will change just because of that.


  2. Thx you, Kat for you amaizing hard work with this manga :)

    Yes, beeing unable to know what Kuro is really thinking it's frustraiting, but is also one of the best cases with this manga that keeps me in :) We know what Yuu feels about him and what Takumi does feel we know a little (and SPOILER: we will going to find out in ch 30), but Kuro's feelings are like enigma.
    Well, Yuu is a little M but only when it commes to Haruto - he has a strong animal magnetism, so I think it's helpless. Though I think that there should appear a New Guy that could have the potential to tekes her heart away from Haruto - that would be more interesting than Takumi as a only rival.
    Thank you for the Q&A :) I was curious about Kuro's mother, because she was never mentioned with the manga - it was only his Father and a fragment of article about the famous incident that occured within Kuro's house with info about Kuro's beeing the second son of Kurosaki family. I was thinking that maybe she passed away, because I have to say that her beeing insensitive to the extant that your her son wouldn't want to talk to her is tragic.
    And yes... what is this "Thing" Takumi wants to take back by matching Kuro? It might be all his worries and jelousy and self esteem or Yuu.. or maybe all of it

    1. Thanks for reading, mona ^-^


      Maybe charisma is a better word =P Hehe, that would make the series change from love triangle to love harem ^^ Still, it would indeed make things interesting.

      You're welcome. Possible, unless she is a dutiful wife who obeys whatever the father says regardless of how she really feels.

      True..maybe we'll get more hint in the next chapter.

    2. Charisma.... Nah, for me his more like an animal - instinct is his imperative ;p

      You may be right about the mother though. I didn't take it in a consideration that she might be a submissive type of a woman, but even so she should try and contact her child, isn't she - I'm a mother so I don't understand why she wouldn't try...

    3. that so.

      Well, it could be the opposite type. Mother who also thinks he is a failure so she doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Hm..from what you mentioned, is it possible that he's a child of some other woman? Something like an unwanted child? I get the impression that no one can tell him what to do. As if he had no adult supervising his upbringing. What do you think?

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      Sorry, no. I don't read that series and there are no Chinese scanlations of those extra chapters. I cannot read Japanese.

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      Haruto may act 'as usual' but Yuu is perceptive enough of him to notice something amiss. And his statement 'If Takumi wants to stay away from me let him be' is proof that he does care and thinking that following what Takumi wants may give him space. But thanks to Yuu knocking some sense into him he finally acted on what he felt right.

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