July 7, 2016

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 27]

Blushing Yu is puzzled and nervous when Haruto caresses her hair. She asks, wh..at.. He tells her not to move. Then, he says that she has a wound on her forehead and is that an old one. Yu asks why he is suddenly asking that. Haruto threatens her that if she won’t tell, they’ll always be like this.

Still puzzled over what’s happening, Yu tells him that it is an accident when she was young. She unexpectedly bumped against the tree while on her tricycle. <- It was when her parents are on a hanami picnic. Yu says it’s enough and don’t look at it anymore. Yu is surprised when Haruto lets out a laugh and says that she’s too silly.

Ding-dong-dong-ding The school bell rings. Haruto snaps out of it and looks surprised. He quickly turns away and writes on her measurement notes. He tells her that knowing these should be enough and she better do well, that’s an order. Taking his coat, Haruto leaves the room. While Meiko looks at Haruto, Kaji asks Haruto if it is over. Haruto didn’t reply but seems to be blushing a bit.
Inside, Yu mutters that since he knows his measurements, he should have told her from the start. While her heart is beating fast, she thinks that he even gently caressed her. Yu comes out to see Meiko outside the room. Meiko says that Yu is blushing and what happened between her and Haruto. Yu shakes her head sideways.

Meiko asks her if she likes Haruto. Yu tries to deny it but Meiko says that it can be seen with just one look at Yu and lately, she is acting very strange so why did she always hide it from her. Meiko asks if it is because she was the first who said that she likes Haruto.

Yu admits that they are obviously friends but this thing of liking the same person, she couldn’t say it out. Meiko looks surprised. Yu protests but she wants to cheer Meiko on. Meiko says, wait..Yu thought that if she heard that, she’ll sever ties with her [Yu]. Yu couldn’t reply. Meiko calls her stupid and quickly leaves.
At the dorm, Takumi greets Yu but Yu just quickly walks in. She bumps into Haruto who asks what’s with her. Yu timidly bows and apologizes then quickly goes to her room. In her room, depressed Yu thinks that is the first time Meiko reacted like that to her. She felt that she [Yu] is truly awful..

So, it is class dismissal preparation for the cultural festival. Guys are in charge of making the large props while the girls are in charge of the clothes and making small objects. Kaji cheers everyone with hopes that they’ll win with their exhibit. Tarako is leaving that the others beg her to stay since they need staff and she’s good at home economics.

Kaji tells the others that it is alright for there are still some days left and he’ll go do that. They ask if he can sew. He says that he can start learning from now. Tarako apologizes for she couldn’t help today. Kaji says that it is alright and she ought to have some urgent matter that she has to quickly leave.
Blushing, he declares that it is the boyfriend’s mission to protect one’s girlfriend. Tarako’s eyes open up and she thanks Kaji. Kaji blushes then passes by Haruto. Kaji shouts to him that this cultural festival ought to be lively. Haruto tells him to pipe it down.

Kaji screams for him to quickly look at this, it is the mascot outfit that he borrowed from the school’s storage and they can use it for publicity. While everyone is excited in their preparation, Yu thinks that she didn’t get to talk with Meiko since this morning. When someone asks Meiko to help them throw away some things in a box, Yu uses this chance by asking to help Meiko out. Meiko tells her no need, then left. This saddens Yu.

Someone puts a mascot’s head on her. Yu shouts what, it’s heavy. Haruto tells her to wear that and go publicize their class. Kaji agrees because if they publicize right now, they can attract the other class and everyone is in school because of the preparations. Haruto orders Kaji to put the props at the gym. Thinking that she isn’t in the mood to wear it, Yu gloomily says that she still has to make his outfit.
Haruto says that the cloths for his outfit isn’t delivered yet so quit frowning [having a long face] since it’s really annoying. This made Yu says she knows already and asks Kaji to also.. Sparkling Kaji tells her that this is the body, gambatte. Yu is surprised to know that there is a body. Devil horns appear on Yu’s head as she thinks of something.

Later on, the girls are asking what that is. Wearing the mascot outfit, Yu is holding a placard that says, ‘Cultural festival D class is Kurosaki-kun’s Celebration!!’ Girls start chasing after Yu while screaming what it means. They’ll definitely go to D section and C section where Takumi is.

Then, Yu sees Meiko but Meiko asks if it is Kaji. Yu nods that Meiko laughs and says that it’s cute and good luck with the publicity. Yu is happy for Meiko smiled and cheered her on..even if it is for Kaji. Then, she hears someone screaming for Takumi to try over some rented clothes. With a totally unbuttoned shirt, Takumi tells them to calm down and if this keeps up, he’ll catch a cold. <- always trying out clothes.
Suddenly, a huge paw comes in front of him. Soon, the girls couldn’t find Takumi who turns out to be hiding behind Yu the mascot. At the balcony, Takumi buttons his shirt and thanks the mascot. Yu thinks that it is hard to move in this outfit.

Then, she spots Meiko going out to throw the trash. Yu looks at her that Meiko feels that she is being watched. Takumi asks the mascot what happened with her and Meiko. Yu says that nothing escapes his eye. Takumi says that it is because no matter what happens, it is always on her face. Yu says that obviously he couldn’t see her face right now.

Yu tells him that she hid it from Meiko because she felt that they are friends but in the end, she hurt Meiko. Takumi says that it is it is better not to say the truth and all the more so with a friend and even if there is a contradiction, one will only just hurt oneself. Yu asks if he and Haruto had quarreled over something. Takumi says that there should be none.
Yu says that obviously their relationship is quite good so when one quarrels, there is no way to go back to how it was before..-that type of thing. Haruto says yes, he thinks so. Then, he apologizes for obviously, she is talking about her problem with Meiko.

He assures her that it is no problem for a person’s feelings can easily change. He suggests that she takes off the mascot’s head since it might be uncomfortable. While taking off her mascot’s head, Takumi says for example, maybe tomorrow, Meiko doesn’t like Haruto and in turn, likes him.

He stops upon seeing Yu crying. She sobs about there’s no chance of reconciling with Meiko. She apologizes and asks him to let her wear that. Takumi pats her head to comfort her. Yu recalls the first time she met with Meiko, her first friend.
Flashback: During school opening, Yu looked at the class list and learned that she has no ex-schoolmates in section D. At the shoe lockers, she noticed Meiko having a problem going to her shoe locker since some guys are chatting in front. Yu wanted to ignore them but she has decided to change and those guys are nothing to be afraid off compared to Haruto.

Yu went to one of the guys and asked them to move for the other students are troubled. The guy asked, ha but the other guy apologized and said that she’s cute, what’s her section. Then, Meiko immediately grabbed her shoes and left. Yu felt gloomy for she could have been meddlesome. In class, Yu is surprised that Meiko is sitting behind her. She wondered if she should talk to her or not.

Meiko broke the ice by taking her and apologized for running off. Meiko explained that she is quite nervous with people different from her and actually, she is very happy. Then, they introduce themselves and Tarako joined them. End flashback.
At the gym, Haruto is sitting on top of a ladder and reading the directions while watching Kaji is fixing the rope ladder that is tied to the gym’s second floor. There are some girls screaming their anticipation for D’s exhibit and how handsome Haruto is.

Yu passes by and wonders what’s up with the tired guys..it’s too scary for Haruto made the rope ladder quite professionally. Haruto calls out Kaji to try it out. Just then, Kaji sees Meiko at the door. He goes to ask her to try climbing up the rope ladder. They need to check it out since it will be used on the festival. Meiko declines for she doesn’t have motor nerves and she isn’t good in that kind of thing.

Kaji says that it is because of that, she is more suitable to do the testing. He begs her for Haruto is waiting. Meiko continues to decline. Yu is anxious that she decided to help Meiko out by raising up her hand to volunteer. Kaji says that she will, that’s a great help. Puzzled Meiko asks wasn’t it Kaji inside.
Yu has forgotten about that so she covers Kaji’s mouth before he tells Meiko that it is her. She thinks that if it is exposed, Meiko will hate her for lying and like that, she can only climb it while wearing the mascot outfit. Haruto grabs the mascot head and says that if Yu is going to climb then quickly do so.

Meiko realizes that it is Yu but Yu immediately runs away. While removing the mascot outfit, Yu wonders why Haruto has to deliberately say her name. Takumi passes by the gym with fangirls clinging on him. They say that their preparation for today is finished so let’s hang out. Takumi declines. They ask her to walk together with them on the festival.

Yu is climbing up the rope ladder. She thinks that even if there is a mat below, it is higher than she imagined but then, she is obviously not good with high places. Struggling to climb up, Yu wonders what she is doing and she’s so stupid. Meiko and Takumi look surprise as they watch Yu struggling.
Takumi tells her not to climb at either sides but go nearer to the middle. She asks how come he is there. He says that he’s the overseer. She thinks that since he has the energy, why he didn’t climb it up himself. Haruto asks why she is being sneaky with Meiko and that’s so humiliating. This made Yu embarrassed.

Yu says that she also knows that herself. She thinks but if she is hated again.. Haruto asks what she is afraid of for it isn’t like her to turn tail and run away. Yu slightly loses her footing. Meiko suddenly calls out to Yu if she is alright. Teary-eyed Yu tells her that she used the alibi to say because they are friends, [it is?] because she doesn’t want to get hurt so she ran away..

Takumi looks surprised. Yu says but right now, she wants to tell Meiko everything without reservations, she thinks.. Then, Yu loses her balance since she is already at the edge of the rope ladder. She falls down. Haruto looks surprise and seems ready to move while Takumi calls out to Yu.
Comment: At the start, it seems that Haruto doesn’t know what he is doing..or he just got interrupted by the school’s bell. So, was he blushing unconsciously? Apparently, he is into some ‘tough love’-type of thing with Yu to cheer her up. And, it seems quite effective for Yu in some ways. ^^;

Whether Yu/Haruto (in case he tried to save Yu) gets hurt here, I think Yu will make become friends with Meiko again. I guess for Takumi to look surprised over what Yu said, that is the same issue brewing between him and Haruto. That is probably why Takumi said that to Yu. He feels it is better not to talk about it and if they quarrel, it won’t be the same as before.

I’m glad that there is no prolonged hardship/guilt for Yu. Meiko doesn’t seem to be that bad and got hurt that Yu is belittling their relationship. On a side note, Tarako looks beautiful when she opened her eyes there. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

Quote of the day:
It takes two to quarrel, but only one to end it. ~ Spanish Proverb quotes


  1. Thank you, dear Kat :) You're a fast worker :)

    As I said before, isn't he cute blushing :)
    I think that it may looked like HAruto was trying to punish her by forcing her to do the costume, but I still think, he is not. He's concerned about her more lately, he constatntly observing her, and he do what he think may turn to be her usual self - even if it may look like a harrasment at first, in the end she became cheered :)
    Haruto is a big "S" but he's also a tipical tsundere guy, very emotional and with a warm heart, so we should take that into consideration analizing him. He sure wearing his S mask but there's more of him that he's hiding.
    Meiko turned to be a nice person, and I quite understand that she became mad at Yu for thinking that less about their friendship. I'm concerned more about what will become with Takumi and Haruto when eventually they would have to face each other earnestly.

    1. You're welcome, mona ^-^ Hehe..actually, this series is easy to summarize.

      Yup, it seems that is his way of doing things.

      It seems so. Hm..depends..is it a mask or a part of his personality.

      Indeed..but most likely, I think Takumi would give way.

    2. The whole "Takumi situation" is quite odd, 'cause he accidently fell in love while playing with feelings of those two. Although I think that he would be a better match for Yuu than Kuro, anyway, he (himself) is the only reason why he faces those difficulties with Yuu and Haruto.

      Thanks, Kat, you are indeed the miracle)

    3. True.

      You're welcome ^^


  2. Thank you Kat for the summaries, kuro and takumi blushing face are adorable!!!. I think there are 4 things i really love about this manga. 1 The art super good, both guys has candy eyes and so handsome, they still look like high school boys 2. The plot are never easy to predicted, it make me more curious about the next chapter. 3. The characters, 3 main lead grow their character together becoming better persons day by day. But 2 things i hate the most about this manga are: 1. the slow romance...it is sooooo slow, we have to wait 27 chapter only to see kuro blushing face ;) 2. A lot of tons mysteries about both lead males did not revealed yet,the families, the old days issues,fyi i follow this manga since 2 years ago ha2.

    btw 2 months makino sensei had hiatus, i really hope she would add more about the families matter, not only focused on school life. I remember kuros father only appeared 2 times, and yuus parents also apeared 2 times that moments are hilarious. but i didnt see takumis family..

    uaha long comments,
    thanks again Kat, glad to know you continue to summary this series, i really enjoy to read your summaries ^^


    1. Thanks for reading, ryl ^-^

      Hm..usually, a slow romance = story will end when they get together. I also think that the mysteries will be revealed at the near end. ^^

      Ah, so there was indeed a break. No wonder the Chinese scanlation isn't that far behind after their long break. ^^; Hm..maybe we'll get to see them during Christmas = winter break?

      Glad to hear that ^^

  3. Hi, Kat! Many thanks for all your summaries) could you please look at this link - I'm not preety sure, but if you skroll the page down, aren't there chineese pages of 28th chapter? Thank again for youer work) many and many hugs.

    1. These are ch 28 japanese raws

    2. But there are some pages in chinese also

    3. Thanks for reading, Mariah ^-^

      Thanks for the info ^^

      Yes, there are Chinese below but it is incomplete so will still have to wait for the Chinese scanlator for the summary.

  4. Ryl again...lol. thanku 4 reply kat :)

    Btw, recently i suspect makino sensei is a group of author and they are young males hihihi ^^ Not a females writer. Thats why the publisher keep their infos secretly. and look at the plot..very rare a manga shojo writer more concern about 2 lead male characters n their friendship not about families and their romantic life bsd compared some other shojo manga with female writer this manga is very poor romantic scenes. Gosh my english so unbearable hahaha sorry :/ :D

    1. No problem, Ryl ^^

      Hehe..is that so. Maybe it is more for privacy?

      Hm..not really. The mangaka's previous series is quite shoujo. I guess, it is for a change? I think it is to play up the love triangle. Hehe...the poor romantic scenes...well, that is because of their current relationship =P

  5. Yuu and Black Prince are obviously playing with each other, and they both know it. Maybe they find this an interesting and exciting game to play. It's so obvious to everyone that BP has been staking a claim on Yu from Day One.... here I find meiko quite dense if she doesn't even notice the obvious sexually charged interactions of Yuu and BP. Isn't kissing Yuu in public, in Meiko's presence, enough for her to back off? She's just a hanger -on. And seriously, I don't know what Takumi's agenda and motives are for joining this game.

    And of course, it's exhausting to see those two trying to ignore their feelings . maybe they're wanting for their feelings to elode like fireworks, lol.

    1. A game? I am not sure..
      Beside in a game we have to know our role and goal and we have to learn the strategy to win. But based on this plot..in this case kuro and yuu definetily dont know what role they plays n what strategy they plan, n doubt they plan to win ..winning for what?. Abt the role? So blur.They r not playing as boyfriend n girlfriend,and also nor friend or enemies? So this is more about how 3 persons with 3 different personalities n with mixed up feeling in the beginning (hate,insecure,lack confident,distrust,bullying issues,others) have to surpass n experience normal school life n find the meaning of true love.. In details..i assume Kuro does everything based on his instinc, like a bad boy in elementary school. fight back when people disturb him / to protect himzelf or others, avoiding people bc he thinks people hate him, kept what he thinks belong to him: incding yuu? Even kiss yuu is also a basic instinc bc on ch 25 he thought takumi approach yuu.i bet, kuro also not know why he feel attcahed to yuu rather than he think yuu is his *thing like a doll? Animal? Toy..? We might also hate when your friend tried to steaL your thighs right?. So this is kuro-san basic instinc. I remember ch 25 when kuro kissed yuu in front of meiko, takumi also claimed kuro did it just based on his instinct as always without thinking? About their goal n tense to win?? No..Seems no strategic goal for kuro action. he did anything bc he wants or likes to do it.. and yuu, she replied kuro action depend on the way of kuro approach her, to protect herself. she feels insecure n afraid the devil would know her feeling n more tyrant to her..she tried to ignore her love to kuro bc she afraid from a tyrant love relationship.

      Old days yuu only received what kuro did with crying but months after that she dares to fight n kick him gothcaaa!. Without she realized kuro trained her bcome more strong personality? She changes from weak girl to be a stronger girl. I also noticed kuro start to respect and interest more about akabane yuu after she dares to fight him back. He said he liked her rea tion/face when she feels annoying to him ;)

      At d end we need a big fireworks or big bom problem to blow up their inner feeling outside he2

    2. Hehe..megaworthit, I don't think that is enough to make her back off since the fangirls aren't backing off either =P

      Perhaps, they just dismiss it as teasing but no special interest towards Yu. ^^;

  6. ch 28 chinese scans it's online :)

  7. Lol sorry I asked you something earlier but forget about that �� not earlier but like more than a week ago..